The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 How You Dare!

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


The emerald reagent was sprinkled onto the carpet when the kitten kicked his legs out. The scattered round emerald green water droplets were scattered on the plush carpet and volatilised extremely fast.


Yue An discovered that the catnip reagent made by the Military Research Department was completely different from those of the Scientific Research Department.


It was a thousand times stronger than the Scientific Research Department!


The air was filled with a strong smell of catnip, as if the room was full of catnip.


Little Yue An couldn’t help but recall the fear of his group of nine-tailed cats rushing around the streets in the flower and bird market surrounded by catnip.


He was lying on the cat climbing frame, lying there softly, with his four paws and his tail hanging down, pressing his face against the soft velvet cushion of the cat climbing frame, looking pitiful and helpless.


In any era, the group which acts the fastest and thinks the most about how to move people’s hearts, as well as the ones who clearly know from which angle to create the biggest news, has always been the media.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An’s first mouthful of high-concentration catnip hadn’t finished when the media was like a firecracker that was lit with a fuse, creating a lot of noise everywhere.


What made the precious treasure of the ancient Earth so fragile that it needs to rely on hallucinogens to relieve mental tension!


What exactly did Yue An experience in the Scientific Research Department!


The Imperial Marshal took several people from the secret laboratory of the Ministry of Scientific Research to the Supreme Court. Is it because he found out some secret which infuriated him?!


There are all kinds of speculations about the status of Yue An everywhere on the star network.


For this kind of news about such a high-level revelation, it is not only the people within the Hinters Empire who were interested.


Many foreign media have also paid attention to it. For the big news about the Hinters Empire, one of the top of the contemporary combat power pyramid, almost the entire interstellar will not easily let such news go — especially if it is related to Ji Xiuyun.


The audience in Yue An’s live broadcast reached a new high, surpassing the 100 billion mark, and was still increasing linearly.


The platform had to work overtime to prevent the server from crashing due to this.


The time for the opening of the Imperial Supreme Court was set at ten o’clock in the morning of the Imperial Star of the Hinters Empire.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The time difference between the major galaxies is very large, but this does not prevent people from staying up late or waking up early to watch the big news.


The trial process of the Imperial Supreme Court is completely open to the public.


Those who choose to sue in the Supreme Court will also sign some agreements. The various items are divided into details. Before the formal hearing, the court will have a certain degree of privacy and confidentiality in accordance with the reasonable requirements of both parties.


Ji Xiuyun is absolutely against publishing the details of the experiment.


Even if this will cause the jury to misunderstand the defendant’s guilt and the sentencing may be reduced to a certain extent, Ji Xiuyun does not agree to publish the contents.


After all, this is a matter of the image of all researchers and the public’s trust. In any case, it is not appropriate to disclose the details to the outside world.


Marshal Ji was quietly waiting for the court session, and the two legion commanders who came with him occasionally exchanged a few words in a low voice.


The requirements of the Imperial Supreme Court are very strict. After entering the waiting room, all communication tools on their bodies are blocked, and they can only wait quietly.


The lawyer next to him was looking at the materials silently and solemnly, preparing for the next tough battle.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An is not clear about the human legal process in any era, and is not very concerned about it.


He didn’t even turn his head to take a look at his live comments. Instead, he lay down on the cat climbing frame for an entire hour.


He didn’t get up slowly until he heard the house clock signal the next hour, and opened the house windows regretfully.


On the holographic projection next to him, Ji Xiuyun appeared in front of the lens.


Today’s Ji Xiuyun is completely different from what Yue An sees on weekdays.


He is dressed in a straight military uniform, and the medal that symbolises the honour of years of conquest is quietly and docilely decorated with a black cloak. His military cap is upright, his expression is calm and cold, and his pitch-black eyes were like a quiet and endless universe.


— Just like when the Imperial Star sent out a contact message after getting the conact channel number, the silent and oppressive aura almost came out from the projection.


Yue An shook his tail. He felt that although Ji Xiuyun looked a little ugly, his sense of strength and aura was simply impossible to find among other human beings.


The little hairball persevered in thinking that the lover in the dream of billions of empire citizens was ugly. At this moment, seeing that the show was finally about to begin, he walked back from the window and pulled out the snack box Marshal Ji packed the night before.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji did not purchase housework robots. He didn’t come back to live very often. On weekdays, he basically opened a closed and dust-free mode. Furthermore, his family did not like to use robots since his parents said that sharing housework can make the family more harmonious. While Ji Xiuyun did not feel the specific effect, he still inherited the good family tradition of self-cleaning.


Yue An opened the box, jumped in and took out the snacks one by one.


The comments in the live broadcast have never stopped. They were madly condemning the Scientific Research Department before and were now giving gifts madly.


That posture is the same as going directly to the Jinjiang platform server and explosively increasing Yue An’s backstage balance.


Looking at the comment area, it seemed that those human beings did something wrong, and as the same race, they hoped to make some compensation.


Yue An bit open the snack bag, turned his head and glanced at the comment area, and then turned his head to look at it for a moment before retracting his gaze.


[Oh, I’m sorry little Yue An, QAQ]


[Most humans are good people, little Yue An, don’t ignore us Q^Q]


[Little Yue An take a look at us, QvQ, it’s not good to smell too much hallucinogen.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Little Yue An, I give you little hearts and money, don’t inhale hallucinogens, you will be mentally disturbed if you inhale too much_(:з」∠)_]


[The harm to the body is not small. Isn’t hallucinogen listed as a special medicine for treating extreme mental illness…]


[Wow!!! QAQ sad!!]


[Just eat snacks, don’t inhale hallucinogens_(:з」∠)_]


[Little Yu An, little Yue An, look at me, let me recommend some delicious snacks for you!!]


Yue An: …


Yue An: ??


Yue An looked blank.




He looked down at the snacks under his paws. Is this a hallucinogen?


Isn’t it the small snack he usually eats?


Yue An turned his head back suspiciously, and said “meow” at the camera.


[Meow meow meow meow!]


[Meow meow!]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree



[Little Yue An, we are all good people! Don’t misunderstand our QAQ because of the Scientific Research Department.]


Yue An saw this comment, although he didn’t understand why the other party said that, but he still meowed twice towards the camera.


On the screen belonging to Ji Xiuyun over there, all parties are already seated, and the court will be announced soon.


Yue An hugged the snacks in his arms and lay down on the sofa while chewing. The holographic projection of the court was in front of him.


It couldn’t be more comfortable.


The Imperial Supreme Court does not accept many cases, but every hearing is a long tug of war.


They need to repeatedly confirm a crime, and repeatedly check the evidence to ensure that it is absolutely true and effective, so their trial efficiency is not high, but since it was established, there has been no unjust, false, or wrong case.


The credibility of this court in the entire interstellar is notoriously high.


In the history of the Hinters Empire, this Supreme Court once tried an emperor and ruled that the emperor lost the lawsuit, which directly led to the emperor’s abdication and the new emperor’s accession to the throne.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In everyone’s eyes, the Imperial Supreme Court of the Hinters Empire is absolute justice and absolute truth.


There are too many helplessness and dark scenes in this world, and the Imperial Supreme Court is like a beam of light supporting their efforts to go down to those who are at the bottom who are wronged.


It was also one of the reasons why the imperial military and political parties tensed up and did not dare to let go of themselves wantonly.


Because once you are summoned to court, it will basically be either you or me.


Ji Xiuyun overwhelmed the other party with material as soon as he got ready.


Because the more serious the prosecuted at the beginning, the more fierce the opponent’s resistance will be, and the jury and masses will have a very bad impression of the defendant.


They can’t slowly accumulate bit by bit. In the early state, they used those weak charges that did not constitute a death sentence to make the other party gladly confess guilt, and gave the jury and the masses a kind of “the defendant had a good guilty confession attitude and had realised his guilt and hope to correct” feeling.


The people in the Imperial Scientific Research Department are cutting-edge talents, and most ordinary people would look at these cutting-edge talents with filters.


Anyone who has come into contact with public opinion work will never make this silly mistake.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Therefore, the defendant’s guilt stated by the prosecutor on the first day of the trial was an illegal experiment.


The scope of the illegal experiment is quite wide.


Within this wide range of experiments, Ji Xiuyun’s lawyer took the lead in picking out the least touched one.




Cloning technique is not a very difficult technique.


Today, with the rapid development of life sciences, it is very simple to use cloning technology by yourself. It is so simple that graduates who have not yet entered a formal research institute can start to do it.


However, the entire interstellar has always banned this technology, saying that nothing is allowed to be used with this technology, and there is indeed no reason why anyone does it. It is because in the interstellar era, there is an interstellar code that mankind respects and clearly stipulates. This technology is not allowed to be used for experimentation in any way under any conditions, and offenders will be sentenced to death.


Over the past thousand years, many scientific researchers who do not believe in evil have insisted on challenging the authority of this rule. As a result, they were all kicked out onto the streets, adding a lot of prestige to the items on the rules.


The jury and the audience watching the live broadcast were shocked.


The reason for banning this technology is very simple.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

No one can accept that there is another person who is exactly the same in this world — just imagine, if one day you return home and find that your home is occupied by someone exactly like yourself. It is a terrifying thing.


Thinking deeply, it is hard to feint the value of those life forms that are created artificially.


Labour, creative, and population trading may even mark these life forms as inferior, and act recklessly as livestock. 


What if one day, you suddenly see a slave who has the exact same face and the exact same genes as yourself?


No one can accept it.


Anyone with a brain knows very well what kind of chaos society will fall into once such a situation does happen.


If human beings are not bound by thought and morality, they will become indistinguishable from beasts.


The entries in the Interstellar Code are to suppress these thoughts that have lost their basic awe of life due to the rapid development of technology.


But now, the researchers who they have always admired, and regarded as the light of human progress are the first to break this restraint!


This will not work.


Absolutely not!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Researchers are different from ordinary people like them. They have superhuman wisdom and amazing foresight.


From an ideological level, some ordinary people will even admit that outstanding researchers are superior to ordinary people.


But this does not mean that they can arbitrarily break the taboo that all mankind is not allowed to touch.


Human beings have a very keen sense of crisis.


This perception made the audience and the jury who learned of the situation very anxious.


Yue An watched the few people from the Scientific Research Department fiercely resisting and rebutting the charge. They didn’t seem to tell the lawyer they hired. At this time, the lawyer’s expression was very wonderful, and the eyes of his employer seemed like he was going to kill them.


Ji Xiuyun came here prepared and took out personal and physical evidence one by one. Whatever the other party refuted, they would hand over the relevant evidence.


Aimed at cloning the thirteen intelligent races with special talents. 


Conducting illegal experiments on intelligent life including Ji Xiuyun himself.




The charges came one after another.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Even the memory chips of the robots responsible for the mechanical and complex basic experimental operations in the Ladder No. 1 Laboratory were also displayed as physical evidence.


The specific content should be requested by the prosecutor, only the outline of the item shall be disclosed, and the specific content shall not be announced to the jury and other audiences.


The Imperial Supreme Court made absolutely true guarantees for physical and personal evidence.


The lawyer of the prosecuting party charged several people in the Ladder No. 1 Laboratory of the Scientific Research Department for two hours.


During this period, Ji Xiuyun’s expression was always very cold, and he was not shaken by the experiment involving him.


Yue An saw in his live broadcast room, the comment bubbles were refreshing almost so fast that he couldn’t see clearly.


Just seeing the long list of various interjections and a lot of blocked foul language, he could feel the excitement of the group very clearly.


Not only within the scope of the Hinters Empire, the entire interstellar exploded.


The name of the Silver Blade of the Hinters Empire did scare the neighbouring countries, but except for the country that had a galaxy eradicated by Ji Xiuyun, other countries and federations expressed their applause to this successful general when he was young. The experience of being taken to conduct illegal experiments expressed pain.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The SS-level genome is not only valued by the people of the Hinters Empire.


If Ji Xiuyun can’t think of treason anymore, most places want to accept him — this is why the imperial political party has the courage to act on Marshal Kevin, but they dare not interfere too much with Ji Xiuyun.


The court session on the first day lasted only a short period of four hours, of which three hours were the case statement plus the prosecutor’s accusation.


After this session was over, the defendant’s lawyer had not yet been able to say a few words. On the jury seats, the angry people could no longer control themselves.


That is our hero!


Defeated a galaxy for us, the heroe that shocked our surroundings!


How dare you guys???


Ji Xiuyun has been unable to return home all year round, and has been wandering the universe to eradicate interstellar pirates. He constantly refreshes his undefeated record and demonstrates his strength.


What for??


For the peace of the empire!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It is to frighten those neighbours who have bad intentions!


How dare you guys!!


On the jury seats, the red-eyed people were almost about to crash the seats!


This is not the first time they have seen this kind of scene in the Imperial Supreme Court.


Because the cases that can be accepted by the Supreme Court are basically major and unjust cases, when the case is presented the jury will explode or faint from time to time.


Yue An looked at the jury that almost jumped up and rushed to the dock to beat up others in the screen, and sighed that human emotions were so rich, and then stretched out his fluffy little paws from the box under the sofa. He pulled out a bag of snacks, bit it open and watched the show while eating.


The round blue eyes stared at the jury that was about to break through the security without blinking. Yue An felt that if it hadn’t been for the experienced Supreme Court to be very wise to take away everything tht might be a murder weapon before the jury was seated. If not, now the people standing in the dock would probably be killed on the spot.


The jury insisted that no heavy objects should be worn, and only clothes made of soft fabric should be worn.


Even high heels and hard-soled shoes are not to be worn, only soft ones can be worn!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This is all to prevent the defendant or the prosecuting party from being beaten to death by the angry jury using their accessories or shoes before the case is completed.


Ji Xiuyun and his two legion commanders stood still in the chaos, like three sculptures.


But their composure didn’t bring any comfort to the angry jury. The jury looked at them and didn’t know what they had done, and they exploded even more.


The scene was very chaotic, and the security was unable to press the angry jury back to their seats, and the justice had to announce the end of the first day of the trial.


Seeing that the holographic projection disappeared, Yue An finished the last bit of snacks, turned off his live broadcast and sat at the entrance of the hallway.


When Ji Xiuyun came back, his mood returned to his usual calmness, and even was a little good.


The anger of the jury in the court and the ugliness of the people in the dock obviously pleased him very much.


“Yue An.” Marshal Ji walked in, not surprised to see Yue An who was waiting for him and sitting on the low cabinet at the door.


He put the things he was holding on the counter.


“Delicious food.” He said. Yue An tilted his head and confirmed that Ji Xiuyun was indeed in a good mood, before jumping off the low cabinet and climbing on the dining table, eagerly patting the table with his small paw.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree



Marshal Ji walked in with the food box, opened it on the dining table, took a small stack of pastries out of it, put it in front of him, and then pushed the rest to Yue An.


Yue An moved his head over, just about to eat, and suddenly remembered what Ji Xiuyun said before going out today.


The snow-white cat looked up at Marshal Ji who was already holding the fork, turned around and jumped off the dining table, went to the sofa, opened his mouth and bit the cushion on the big sofa and pulled it over.


Marshal Ji tilted his head to look at the cat that suddenly became a demon in his house, and his expression was still very calm.


Yue An dragged the two-meter-long cushion to the side of the dining table, let go of it from his mouth, raised his head to meow twice at Ji Xiuyun, and then got under the cushion.


Ji Xiuyun looked at the small ball under the cloth and poked the cake on the plate with the fork in his hand.


Yue An moved back and forth under the cushion, and after moving to a position approximately in the middle, he recalled the spell to become a humanoid for a moment, and then mobilised the aura flowing in his body.








Marshal Ji looked at the young man who was wrapped in a cushion and poking out his head, and he was so shocked that a huge hole was made in the dining table with a fork.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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