The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 Let You Dislike Me For Being Ugly! I Will Make You Ugly Later!

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Yue An was startled by the movement made by Marshal Ji.


The youth’s face was exquisite and magnificent, as if he was kissed by god, and every bit of it reveals a clear agility. His hair is clear and white, which makes that beautiful face almost transparent.


He has a pair of light and beautiful blue eyes, round and slightly raised at the ends. The unsullied white eyelashes of the same hair colour are long and thick, and they trembled slightly with his eye movements.


Just like a newborn cub, peeping at the world timidly and curiously.


Yue An looked up at Ji Xiuyun. After capturing the white hair on his forehead in his field of vision, his face showed that he was in a daze. For a moment, his hair, eyelashes and eyebrows were dyed black, making his agility look a bit more cute and cunning.


It was a beauty who people couldn’t help stopping their breaths, hoping that he would smile at themselves.


The magnificent boy sat up from the fluffy carpet with uncoordinated movements. During his actions, he faintly revealed the white and naked young body that was hidden under the sofa cushion.


The fork in Marshal Ji’s hand was suddenly crushed into a ball of scrap.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Here, we need to emphasise.


Marshal Ji is a man.


A normal man.


A normal man in his prime.


With the person being so impossible beautiful, he would definitely have a hidden disease if there was no reaction from him!


Marshal Ji has no hidden illnesses. He is just used to vent his energy in training and on the battlefield.


But there is no training ground or battlefield right now.


Ji Xiuyun adjusted his sitting posture calmly.


Yue An didn’t notice the reaction of Marshal Ji. He was lowering his head and spreading his claws uncomfortably… No, he opened his five fingers, and then controlled them awkwardly. Slowly, he held a cloth and wrapped himself tightly.


He sat on the carpet, looked up at the Marshal who was sitting on the chair again, opened his mouth to meow, but was horrified to find that the sound wouldn’t come out!


The vocal system of cats is quite different from that of humans.


He didn’t spend much time in his transformed human form. Yue An was completely at a loss and didn’t know how to speak in human form at all.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After all, the last time he turned into his human form was a hundred years ago. He took a look in a mirror, and then followed several other nine-tailed cats of the same clan to a human city in an attempt to buy catnip. In the end, they were collectively thrown onto the streets and were almost picked up by people.


Since then, he has never changed into his human form again.


Yue An was stunned.


Yue An was at a loss.


He was at a loss.


He looked at Ji Xiuyun, whose expression turned blank, even his eyes, feeling a little anxious.


Didn’t you want to see my human form!


Now there is no reaction at all!


Yue An wrapped himself in the cloth tightly, and supported himself from the floor with one hand and stood upright with his two front paws off the ground like when he was a cat.


The cat, which had a lousy shapeshifting ability, could not adapt to the four human paws… No, because it could not adapt to the length of his human limbs, he fell to the side before he had time to stand still!


Marshal Ji stood up reflexively, stretched out his hand and grabbed the boy’s waist, lest the other party’s face hit the ground.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Accompanied by a pained sound, he was saved by Marshal Ji, who helped him from hitting the ground. However, his knee knocked on the corner of the table and the corner of the table was broken. Not to mention, he also hurt himself. So he hugged the cloth and became a ball.


Marshal Ji, who embraced Yue An’s tight and slender waist, looked at the cloth ball in his arms that was feeling very aggrieved and sniffing. Numerous thoughts flashed in his mind. Finally, before he could sort out his thoughts and talk to him, the person in his arms turned into a hairy ball that he was familiar with in a thunderous manner.


Ji Xiuyun, “…”








What happened?


Where is the person who was just here?




Wrapped in cloth.


They looked good.


There was such a big person.


Why did you become a cat?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An’s little paw rubbed his hind leg which was hit, and looked for an exit through the cloth, feeling very aggrieved.


Marshal Ji was still full of thoughts like “Who am I? Where and what just happened? Did I raise a cat which became a human or a cat as a person?”


Yue An drilled his head out from the cushion, with his ears erected, and his beautiful blue eyes rounded. They seemed to be wet. He cried at the Marshal with an aggrieved “meow meow meow”, as if he was wrong by Marshal Ji’s abuse.


Marshal Ji lowered his eyes, looked at his cat for a while, threw aside the small steel ball of the fork’s remains in his hand, picked up his cat, placed it on the side of the hold on the table top and prepared to have a good talk with his cat.


But his cat was not ready to talk to him.


After hitting his leg and still not being comforted, Yue An turned around and faced his butt towards Marshal Ji, without flicking his tail, pressing his tail under his body and burying his face in the furry tail. It was an obvious sign of refusal to Ji Xiuyun.


This is really irritating.


Marshal Ji, who had never learned the secrets of coaxing cats glanced at the cakes that had fallen onto the carpet.


“…” Perfect, the only thing that can divert Yue An’s attention is gone.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal thought for a while, reached out his hand and touch the ball which was Yue An.


Yue An turned his head and backhanded him with a paw, jumped off the dining table angrily, and took his remaining three catnip reagents into the small cave of the cat climbing frame.


The abandoned Marshal Ji thought for a while in the dining room and decided to do it himself.


Of course not cooking.


It is a serious reflection about what happened just now.


In fact, Ji Xiuyun’s first reaction was that this was due to Yue An’s hallucination ability that can directly affect people’s spirits.


When he was in the Scientific Research Department the last time, Yue An replaced the pale aisle with a vibrant archway full of flowers when he realised that he was in a bad mood.


But this ability directly affects the target’s spirit, and has no effect on machine detection. Marshal Ji had been holding various detection instruments beside him when Yue An was practicing his special talent abilities to keep records at any time.


Marshal Ji opened the monitoring screen and pulled up the monitoring for three minutes ago. He saw the appearance of the stunningly beautiful young man clearly appearing on the screen, and then silently turned off the screen.


It was monitored and recorded.


So it was true.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun was silent, just in case, he deleted the recording of the abnormality completely, and the expression on his face did not seem to have the slightest fluctuation.


He turned his head and glanced at Yue An in the cat climbing frame.


It shouldn’t be, he thought.


How could a cat become a human?


But normal cats seem to only have one tail.


Yue An has eight tails.


Eight tails maybe a kind of evolution, and the reason why they become human may be due to mimicry. For example, Yue An’s hair will change from white to black, which is possibly a form of mimicry.


Marshal Ji tried to use science to explain why Yue An would become a human being.


Then he took a moment to think.


Have you seen anyone who can mimic another species??


Looking at Yue An’s awkward and jerky movements, one can guess that this was definitely not mimicry. Mimicry is usually to defend against natural enemies or for hunting. He hasn’t seen any creatures that will mimic and hinder themselves.


Marshal Ji didn’t even think that Yue An was a special race working as a spy for other countries.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

No country is going to be silly and throw the ancient earth creatures out as spies. Being a spy is supposed to be a low-key job, not like Yue An, live broadcasting everyday, eating food and being raised in front of the tens of billions of viewers on the star network, twisting into S shapes and C shapes for a while and gathering people to play mahjong.


If such a person became a spy, the person in power in that country should really twist off the head of the spy agency and kick it.


Ji Xiuyun wondered what his cat was, and at the same time, opened the information security department’s database, heading straight for the ancient earth intelligence data area.


He entered two keywords: eight tails, cats.


Yue An sat in the cat climbing frame, waiting for a long for time Ji Xiuyun to come to coax him.


Ji Xiuyun has changed.


He was not like this before.


He used to chase him over to touch his head and rub his belly.


He completely forgot that it was because of Yue An’s grievance that caused him to pay Ji Xiuyun’s hand away.


Sure enough, the human aesthetics of this era is completely different from that of Earth.


Ji Xiuyun is such an ugly person, but in this era, he is the dream lover of hundreds of millions of young girls.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

His human figure must be very ugly based on the affirmative aesthetics of this era, otherwise, why would Ji Xiuyun ignore him?


Obviously it is Ji Xiuyun’s attitude which depends on the appearance of others!


I didn’t dislike him for being ugly, how could he dislike me!


Yue An aggrievedly became a ball. He didn’t even smell the catnip, and the small ball shrank in the small corner of the cat’s climbing frame hole.


Young, poor and helpless.


When Ji Xiuyun walked to the side of the cat climbing frame and bent down to prepare to have a good talk with Yue An, what he saw was a ball looking at him pitifully, with water in his beautiful blue eyes.


Ji Xiuyun: …


Ji Xiuyun: ???


What happened??


“Yue An, come out.” The Marshal stretched out his hand, palm up, and placed it on the entrance of the cave, “Shall we talk?”


“Meow!” Yue An meowed miserably.


This person must be going to throw me away because of my ugly figure!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

I misunderstood you!


Yue An was wronged and hid inside.


Ji Xiuyun was stunned by his voice for two seconds. After sensing Yue An’s resistance, he no longer forced him to come out, but sat on the ground by himself.


“I found the information.” Marshal Ji said very calmly, “You are… a monster.”


“You are a nine-tailed cat. You used up your ninth tail to save me before, didn’t you?” Ji Xiuyun asked again.


Yue An was taken aback, his drooping ears trembled suddenly, and he stood up vigilantly.


In the interstellar era, these mythological words appeared rarely. For people in this era, the myths and legends that plagued people in ancient Earth could already be explained by science.


For people of this era, the spiritual side had completely disappeared. The sayings and concepts of gods and the like handed down from ancient Earth were regarded as an appreciation of others and classical romanticism culture.


For example, Ji Xiuyun, was known as the God of War.


This title is nothing more than the people’s respect and praise for the Imperial Marshal, and it also expresses their recognition of him as a general.


God knows how Marshal Ji digested the non-scientific concept of monsters, anyway, he is now acting very calmly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Your wish is… to become immortal?” Ji Xiuyun said these words unskilfully.


Yue An looked at Ji Xiuyun, and his azure cat eyes stared at him unblinkingly, with some vigilance and defensiveness.


On one hand, he felt that Ji Xiuyun would not be the kind of person who forcibly detained cats. On the other hand, he remembered the lesson his old man taught him about human beings being bad.


Ji Xiuyun understood why his cat had such a reaction. If the myths and legends he saw were true, the reaction of Yue An would not be difficult to understand.


Twenty years of growing a tail which can realise any wish.


Today’s fairy tale books dare not write this way.


“Your wish is to become immortal?” Ji Xiuyun asked again.


Yue An was silent for a long time. He got up, got out of the cat climbing frame, sat upright in front of Ji Xiuyun, and meowed with a serious face.


Ji Xiuyun had a sense of responsibility for Yue An.


It was his appearance that broke Yue An’s ability to become immortal. It was he who brought Yue An into human society, and it was he who proclaimed Yue An’s identity as a legacy of the ancient Earth — even if the latter two were both agreed to by both Yue An and himself, but the first encounter was obviously not Yue An’s wish.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“I will fulfil your wish.” 


He took a big advantage of Yue An, he should return everything back.


It was only twenty years later that he would make a wish to Yue An and let him become immortal. Compared to dying when he was in trouble before, he still had several 20 years to live through thanks to Yue An.


“Let’s talk about the problem of you becoming a human being.”


Marshal Ji recalled that beautiful face that could not be described as a godsend treasure, wondering why in so many legends and stories on ancient Earth people always worshipped the beauty of monsters.


That level of beauty was simply too high.


Ji Xiuyun squeezed Yue An’s little paw and said, “You should become human less.”


Otherwise, going out is not just like being watched when he was a cat, he will definitely be taken away directly by people who were addicted to beauty!


However, Yue An did not feel Ji Xiuyun’s kindness.


He widened his eyes and meowed angrily!


You really think I’m ugly!!!!!


Pooh! You are so ugly!!!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

I didn’t even dislike you for being ugly!!


How dare you dislike me!!


I am not convinced!!


Yue An angrily slapped his paw on the cat climbing frame under him, his leg kicked himself into Marshal Ji’s arms and he turned into his human form without warning, sitting down on Ji Xiuyun’s crossed legs, still huffing and arched into his arms.


Make you think I’m ugly!


Make you think I’m ugly!


I will be ugly for you in a while!

See if you have the ability to hit me!!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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