The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 Never Thought About It!

🌸 Translated by Beanie 🌸


The media of the Hinters Empire exploded!


Once the news on the Starnet has been distributed, it can no longer be a secret.


Someone dared to directly shield the live broadcast signal under the eyes of tens of billions of people and attempted to kidnap intelligent life with a modified ZD41 combat robot. This arrogant attitude completely angered public opinion!


Are criminals so blatant now?!


It is unbelievable that they are still in the imperial capital of the Imperial Star.


Media reporters stubbornly split up the topic, diverged from the topic a little and they should be able to have at least a week’s worth of headlines.


The people of Starnet were even more excited. After the media sent out the high-definition frontal holographic projections of the four people who were knocked out by Yue An in less than an hour and the background of the four people were exposed.


Combined with the evidence that the incomplete mark on the forelimb weapon of the ZD41 combat robot did belong to the Ministry of Scientific Research, they immediately created a great uproar.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Mankind always yearns for the progress of science. In the interstellar era, every step forward in all aspects of science that belongs to mankind proves that mankind has taken a big step forward on the difficult road of survival.


The vast majority of people hold the attitude of reverence and faith for those geniuses who stand on top with their wisdom and contributed to mankind. However, after such a collapse of their conviction, it will bring great injury to those who once trusted and admired them.


The veteran qualifications of the four people from the Scientific Research Department, who had cut off the communication signal without fear under the eyes of tens of billions of people, in an attempt to capture an intelligent creature with a very lethal robot!


The only intelligent creature that survived the ancient earth!


This is by no means something that people who respect their faith should do!


The people watched all this happen, with great anger but were powerless to stop it.


The crowd on the Star Network were excited and people organised and petitioned on Marshal Ji Xiuyun’s only external webpage, hoping that Marshal Ji would be able to keep Yue An in contact with the outside world even if he could not be with Yue An so that in the event of an accident or disappearance, it can immediately be noticed.


The remnants of the ancient earth not only have scientific research value, but are also spiritual symbols!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This is a trace of existence from mankind’s original home planet and their origin!


This is a matter of faith.


Even if they weren’t from the Hinters Empire, they didn’t want the cat that survived the ancient earth to have trouble at all.


Ji Xiuyun also worried about Yue An’s safety…


But to be safer, start the live broadcast and do whatever you want. Sometimes when you are tired from playing, do a live broadcast before going to bed and sleep for more than ten hours.


Sometimes, it’s a live broadcast for a meal, ending after he finishes eating.


After having money, Yue An can do whatever he wants. According to the friendly reminder from Marshal Kevin, he has already encountered this white dumpling in every corner of the residential area at various times.


Coupled with Yue An’s behaviour of running out to eat today, Marshal Ji didn’t have to think too hard before figuring out that the little dumpling was probably ambitious and wanted to go outside.


Ji Xiuyun’s thoughts are completely understandable.


But the Marshal was inexplicably confident. The more he felt at ease and the wilder he was, he was sure that Yue An will definitely come back to look for him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Because even if Yue An explored the entire military residential area before Ji Xiuyun came back, he would always run home to wait for him.


The Marshal looked at the petition under his social page and handed it to Yue An, who was lying on his lap and yawning, to decide for himself.


Because he noticed that Ji Xiuyun was in a low mood today, on the way back home from the restaurant, Yue An recalled the experience of making his previous owner laugh when she was unhappy. He was very clingy along the way and kept moving around in the Marshal’s arms.


At this moment, he was tired and yawned while rolling around in his lap.


Yue An watched Ji Xiuyun pull the interface in front of him and blinked sleepily, only seeing the word live appearing frequently on the interface.


He casually stretched out his paw and clicked on the live broadcast button above. Giving a perfunctory “meow” at the miniature camera flying out of the light brain in the Marshal’s hand, he lay down on the Marshal’s leg and fell asleep happily.


Ji Xiuyun: …


Are you going to sleep now??


The Marshal looked at the live broadcast and the comments that popped up and didn’t know what to do for a while.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An slept soundly with his four paws facing upwards, leaving the Marshal with his eyes down and indifferently facing the camera left on by his cat, feeling embarrassed and perplexed.


The viewers waiting in the live broadcast room were shocked when they saw Ji Xiuyun’s face. It was not until the Marshal set the main character of the camera to be Yue An alone.


[Seeing the Marshal scared me to death.]


[Ah, seeing that little Yue An is not shocked, I feel relieved… I offer my wallet as comfort.]


[I am relieved. In the projections I saw on the news, Marshal Ji was really annoyed. He was dragging the Minister of Scientific Research by the collar and was so angry that the veins in his hands burst out.]


[Little Yue An was brought back by the Marshal after all…]


[Yes, and it was brought back after that attack. Little Yue An should have been with the Marshal for this difficult period.]


[Maybe it was little Yue An who saved Marshal Ji!]


Ji Xiuyun watched the comments silently, holding Yue An’s little paw pad in his hand.


He really survived because of Yue An.


After suffering that kind of injury, even if he landed in the ward of the top hospital of the Imperial Star, he might not be able to be saved.


So far, Ji Xiuyun doesn’t know what method Yue An used to save him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

When he opened his eyes, Yue An was already sitting on his belly and looking at him, like a small, cute and soft white ball.


It is not that there are no intelligent races with special talents in the universe, but there is no one as diverse and astonishing as Yue An.


Yue An’s talent is too terrifying and too tempting.


Regardless of his strong aggressiveness and suddenness, with a wave of a hand, he can pull the seriously injured and dying people from the edge of death and even get rid of sickness and disease from the body. The ability to make people look brand new. Speaking truthfully, even if he was the emperor, he wouldn’t be able to make Yue An stay.


The cold-faced soldier gently kneaded the small creature lying on his lap and sighed silently.


So it can’t be told to anyone.


It’s better to not even know about it. There are too many ways to pry a person’s mind. The Marshal was not sure whether the madmen in the Scientific Research Department had developed anything crazy.


[Ahhhhhhhhh! I’m mad to death! The stupid gangsters in the virtual community, why is it justified to steal Yue An?]


[I also said that it is wrong to catch Yue An. This kind of argument that people who are not from my race must have different hearts is really disgusting. Won’t it discourage others from being friendly and pure?]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[…Wasn’t he not taken away? What is this?]


[If it wasn’t for little Yue An’s great strength, he would be lying on the test bench now, okay?]


[What else can the Scientific Research Department do by stealing a cat? Pet him??]


[Experiment, experiment with intelligent life, why don’t you go to heaven!]


[That is, if you dare to take the cat today, won’t you dare to use humans tomorrow?]


[Don’t you know that the Scientific Research Department has always used death row prisoners to test the effects of drugs?? How did you get so many special medicines? They have been experimenting with humans and there is nothing wrong with it! Humans can be like cats, why can’t cats be like humans?]


[Experiments on innocent intelligent lives are not allowed! Not guilty! Go back and reread the Basic Law three hundred times! Stupid!]


[Seriously, the Marshal has always hated the Scientific Research Department so much. Thinking about how Marshal Ji is currently the only SS-level gene body, I feel scared to think more.]


[…Wait a minute??]


[Wait? Don’t just stop there???]


[My classmate in the Scientific Research Department said that they do not know about any special circumstances. Suddenly the operation of the whole department was stopped and they said that they would be inspected. All ordinary team members have to rush back. He just came back to Starnet. All of them were scared silly.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Distressed for the innocent little genius.]


[No, the more I think about it, the more I feel that Marshal Ji’s attitude towards the Scientific Research Department is weird. I haven’t seen him reject other private research institutes.]


[I used to do external logistics in the army. From what I remember, the Marshal refused all military and major private scientific research institutes when he was a lieutenant general. He also refused the general medical examination of officers, which was contracted by the Scientific Research Department. Yes, he was still under Marshal Kevin at that time, and Marshal Kevin gave him the green light for this behaviour.]


[… Wait a minute, I smell something terrible.]


The Marshal glanced at these comments and frowned.


If they keep guessing like this, there will be a major event, but Ji Xiuyun was very happy to see this and didn’t want to stop them from thinking further at all.


Yue An’s matter must teach the Minister of Scientific Research a lesson. If the public sentiment can be biased one-sidedly to Yue An, it is a good thing.


Those people didn’t treat him as a human at the beginning. But now, it’s time for them to taste what it’s like to not be regarded as humans by others.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Is anyone related to the human body scientific research project able to show up and tell us what the SS-grade gene means to people of your type?]


[It means a treasure that needs to be developed urgently. The seniors of our research institute have been thinking about when Marshal Ji would die every day and pray that the body must not die outside and must be recovered.]


[The same is true for the seniors of our research institute. I wonder when I can get a sample of Marshal Ji’s blood to study it.]


[Oh my god… You are so creepy.]


[These are only thoughts, who would dare to do this…]


[Yes, thoughts are thoughts, so the Marshal has never had such a big opinion on private research institutes that just “have thoughts”? But if you really do something, the attitude will be different, such as the Scientific Research Department.]


[Hurry up!!]


[Don’t forget, Marshal Ji is still in a lawsuit with the Minister of Scientific Research today because his former deputy accused the Ministry of Scientific Research of instigating him to steal Marshal Ji’s blood sample.]




[Don’t you guys ever use your brains, isn’t the Marshal still watching??]


[…Ah, Marshal?]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Marshal Ji? Did we guess it right or wrong, would you please give me a reply?]


[Don’t embarrass the Marshal. He has been against the Scientific Research Department for so long, but they haven’t been convicted yet. Obviously someone is covering for them!]


[Generally, doesn’t silence mean acquiescence? If this kind of things is really wrong, out of the most basic morality, the Marshal will always come out to express his denial, right?]


[It’s not really acquiescence. If that’s the case, I’m afraid that it will really happen.]


[Just ask you not to take down the Scientific Research Department with force. Only the top people who are truly qualified to get contact with SS-level genes are absolutely limited. The resources are limited. Ordinary people are not qualified to touch this kind of experimental operation, even if the cells and tissue are cultivated and recycled from the corpse!]


[Wow, when you say that, doesn’t it mean that even the scope of criminal groups can be separated? Senior research department?]


Ji Xiuyun was not surprised at the fact that someone coveted his own body, but he was a little surprised at the broad masses of people who were able to think more in this aspect in such a short period of time.


How can these people’s brains be so flexible.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun felt that they were so flexible that he was too sorry for the wisdom of the people if the Scientific Research Department is not taken down.


After all, he resolutely decided to grab the Minister of Scientific Research to find Yue An this time. But he was ruled as withdrawing the lawsuit by the military court because he left the court privately.


He suffered such a big loss, how can the few people in the Scientific Research Department not lose some skin?


The facts are as he thought.


On the fifth day of the public uproar, due to the pressure of public opinion, the officials finally announced that the three senior executives of the human science experiment team of the Scientific Research Department had been suspended for investigation and the Minister of Scientific Research took the blame and resigned.


This is the reassurance given by the empire to the public and it is also the sincerity given to Ji Xiuyun.


This means that they have been stunned by these four people, and to give them face, Ji Xiuyun quickly came forward to clarify the public opinion about the Scientific Research Department, so that the group of unsophisticated people will stop bothering him.


For the empire, any top scientist is a very valuable asset, and they cannot afford to lose them.


But a general who is good enough to lead an army to conquer a galaxy is something they can’t afford to lose too.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After all, Ji Xiuyun was the only one who appeared in two thousand years. Even if they were reluctant, they had to bear with it.


Marshal Ji glanced at the mail piled up and picked out the letter from the emperor’s secretary.


After a glance, three questions were sent: Three? Suspension investigation? Resign?


The implication was very simple.


There are only three. I am not satisfied.


They were just suspended for investigation. I am not satisfied.


I’m not satisfied. Anyway, you can figure it out by yourself.


After sending the letter, the Marshal put on the military virtual helmet in his hand on his head and entered the virtual training ground with his cat.


Yue An has been a little strange these few days. Suddenly, he has been very active in training, and always pulls him to experiment with his various special talents.


It seems that he is deliberately exercising his control, at least the pain that the Marshal has experienced in the past few days has made him clearly aware of Yue An’s progress.


Yue An is indeed working very hard to practice his control of aura and tactics, and those who are the most resistant to being beaten in the entire military department do not want to do as he asks.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He exercises his control to better practice the spells he wants to use.


Such as getting bigger, smaller, floating, invisibility and infinite storage in his sleeves.


The Marshal has been living a terrible life in which his cat suddenly shrinks or gets bigger when he looks at him for several days.


In the past few days, he often felt strange movements in the middle of the night. As soon as he opened his eyes, he could see his cat and salted fish floating in the air, which could scare the spirit out of people’s bodies.


And the 500 or so energy stones that they brought back entered Yue An’s belly like water.


Later, Ji Xiuyun saw that a part of Yue An’s body suddenly became transparent, and he was unable to keep calm, so he got up neatly and got all kinds of testing equipment to see what Yue An was doing again.


Although he was very happy that Yue An had begun to exercise his talents, the Marshal felt that he had not become tired of getting along with Yue An recently after not having been on the battlefield for several months.


The very tired Marshal walked to the bed, stretched out big hand and tried to touch the small hairball, but reached out and touched nothing.


Probably he hid stealthily again and he didn’t know where Yue An was.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal though.


“Yue An?” Ji Xiuyun shouted to the empty room.


The little hairball that would pop out with a shout in the past did not come at all this time.


The Marshal felt tight and sat up and shouted again.


Still no answer.


Ji Xiuyun lowered his eyes and thought for a while, turned on his optical brain and entered the browsing page of Yue An’s attached optical brain and glanced at Yue An’s recent search records.


The position of the Scientific Research Department.


Inquiring about the security equipment of the Scientific Research Department.


The opening schedule of the Ministry of Scientific Research.


Scientific Research Department…


Now I can easily think about why Yue An was practising those weird talents recently!

The Marshal quickly turned on the monitoring screen of the garage and saw that the bright red car was missing at this time and his face turned black with a sigh.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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