The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 Want to catch me even if you are not half of Ji Xiuyun’s level!

🎈Translated by Beanie 🎈


[Smelling cats daily and checking in, and blocking the alternate accounts of the scientific research department every day.]


[One of my classmates went to study at the Imperial Research Departmnet and said that they have a total of 80 research assignment groups. Because there are many confidential projects, they are usually not given out and not contacted with the outside world. Only the local area network is connected to the external satellite network. There is only one light brain for a group.]


[So 62 out of the 80-odd groups tried to smell the cat and were brutally banned?]


[It’s miserable, those who hear it are sad and those who see it shed tears.]


[Almost the entire Scientific Research Department is wiped out.]


[Can’t see the cat, how terrible.]


[Now go and ask Marshal Ji why he dislikes them. Give an apology. I don’t know if it’s too late.]


[It’s too late. After all, this lawsuit involves someone from the scientific research department trying to obtain the Marshal’s blood sample.]


[Innocent people from the scientific research department, I politely feel sorry for you.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[If you want to see the cat, you can choose to resign and join the enemy. Hahahaha!]


[The scientific research department is difficult to get out from after entering. I feel sorry for them.]


[This is the first time I changed the account…]


[Perhaps after countless banning, there will be an additional network engineering group in the scientific research department.]


[Shut up you guys, hahahaha. Take a look at Yue An, are you not at home today?]


Yue An closed the blacklist interface and glanced at this comment, “Meow!”


The little white furball stretched out his paw under the soft light, opened the menu on the table, poked the first dish on the top and pointed at the holographic projection of the dish, meowing at the camera.


[Outside? Don’t know what to order?]




[Where is the Marshal?]


[Marshal is at court twice today.]


[It is said that the Marshal appeared in the first accidental appearance…]


[Unexpectedly let Yue An out!]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Look at the decoration. Is it the ancient earth-style restaurant in the Imperial Capital?]


[He is so close. I’m going to steal the cat!]


[Beware of the cat stealer being killed by the Marshal. Yue An is still waiting for us to come up with an order.]


Yue An looked at the names of the dishes that popped up one after another in the comments, his little paws patted the menu all the way to confirm the order without hesitation. His movements were so smooth that there was no sign of stagnation.


In the same way, the money spent was so smooth that there was no sign of stagnation.


The Marshal was eating lunch and preparing for a tug of war with the Minister of Scientific Research in the afternoon. As soon as he got up, he saw that a large amount of consumption popped up on his bracelet again.


Yue An was really not soft when he buys what he eats. He can always make people feel his enthusiasm and appetite deeply.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at the place of consumption and asked the seventh legion commander to help him look at Yue An’s live broadcast.


Although he knew the strength of Yue An and trusted him, the Marshal still had some uncontrollable concerns.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After all, Yue An had just come into contact with human society and he was so simple to deceive. Although his strength was indeed great, it was not impossible for him to be defeated.


He was a man who had been playing politics for many years. Yue An, such a squeamish and well-behaved kitten, how cna he play with a sinister human with endless means!


The Marshal ignored Yue An’s previous three days of tantrums and applied a series of vocabulary such as squeamish, well-behaved, soft and weak to his cat.


“Watch it and immediately notify me if there is an abnormality.” Ji Xiuyun looked at the seventh legion commander with a bitter face and said, “It’s just to reassure me.”


The seventh legion commander agreed witha  pained expression.


What else can I do?


Of course choose to forgive him!


As a person who has been defeated soundly by Yue An most times, the seventh legion commander has repeatedly doubted his life and he has even approached the point of disbelieving that he was a cat.


He has been miserable for so many days.


You must know that the last cat in the universe in unimaginably popular among the masses. Walking on the streets, virtual communities, shopping malls… anywhere where people have a big screen, you can see Yue An in front of the camera when you look up. He is so cute.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This group of humans, even if they just watched a cat sleep with his little belly exposed and purring, they can watch it all day long!


The seventh legion commander can only get some slight comfort by hiding at home.


Now, because he is so idle, he ran out to find the Marshal, which directly led to the loss of even the last bit of comfort.


As the seventh legion commander opened the live broadcast room, he was thinking about how superficial humans, good little brothers and sisters who like him and indulge in a bunch of fluff every day. Sooner or later, they will be finished.


You don’t know how fierce this fluffball is in a fight!


The live broadcast room of Yue An is quite lively, probably because of the fact that Yue An has been broadcasting for a long time in the past few days, the overlord VIPs who squat in the live broadcast room everyday have talked with each other a bit.


This small and delicate friendship mostly comes from each other’s efforts to help each other improve the level of cat language. After all, Yue An cannot communicate with them. Either they guess by themselves, or they can only chat with other people in the live broadcast room.


For example, when Yue An is eating, this group of people served as food commentators.


[This crystal flower was called White Fungus and Lotus Seed Soup in ancient earth. It has a sweet and greasy taste. It melts in the mouth after deep stewing. Those who are addicted to sweetness can add a few more sugar cubes to it. The taste is wonderful.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[This sea of stars is called squid noodles in ancient earth…]


Yue An shook his ears and wrinkled his face, looking at the comments.


Yue An belongs to the kind of foodie that can’t describe food at great length. After eating, the impression is: it’s okay, delicious, awesome and the most delicious in the world.


The little white cat licked the food on his mouth, thinking for a long time and finally he could only come up with the word “delicious”.


[Little Yue An who has food on his mouth is also so cute.]


[I recently looked through the information of cats on ancient earth and found that there is a type of snow white pet cat with a very cute pattern!]


[I also recently read the information of cats on ancient earth. It says that male cats should be… neutered…]






[Yes… It is said that this is good for the body and can prevent many diseases.]


[…How old is Yue An?]


Yue An looked up and commented.




[Our company has begun to put a holographic device on every desk and broadcast live videos of Yue An all day, saying that it relieves us from the pressure of working overtime. o<-<]


[Your boss is really trying to make you work overtime.]


[But it’s really stress-relief, to be reasonable. It’s super comfortable when you squeeze his paws and pat him, so you can relax your brain and rest.]


Yue An looked at these comments, made another face, and then stretched out his paw towards the camera.



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Oh, our little Yue An is so caring. Crazily squeezing the pad and paw.]


[Give little Yue An some money!!]


[Playing money. This table of food can only be eaten with the money we gave!]


[Beautiful, I feel that the Marshal’s presence as the true owner is gone forever.]


[Hahahaha, don’t want him for money, don’t want him for food. In fact, you can live without him. Thinking about it, the Marsahl seems to only have his face left.]


Yue An glanced at this comment, was puzzled for two seconds, stretched out his paw to poke the comment, and turned his head to question the camera: “Meow?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

What is left is the face.


Ji Xiuyun is so ugly!!


It’s just that I’m such a kind, cute, well-behaved and gentle kitten that doesn’t dislike him anymore.


[Little Yue An can earn money on his own for meals and a house… Oh no, little Yue An does not have a household registration. So he can’t buy a house.]


[Marshal Presence +1]


[If you don’t have an account, you can’t open an account and you can’t spend even if you have money.]


[Marshal Presence +2]


[Shut up, our Marshal can conquer the entire interstellar with just his face!]


[That is, the dream lover of tens of billions of girls is not a joke.]


[Why is it only a girl? I think you are embarrassing my youth!]


[…Ah, so the Marshal is still very competitive… right?]


Yue An was caught off guard by the Marshal’s fans in the comments.


Exaggerating military exploits, resumes, strength, face and body. Even Ji Xiuyun’s unchanging ice face and body have been blown into the actual embodiment of strength and style.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

One of them is “You Seven Overlords”, the overlord VIP was fast. In the comment area, every bit of Ji Xiuyun’s record and every achievement is spoken like a treasure, and the Marshal was crazily praised again from his hair to his toes without leaving anything behind.


Yue An began to doubt his existence.


Is Ji Xiuyun really good looking?


Isn’t the standard of beauty to look handsome?


Ji Xiuyun is muscular with long arms and legs, sturdy back and a muscular waist and is taller than two meters. What’s so good about it?!


Although it seems that the sense of strength is indeed very strong, regarding human aesthetics, isn’t it the slender and exquisite figures that are the most popular?


They actually think that Ji Xiuyun looks good!


Also the dream lover of tens of billions of girls??


The little white hairball sat on the dining table, looking at the comment bubbles and could not help but start to think seriously about his existence.


The seventh legion commander was refreshed after praising the Marshal greatly, and saw Yue An staring directly at the comment area. His scalp immediately tightened and he became stiff.


Had he been recognised?!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

No, that’s not right, it doesn’t matter if he is recognised!


What happened to the Marshal being praised!


Isn’t the Marshal worth praising?


Thinking of this, the seventh legion commander immediately relaxed.


[If the Marshal goes public someday, the girls who want to marry him can definitely circle the first galaxy twice!]


The comment area was silent for two seconds, and then suddenly exploded.


[No, no, it’s impossible. I think the Marshal has married the Silver Blade.]


[I think the Marshal has decided to spend a lifetime with his cat.]


[…I think that Marshal is probably going to live a lonely life, or he will find a soldier to be able to go to the battlefield together _(:з」∠)_ ]


[…??? why???]




[Well, temperament.]


[That said, our Marshal is more likely to get together with a boy?]


[Little Yue An is a boy! A boy who can go to the battlefield together with his fighting power!!!]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[One person, one cat, one mech, is it not beautiful to live amongst the stars and universe together!]


[What the f***?]


[Stop your imagination, you guys!]


No, it’s not!


Wait a minute!


I still want to be with the Marshal for my lifetime!


The seventh legion commander was stunned, and when he was about to continue arguing, the live broadcast in front of him suddenly went black.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

A large question mark appeared in the comment area.


Yue An turned off the live broadcast before he finished eating. This was the first time ever – he was still reading the comments seriously before.


The seventh legion commander thought of Ji Xiuyun’s request to report to him when there was an abnormality and waited quietly for five minutes.


Five minutes later, the screen was still dark.


The seventh legion commander stood up in a hurry, took his light brain and left the small private room.


Yue An lowered his head and fiddled with the camera that had suddenly fallen on the table with his small paws. The camera was motionless as if it had run out of energy.


The little white hairball’s ears trembled, hooking the camera and plugging it back into the cat-shaped light brain hanging on his neck, turned around and looked at the door without blinking, his ears erected forward, his claws out and sitting looking like he was ready to attack.


He caught the sound of breathing and the operation of some mechanical equipment at the door.


The tip of his nose lingered on the aroma of the dishes on the table, and there was a faint smell of catnip spreading in from outside the door.


Yue An: …


Yue An: ???




Ji Xiuyun received the news and immediately decided to abandon the trial and leave directly.


But just after taking a step, he received a communication request from Yue An.


In the projection, Yue An sat on the chest of a comatose man, surrounded by battle robots torn apart by him and several other humans who fell on the ground unconscious.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Scattered around are the remains of capture equipment, and there are signs of the Ministry of Scientific Research on them.


Ji Xiuyun’s face sank suddenly and his sharp eyes’ glares were like knives piercing the Minister of Scientfic Research.


The Minister of Scientific Research’s face turned into pig liver colour and he was shocked — he didn’t seem to know about this.


Yue An in the projection was licking his paws, and there was a tube in front of him that still had some green solution remaining, which looked like a reagent.


The little white hairball looked like he was very excited, and his nails were so agitated that they could easily pierce the shell of the mecha when stretched out.


“Yue An?” Ji Xiuyun called to him, and looked at the marks on Yue An’s body. “Are there any injuries?”


Yue An shook his hair and turned around in cooperation to let Ji Xiuyun confirm that there were no injuries on his body. He then slapped a paw on the chest of the man he was sitting on, “Meow!”


The Marshal watched the man twitching when he was hit by the paw. He conservatively estimated that he broke a rib. He was silent for two seconds before asking, “What happened?”


Yue An stretched out his paw and fiddled with the reagent that smelled of catnip in front of him and pushed it in front of the camera.



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“You wait, be careful not to let anyone approach you, and don’t let anyone leave.” When Ji Xiuyun saw the reagent, he thought that Yue An was obviously excited by its influence and he was immediately annoyed. “Keep communicating with me. I will be right over.”


“Meow.” Yue An replied, and continued to push the tube of reagent to roll it around to play.


He almost guessed how these people’s brain circuits were scheming.


They probably learned from the information that catnip is something that has a miraculous effect on cats. They tried to toss out a reagent that mimics the small and then came over to catched him when he was not in control.


But it is a pity.


Yue An is a monster and doesn’t react that much to catnip.


When he was just an ordinary kitten, he was a rare type that would start madly destroying his surroundings when he smelt it.


Yue An smelled the catnip scent he hadn’t smelled for decades and still felt a little excited.


He couldn’t help but jump vigorously on the chest of the man he had caught. His ears trembled in disappointment when he watched the man twitch and his face turned black.


When this cat was jumping on Ji Xiuyun’s body, his expression didn’t change!


A bunch of losers!


Still want to catch me even if you haven’t reached Ji Xiuyun’s level!


Who gave you the courage!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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