The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 Unexpectedly, you are this kind of Marshal Ji???

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The authorisation of the laboratory of the Ministry of Scientific Research is a very complicated procedure.


The more sophisticated the scientific research institute certification process is, the more complicated the authorisation process is. It is impossible to say that if one asks another for permission to enter the laboratory, then others can authorise them and let them in.


This kind of thing is impossible.


The authority of the laboratory generally includes job card authentication, fingerprint authentication, iris authentication, bone shape authentication and a series of identification procedures, before the highest administrator can grant access to the laboratory.


So the fastest way to enter the lab on Ladder One is to find someone who can go down to see the situation, or simply break down the door with violence.


In fact, the acting minister wanted to break the door directly and violently. He was really tired of these bad things and just wanted to go home and sleep well.


He has to get up early to conduct his experiment tomorrow!


But even though three of the people who had permission to enter the laboratory on Ladder 1 were suspended, three of them stayed behind. Violently breaking in is not desirable.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The acting minister grumbled and sent a message to one of them.


The external communication signal of the Ministry of Scientific Research is completely cut off. However, in any confidential scientific research institute, the external communication of the personnel in the institute is very strict, let alone the Scientific Research Department Headquarters.


But as a minister, even though he is an agent, he has some privileges.


Ladder No. 1 laboratory, whether it is the chip of the experimental record file or the laboratory itself, is extremely confidential. Throughout the entire scientific research department, the number of people with the authority to check and enter can be counted on one hand.


The middle-aged man who received the message looked terrible, but the acting minister knew that this was not caused by staying up late for experimentation.


Because this middle-aged man is also one of the people under investigation, he hasn’t even been to the scientific research department for nearly a week.


“The lab on Ladder No. 1 was invaded.” The acting minister did not force him and told the other party very frankly and candidly.


The middle-aged man’s complexion changed, “Invasion!?”


“Yes, I guess there may be some danger below.” Although it was said that there was some danger, the acting minister did not appear to be anxious. “Do you know who is conducting experiments in the lab on Ladder One?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“No one!” The middle-aged man replied without thinking, “You wait for a moment, I’ll come right now!”


The acting minister did not believe the statement that no one was there.


Except for these people with authority, no one can enter the lab on Ladder One without anything happening.


The acting minister personally believes that they were trying to do something bad and failed to escape, and also wanted to use the cat for experimentation, but were found out. At this moment, the lower part of the building may be chaotic.




The acting minister thought.


It’s best to quickly kill those few old guys who do whatever they want!


Instead of conducting experimentation in an ethical manner, they keep making trouble all day long.


Old age is so uncomfortable and very annoying.


The acting minister looked at the hung-up call, thought for a while, raised his hand and turned off the siren that had been ringing continuously.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The two young researchers staying by his side looked at each other and couldn’t restrain their curiosity, “Acting minister, the lab on Ladder No. 1, are you…”


“Confidential, let everyone disperse.” After the acting minister replied, he looked at the two young men, sighed and patted their shoulders, “I think there is something missing in our department.”


The two young men were taken aback, “What?”


The acting minister waved his hand, “Let’s go, let’s make two banners and hang them in the hall when the time comes.”




“Yes, the first one will say ‘Respect for life, thank you for life, and love for life’. The second one will say ‘Familiar with the Basic Law to make it easier for you, me and others’… Add another one, ‘Whoever steals a cat is stupid, if you see it, kill them’.”




“What about Ladder No. 1…?”


The acting minister waved his hand, “You just assume that the matter has been settled, don’t ask, people will definitely not take us down.”


“What do you mean, is there really that kind of experiment being conducted below…?” The young man made an exaggerated gesture.


“Blind fellow! What, are you blind! You are the most curious! Stop it!” The acting minister patted the young man’s head, “Can you know what I don’t have the authority to know? Go and make the banners!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The two young men seemed to understand something. They closed their mouths immediately, and walked away.


In accordance with the degree of confidentiality, in order to avoid leakage of the experimental situation and other parties’ prying eyes, Ladder No. 1’s laboratory does not even have monitoring equipment.


Not to mention that the acting minister doesn’t know anymore, he just went to the security department of the Scientific Research Headquarters, but only saw a sea of darkness, and he didn’t know what was going on there.


Yue An below doesn’t know what happened above.


To be honest, the magic of infinite storage in his sleeves hasn’t been practised by Yue An yet.


He had always believed in being a lazy cat at the time. He really felt that if a cat didn’t have sleeves, he couldn’t practise well. Until now, this concept hasn’t been broken.


Idealist spells are based on one’s own subjective impressions. The impressions in your mind can’t be broken, and it’ll be useless to practise it anyway.


The white hairball waited for a few minutes but no one came, so he jumped onto the drawer very neatly, stretched out his paw and unceremoniously grabbed all ten catnip reagents in one go.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The cracking sound of the test tube was very crisp, accompanied by a strong smell of catnip.


If you can’t take it with you, just breathe it in now. Wouldn’t it be nice to run after taking it?


The whole cat was immersed in the smell of catnip and became agitated.


This reagent contained about ten millilitres of solution in a test tube, and it evaporated quickly when it came into contact with the outside air. For a while, the smell of catnip was wafting everywhere in the entire laboratory.


Yue An rolled around on the ground, twisting into an S shape for a while and a C shape for a while, occasionally spreading himself out into a long rod.


He couldn’t restrain his excitement and got up and scratched the wall, scratching the wall of this laboratory with hideous scratches on most of the wall.


He still knew that the laboratory equipment and strange things could not be touched.


Wasn’t it that way in movies before?


Entering a laboratory, accidentally breaking some reagents, and as a result, releasing some virus and causing zombies to rampage.


Generally, the cannon fodder who is killed in the opening scene dies from curiosity.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An kicked his hind legs, jumped onto the wall, spread out his four paws, and slapped them onto the wall with a snap, and then relaxed both of his hind legs, letting his two front paws dig along the wall. With a “chi” sound, he slowly slid back to the ground.


The hard wall with special material in this laboratory was used as a cat scratching board by this little white hairball, and its scratches were left in every place on the four walls.


Go home and ask Ji Xiuyun what material the wall is made of, and buy it. It feels comfortable to use it as a scratching board.


Yue An thought while scratching the wall, and slowly slid to the ground.


He retracted his two claws, took two steps back and was about to jump again, and in a blink of an eye he saw a chip in the gap he just grabbed.


The small, black square piece, about the size of a thumbnail, was carefully stored in a small transparent box.


The little cat stared at it with his beautiful blue eyes, tilted his head, and looked at it curiously, and found that there was a line written on the small box containing the chip.


029 – Catnip reagent experiment record.




It is better to teach people how to fish than to fish for them.


The little white hairball stretched out its soft paw pad, destroyed the box with a paw hard, picked up the chip and turned away.


Holding the chip in his hand, he came out of the plant science laboratory and glanced at the genetic science laboratory next to it.


Similarly, there are specific experimental record names under Genetic Science.


Yue An saw that near the top of the list, there was an experimental record named: SS-level genomic basic exploration.


The white hairball squatted at the door of this laboratory with the chip in his mouth. After hesitating for a long time, he finally opened the door and got in.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In the genetic science laboratory, Yue An did not dare to play around like next door, for fear that some T virus would really be released and cause a zombie siege.


He sniffed around with the chip in his mouth, carefully tore a whole strip across the wall, leaned over to take a look at the chips inside, and pulled them out one by one.


Finally, he found the SS-grade gene chip. Yue An broke the box and took the chip out. Along the way, he broke the hidden drawer violently, and burned the remaining muscle tissue and blood samples inside clean.


After finishing everything and with the two chips in his mouth, the little cat turned his head to the door. His pair of pointed ears trembled, and his figure disappeared in the next second, slipping out of the laboratory.


Two middle-aged people rushed in from the elevator entrance, and one of them was just the correspondent of the acting minister.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Their faces were very ugly.


Yue An watched the two men dig out their weapons from the door, and then strode into the two laboratories, which had their doors destroyed.


They found nothing.


Yue An sat aside, watching them suspiciously, walking around them lightly and silently on his short legs, and broke the doors of several laboratories under their noses.




“The thermal detector is not responding.”


“…Damn it.”


The invisible cat held the chips in his mouth, turned his head and scratched the elevator door, floor and ceiling.


Then he flicked his tail, looked at the two middle-aged men rushing towards the elevator, snorted proudly, turned his head and floated up.


There is no elevator and neither of the two people could go out.


Yue An went to the upper hall and lifted the spell, happily pushing away the perfectly cut steel block in the corner of the door of Ladder No. 1 with the tip of his tail. His head squeezed out and his body was still stuck. In the hall, as soon as he raised his head, he met Ji Xiuyun’s gloomy face that was so dark it could drip ink.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

There was a circle of soldiers around the Marshal, who was facing away from them this time, forming a human wall to block the puzzled members of the Scientific Research Department outside.


Ji Xiuyun watched Yue An, who had his small head squeezing out of the corner, slowly pulled the glove on his hand. He was so angry that even his eyes seemed to have dense sharp blades.


Yue An’s eyes shuddered with fright, and the two chips in his mouth fell to the ground with a “click”.


The Marshal squatted down and came over and put the two chips into his pocket quietly.


“Very happy?” Ji Xiuyun asked in a low voice with a volume that only he and Yue An could hear.


Yue An, “…”


I’m not. Stop talking nonsense.




In fact, it was a little fun.


Especially when smelling the catnip.


Marshal Ji looked down at his cat and said calmly, “Come out.”


Yue An’s ears became stuffy, and he came out of the hole stubbornly. Even his fur didn’t shake a little as he ran to the Marshal’s feet with his short legs, rubbing against them and acting like a baby.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal pressed Yue An onto the ground, and checked Yue An over and over again, without paying attention to Yue An’s meowing. After confirming that there were no scars or anything wrong, he sighed for a long time, and his face finally lightened up a little.


He hugged Yue An, turned and walked behind the wall.


The soldiers quickly gave way to him.


The cat in the arms of the Marshal was so scared that he couldn’t see his ears. It almost turned into a little seal, with a frightened look and arched into the Marshal’s arms.


The acting minister looked sad when he saw Yue An’s performance.


It’s over, it’s over.


The cat that was so powerful in combat that it could destroy the world was so scared like this, the big guy below must have done something to Yue An.


The acting minister seemed to have seen the future of the second shutdown of the Scientific Research Department.


“Why is my cat in the research department?”


Ji Xiuyun’s voice was filled with icy anger, and he loudly paused after every word.


“Why is he frightened?”


Desperately arching into the Marshal’s arms, Yue An, who was trying to exchange coquetry for forgiveness, heard Ji Xiuyun’s words and was stunned for three seconds, then a small head came out of his arms strangely.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun pressed his little fluffy head back into his arms expressionlessly.


The Marshal looked around at the researchers around him and asked again, “Why did my cat escape from the most confidential laboratory on Ladder One?”


“Can anyone give me an explanation?”


“Really… I’m extremely sorry, Marshal Ji.”


The acting minister was full of guilt, “Although I don’t know the truth about this matter, as the acting minister, I have an inescapable responsibility.”


Yue An: …


Yue An: ???


Isn’t this a bit wrong?


Shouldn’t it be that he sneaked in and was discovered, then Ji Xiuyun came to cover him?


Why does this conversation sound so terrible?


Why is this acting minister apologising?


Yue An poked his head out of Ji Xiuyun’s arms curiously again, and was pressed back again by Marshal Ji calmly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“What I want is not an apology or an explanation.” Ji Xiuyun pointed to the elevator door of the Ladder No. 1 laboratory, “ I want to know what they did to my cat.”


The Marshal said, “I want to go down.”


Yue An: …


Wait, what development is this??


Is this, this is the legendary preemptive strike… Oh no, just give it a go???

You are such a Ji Xiuyun??

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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