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Chapter 28 You all are thinking about making me angry to death so that you can take my position right!

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


The research department as a whole is actually a city within a city. It is a small town with a radius of less than four kilometers that slowly expands around the headquarters’ experimental building.


The outermost part of this city-in-city is a series of exhibition halls open to the outside world, open three days a week.


And the park after the exhibition hall is the scope of the Scientific Research Headquarters that is forbidden to enter.


There are parks, restaurants, entertainment facilities and cold drink shops and more in the small town of the Scientific Research Headquarters. Except for not having much communication with the outside world, everything here seems normal.


After the three high-level officials and one minister were all suspended, the Scientific Research Department, which had calmed down some anger and public opinion, resumed operations again.


In the Scientific Research Department, which is at the forefront of the world’s sciences, a delay of every minute is a huge waste of resources.


The overall appearance of the experimental building of the Scientific Research Department Headquarters is a hemispherical, silver-gray, which will reflect beautiful brilliance under the sun. At night, there is a little light source. The special hemispherical appearance of the material will continuously refract that gleam of light, giving the whole building a shimmering light.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Therefore, the experimental building of the Headquarters of the Scientific Research Department at night is also bright as day.


Many people in lab coats of different materials walked in the wide and empty corridor.


Most of them walked alone with a contemplative expression, while there were small groups of people discussing something in low voices.


The Scientific Research Department now has a temporary acting minister. Except for the two teams that have lost one or two major qualifications in their teams, the enraged outside world seemed to have no effect on everything here.


— If there is any change, it is probably the holographic projection of the running and sleeping white kittens in the corridors, halls and lounges divided into public areas.


Regarding the situation that they are always blocked, after vaguely guessing the reason, the people in the Scientific Research Department no longer struggled.


It is normal to be angered. Marshal Ji is also a normal human being. It is common to have a temper.


But when there are policies, there will be countermeasures!


If you don’t let us watch the live broadcast, can you still stop us from spending money to download the holographic projections??

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The acting minister of the Scientific Research Department has a great heart.


With a wave of a big hand, in the name of public construction, he bought all the holographic projections that had been available in the past few days and threw them into the Scientific Research Department.


It is important to know that the work pressure of the people in the Scientific Research Department is very high, and there is very little communication with outside society, and it is impossible to raise any pets to relax.


After all, a little bit of other odours may cause the experiment to fail, and failure means that the work of the entire group for a long time has been lost, and no one dares to take such a big loss lightly.


But this does not prevent them from looking at the holographic projection.


There are a lot of people who bent over to pet the cats when they walk down the corridor, and many people chose to temporarily relax in the lounge, and go back to the dormitory to sleep after the cats helped them empty their brains.


When Yue An, who secretly ran out of Ji Xiuyun’s house, bypassed the science and technology museums and exhibitions halls of the Scientific Research Department outside, and quietly followed a material vehicle into the Scientific Research Department Headquarters, he saw three of himself.


Yue An, “…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree





Yue An looked at the three images of himself leisurely napping, and after a long while, realised that it was a holographic projection.


Yue An walked a little bit more inward and found that he could see one or two more projections of himself within ten more meters.


The holographic projection here seems to have been transformed, adding some behavioural modes and intelligent operation modes.


For example, when these projections see people or other projections, they will take the initiative to move in curiously, and they will run around in the hallways.


Those researchers who passed through here in different clothes were not surprised by this.


Yue An thought for a while and simply lifted his invisibility, walking into the building with his four short legs.


No one noticed anything abnormal. The thinking of the people walking here was straight and simple. There was no doubt at all. There were even people who occasionally bent down to touch Yue An’s head.


The building had many entrances, and the structure and walkways inside are quite complicated.


Because each type of experiment must be carried out in a different laboratory, it is impossible for a group of dozens of people to focus on one experiment. Therefore, a variety of laboratories with different conditions have been built in the building to meet the needs of the researchers.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

If the structure of this building needs a reference, the most suitable one should be an ant’s nest.


Yue An walked around those hallways for a long time and didn’t find any famous ones. He didn’t even find any serious laboratories.


After being confused by various roads and walking around, Yue An hummed and rested on his stomach for a while, and then randomly followed a scientific researcher into a lounge, jumped to the table, and looked at the person who sat down next to the snacks and got into the snack bag as soon as he stretched his head out.


The little white hairball ate the contents of the snack bag, then licked his paws, shook his hair and gave a “meow” to the researcher who came out of the cleaning room to express his gratitude. Then he turned his head very shamelessly and left through the crack in the door.


The researcher who heard Yue An’s meow was dumbfounded.


His partner walked into the room, picked up the snack bag on the table and found that it was empty, looked up at him and asked, “Did you eat my snacks?”


“…” I didn’t. Stop talking nonsense.


The researcher who was questioned froze for a while, then turned to look at his partner, and asked, “In our office, the holographic projections are silent, right?”


“Yeah, otherwise, it would be so noisy with so many projections.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“…I just saw one which can meow.”




The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and their expressions changed as they thought of the things they had previously been suspended for. The investigation for stealing a cat.


“Wait a minute.”


“Is someone doing stupid things again?”


“The fool who stole the cat is heartless!”




“What to do?”


“I don’t know.”


The two were in a daze for a while, and finally reacted.”


“…Report it.”


“Report, don’t think about it anymore.”


Yue An didn’t realise that he was exposed and finally wandered into an empty and spacious hall.


This hall has a round arched structure. The surrounding walls have been hollowed out into small grids and various trophies are placed inside.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In the circle close to the ground, there is a neat row of elevators, operating non-stop. From time to time, someone would walk out of one of the elevators and then hurriedly turn around to enter another elevator.


Just like busy worker ants.


There are some resting chairs next to the hall, and a few people are sitting on them. Those few people also had a cat projection next to them, rubbing thier paws and very rarely chatting.


Yue An thought for a while, ran over there with short legs, sat beside a nearby projection, and pricked his ears.


“Don’t know if it is true about Marshal Ji.” One of them said.


Another person replied, “You can even use ZD41 to steal cats. It’s not a surprise to experiment with Marshal Ji.”


“The temptation of the SS-level gene body is so great, it’s normal to want to do it.”


“It’s probably a long time ago. Does anyone remember when the Marshal stopped giving our office a good attitude?”


“When I entered, Marshal Ji was still a lieutenant general, he was already…”


“How long ago?”


“I have been in the institute for more than 30 years.”


“…How evil.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“No one knows what the seniors are doing under Ladder No. 1, except for the minister… No, no one else has the authority to go with the former minister and high-level seniors.”


Yue An shook his ears, looked up, and then went straight to the elevator with “1” hanging on it.


The experiments that sound dubious are all under Ladder One.


Yue An stretched his head out and looked around, then drew a small circle that only allowed a cat to pass in the small corner of the first elevator door with his nails, and then pushed the small piece he had cut inward.


He can even scratch energy stones with his claws!


Slashing an elevator door is simply too easy.


The little white hairball got into the elevator, turned around and pushed the perfectly cut small piece of steel back, blocking the hole perfectly.


He was standing in the elevator, his little head looked around, but he didn’t see any buttons after looking around for a long time.


The little cat was stunned for a while, and was very impatient with the high-tech of the Scientific Research Department. He simply stretched out his claws again, scratched the ground under the elevator and got in.


As soon as he got in, all the cat projections outside were cleared.


The acting minister worked hard for a day of experimentation and was dazed when he was woken up loudly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After being told that someone might have stolen the cat again and successfully brought the cat back to the Scientific Research Department, he almost immediately wanted to knock on Ji Xiuyun’s door and die in front of his house.


Marshal Ji, please take good care of your cat!


How could it be stolen again!!!


The Scientific Research Department can’t afford to stop our operations for a second time!!


The acting minister was in a panic, and his heart was in a frenzy.


“Turn off the projections! Check it out! Check the monitoring! Also check if there is anything remaining in your lounge, follow it up!”


The head of the acting minister was about to burst in anger.


Who the hell is it!


A good scientific researcher does not have anything to do but be a thief!!


Is conducting experiments not exciting enough?! Is their salary not enough?!


Are you stupid?!


“Hurry up, hurry up! Which group’s communication account hasn’t been banned by Marshal Ji? Give me one quickly.”


Researcher A who came to report, “…None.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The acting minister, “…”


What am I…




It’s okay to watch the live broadcast!!!


You guys want to anger me so that you can inherit the position of acting minister, right?!


There was turmoil outside, and the little white hairball slowly drifting down from Ladder No. 1 didn’t know anything about it.


After floating down more than 100 meters, Yue An finally reached the bottom.


He repeated his previous actions, dug a hole in the door and got in.


The entrance is a dim colour. There are many organs and strange deformities in a cylindrical container, and some of them are moving, it seems that there is still life.


Yue An swept his eyes over these things, with his little head tilted up, sniffing around, trying to smell some familiar smells in the air.


Such as catnip.


But the air in this hall is quite clean, and there is no odour left behind.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An looked around and saw that there were labs on both sides with signs hanging on the doors with different labels, such as human science, spiritual exploration, genetic science, and so on.


He shook his tail and went to the door of the laboratory on one side, hoping to find words like “Catnip Science” on it.


Of course, he could not find it.


But he found the plant science laboratory, next to the genetic sciences. Under the sign in the experimental record column, there is a column that says special research on ancient earth plants.


It is full of catnip scent at a glance!!


Yue An raised his claws, tore open the door of the laboratory without hesitation, and got in.


The smell in the laboratory is cleaner than outside.


The little white hairball took a look around, sniffing around, and actually smelt a familiar smell.


— On the edge of a wall.


After so long, Yue An has not seen Ji Xiuyun pull out hidden drawer and cabinets from a flat wall after authentication.


The small white hairball brought out his nails and gestured, and then a paw stretched out. After seeing a clear gap inside, his paw forcefully pulled out a hidden drawer that had not been authenticated.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

There are ten neatly arranged light green test tubes inside, which exudes an odour, which is extremely alluring to cats.


At the same time, an alarm sounded suddenly in the headquarters building of the Ministry of Scientific Research.


“Alert, alert, a lab on Ladder No. 1 has been invaded by unknown personnel.”


“Alert, alert…”


The acting minister who was holding his head, which was throbbing due to lack of sleep, sadly looking for the cat thief and cat was stunned for two seconds when he heard the alarm sound, and only felt in front of him when he heard that he had no permission to go down to the laboratory on the first ladder.


…Fuck me!


You guys on Ladder No. 1 please do things properly.


I beg you.


Wouldn’t it be a good idea to give us healthy and up-and-coming ordinary scientific researchers some way to survive?


The acting minister felt upset.


He felt that he was going to be bald on the third day of taking office.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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