The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 Am I The Kind Of Cat Who Will Give In For Catnip?

🌸Translated by Beanie🌸


The car drove Marshal Ji and the two legion commanders to the door of the military residential area.


Other than the military members who have been registered in this residential area, everyone else needs a passcode to enter.


The secretary is also not interested in sending them to the door of their house.


After getting Ji Xiuyun’s reply, he threw the men at the gate of the military area, and then left numbly.


The two legion commanders lived in different directions from Ji Xiuyun, and the three soon parted ways.


Marshal Ji walked to his house, looked at the dark room, turned around, and walked in the direction of his teacher’s house.


When Yue An was at home, the corridors and hallways would have their lights left on for him. No lights were on for him today. Yue An probably stayed at Marshal Kevin’s house and did not come back.


As for why he hasn’t come back yet, Ji Xiuyun hardly needs to think about it.


Eighty or ninety percent was because of Mrs Ellie’s cooking

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Mrs Ellie has an amazingly good cooking skill. During the time when his parents just passed away, Ji Xiuyun remembered the meals often brought by Marshal Kevin. With little thinking, Marshal Ji knew that Yue An who couldn’t help but be addicted to good food will definitely not let go of this opportunity.


This is indeed the case. Yue An originally planned to go back and order takeaway, and sit at the door waiting for Ji Xiuyun to return.


After all, Yue An is a gentle, lovely, caring and kind-hearted kitten.


He clearly understands that humans have always been unable to resist this kind of warm emotions they get from people waiting for them to come home. In other words, Ji Xiuyun is his second owner. Although he is a bit nasty, Yue An thinks that this person is still quite good.


Good people deserve the warmth and kindness of this world


Good people with bad fates deserve more careful care and gentleness. This is what the world owes them.


Yue An knows that Ji Xiuyun’s interpersonal relationship is simple, and it has been almost a month since he came back. Except for Marshal Kevin, no one came to visit the house as a friend.


So this cute little cat feels that he has a heavy responsibility. Every day when Ji Xiuyun is about to return, he turns on the lights in the corridor outside the house and would either sit in the hallway, or spread himself out on top of the low cabinet next to the hallway and sleep until Ji Xiuyun comes back.


During this period of time, Ji Xiuyun basically came back after going out to do his things. As soon as he opened the door, he could see the small white hairball with beautiful blue eyes meowing at him softly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It’s like waiting for him all day, treating him as his whole world.


— Even if Ji Xiuyun knew very well that Yue An would go out and play around during the day, but every time he went home and saw the kitty waiting for him, this thought grew uncontrollably.


This is probably human.


No matter how tough the spirit, how strong the physique, deep in their hearts, they would long for some soft and warm emotions.


Marshal Ji stopped outside his teacher’s house and looked at the corridor lights in the corridor with some surprise.


There is no habit of lighting the corridor lights in his teacher’s house.


Ji Xiuyun paused slightly, raised his hand, and before he could knock on the door, the door in front of him opened.


A small white hairball rushed out like a small cannonball, kicked his hind legs when he was a meter away and jumped directly.


Ji Xiuyun habitually opened his hands and caught the small ball steadily.


“Meow!” The creamy-white kitten rubbed back and forth in his arms, rubbing the soup on his mouth onto his clothes.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The faint milky scent that was always around Yue An was now concealed by the scent of food. Just as Ji Xiuyun thought, Mrs. Ellie had started cooking.


Ji Xiuyun scratched Yue An’s chin and glanced at the small dish placed in the hallway. There was a bowl of white soup in the dish. It was the same one that Yue An wiped on him. It had been drunk to the point that there was a shallow layer of soup left at the bottom.


Marshal Kevin poked his head out of the room, and when he saw Ji Xiuyun, he said, “Oh.”


Ji Xiuyun nodded to him, “Good evening, teacher.”


Marshal Kevin waved his hand, “The little guy likes to sit by the door to eat and wait for you.”


Hearing his words, Ji Xiuyun moved a little, raising his eyes to look at the corridor light, and then looked down at Yue An, who had his chin scratched and looked refreshed with his eyes narrowed.


A little soft and warm ball, under the warm yellow corridor lamp, the fluffy fur seemed to have a beautiful halo.


“You left the light on for me?” He asked in a low voice.


Yue An comfortably stood his ears up, and made a comfortable purring sound, opened his mouth slightly, “Miu.”


Looking at Yue An like this, Ji Xiuyun’s memory of how he was wrongfully accused before and strong want to rub Yue An as a sign of punishment was doused like a pot of water being poured onto a bonfire.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

My cat is so nice.


It’s all made up by those actors.


Marshal Ji thought blankly, squeezed Yue An’s little paw, looked up and prepared to say goodbye to his teacher.


Marshal Kevin saw the thoughts of his student at a glance, and interrupted him before he could speak, “Your teacher’s wife already made dinner for you.”


Ji Xiuyun was silent for two seconds, and then quickly yielded.


— It’s not that I am obsessed with Mrs Ellie’s craftsmanship, but simply grateful for the silent support and comfort that this excellent woman gave me during the period of obscurity and darkness.


Marshal Kevin and his wife never planned to have children. Mrs Ellie regarded Ji Xiuyun as her own child. When the relationship between Kevin and Ji Xiuyun was quite clear and close in the past, she often brought some specialities from where she was filming and sent them back to Ji Xiuyun.


Now that the two of them have fallen out on the surface, Mrs Ellie occasionally sends some strange little gifts to Ji Xiuyun in the name of sending some strange things.


Mrs Ellie is a very good woman. Although she is very insecure in love, she is a very smart woman in other aspects.


She is very clear about the relationship between Ji Xiuyun and Kevin.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The bond between people, after the test of life and death, cannot be completely cut off with a single reprimand.


At least she knows very well that her husband, and the excellent student her husband used to talk about in front of her, are not in this category.


But acting out in public still needs to be done well, so when she met Ji Xiuyun outside — even if they just met unexpectedly in a residential area, she will put on a reserved and elegant posture and pass like a stranger.


The little white hairball stretched out its paw to hook the man’s collar and the other paw pointed at the room, meowing, as if asking him to go in.


—  Yue An is still looking forward to Mrs Ellie’s craftsmanship!


Marshal Ji turned his head and glanced at the camera, circled outside, and then, liked his teacher, found the blind spot of the camera very skilfully and walked into Marshal Kevin’s house through the side door.


Mrs Ellie looked a little surprised.


She originally thought that when her husband asked her to make more for Ji Xiuyun, he was going to let Yue An bring it back for Ji Xiuyun. She never expected Ji Xiuyun to come in directly from the side door of their house. Looking at his proficiency, it seems that he must have done this many times before.


Mrs Ellie shook the kitchen utensils in her hand, and gently said, “It seems that you have concealed a lot from me.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The two master and apprentice went away from the living room, leaving only Yue An in Ji Xiuyun’s arms, meowing at Mrs Ellie with his head up.


There were scattered mahjong pieces on the low table in front of the sofa.


Marshal Kevin returned to the sofa and sat down, again picking up the carving knife and a piece of mildly textured stone.


Ji Xiuyun watched his teacher refine the mahjong block that Yue An made, and then carved out a new one. He also asked Yue An, who was sitting on one of the sofas, whether there was anything wrong with the pattern?


Yue An looked at it for a while, then wagged his tail sharply, and made a “meow” as if something happened.


Acting very much like a master.


Ji Xiuyun felt that his teacher would not be too leisurely after retirement.


Mahjong alone is enough to play for a long time.


To be honest, Ji Xiuyun hasn’t experienced such a dinner atmosphere for a long, long time.


He looked up at the couple sitting across from him, then turned his head to look at Yue An beside him, the white kitten now stretched out his paws and head to try to taste the contexts of his bowl.


Obviously he hasn’t eaten his own yet.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Obviously they are the same food.


The soft voice of women and rough laughter of men fell into people’s ears in a trance like a layer of veil. They seemed indistinct, but each word was clearly audible.


The orange light was incredibly warm.


Ji Xiuyun remembered the dinner table where his parents were at a long time ago.


Marshal Ji felt something was wrong.


And Yue An’s head had almost stretched into his bowl.


Marshal Ji raised his hand to turn the cat over, and rubbed the soft white hairball fiercely. After rubbing away the inexplicable soreness and anxiety that rose in his heart, he let out a sign of relief.


Yue An was rubbed silly by this sudden move.


He lay on his side on the table in a daze, his claws still stretched out, his mouth slightly open with small white jade teeth, his fur in a mess, and the entire cat’s face revealed bewilderment.


Under Yue An’s dumbfounded gaze, Marshal Ji took the sudden downturn of his emotions as an excuse and reached out and rubbed the cat’s belly, coldly throwing the blame away, “Little gremlin.”


Yue An: …


Yue An: ???

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

If you don’t agree with me, you rub me and even don’t give me food after that!


He even said that such a cute little cat is a gremlin!


What’s wrong with his person???


Yue An was incredulous.


After rubbing the cat, Ji Xiuyun was in a pretty good mood, and even felt much better when he check the blind spot of the camera on the way home.


Marshal Ji, in order to avoid unnecessary speculations caused by allowing Yue An to blindly go around, taught Yue An to put on a civilian psychic helmet and enter the virtual world on the morning of the next day. He also taught Yue An which software to use to choose to watch movies and TV series.


Although you have to pay, the price is not expensive and Yue An has money.


After watching six or seven films, Yue An would spend the day at home.


Unlike previously, Yue An will not go to Marshal Kevin’s house for another live broadcast, causing the media and senior officials to think more about nothing.


Yue An will also not be caught by any strange researchers looking for him.


It was perfect.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The small abacus in the Marshal’s heart moved, watching Yue An’s small body being completely covered in the helmet and motionless, as if he was completely indulged in the movie and went out very easily.


But is Yue An the kind of cat that obediently watches a day’s worth of movies?


Of course not.


You know, cats very easily dislike the old and love the new.


After his curiosity about the immersive holographic film passed, Yue An, who had no interest in the plot, began to explore the functions of the virtual world.


The civilian virtual world is not the same as the military virtual training room. It has much more functions as compared to the military virtual training room.


For example, in the virtual world, everyone has their own basic real estate.


Within this property, you need to spend money to upgrade the property or to carry out renovations or other activities.


Even if you want to try the food on a planet tens of millions of light years away through the virtual world, the virtual world will only imitate the taste, but will not increase one’s sense of fullness.


And it costs money.


Of course, the price is much cheaper than in reality.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Simply put, it is like a simulated home system. Your residence in reality may  not be spacious, but in a virtual community, you can spend a lot less than in reality and own a luxury house.


Except for regular food supplements and cleaning the body, the virtual world can do everything else — spend much less money than in real life, and get a life that is many times more luxurious than in real life.


Therefore, many people became addicted to the virtual world, and gradually, a complete industrial chain and income and expenditure system was formed. With jobs and consumer groups, a virtual second society was finally created.


Yue An figured it out a bit. This virtual real estate belonging to Marshal Ji was visited.


Yue An opened the panel and took a look, and found that it was Ji Xiuyun’s first legion commander.


Yue An thought for a while, it would be nice if someone could take him through the virtual world for a stroll.


Yue An opened the door.


The commanders of the First to Sixth Legions followed.


“Today, little seven is responsible for following the Marshal.” The commander of the First Legion explained.


Yue An shook his tail, “Meow.”


The commander of the First Legion smiled, then took out a literacy book and put it in front of Yue An, and said, “The Marshal ordered that if Yue An doesn’t watch a movie, he should study hard and would reward catnip after learning one book.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An: …


Yue An: ???


You look at me, look at me seriously.


Am I the kind of cat that will give in for catnip?


Yue An jumped up and snatched the book in the hand of the First Legion Commander, slapping a paw on the cover.


Then I will learn it seriously.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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