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Chapter 119 Moving The Village

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Ye Yingzhi had no choice but turned on his phone and downloaded the city’s 24-hour medicine delivery app and bought the commonly used anti-fever medicine. While waiting for the medicine to be delivered, he hugged Chi Yan into his arms with the quilt between them and coaxed him.


Chi Yan felt hot, but he was bound tightly in the quilt. He couldn’t breathe and started crying for his grievances.


Ye Yingzhi hugged him and whispered, “Okay, you cry, do you think crying is useful? When had ge ge let you go just because you cried? Even if you cry more and more vigorously.” He sounded evil but actually his heart felt very distressed and wished he could be sick on his behalf instead, but there was nothing he could do.


Even though he had all kinds of abilities, he couldn’t control the birth, old age, sickness and death of this living world. 


Half an hour later, the medicine was delivered. Ye Yingzhi coaxed Chi Yan and wrapped him up neatly into a roll on the bed. Then he went to open the door to get the medicine, poured some water and fed him the medicine.


Chi Yan couldn’t find him in his half awake state. He rolled around hurriedly and the quilt was loosen up.


Ye Yingzhi turned on the bedside lamp, put the medicine and the cup of water on the bedside table, quickly rolled him up again and carried him into his arms. Chi Yan’s eyes were still shut, but the corners of his eyes were red with a hint of glistening tears. He stretched out his fingers and touched them, it was wet.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He was really crying.


Ye Yingzhi let out a “tsk” as his heart softened, as if water could ooze out of his heart with just a poke. He felt helpless and didn’t know how to deal with Chi Yan. What’s more, Chi Yan was sick, feverish, half-conscious and clingy towards him.


Ye Yingzhi could only coax him like a kid, “Ge ge is here, ge ge got some medicine for Ah Yan. Come, let me kiss you?” He kissed Chi Yan’s cheek and Chi Yan was satisfied.


Ye Yingzhi smiled and took the opportunity to coax him, “Baby, be good, take this medicine and ge ge will love you even more.”


Chi Yan was very cooperative when he took the medicine and didn’t make much trouble. He was wrapped with a quilt, held quietly in Ye Yingzhi’s arms and slept soundly. But a while later, he felt uncomfortable again, groaned softly and snuggled into Ye Yingzhi’s arms uncomfortably.


Ye Yingzhi touched Chi Yan’s quilt which was wet with sweat.


He had cold hands and didn’t dare to touch Chi Yan’s body directly, but he could guess that Chi Yan’s body should also be wet, which must be uncomfortable. He quickly replaced the wet quilt with another dry one and wrapped Chi Yan in it. He aired the old quilt on the other side of the bed. In the meantime, he didn’t dare to let Chi Yan get any wind.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan was satisfied with the new quilt, but he was still very sick and the fever had not subsided. He was very uncomfortable so he snuggled in Ye Yingzhi’s arms, whimpered and gently rubbed his side face and forehead against his chest.


Ye Yingzhi picked him up with the quilt between them, patted and coaxed him gently. What to do with this little darling in his hands? He would probably go mad and crazy if his Ah Yan was in other people’s hands.


The night passed and Chi Yan woke up at ten o’clock the next morning. He was really surprised to find himself in Ye Yingzhi’s arms. He looked around him and this place was indeed his and Grandpa’s home.


His fever had subsided, but his body was still weak and sore. He sat up on the bed and looked at Ye Yingzhi, “Yingzhi ge ge, how come you’re here? When did you come? How did you get in? “


He finally got up with some difficulty but Ye Yingzhi pressed him back down on the bed again and tucked him inside the quilt. “I finished my work yesterday and thought of coming to see you. It was late and I originally planned to come and try my luck to see if you have slept or not. It turned out that you didn’t even lock the door, so I just came in. Fortunately, it was me who came in.”


Chi Yan blushed and let out an “Oh”. He didn’t remember whether he had locked the door but habitually he should have locked it. He felt a little guilty and didn’t doubt Ye Yingzhi’s words. “Maybe I was too tired when I got back yesterday and forgot to lock the door.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After he finished speaking, he suddenly remembered the thing from Chi’s family. He pushed the quilt away and hugged Ye Yingzhi’s arm, “Yingzhi ge ge, what’s with that thing from Chi’s family? What happened to it in the end?”


Ye Yingzhi laid down beside him, tucked him back inside  the quilt and answered slowly, “This is a long story. It happened more than 20 years ago before you were born. A wandering soul used a certain secret technique to seek help from my father. It was your grandfather, Chi Lin Sheng. His body at that time was seized and occupied by another spirit and had nowhere to ask for help. After all, the Chi family and the Ye family are two families with some dark secrets. My father didn’t know how to help him, so he used our family’s secret technique to let his soul live in a living corpse and hid it in the Ye family. At that same time, that spirit that lived inside Chi Lin Sheng’s body in the Chi family didn’t do anything much and nobody in the Chi family realised that the soul inside Chi Lin Sheng’s body had been replaced. After all, a soul could not be housed in a corpse for a long time. Gradually, Chi Lin Sheng’s soul started getting into a turmoil. Even if he said that he was the real old grandfather Chi, nobody would believe him. So this matter kept dragging on, and I only learned about this after I took over the Ye family.”


“Ah Yan, that night, you didn’t hear it wrong. Uncle Fu came to inform me that the old grandfather Chi’s soul that was housed inside the corpse was almost gone. I didn’t want you to get involved with the Chi family’s matters so I hid this from you. Will Ah Yan blame ge ge?” Ye Yingzhi said and looked into Chi Yan’s eyes.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan could certainly understand Ye Yingzhi’s thoughts and considerations at that time, and would not blame him. He raised his head to look at his black eyes, then casually turned his gaze away and whispered, “…Kiss me first then I won’t blame you.”


As he was ill, Ye Yingzhi had been holding back since he arrived last night. He didn’t dare to kiss him or touch him. When he hugged or carried him, it was with utmost care and caution. Hearing these words, he felt sweet and angry. He quickly turned over and pressed Chi Yan down, “Okay that’s enough, don’t rest anymore to recuperate, let ge ge love love you properly.”


After a few kisses, Chi Yan pushed him gently and smiled, “Yingzhi ge ge, that’s enough. I have some things to ask you and I also need to go and take care of Grandpa.”


He had originally planned to get up early to relieve Song Jin, but he didn’t expect his illness to be dragged until noon.


Ye Yingzhi glanced at him and sat up. He had woken up a long time ago and was already neatly dressed and looking after Chi Yan all this time. Seeing that Chi Yan was about to get up, he picked out a set of clothes from his closet, and lifted the quilt to put on clothes for him.


He sat on the side of the bed, leaned over and buttoned Chi Yan’s shirt. Chi Yan asked, “Yingzhi ge ge, you haven’t finished telling me yet. What happened to that thing in the end? What did it mean by using ghost energy to prolong his life? How are things there at Chi’s house and what about Xu family and Xu Rui ?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi buttoned his shirt slowly and answered, “Don’t worry about who or what that thing was. It wanted to remain in this living world and could only do so by seizing the bodies of your grandfather and his descendants. But father-in-law was the only child, and he had only you and Chi Rong as his children. He couldn’t use Chi Rong and your body now, and father-in-law’s body had been poisoned by Gu worms for many years and wouldn’t last long either. That thing urgently needed to find other ways to continue its life. As the ghost energy lingering there got heavier, the ghost energy on my body got heavier too. It thought that I depended on that ghost energy to keep alive so it wanted me to tell him the method to prolong his life.”


At this point, all the buttons were buttoned up. Ye Yingzhi paused, took Chi Yan’s pants, moved his quilt aside and continued to help him wear it. “But the ghost energy on my body is actually what I’ve cultivated, and it has nothing to do with the ghost energy there. That thing did its calculations in vain. It painstakingly tried his tricks and laid traps just to get me to go to him, but unfortunately they didn’t work for me. After you left, I eradicated that spirit. I don’t know what happened to the Xu family. After the heavenly praying ceremony and sending off the Taoist masters, they shut their doors and didn’t come out much.”


Chi Yan blushed at first and wanted to grab the pants and put it on by himself. But he was focused on listening to Ye Yingzhi and completely forgot about it. When he realised it, his clothes were all properly put on for him. He touched his cheeks with the back of his hands, and for a moment he couldn’t tell if he had a fever or not. “Does ge ge know anything about the ghost energy?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

As with the situation at He Jia Village, the reason the ghost energy gathered there was because there were ghosts. There were many ghosts, or there was a very powerful ghost which caused this effect. Song Jin and the others later showed him some materials that could not be put into a report. For example, they found a Taoist priest when they were investigating the matters of He Jia Village.


The Taoist priest said that before the villagers moved to He Jia Village, they provoked an evil ghost. The villagers were aware of this at that time and asked his master for help. But that evil spirit was cunning and powerful. His master couldn’t help them, and the villagers couldn’t find a more powerful Taoist master. So his master came up with an idea to get them to move to another village. But they couldn’t do this too blatantly, otherwise the evil spirit would follow them. He picked a date and time, asked some villagers to wear the Nuo dance costumes and carried the statue of the Nuo god in front of them. The other villagers followed behind, pretending to be sending the Nuo god. In general, ghosts were afraid of the gods that received incense from their followers, so they would not follow.


But who could have thought that that evil spirit was extraordinarily cunning. After seeing the sorry outcome of He Jia Village, that Taoist priest realized that the idea his master gave was useless. The evil spirit disguised as a villager and quietly followed behind. He hated the villagers, and a little bit by bit, turned the village into an yin yang topsy-turvy ghost village. 

In the beginning, it didn’t have the ability to form such a strong ghost energy to confuse everyone. So it killed a villager first and used his ghost energy to imitate that person’s undead condition to confuse everyone, and then it continued to kill the others.


In this way, more and more people died and the ghost energy became more and more vigorous. It no longer needed to deliberately use it, the ghost energy was strong enough to confuse all the living and the dead until nobody was alive in the village.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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