The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 “As Long As You Are Human It’s Fine.”

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Yue An has a strong obsession over catnip.


Catnip is not addictive. The reason why Yue An has been thinking about wanting it is that it feels refreshing and familiar.


Cats look cold and indifferent, but they are inherently afraid of unfamiliar environments – wild cats are better, like Yue An, the domestic cat that was picked up and raised before he opened his eyes, and a lot of similar cats are especially clingy.


For example, the first master of Yue An, and the old seniors of the clan who always try to impart some lessons to him.


Now that these are gone, Yue An has to wonder if the current world has these phrases since it has some special meaning to him.


Only the catnip he smelled felt familiar.


Yue An remembered that his first owner had been talking about getting some catnip back, but the little girl didn’t have much pocket money. So she had never been able to buy some back.


Yue An just followed whatever she did.


Later, Yue An was picked up by the elders in the clan. Still remembering catnip, he discussed with the other cats in the clan to buy some pots of catnip and bring it back. The restless nine-tail cats worked together, quietly turning into human form and running out, they smoked a lot of catnip and ran to the flower and bird market.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After being picked up by the clan members, they were put in confinement by the elder. As the youngest cat, Yue An was violently spanked by the elder.


This memory was very clear.


Looking back now, Yue An’s little butt still aches.


Yue An is a very clever cat. Although he is always lazy and doesn’t want to learn, when he starts to learn seriously, the progress is quite fast.


— When he was in the Imperial Star, in just a few days, he followed Ji Xiuyun, who had nothing to do to learn pronunciation, and learned the most basic musical notation. He also learned to use the panel to tell him his name and get Marshal Ji to come over!


During the three days waiting for court, several legion commanders sat in the virtual world to accompany the kitten every day — except for the seventh legion commander who was almost suffering from a phobia of cats.


When there is no military affairs, staying in the virtual world will not affect anything. If something really happens or someone came to look for them, just leave the virtual world.


In order to better supervise Yue An’s studies, the legion commanders even moved a cosmic sand table and divided into two or three camps, where they deduced the fight.


Yue An read four books in three days and finished the related question bank. Holding the four catnip reagents Ji Xiuyun gave him, he shook his tail happily.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji is going to court today.


He put on a very formal military uniform, and took out the medals symbolising honor one by one from the dust-proof showcase in the room, and put them on the epaulettes and chest of his cloak.


Over the years, Ji Xiuyun has made continuous contributions and won great victories in battles.


The first thing he did after he was promoted to Marshal was to take the order of the former emperor and lead his army to take down a galaxy. He was a well-deserved God of War. Similarly, the number of medals he has received is also very impressive.


Yue An sat on the bed, holding an energy stone in his arms, and neatly placed four test tubes with green solution next to him, projecting an emerald-like glow in the sunlight that leaked through the window.


The size of the test tube was quite considerable, and one tube is equivalent to the three previously received in the Scientific Research Department.


The milky white hairball was holding a stone emitting a faint purple light in his arms, chewing bit by bit, but his eyes never left the person standing in front of the closet.


Ji Xiuyun’s mood today is a bit strange.


Yue An felt it clearly.


If Ji Xiuyun feels like a big river flowing slowly on the plains on weekdays, then Ji Xiuyun now is like a huge waterfall hitting the earth with a big spray, with heavy waves smashing down fiercely, as if ignoring the earth below to break into it unscrupulously.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Simply put, Ji Xiuyun looked like he was about to fly to the sky, hug the sun and explode.


Yue An took a bit of the energy stone, turned over, and looked at Marshal Ji who was completely upside down in his field of vision with his belly stretched out.


Ji Xiuyun’s hands were steady, and one by one he buckled the medals of honor on his cloak, without even the slightest fluctuation in the frequency of his breathing.


Yue An saw that the Marshal put on all the medals from the transparent showcase, and flicked his tail, patted the bedding lightly and made a very slight “pop” sound.


Marshal Ji paused slightly and turned his head to look at his cat.


Yue An kicked the stone in his arms aside, jumped out of the bed and ran to Marshal Ji, looked up at him and let out a “meow”.


Ji Xiuyun looked down at him.


The sunlight spread into the room, falling on the soft white hairball, like a snowman warmed by the sun, revealing a precious warmth in the cold. The cat’s eyes, beautiful as the blue sea and blue sky, stared straight at him. The light falling through the translucent air gave them a little bit of gold, like another beautiful sky with the rising sun.


The person watched by this beauty felt as if he was embraced by the sky.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun was silent for a long time, put on a large cloak, bent down to hug his cat into his arms, turned and walked out of the bedroom, but did not go directly downstairs, and stopped at the door of the master bedroom.


Yue An stayed in Marshal Ji’s arms, looked up at him, and curiously looked at the master bedroom door in front of him.


He had already traveled to every corner of Ji Xiuyun’s home. Only this master bedroom that Ji Xiuyun had never been in, kept him away.


There is no other reason. He just felt that since Ji Xiuyun didn’t go in, he didn’t have to go in either. Although he was really curious about why Ji Xiuyun had to sleep on his side instead of the master bedroom, this curiosity was suppressed very well by Yue An.


But now, Ji Xiuyun seemed to be ready to take him in.


Yue An stretched his head out in surprise, watching Ji Xiuyun raise his hand to open the door.


There is nothing terrible or special behind the door, just a bedroom.


This bedroom is completely different from the cool black, white and gray bedroom belonging to Ji Xiuyun. It is warm and full of life. The beige curtains are tightly closed, but the rising sun cannot be blocked, and the colours in the room were lit up, the sunlight passing through the curtains dyed the room a soft beige.


The bed in the main part of the room is very large, not a gorgeous style. It is just a large standard bed. The bed is covered with a bedding stained with warm orange and yellow fine patterns, and the bedpost is slightly yellowish white.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

There is a small bookcase in the bedroom. There are some medical and logistics books in the bookcase. There is also a book “Mecha Repair Basics” which is placed on the beige bedside table. There is a small bookmark in it.


Next to the bookcase is a dressing table with a few beautifully shaped bottles. Various tools are placed on the countertop in a mess. It seems that the owner is a somewhat careful woman.


And in front of the window, there is a desk with a lot of messy mechanical tools that are indistinguishable from each other. Several books have been opened and pressed on a fixed page, and they could be picked back up at will from the same page.


There was also a tool box beside the desk, and two dirty gloves were placed on the edge of the tool box.


Yue An turned his head and looked around, and finally his eyes fell on the wall where the door was.


A whole wall, plastered with various photos, still looked brand new.


Yue An knows this kind of photo. In order to facilitate the collection and preservation, this kind of photo is a chip made of cardboard with a very simple craft. A holographic projection will be projected with a single tap. There are a few in the living room.


Marshal Ji hugged his cat, shook off his cloak and sat cross-legged on the ground in front of this wall.


This is Ji Xiuyun’s parents’ room.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

They look really young.


Yue An looked at the photos and guessed something.


These photos were cut off when Ji Xiuyun was still a young man. Looking at Ji Xiuyun, who has now grown into an adult male, based on the current lifespan of human beings on earth, Ji Xiuyun’s parents may have been away for decades.


This room looks like this, possibly it was perfectly maintained as when Ji Xiuyun’s parents left.


Full of the breath of life, as if they just went out in a hurry and will be back soon.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t say a word. He just looked at the photos quietly, and from time to time, he lowered his head and touched his lap gently, without making a sound, quietly accompanying his little cat.


Yue An returned to rubbing Ji Xiuyun, his large hand with thick calluses was very rough, and it was quite comfortable to rub.


The emotions of Marshal Ji that were about to burst gradually calmed down as time passed.


He stroked Yue An on his leg, and after the hour hand had passed more than half a circle, he finally calmed down.


“Okay.” The Marshal’s voice was as calm as ever, “I should go.”


“Meow~” Yue An jumped off his lap and followed him all the way to the door.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Today, the two legion commanders who were going to court with Ji Xiuyun happened to drive there and shouted “Marshal” in unison while saluting him.


The two legion commanders were also specially dressed today, with several medals of merit hanging on their epaulettes and left chest.


Ji Xiuyun nodded slightly to them, turned his head and squatted down. He gently scratched Yue An’s chin, listened to Yue An’s purr and looked at his beautiful cat eyes that were comfortably narrowed. Unexpectedly, the big hand turned him over, and the kitten who was still immersed in the comfort turned upside down.


Yue An opened his eyes, dumbfounded. The azure blue eyes seemed to have some dampness and he looked at Ji Xiuyun grievously.


“Be good today.” Marshal Ji poked Yue An’s belly and opened his mouth to promise something, but found that Yue An was very satisfied with what he had and he didn’t need to reward him.


Except for energy stones, food and catnip, the Marshal can only think that only mechas are left.


It’s okay to play with mechas.


However, the mecha requires two-handed operation or the coordination of mental power — the former obviously cannot be achieved, but Yue An’s mental power is too powerful, and the mecha in the sympathetic mode follows the actions of the operator.


Thinking that the good mecha would roll over and lick its paws and reveal a small belly under Yue An’s operation, Ji Xiuyun immediately erased the idea of taking Yue An to play with mechas.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Anyway… the mecha is innocent.


Yue An shook his tail, his four claws hugged Marshal Ji’s fingers, which were poking his belly, and tilted his head in confusion, “Meow?”


“It’s okay.”


Marshal Ji retracted his hand, looked at his belly still exposed, turned his head to look at Yue An, feeling rarely frustrated.


He said calmly, “It would be nice if you were a human being.”


At least you can bring the mecha with you.


Now it really seemed that being such a dignified Marshal was useless. Looking around, there was no method that could be used to please the cat — Yue An could easily get what he could give.


Yue An blinked softly and let out a soft “meow”.


“Go.” Ji Xiuyun stood up.




Yue An swept his tail on the ground, watching Ji Xiuyun get into the cat, turned over and sat up slowly.


After eating so many energy stones, he could have turned into his human form long ago.


But as a cat, he naturally likes his own body, which is fluffy, petite and cute, especially attractive. 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It is also regarded as a relic of the ancient earth in the interstellar era.


Yue An feels that his original body is perfect.


However, Ji Xiuyun wanted him to be in his human form, and that reluctant change was acceptable.


Yue An closed the door, returned to Ji Xiuyun’s room and continued to nibble on the energy stone, his tail gently patted the soft bedding under him.


He didn’t know if he would be beaten by the extremely vigilant Ji Xiuyun if he secretly turned into his human form in bed in the middle of the night.


Yue An thought about Ji Xiuyun’s close combat skills, and thought about his history of not changing into his human form for not more than three days in more than a hundred years, and the movement of his tail fluttering paused slightly.


… Forget about such a dangerous idea.


Let alone fighting skills, he even forgot how humans walk.


Yue An quickly got rid of this messy idea, and his tail swayed leisurely again. After a few bites of the energy stone, he took the four test tubes of catnip, climbed on the cat climbing frame downstairs, and opened the official channel of the legal system. During the live broadcast, he watched the seats of the jury that were already full at the moment, and at the same time opened his live broadcast room.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The viewers on Starnet also opened two interfaces one after another, watching the channel of the Supreme Court of the Empire and the live broadcast of Yue An sitting on the cat climbing frame nervously.


In their eyes, Yue An must also have a very important relationship with this case.


Otherwise, the Marshal wouldn’t have rushed into the Scientific Research Department that day and contacted the Imperial Supreme Court directly after a day, and once again started a lawsuit with the Scientific Research Department.


According to the media reporters sitting outside at the time, and the holographic projections that were picked up by the crowd in Starnet, the Marshal entered empty handed and carried Yue An when he came out.


Everyone had some speculations about what happened in the middle.


After that, Yue An also started a live broadcast. After the Imperial Supreme Court announced that it accepted the case, Yue An did not appear for three consecutive days.


People think that Yue An really experienced something bad, even if he was very normal on the previous live broadcast and even played mahjong.


Some people say that Yue An went to find someone to play games for entertainment to divert attention.


Some people say that Yue An was instructed to appear to calm public opinion.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Many people have many ideas, and they all think that it made sense.


During the three days when Yue An was addicted to studying, the people on Starnet were very restless. At this moment, seeing that the live broadcasts of Yue An and the Imperial Supreme Court were opened, they basically swarmed in.


As soon as people entered the live broadcast room, they saw the kitten, who they had been worried about for three days, sitting on the cat climbing frame and biting the lid off a test tube, and then leaning in to take a sip, watching the tens of billions of viewers. Below, after punching and kicking the air for a while, the soft cat became a cat cake.


The audience was in an uproar!


This really happened!!


It had to rely on hallucinogens to divert attention!!


What happened to Yue An!!


The audience felt distressed.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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