The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 Are they insane!?

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Ji Xiuyun’s request silenced the entire hall.


Confidentiality, the level of confidentiality of certain projects of the Ministry of Scientific Research and the military is comparable. Everyone is mature and sensible. If this is really allowed and they let Ji Xiuyun go down, what is going to happen, who knows? Who would be responsible?


The acting minister didn’t want to carry this blame at all.


If he agreed, he would need to carry this blame. Can he allow it?


That must not be allowed.


So no one spoke.


Everyone looked around and at each other, but no one responded.


Ji Xiuyun was not in a hurry.


Anyway, he couldn’t be clearer. There was just one exit from the Ladder No. 1 laboratory. He stayed here. No one wanted to enter, no one wanted to exit.


As for the question of how unpleasant it will be to talk to each other in the future, it is really nothing to the Marshal.


Strictly speaking, his behaviour has violated the confidentiality treaty and certain legal provisions, and may be attacked by his political opponents on this ground.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But compared to the gains after this success, it would be acceptable to gain a little infamy and be punished or even lower his rank.


Moreover, it is not easy to deal with him.


Maybe those who attacked him will tear him up and ruin his reputation. As long as his legion and Marshal Kevin are still there, even if he really tears his face with them and lowers his rank, it is not a loss to Ji Xiuyun.


Of course, the demotion of his military rank will never happen unless the collective brains of the imperial political party are flooded.


After all, the Free Army of the Eighteenth galaxy is still causing trouble, and the empire cannot afford to lose a famous general.


So the greatest possibility is to follow his will and deal with the few people in the Scientific Research Department who have completely made things big this time.


As for how the emperor’s attitude would change in the future, Ji Xiuyun didn’t bother or care about it.


Anyway, after finishing up this incident, the Marshal will be leaving the first galaxy to go to war.


Are you capable of dragging the military back?


Watch teacher Kevin blow off your head.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun was so free, looking down at Yue An, who was curling in his coat and poked his head with a finger.


“Miwu.” Yue An stretched out two small paws and hugged that finger.


The acting minister seemed to be awakened by the faint and tender cry.


He recovered from the silence and watched Ji Xiuyun, who was gently teasing and comforting the fluffy little guy in his arms. After thinking about it, he then said, “Marshal Ji, I can’t do this thing.”


Ji Xiuyun retracted his hand and raised his eyes to look at him, “The Minister of Scientific Research has the power to inspect illegal experiments.”


“…I’m just an agent.”


The Marshal was not fooled at all, “Agents also can do so.”


The acting minister almost choked.


How do you, a high-level military officer, understand the regulations of the Ministry of Scientific Research?!


I really want to go back!


I just want to have a good night’s sleep!


The big baby in my petri dish in my lab is still waiting for me to see it tomorrow morning!!


The acting minister grumbled, “I have no authority to go down.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“I can go down.” Ji Xiuyun is still unhurried, with a calm expression, he said, “You can just nod or shake your head.”


…Oh shit.


The acting minister was so angry that he wanted to curse.


“As a scientific researcher, I uphold absolute opposition and protest to experiments that violate the law and rights of intelligent life.”


The acting minister thought very hard, and decided to drag everyone present along.


“If you want to go down, you can, but please bring at least three law enforcement devices. We hope to be able to see the situation clearly from above, just in case.”






We will all go down together!


Anyway, all of you will become accomplices after seeing the situation!


The acting minister abandons himself.


For Ji Xiuyun, this request was simply very timely.


Had it not been for blocking external communication signals here, Ji Xiuyun would definitely be able to start a live broadcast.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal nodded without hesitation, “Yes.”


After the acting minister pulled everyone present into the water, he looked very indifferent.


He gestured generously, “Please, please.”


Ji Xiuyun took off the big cloak from his body and handed it to the soldier next to him. With a white-haired dumpling with a small half of his head in his arms, he lifted his foot and directly kicked the heavy alloy hard door away.


To everyone’s surprise, the hard alloy door behind it was not an elevator car.


The door that flew out fell straight down, with a whirring sound. After a few seconds, there was a loud landing noise.


Ji Xiuyun looked down at the cat in his arms.


Yue An shrank into his coat, meowing at him.


What did you do?


Yes, it’s me.


Ji Xiuyun reached out to several soldiers next to him and asked for three law enforcement instruments. After pulling the three screens, zooming in and hanging them in the lobby of the Scientific Research Department Headquarters, he reached out and held down Yue An’s small head, and jumped down directly from the 100-meter-high elevator entrance.


Everyone in the hall exclaimed.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In their eyes, this is no different from suicide.


–For an ordinary person, jumping down more than ten meters is enough to cause death.


This is a height of one hundred meters!!


However, Ji Xiuyun was not an ordinary person, his physical fitness far exceeds ordinary human beings.


No one had thoroughly studied the SS-level genome at present. At least in all public academic materials, the description of the SS-level genome is just some guesses based on facts.


Most of this fact stems from Marshal Ji’s performance for many years.


Ji Xiuyun had a great reputation as an SS-level genetic body, but no one took him seriously at the beginning.


The battle that made him famous was when he was asked by Marshal Kevin as a colonel to lead an eighty-men mech regiment to escort a large logistics transport supply ship.


During the escort, they encountered a fleet of interstellar pirates.


The two frigates and one heavy light gun flagship in that fleet were sure to destroy the mecha regiment equipped with light mechas, and their equipment was completely suppressed.


Everyone was not optimistic about this escort mission. Even Marshal Kevin said that if necessary, he would directly blow up the supply ship and get the whole regiment to withdraw.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

As a result, Ji Xiuyun didn’t listen.


He drove a dexterous light mech under the cover of his colleagues to avoid artillery fire and stray bullets, and threw himself onto the deck of the local frigate. In full view, he punched the deck of the frigate with a fist, frightening the pirates who thought they had a chance to win. It made them so angry.


Then Ji Xiuyun took his colleagues, drove with a few super-light speed gravity guns in the mecha, and destroyed the frigate.


Before they boarded the enemy’s flagship, the opponent had already withdrawn their troops in a desperate manner.


Although he was almost beaten by Marshal Kevin afterwards, the result was a very obvious victory.


Ji Xiuyun’s fame in the world war also made many human science researchers interested in the SS-level genome.


A punch through the deck of the frigate had completely surpassed the ordinary human concept of “physical fitness”.


Regardless of the physical fitness, strength, hardness and healing power, the SS-level gene body surpassed the S-level gene body by many times.


Most scientific people think that this is an evolution.


It is after human beings entered the era of the universe, after a long period of accumulation, that quantitative changes have achieved a breakthrough in qualitative change. Human genes are probably preparing for them to enter the universe only with their bodies.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In fact, even Ji Xiuyun was not very clear about his upper limit.


He jumped from a height of 100 meters, and stepped on the hard alloy door, making two large depressions, while only feeling a little numbness in his legs.


This is why while for others, Yue An running into them and jumping twice with a little effort will lead to a fracture in their sternum, pushing hard on Ji Xiuyun will only make Ji Xiuyun almost exhausted.


The scientific researchers who watched Ji Xiuyun lift the ceiling of the elevator indifferently through the three large screens almost stopped breathing.


“This is the SS-level genome?”


“It’s completely beyond the scope of human beings…”


“I remember that a SS-level mental power was also produced hundreds of years ago?”


“Yes, the country where he was born directly experimented on him. There is no chance to see the wonderfulness of the SS-level mental power.”


“Isn’t it only rumours that they used his brain as a blueprint to build…”


The acting minister turned his head and scolded, “Stop speculating!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The scientific researchers were silent for a moment. All of them looked up at the big screen obediently, and stopped talking.


Ji Xiuyun lifted the ceiling and looked down at the two middle-aged men who heard the movement and walked to the elevator with their weapons.


His eyes fell on their faces, condescendingly looked at both of them, and threw the debris from the ceiling aside.


“It’s been a long time.” He said, with a voice so cold that it could almost freeze.


The face of the middle-aged man he was watching changed continuously, his lips moved as if he wanted to say something, and the weapon in his hand was unconsciously aimed at Ji Xiuyun who was standing on the ceiling of the elevator.


The Marshal flew the three small law enforcement devices around him, faithfully relaying the situation.


The middle-aged man said with a choked voice, “Why are you here!”


Hearing his question, Ji Xiuyun revealed a stupefied face and sarcasm for an instant, and quickly recovered his calm the next second, calmly speaking, “You stole my cat.”


The middle-aged man turned his head and glanced at the messy scratches in the laboratory, his face was green and white.


“Who stole your cat!”


The Marshal said lightly, “You guys.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The middle-aged man looked angrily at the little hairball that protruded from the collar of Ji Xiuyun’s jacket.




Yue An, who was nestled in Ji Xiuyun’s arms, meowed angrily at the middle-aged man below.


What nonsense!


This cat has not even used cat litter for hundreds of years!


You are spouting nonsense!


Although Ji Xiuyun didn’t understand, but Yue An was angry at that person and he understood what he meant.


If you don’t understand what it means, just take it as a curse for him.


The picture of Yue An howling at the man was seen by the ordinary scientific researchers who did not know that it was the big guy who tried to steal the cat to conduct experiments. It looked like just a little wronged hairball that felt angry and scared when he saw the person who hurt him.


“Doing evil…”


“Senior won’t have nightmares when sleeping at night?”


The acting minister wanted to shut them up again, and turned around to see the disagreements of the young people one by one, and swallowed back his words.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Okay, he thought.


Finding out the root cause is the most essential pursuit of scientific researchers, but they must not lose the most basic awe of life.


The acting minister was relieved and turned his head back.


In the video, Ji Xiuyun took a step forward, leaned slightly and prepared to jump off the elevator ceiling.


The middle-aged man raised his weapon, “Don’t come down!”


Ji Xiuyun was too lazy to pay attention to him, took two small pieces of broken alloy and threw it down, knocking out all the weapons in the hands of those two people, and jumped down without hesitation, scaring the two. The weak people with almost zero combat power were forced to put their hands behind their back, handcuffed together and dragged into the laboratory unceremoniously.


“You can’t come in! This is the most secure scientific research room in the Empire!”


The two middle-aged people struggled desperately, “You have violated the non-disclosure agreement! And the imperial law…”


“Oh? I didn’t come in long ago.”


Ji Xiuyun carried the two people and stood at the door of the genetic science laboratory. He glanced at the door torn by the cat’s claws. Under the filming of the law enforcement instruments, he pulled out a record sticky card at the door of the genetic science laboratory. Squatting in front of the man, he took the hard cardboard and smacked his face.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Keep me accountable for breaking the law?”


“Too humble. I’m not as good as you guys.”


The Marshal stood up, watched that the other two had quickly entered the working state, began the scan the surrounding law enforcement instruments, looked at the jammed paper in his hand for a long while, and then reinserted it into the card slot at the entrance of the laboratory and touched the cat in his arms.


All the researchers in the hall looking at the big screen looked stupid.


The whole hall was so quiet that a falling needle could be heard.


What does this mean?!


What is the meaning of that SS-level genomic basic exploration note card??


The people in Ladder No. 1 actually experimented with the Imperial Marshal???

Are they crazy??

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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