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Chapter 120 The Red Diamond Prince

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When Chi Yan heard about this incident, he felt his hair standing up and a chill running all over his body. The only comfort was that the evil spirit should have been wiped out by that thing at Nuo Shen Temple that night. So in the same way, it could be inferred that the formation of such a strong ghost energy in the three reclusive areas of Ye, Chi and Xu must be because of the existence of one or a few extremely powerful evil spirits, or the deaths of many people.


However, the three families had sealed many evil spirits in the forbidden area. It was not very surprising that such incidents happened as a result.


Ye Yingzhi pulled him out of bed with a calm expression after hearing his question and shook his head, “I don’t know.”


Yingzhi ge ge also didn’t have a complete knowledge of the situation and Chi Yan thought this matter was a bit tricky. But Ye Yingzhi obviously didn’t want to take care of this matter so he could only not think about it for the time being.


Ye Yingzhi contacted the driver. When the two went downstairs, the Ye family’s car was already waiting downstairs and took them to the hospital.


Song Jin had just finished the lunch sent by Tao Juan Juan. He was a little surprised to see Ye Yingzhi, who looked like a noble boy following behind Chi Yan. Chi Yan mentioned Song Jin to Ye Yingzhi before, but never told Song Jin about Ye Yingzhi. He introduced the two to each other, saying that Ye Yingzhi was “a ge ge in his neighbourhood whom he grew up with and had a very good relationship.”


The beds in the hospital were in great demand, usually two or three patients shared a large ward. Tao Juan Juan used her connections and got Grandpa a small single bed ward. Although the space was small, it was quiet and convenient.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The small ward seemed a little cramped when Chi Yan, Ye Yingzhi, and Song Jin suddenly squeezed in. There were only two small stools in the room. Song Jin sat on the edge of the bed looking at the two people in front of him. There seemed to be something off between these two people. In order to get rid of this unspeakable embarrassment, he raised the kettle in front of the cabinet, “There is no water in the kettle. I will get some water back.”


Chi Yan was embarrassed to be sitting and letting Song Jin fetch water, so he stood up and grabbed the kettles, “I’ll go, you can rest for a while.”


As soon as Chi Yan walked out, Ye Yingzhi nodded to Song Jin and followed him out. He took two steps to catch up with Chi Yan, took the two kettles from his hands and carried them. He walked to the corner of the corridor where nobody was around, slowed down and looked at Chi Yan indifferently, “Ge ge? Huh? That’s how Ah Yan introduced me to others?”


“… Then how should I introduce ah?” Chi Yan felt that he was innocent and wronged. He looked at Ye Yingzhi and tentatively said, “Partner? Boyfriend?”


Ye Yingzhi didn’t look at him, and walked straight forward, humming softly from his nose, “Forget about it again.”


Chi Yan opened his mouth and took a few steps to catch up with him, “…hubby?” This time, he couldn’t be wrong.


Ye Yingzhi said “en” and looked at Chi Yan satisfyingly. While there was no one around, he quickly bent down and bit the tip of Chi Yan’s nose. Little badass.


However, Chi Yan took the opportunity to hug his neck, chuckled and said, “Wifey, I like you the most.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi couldn’t be really angry with him just because of these things. He held on to both kettles with one hand, squeezed his nose again and muttered, “Little naughty one”, then turned and continued walking towards the pantry with a smile.


Ye Yingzhi asked his men to arrange for a superb ward for Chi Yan’s Grandpa, and hired two additional professional nurses. In this way, the three nursing workers worked in pairs, cleaning, changing clothes and feeding Grandpa, so that Chi Yan may accompany Grandpa, talk to him and won’t be as tired as when they initially had only one caregiver.


The people in the Ye family were very efficient. Although they were not familiar with R City, they could handle all these things in three hours.


In the evening, Chi Yan asked Song Jin and his wife to have dinner with them. Song Jin agreed, and went out of the hospital to smoke and wait. Chi Yan was still inside explaining the precautions to the new nurses, while Ye Yingzhi stayed with him.


After a while, Tao Juan Juan came out to find Song Jin after getting off work, and asked curiously, “Who is that man who came together with Chi Zi today? He doesn’t look ordinary.”


Song Jin extinguished the cigarette, “I don’t know too well. Chi Zi said he was a neighbour who grew up with him. They hadn’t been in contact all these years, but this time they met again after he went home. This ge ge will specially come to look for him when he has nothing to do recently.” In fact, he knew what Chi Yan’s paternal family did for a living, so he faintly guessed what Ye Yingzhi did. But since he was not too sure and was afraid that Tao Juan Juan would remember that incident, he didn’t say much.


“This story sounds familiar.” Tao Juan Juan thought for a while and suddenly said excitedly, “I remember, isn’t this the popular storyline of romance dramas in the early years? The heroine originally grew up in a rich family and she has an even higher status Red Diamond Prince as her childhood sweetheart. In the end, during their youth when their romance was still budding, there was a sudden change in the heroine’s situation. Sometimes it was due to the discovery that she was being switched at birth, or the family had a new stepmother, or the family collapsed… whatever.. and in the end the heroine became an ordinary person. As a result, when she was experiencing a major crisis, such as unemployment, being treated unfairly, family members got seriously ill, or in debt when she needed a lot of money, she met her childhood prince by chance again.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Tao Juan Juan was amazed, “Not bad ah, Chi Zi. Hiding this from us that he’s holding the heroine’s script.” Although the reality was not as angst as the TV drama, Chi Yan didn’t seem to be in any difficulties or in need of help, he and this ge ge also didn’t reunite by chance.


“Don’t make up stories for others,” Song Jin coughed, “Juan Juan, what is a red diamond-level prince?” He actually wanted to find out what level he was in his wife’s mind. If not red diamond, would he be at least platinum-level?


“It’s a Penguin* member.” Tao Juan Juan waved her hand. “When I was in elementary school, unlike now, the pupils were generally poorer. This thing was rare and had always been the pursuit of the whole class. Students who could gather all the coloured diamonds would be enviously sought after by all the other little pineapple buns in the class.”

*Tencent membership


“Oh.” Song Jin answered dryly, it turned out to be this. Then he has nothing to compare, so let Chi Yan’s Yingzhi ge ge be that Red Diamond Prince ba.


The place they were going for a meal was near the hospital. As it was not easy to park, the four of them simply walked over.


After walking for about two steps, Song Jin suddenly remembered an important thing and immediately hugged Chi Yan’s shoulders and pulled him to his side, “That’s right! Chi Zi! I almost forgot to tell you that I’m going to be a father! Juan Juan just found out two days ago that she has been pregnant for three months!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This was a big happy event. Chi Yan burst into laughter and slapped Song Jin’s other shoulder affectionately, “Congratulations! I can be an uncle too.”


At this moment, Ye Yingzhi, who was a few steps behind these two people, suddenly coughed.


Chi Yan hurriedly let go of Song Jin and ran back to Ye Yingzhi, supported him and patted his back. He kneaded his brows and looked worriedly, “Yingzhi ge ge, how are you? Is there anything wrong?”


Ye Yingzhi frowned slightly, pursed his lips and waved his hands. He took out a white handkerchief from his coat pocket and put it to his lips and started coughing again. There were patches of red blood in the handkerchief.


Chi Yan got very worried and hugged half of Ye Yingzhi’s body and asked, “Yingzhi ge ge, did your doctor follow you here? Let’s go back and rest.”


Ye Yingzhi put down the handkerchief and smiled at him softly and calmly, “It’s okay, we finally managed to come out and meet your friends, let’s go.”


Chi Yan hadn’t given up persuading him. Song Jin couldn’t help and asked, “Chi Zi, what sickness does your ge ge have?”


“Yingzhi ge ge’s body has always been weak.” Chi Yan replied as he held onto Ye Yingzhi, “especially the heart is not very good.”


As Chi Yan was talking, he was already strongly dragging Ye Yingzhi to go back. He apologized to Song Jin and Tao Juan Juan, and told them to get together another day.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Where no one saw it, Ye Yingzhi curled up his mouth with some helplessness. He hadn’t planned to do this, he didn’t expect Ah Yan to be so worried about him.


Oh, but it felt good to be overly loved and cared for by his lover.


After the two left, Song Jin turned to his wife and asked doubtfully, “Juan Juan, have you ever heard of coughing blood due to a weak heart?”




Ye Yingzhi stayed with Chi Yan in R City for nearly a month. Grandpa still didn’t get much better and couldn’t wake up, but his condition didn’t worsen.


After the nurses were hired, Chi Yan and Ye Yingzhi went home every night. Earlier on, Chi Yan had already finished his graduation work, he just had to wait for his graduation certificate. He put all his thoughts on Grandpa and Ye Yingzhi.


This night, Chi Yan was sleeping at home when he suddenly received a call from the hospital. He and Ye Yingzhi rushed to the hospital. Grandpa had woken up, but the situation was not good. The doctor asked Chi Yan to go over and talk to Grandpa.


The meaning of this was already obvious. It was not easy to live a long life and Grandpa was almost eighty years old. In fact, it was just an instance between life and death.


Chi Yan’s eyes were already red when he walked over. He held onto the old man’s withered and slightly cold hands, his throat choked and he couldn’t speak. Grandpa turned to look at him with his murky eyes and opened his mouth. Chi Yan hurriedly leaned down, put his ears over and heard the old man’s faint, hoarse voice saying softly, “…Xiao Yan, you’re back…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The old man’s memory remained before he went into a coma. His grandson had gone to a far away place and had not returned. When he saw Chi Yan, the first sentence was to ask him if he had returned.


Chi Yan nodded and knelt down on the bedside, tears streaming from his eyes, “Grandpa, I’m back, I’m back ah…”


The old man closed his eyes, and there was no sound anymore. Chi Yan kept crying, regretting why he didn’t accompany Grandpa for the last time, regretting why he didn’t stay in the hospital to guard Grandpa at night.


Song Jin and Tao Juan Juan rushed over when they got the news.They stood there hesitating, not knowing how to comfort him. In the end, Ye Yingzhi came over, knelt next to him, took him firmly into his arms, and let Chi Yan lie on his chest to continue crying. He comforted him softly, “Grandpa passed away very peacefully and he’ll be fine. Don’t be afraid. In the future, there is still ge ge, ge ge will always be with you…”


The bottomless dark eyes stared at the person in his arms.


T/N: Grandpa is coming back… it’s like Pet Semetry… but Grandpa is a good ghost… 😊


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chapter 119◀︎Table Of ContentsChapter 121


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