The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 It Can Be Said That It Is The Essence Of The Drama

🌺Translated by Beanie🌺


It was Marshal Kevin’s wife who came to open the door.


This is a beautiful woman with all gestures and smiles. She had a beautiful face, a wonderful figure and an elegant temperament. She is the type of mature woman who the first owner of Yue An admires most, and she is also a very good actor in this era.


When Yue An was going outside during this time, they often met Marshal Kevin and his wife in the residential area. They always walked together holding hands, with each smile full of tenderness and affection.


As a cat, Yue An could see that the relationship between them is quite good.


Of course, Yue An brought mahjong to see them, not because he likes this beautiful big sister, nor because he has a major affection for Marshal Kevin — but because these two people see him every time in the community. Except when he saw him for the first time, he would always carry some things with him, so that when he saw this little snow white hairball, he would touch his head and feed him a little snack.


It’s completely different from other people who just wanted to touch him but didn’t know how to feed him.


In Yue An’s view, those who are willing to feed cute kittens are not bad guys.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An raised his head, his tail hooked the handle of the mahjong box, and meowed at the Marshal’s wife who came to the door.


The beautiful lady looked down at him, and a slightly surprised expression appeared on Yanli’s face.


The kitten sitting outside the door now has a small black-shaped light brain hanging from his neck, and a miniature camera flying next to him. He put down the small box he had been carrying, which had traces of wear at the bottom because it was dragged all the way over.


At this moment, the light brain interface was floating on the kitten’s head, and the live broadcast room was open, with various bubbles constantly emerging from the white hairball.


Mrs Ellie looked at the interface, tilted her head and looked at Yue An, showing a sweet smile.


“What’s the matter?” She knelt down. Coming over, she skilfully patted Yue An’s head.


“Meow.” Yue An rubbed her soft hand, jumped to behind the box and pushed the box in front of her.


“For me?”




“Can I open it now?”


Yue An licked his paw, “Meow.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The lady stretched out her hand to open the box and looked at the neatly packed small squares. She was startled, “Huh?”


“Who’s here?” Marshal Kevin was wearing a set of messy home clothes. Wearing a pair of loose pants, he dazedly walked out of the room. When he saw the camera near Yue An, he paused, and retreated back hastily.


Mrs Ellie scratched the kitten’s chin with one hand and turned over the small squares with the other.


There are many patterns, four of each.


The shoddy work is not like a kind of handicraft — after all, on the whole, there is nothing to praise except for the small white square that is neatly cut.


Crafts must be made nicely before they can be sold, okay!


The lady glanced at the live comment area, then turned over the top layer of the neatly placed small squares, but still couldn’t figure out what it was.


She scratched Yue An’s chin lightly, and didn’t feel that not knowing this game was a loss of face. She simply asked openly in front of the live camera, “Little Yue An, what is this?”




Yue An raised a small paw, dragged down the light brain page floating above his head, three the live broadcast interface aside, flipped to the rule interface that Ji Xiuyun had modified for him yesterday and raised it in front of her.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Mahjong… rules? Mahjong?” Mrs Ellie finally felt that this was not something that can be explained in a few words. While looking at the rules, she kept the door open, “Come in first.”


“Meow~” Yue An’s tail hooked the handle of the box again and dragged the box in, rubbing his little paws on the small carpet at the door, so as not to rub all the dust on the floor of the house.


Marshal Kevin had changed into a formal uniform, and when he walked out, he saw his student’s cat lying on his wife’s lap, wagging his tail and enjoying her stroking leisurely and comfortably.


Mrs Ellie’s palm is soft and smooth. At this moment, she was reading the rules with pictures and texts on the panel interface. The slender and beautiful white jade-like hands were softly stroking the milk white cat on her lap.


Marshal Kevin was so angry as he looked at this picture!


The old man hadn’t enjoyed this kind of welfare for many years, and he is no better than a cat who has been known for less than a month!


Not to mention the trouble that Ji Xiuyun, this stinky boy, added on because of the 500 energy stones. He still dares to send his cat to fight for favour from his wife!




Such an evil heart!


Marshal Kevin almost wanted to rush over and move the cat away from her.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But just think about it.


With a serious, calm and reliable face, he walked over to his wife and sat down.


“What is this?” he asked.


Yue An’s ears trembled, and he looked up at Marshal Kevin, who was sitting nearby, and moved aside in disgust, facing him with his butt.


Marshal Kevin: …


Let me tell you that when I get angry, I will madly rub your soft fur.


Mrs Ellie looked at the interaction between the two people amused, and gently shook her hand to draw her husband’s attention back.


“This is a small game from ancient Earth. It’s a bit interesting, but it still needs one more person.” She glanced at the live page that was put on top of her head by Yue An again, thought about it, and said, “Just pick an audience member.”


At this moment, the audience in the live broadcast room seemed to have completely forgotten the things they cared about in the beginning and clicked on the event registration button in the live broadcast room madly.


Just kidding, do you know who is responsible for this event??


The last cat in the universe!


Marshal Kevin, the Shield of the Empire!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Interstellar superstar Mrs Ellie!


Who is not a person who can make everyone shake by moving?


And any one random person between them is worth tens of billions!


Sign up!


Whoever doesn’t sign up is stupid!


Many media personnel who have been waiting in the live broadcast room, trying to deduce some information from Yue An’s side, came with the intention of getting big news. After an afternoon passed, they saw that the sky was going to turn dark already. However, they didn’t get any big news and were instead stuffed full with mahjong knowledge.




Where are the signs, how can a press release come out?!


The media personnel thought about it, then gave up and wrote three things.


The imperial Marshal Ji Xiuyun sued the six people from the Ladder No. 1 Laboratory of the Scientific Research Department in the Imperial Supreme Court. The Supreme Court announced that it had accepted the commission on the same day. Was it because of privilege or sufficient evidence?!


In the recent live broadcast, the IP mask of the Scientific Research Department was not banned. Did the Scientific Research Department finally give up completely, or did the two parties reach a settlement on the Ladder No. 1 Laboratory?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Cat Friendship — Yue An took the ancient Earth game to Marshal Kevin’s house. Does it signify that the tension between the two Marshals is about to be resolved?


What a blind reporter!


What is born out of nothing!


What serious nonsense!


This is!


Check out these topics!


It’s absolutely amazing!


People in the media used their brains to diverge their thinking, and then when the attention of many Starnet users was drawn to mahjong, they issued their own manuscripts, turning them back on the right track.


Ji Xiuyun was too busy today.


He first took out the two people detailed in the military prison and handed them to the inspectors of the Supreme Court of the Empire. Then, as a force of deterrence, they accompanied them to visit the other four defendants one by one. Finally, accompanied by him, his lawyers and the Military Propaganda Department, they went to the Scientific Research Department with the inspectors.


The professional quality of the researchers in the Scientific Research Department is quite good. Few people in the entire Scientific Research Department did not know what they saw through the law enforcement instruments the night before, but they did not disclose a little bit of news to the outside world.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Including the soldiers brought by the Marshal, they all closed their mouths, and did not say anything even when they were repeatedly asked.


When collecting evidence and verifying, the acting minister who accompanied him was also quite cooperative, and he added some small details that were invisible to non-professionals.


When these small details are put in court, they will be the cumulative straw that increases the sentencing of the criminals.


Ji Xiuyun admitted that because of his own experience, he had been prejudiced against the people in the Scientific Research Department from the beginning. But after this incident, he treated these researchers a little differently.


When the submitted evidence and development of the case had all been verified and the Imperial Supreme Court announced that the court would open three days later, the sky had already darkened.


Marshal Ji walked out of the office building of the Supreme Court with two legion commanders who were worried about his condition and demanded to follow him, when a car parked in front of them.


The window was lowered, revealing the face of the emperor’s secretary.


Ji Xiuyun is not surprised.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The reason why he went directly to the Supreme Court of the Empire was also because this court was the only court where even the emperor could not intervene, even if the emperor could try it.


As long as the evidence is sufficient, suing the emperor is winnable.


The emperor would look for him because of this, and Ji Xiuyun really didn’t feel surprised at all.


It’s just that the young emperor didn’t directly rush over to question him. Instead, he asked his secretary to come. It seems that he has grown a lot after not seeing him for a few years.


Marshal Ji graciously opened the door and took his two legion commanders into the car.


“Marshal Ji, are the military’s recent actions too big?”


The secretary didn’t treat him too politely. The emperor was so angry he was about to foam at his mouth, there was no time to battle with words!


“Your Majesty has treated you very well since he sat on the throne. It is really inappropriate for you to do this.”


Ji Xiuyun’s face was calm, and he felt that these words were so irritating.


Why did the military make a big move? Why did he demonstrate?


Someday, he and the Scientific Research Department would have to do this. The emperor should have prepared for this.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Well, he admitted that his methods were a little bit fierce and a little too much, but this is no way to talk about demonstrations.


Marshal Ji was at a loss.


But he took the lead in expressing his attitude, “Those people deserved to be executed for their crimes.”


“Marshal Ji.” The secretary’s voice slightly increased, “We know that people don’t keep secrets, what you think, His Majesty wants to know clearly.”


Everyone is a sensible person, and a sensible person speaks openly.


“The five hundred energy stones on the black market were bought by the military, right?” The secretary asked.


Ji Xiuyun was very puzzled as to why he was suddenly involved in this matter.


But he didn’t speak, after all, nearly half of the five hundred energy stones had already entered Yue An’s stomach.


And his teacher even carried such a big pot for him.


The secretary took this as a default.


“It was bought by people under Marshal Kevin. As for why Marshal Kevin bought the energy stones, we admit that it is indeed our fault.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

They wanted to send the heroes who have supported an era to the tomb. Although politics is indeed full of filth, thinking in hindsight, they were not thinking clearly.


“Marshal Kevin purchased five hundred energy stones in response to our actions. This is understandable, but His Majesty hopes that you will not be distracted by him.”


The secretary said painfully, “Marshal Ji, I know how heroes cherish heroes. I also know the truth about how the country will fall when our defence falls.”


Ji Xiuyun didn’t speak — in fact, he still didn’t understand what the secretary wanted to say to him.


Obviously it is very open and bright, why does it sound like a dumb riddle?


“We are worried that you will follow in Marshal Kevin’s footsteps, so if you want to repair the relationship with him and rejoin, His Majesty can understand.”


The secretary looked at Ji Xiuyun, who was seemingly indifferent, and couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, so he could only continue to say.


“…But there is no more thought of moving Marshal Kevin from above. I hope you can continue to stand on the opposite side of Marshal Kevin and hold him in check. You don’t want others to be jealous because the Military Department is in power because of unity. In the end, everything may be destroyed.”


Ji Xiuyun turned to look at his two legion commanders.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The two legion commanders were looking down at their light brain interfaces at this moment, pretending that they hadn’t heard anything.


In the entire car, it seemed that only the secretary was playing politics seriously.


Ji Xiuyun still said nothing.


He knew what the secretary was trying to express.


The secretary meant that because of the fact that the empire’s high-level officials wanted to send him to the grave, Kevin was angry and bought 500 energy stones that could easily destroy a city as a threat, and the high-level officials abruptly suppressed this idea.


During this time, Ji Xiuyun made frequent actions at the Scientific Research Department guarded by the empire’s high-level officials, which seemed quite restless.


The empire’s top officials doubted whether the two generals of the military were going to join forces to do something.


Although they hold the lifeline of the economy and raise private soldiers to some extent, they are still quite persuaded by the military power of the entire army.


But Ji Xiuyun still doesn’t understand.


— When did he show the attitude of joining hands with his teacher?


The commander of the Fourth Legion sitting behind him gently poked Marshal Ji’s waist.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun turned his head and saw the holographic projection of Yue An and Marshal Kevin and his wife sitting at a table playing mahjong.


The headline of the news was: Breaking the ice! The two Marshal will join forces!


Ji Xiuyun: …


Ji Xiuyun: ???


No, you can’t think that the two Marshals are going to join forces just because Yue Anw ent to find someone to play mahjong?


Don’t you think this is a little bit too far out?


Isn’t it good for people to have some entertainment?


Marshal Ji looked at the secretary and felt that it was hard to say a word about it.


He wanted to explain that Yue An’s behaviour had nothing to do with him, and felt that this reason was really weak, because it was his cat anyway.


Let’s not explain it, Marshal Ji feels that he is very innocent. After a busy day, he can finally go home. He was also wrongly accused and felt very aggrieved.


The secretary continued his efforts, “Although it is a pity that the few talents on Ladder No. 1 are gone, we will completely give up and no longer provide lawyer assistance. His Majesty hopes that you can give us a clear and accurate answer.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun, “…”


It can be said that it is the essence of the drama.


Marshal Ji wanted to pry open the skulls of the high-level officials to see if there was water in addition to cotton.


Playing mahjong can make up for rebellious drama, this gang of idiots can make up such a story!


“Marshal Ji, we will never intervene in this lawsuit. Your purpose of sending your cat to Marshal Kevin has been achieved. Give me an answer.”


Ji Xiuyun, “…”


I didn’t do that. Stop talking nonsense.


Ji Xiuyun finally couldn’t help it.


He was expressionless and said in a calm tone, “Yue An is still a child.”


He really just went to find someone to play mahjong!


You guys let go of these actors, let him also let me go, okay!

Marshal Ji has a headache.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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