The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 Definitely Choose To Forgive Him!

🌸 Translated by Beanie 🌸


In fact, the people who tried to catch the cat were really wronged in this matter.


They are all scientific researchers and naturally there is no shortage of rigorous attitudes.


They have fully consulted the information and there is a large amount of actual information and demonstrations that more than half of the cats will respond to the smell of catnip.


Not all cats are the same. Different cats will react differently after smelling the catnip and they will react by falling into a period of confusion after the short hallucinatory time is over. It is generally popularly called “sage time after the event”.


There is another kind of cat which will become dazed during the hallucinatory period and will just lie there blankly with a dumbfounded look.


So when they realised that Yue An had reacted to catnip, they all felt that the matter was definitely stabilised!


Who knew that Yue An will not enter the final stage after he smelt it!


The excitement period is too long!


They all waited outside at the time and didn’t go in. you have to know that it is a cat that can interact with the SS-level gene body and win!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

No one is stupid. Who is going to fight such a powerful combat force?


They didn’t go in, but Yue An jumped out impatiently!


As a result, as Ji Xiuyun saw, the people who came to catch the cat were completely wiped out at lightning speed. They didn’t even have the chance to struggle. They were kicked into the room by Yue An one by one. They should have been knocked out and shredded.


In order to report his safety, Yue An even scratched all the operational instruments before successfully sending out the communication request.


The fighting power of this group of people is too weak.


It can’t reflect the awesomeness of this cat.


Yue An looked around at the mess in this place, shook his ears, held the test tube with only a shallow layer of light green liquid underneath and buried his little nose in the mouth of the test tube, taking a sip and rolling with joy.


It’s been a long time!


Yue An kicked the remaining test tubes aside with his legs, got up and shook his head and hair.


Since Yue An’s attack speed was beyond common sense, he didn’t let these humans and combat robots have a chance to counterattack and the battle ended neatly.


There are no human waiters in the restaurant and the hospitality robot in this restaurant will not come without instructions.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

At this moment, it was as if nothing had happened and everything was business as usual.


The white cat sat in place for a while, watching Ji Xiuyun who was neatly giving orders in the communicator and rushing over with a large group of people. He thought about it and simple jumped back to the dining table and reopened the live broadcast.


The big dinner is still there.


It is shameful to waste food.


Yue An glanced at the mess in the room and indifferently started another live broadcast with this messy background.


There are already a lot of dishes on the table. Yue An meowed twice as he watched the camera flying out of his light brain and then bowed his head to eat without any psychological burden.


In the live broadcast room, the people who were eating melons were frightened and exploded.


Why did the originally neat restaurant become a garbage dump in less than ten minutes??


[What happened in ten minutes that we didn’t know]


[Is Yue An communicating with the Marshal? I saw the Marshal’s holographic projection just now.]


[Wait, did the camera just show a leg just now???]



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[I seem to see a corpse… is it a corpse?]


[You read that right, I have seen it too, there is more than one.]


Yue An raised his head from the dishes, glanced at the comment and then at the four humans lying in the room unconscious.


The little cat sat on the table, yawned lazily, licked the soup on his mouth, lowered his head and continued to eat.


Yue An’s calm posture did not calm down the comment area. The audience was still stunned as the camera shifted.


The camera’s intelligent system will automatically adjust its angle and direction according to its subject’s motion, light and other factors.


It didn’t take long for the people who were watching Yue An’s live broadcast to look at the whole room.


[If I’m not blind, the things at the foot of the table should be the forelimbs of the latest ZD41 combat robot, which has extremely low intelligence and is specially used for suicide missions.]


[Looking carefully, ZD41 is correct. There should be three in total, but the weapons on the forelimbs have been modified.]


[What the f***? Fighting robots? What kind of suicide mission? Accusation?]


[Other than this, the person on the left side of the room is holding the cutting-edge signal shielding device that our department has participated in making. We are only responsible for designing the shell of it. As it is required by those above us, the department has spent a long time studying materials and durability. So I am quite sure.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[So the live broadcast was suddenly cut off just now because of this blocking mechanism?]


[At this point, everything is so confusing…]


[The modification of the forelimbs of the ZD41 robots is a catcher, specially developed to catch small planetary creatures. It is a bit different from ordinary hunting catchers for civilian use, but it still has the general concept.]




[Why would anyone dare to steal the cat?? What about the person who just said he was going to steal the cat??]


[I’m not. I was talking nonsense! I didn’t even go out! Little Yue An has such strong combat power and the Marshal! Why would I steal the cat?]


[It turns out that someone really tried to steal the cat, who did it!]


Let’s take a closer look… Those who can use ZD41 are either political or military people and there are some places that need to be closely guarded.]


Yue An twitched his ears and vaguely heard a loud noise coming from outside the restaurant.


He raised his head and glanced at Ji Xiuyun, who had a gloomy expression, in the holographic projection. Ji Xiuyun was sitting with the scared Minister of Scientific Research and a legion commander sitting beside the Minister.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This person was picked up directly from the court by Ji Xiuyun. After all, he had seen the logo of the Scientific Research Department on the instrument. As a Minister, he couldn’t escape responsibility.


Yue An licked his paws and meowed at the Marshal.


Ji Xiuyun was sitting in the car and turned his head when he heard Yue An’s voice.


“What’s the matter?” he asked.


“Meow.” Yue An stretched out a paw and pointed to the door.


The Marshal paused and asked, “Someone is here?”


“Meow.” The little cat replied.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at Yue An, who was live broadcasting, and suddenly realised that Yue An was also an existence that could attract a large amount of media.


This little hairball that came from the ancient earth which was lost to time is now dining in a restaurant on the outskirts of the Imperial Capital.


Only half an hour has passed since the live broadcast started. Considering the location of the restaurant and the traffic problem in the Imperial Capital, half an hour is enough time for the media reporters to leave from their headquarters to the restaurant.


At this moment, they could report on some big news.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Don’t let them destroy the scene, wait for me to arrive.” The Marshal glanced at the live camera next to Yue An and said coldly, “If the media reporters who come are not obedient and try to break in, just knock them unconscious like those in the room.”


Yue An flicked his tail and puffed out his chest, “Meow!”


[It’s over, it’s over. I’ve already predicted what the media will say about the Marshal tomorrow.]


[Military Propaganda Department: Please say a few words, Marshal Ji.]


[The Military Propaganda Department frowns, feeling that this is not easy!]


[Quickly don’t worry about the Military Propaganda Department, which of you can pick out who the fat guy sitting behind the Marshal is!]


[Don’t you read current affairs? That fat guy is the Minister of Scientific Research who went to military court with the Marshal these days.]


[F***! Correct! Research Department! I finally remembered!]




[The logo on that trap is from the Scientific Research Department! Because of the incompleteness of it, I always felt that it was a bit familiar and didn’t remember where it was from. When I talked about the Scientific Research Department, I remembered it.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[… What? Research Department?]


[F***, I don’t believe it. I am still working hard with the biological research subject of the Scientific Research Department as my goal and I will be able to apply in a year! Anyone who has studied knows it, right? Experiments with innocent intelligent beings is prohibited by the law. Could the officials in the Scientific Research Department not know???]


[Calm down, under no circumstances can a group be beaten to death with one accusation.]


[Leaving that aside, what’s the motivation of the research department?]


[Motivation? How valuable is the research on ancient earth creatures, don’t you have any idea?]


[… This motivation can be said to be very sufficient.]


Yue An turned his head and glanced at Ji Xiuyun who was getting out of the car.


The Marshal brought a large group of people over this time. He directly brought news officers, people to protect the scene, collect evidence and face the media. 


The media, which had been clamouring before, fell silent the moment Ji Xiuyun got out of the car.


The crowd gave way to them like Moses dividing the sea and the whole restaurant became so well-behaved that only the movement of taking pictures was left.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal looked really annoyed today. He was murderous. He pulled the Minister of Scientific Research by the collar and dragged him out of the car. He strode all the way into the restaurant, without showing any face to the media.


The media reporters who had squeezed into the restaurant were invited out by the people brought by Ji Xiuyun. They could only watch Ji Xiuyun dragging the Minister of Scientific Research and rushing to Yue An’s private room.


The white hair dumpling trembled, hung up the communication that had been maintained, shut down the live broadcast along the way, jumped off the dining table, stepped on the faces of the few unconscious people with his short legs, walked to the door and opened it.


Ji Xiuyun threw the Minister of Scientific Research into the room, and regardless of his painful cry of falling into the wreckage of the machine, he leaned over and hugged Yue An more securely.


Before, all his attention had been on Yue An. Ji Xiuyun had not carefully observed the people lying on the ground who were obscured by various mechanical injuries.


Now looking carefully at the four people lying in the room, his body suddenly tightened.


The Marshal stiffly and mechanically stroked the small hairball in his arms, with a lot of strength. The more he pressed it, the more he felt unable to look away.


The little cat seemed to have noticed something. He turned over, hugged the big hand that was touching him and patted him lightly with his paw pad, to comfort him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal paused, gently squeezed Yue An’s little paw with his hand and when he looked up at the Minister of Scientific Research, his expression was very cold.


“These people, are you familiar with them?” He said, kicking the nearest middle-aged man in the head.


“Coincidentally, I am familiar with them.”


Can you be unfamiliar with them?


During the two months of darkness, of the six experimenters who often appeared in front of Ji Xiuyun, two of them were in this room and are now lying on the ground.


Of the remaining three people, including the Minister of Scientific Research, were the same people who injected him with a dormant agent in the medical examination room of the Military Ministry and brought him into the laboratory at the bottom of the Ministry of Scientific Research.


Enemies will meet on a narrow road and they are greedy.


Let’s catch Yue An now!


Don’t know how to live!


Ji Xiuyun squeezed Yue An’s paws and watched the Minister of Scientific Research sweat with panic on his face. He stopped what he wanted to say because of the few ordinary soldiers around, and then withdrew in two steps to get away. He tilted his head to look at the soldiers behind him and motioned to them to take the man away.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal stood there for a long time, silent and cold, like a stone.


The few soldiers waiting to look for evidence behind him, looked at each other and didn’t know if they should walk in at this time.


Yue An looked at the man who was staring silently at the room, stretched out his paw and hooked onto Ji Xiuyun’s clothes.


The Marshal looked down at him.


The little white hairball was on his black placket, the soft pads lightly patted his face, his fluffy head rubbed against Ji Xiuyun’s neck and the soft meowing was full of comfort.


The Marshal, who had not been close to his cat for three day, froze for a while, then lowered his head and rubbed his cat with his chin gently.


“Not angry,” he said, “go home?”


Yue An heard this and jumped out of the Marshal’s arms, jumping back to the table. His little paw patted the menu on the table, shaking on the empty plate on the table.


Go back home?


What home do I go back to before I finish this meal?


Not returning!


Just after regaining some emotions from the comfort of his cat, the Marshal, who was tragically abandoned in the next second, froze for a few seconds before turning his head to look at the restaurant owner who was standing on the side and peering into the room.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal asked with his voice that seemed to freeze people to death, “Isn’t Yue An’s meals ready?”


“Huh…?” The owner of the restaurant is a middle-aged man. When he was asked at this moment, he was frightened by Ji Xiuyun before he could react. Then he checked and replied, “There are forty two more dishes which are not served…”




Although he had guessed this fact, the Marshal still felt a little unhappy as expected. 


But what can be done if you are unhappy?


Of course he chose to forgive him!


Ji Xiuyun felt a little suffocated.


He held his breath and said to the restaurant owner, “Keep going.”


He walked around the large mechanical debris, to the table and then nodded to the few soldiers who were waiting outside for evidence collection.


The Marshal, who let his mood become unpleasant again, pinched Yue An’s paw pads and fluffed his fur. The azure cat eyes looked at the soldiers collecting evidence without blinking, following the test tubes they collected carefully, to the bag where they kept the evidence.




It’s so nice to smell.


Don’t know if there is any more in the Scientific Research Department.

Yue An looked at the bag containing the test tube and couldn’t help cocking the tip of his tail, hooking the Marshal’s wrist, and a bold idea arose in his heart.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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