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Chapter 118 A Visitor In The Middle Of The Night

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Chi Yan left easily, and that thing didn’t say anything about it. It went so smoothly that he was unsettled in his heart. When he was in high school a few years back, he watched a lot of animations and TV drama series, but the storylines weren’t like this. No one could leave so easily in front of the boss of the villains, unless that was not the real boss, there was someone more powerful than him.


But he didn’t take it to heart. After all, this was reality and not an artistic creation. There will be very powerful people like Yingzhi ge ge who will always stand by his side.


As expected, the Ye family’s car was already waiting outside. Other than the driver, there was another person seated on the back seat. It was Xu Xin.


Xu Xin told him, “My brother asked me to go with you.”


Chi Yan nodded. When he was about to pull the door to get into the car, someone suddenly chased after him and shouted, “Eldest Young Master, wait a minute!”


Chi Yan stood in front of the car door and stopped. Li Mao walked towards him with a small black box in his hand, “Eldest Young Master, we found this when we were sorting out Second Young Master’s belongings. There’s a letter underneath saying that he left this for you.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The butler said that it was a letter, but it was actually just a sticky note stating that this box was reserved for Chi Yan.


Chi Yan hesitated, but thanked him and accepted it.


The only kindness that Chi Rong showed him during his entire life was to warn him to leave and remind him to ask Ye Yingzhi to give Chi Yuan Shan a proper send off after his death. As a result, he was a little sceptical about what was inside the box. Did he leave him the box to give him clues in good faith, or was it something to harm him? Even if it wouldn’t harm others, it was probably just a box of dead bugs like the tin box which Li Mao found before. He would probably lose his appetite after seeing them.


He sat in the car holding the box. Xu Xin leaned in curiously and asked, “What did he leave for you?”


Chi Yan handed the box to her and reminded her, “Be careful.” 


Xu Xin tried to open it but it could not be opened, so she handed it back to Chi Yan.


Chi Yan was not in a hurry to open the box and asked Xu Xin instead, “Where is Xu Rui? Why didn’t he come with you and let you come alone?”


Xu Xin replied, “He told me what you told him before. He was worried about our parents and wanted to explain to them the situation and then leave together with them. He asked me to go with you first, make preparations and wait for him to bring our parents to live in L City.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

There was a little sadness in her eyes, “I’m also worried about my brother and my parents. It’s easy to convince my mom, but dad might not believe my brother. Even if he believed him, he would also worry about my eldest uncle and grandfather. And my eldest uncle and grandfather cannot let go of the entire Xu family….so, it’s going to be very troublesome.”


Chi Yan could only comfort her softly, “Yingzhi ge ge is still there, there wouldn’t be any problem.”


Actually, he was also very worried. The situation here seemed to be more serious than in He Jia Village. He Jia Village was just a group of ordinary people, but here, almost all the Taoist masters with abilities had congregated, and nobody noticed any abnormalities. Usually, ordinary people would seek help from Taoist masters when they encountered strange and unexplainable things. What was worrisome was that due to the heavenly praying ceremony, many powerful Taoist masters were already in the game. Even if they managed to escape, where could they go to seek help? 


Chi Yan didn’t dare to think about it anymore. With his limited abilities, there was nothing much he could do. There was no one in the Chi family who could be called “family”. As long as Yingzhi ge ge and Xu Rui could escape the disaster safely, he would be contented and wouldn’t ask for more.


To divert his attention, he fiddled with the box that Chi Rong left him in his hand. The box was not locked and there was a summer cicada-like insect specimen placed on the suture and secured firmly in the middle of the box.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan tried to open it, and very easily, the bug fell onto the ground as soon as the lid was lifted. Inside was a booklet and a letter.


He opened the booklet which contained pictures of various types of Gu worms and some text, which seemed to record the Qiong Zhou Gu Witchcraft. Because of the fact that his father was manipulated by Gu all these years, Chi Yan was disgusted with this witchcraft and didn’t want to know too much. After glancing at it hurriedly, he closed the booklet and put it back in the box, and took out the letter.


The letter was a diary recording happenings that occurred more than twenty days ago.


Initially, Chi Rong suddenly discovered that his Gu worms had died bizarrely. Then he found his corpse under his bed through the traction of the Gu witchcraft, and realised that he had already died. At the same time, he also discovered something wierd. There were traces of soul that didn’t belong to him on his corpse and these traces of soul integrated very well with his body. They had been hidden in his body for at least the past ten years. As a result, although his body was “dead”, it still maintained some vitality and could be resurrected any time.


Born in a family of Taoist masters, he quickly realized that someone premeditated to seize his body. He also knew that if he could drive away those traces of soul and return to his own body, then he could also be resurrected.


He sent a few Gu worms that were still alive into his own corpse, and used his soul to guide them. If he succeeded in driving away those traces of soul belonging to “that person” out of his body, then he could naturally get rid of them. If he failed, then his soul would be completely dissipated, the Gu worms that lost their traction would instantly suck up the flesh and vitality remaining in his body. In the end, the Gu worms would explode and die, and his body would become a dried corpse.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Nothing was recorded after this and Chi Yan counted the time, and at that time he had already arrived at Xu’s house.


Chi Yan remembered Li Mao mentioned that before Chi Rong “disappeared”, someone saw him on his way to the venue where old grandfather Chi was in retreat. After thinking about it, Chi Rong must have discovered through some methods that those traces of soul that tried to seize his body were contained in old grandfather Chi’s body. So after Chi Yuan Shan passed away that night, he tried to take his body back. But it looked like he had failed. 


Chi Yan felt a little sorrowful in his heart as he kept the letter and the booklet. Chi Rong’s mother broke up his family and in the end, this pair of mother and son didn’t have a good end. This was indeed retribution. Chi Rong might have thought that for the sake of them both being born by the same father and left him some clues. If he had received this little box earlier, then he would have unraveled the mystery of “grandfather Chi Lin Sheng” earlier. But it didn’t make any difference now. Yingzhi ge ge had already taken care of the matter and things should be well under his control.


The car drove steadily and fast, and soon they were out of the area of the Chi, Xu and Ye’s family homes in the secluded mountains. The number of cars on the road gradually increased. Xu Xin and Chi Yan looked at the scenery outside the windows on both sides in a daze, each having their own worries and neither of them wanted to talk, so they were silent all the way until they reached their destinations.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After sending Xu Xin back to City L, the driver sent Chi Yan to the hospital in City R where Grandpa was located and drove back to report his duties.


Chi Yan contacted Song Jin at once and found the ward where Grandpa was located. As Tao Juan Juan and the caregiver had been helping to take care of Grandpa, his condition looked good and his body was clean and tidy, except that Grandpa hadn’t woken up these two days.


He thanked Song Jin and his wife and began to accompany the elderly in the hospital day and night. Although the caregiver, Song Jin and his wife were around to help out so that Chi Yan could occasionally return home to take a break, he didn’t dare to relax completely. He lost all the weight which Ye Yingzhi helped him put on recently.


Soon, a week passed. The doctor said that there was nothing they could do if Grandpa was unable to wake up. At most, they could bring Grandpa home to be looked after. It was unknown when Grandpa would wake up, so there was no point in letting Grandpa stay in the hospital. Chi Yan nodded and said to observe for two more days.


In the evening, just as Chi Yan was about to go out to buy dinner, Song Jin came in carrying a meal box, “Chi Zi, Juan Juan cooked braised meatballs today. Come and eat some. It won’t solve the problem if you keep a vigil like this everyday. At most, just pay the caregiver or the nurses more money to have them keep watch so that you can rest.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan raised his head and smiled bitterly, “I still can’t lay down my worries, Grandpa is my only kin left.”


Song Jin didn’t know what to say, and patted him on the shoulder. “It’s my rest day tomorrow. I shall keep a vigil from tonight until tomorrow night. You can go home to bathe and take a breather, otherwise who is going to look after Grandpa if you get sick? You should rest assured that I’ll take care of Grandpa? “


Chi Yan didn’t refuse any more, thinking that he would come over tomorrow morning to relieve Song Jin. He felt very tired all day today and had no energy left. What Song Jin said made sense and that he really needed a good rest.


Chi Yan took a shower after returning home. He simply wiped himself, wrapped in a bathrobe and came out of the bathroom. Then he rolled inside the quilt, laid on his pillow, closed his eyes and prepared to go to bed. He was so tired that he couldn’t even lift a finger, and desperately needed rest.


In his half-dreaming and half-waking state, he felt that his body was cold. It didn’t help wrapping himself tightly with the quilt. Then, his body began to heat up rapidly making him feel extremely uncomfortable. At this moment, he vaguely felt that there was a familiar embrace around him. Without any thought, he snuggled into the other person’s arms.


The little thing in his arms kept rubbing against himself and the bathrobe had rolled off the bed long ago. Those two arms held onto him firmly and his mouth kept muttering phrases to himself like, “Yingzhi ge ge” “don’t abandon me” “be nice to me” “I like you the most” “Can you love love me”, which sounded so irresistible. Yet his eyes were shut tightly and his body was abnormally hot.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi felt that he had come at the right time. He couldn’t wait to press him into his arms, gobble him up and not leave any leftovers. But he was sober enough to be patient and restrained. Ah Yan looked sick and feverish, and he wouldn’t be able to do any vigorous activities now. So he had to take good care of him.


He sat up, leaned over and kissed Chi Yan’s pinna lightly, “Baby, don’t do this, you are sick now. Tell ge ge where the medicine is, I will get it.”


Chi Yan couldn’t care more about what he said, he just continued to hug and rub him.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chapter 117◀︎Table Of ContentsChapter 119


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