The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 Marshal, You Are A Beast.

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Ji Xiuyun is tall and strong, like a tall and stout tree.


Even if Yue An was in human form, he looked like a teenager. For Ji Xiuyun, it is precisely the body shape that can be fully incorporated into his arms.


At this time, Yue An’s two white, tender and soft arms were tightly binding Ji Xiuyun’s strong waist.


The young boy’s little white head rubbed against his chest, as if acting like a baby.


The soft hair on the top of his head quietly wiped the exposed neck of Marshal Ji in motion, and a few strands gently rubbed against his Adam’s apple.


The young man in his arms was naked. Naked and beautiful, with delicate and smooth skin.


In all fairness, the figure of Yue An’s humanoid form was very good.


His muscles are well-proportioned and tight, and the lines are perfect. The back is a beautiful and perfect arc, until his waist formed between his tail and straight buttocks.


His skin was so white is was nearly transparent and as smooth as jade.


It was no exaggeration to describe this body as an art work.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

— The premise is that he doesn’t sit in his arms and move around.


Because his genetic level is very special and rare, it was very difficult for him to find a sexual partner to solve this problem, and he could only basically relieve himself on the training ground and the battlefield. Marshal Ji Xiuyun thought that he was going to die.


Marshal Ji took a deep breath, took off his uniform and wrapped it around Yue An, gently pushed away the boy who had been moving around in his arms, adjusted his sitting posture and picked the struggling Yue An to tightly restrict his movements.


Then he coldly said, “Change back.”


Yue An settled down, he turned his head and looked at Marshal Ji with a shocked expression on his face.


Grievance was written all over his face.


You are so cruel to me!


You have never attacked me before.


Yue An sniffed, and under the gaze of Marshal Ji, he turned back to that soft fluffy pile again.


Ji Xiuyun looked at the small hairball in his coat, and took a deep breath. When his body gradually calmed down, he stretched out his hand and opened the coat, retaliatingly rubbing the cat that gave him such a great excitement.



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An raised both paws, hugged Ji Xiuyun’s big hand, opened his mouth and nibbled on Ji Xiuyun’s thick skin.


Ji Xiuyun never worried about Yue An bringing him harm.


It’s like Yue An would prepare to scratch him, but in the end he would only pat him with a soft paw wrapped in fluff.


Even if he was directly biting him right now, Yue An didn’t use any force, but he opened his mouth fiercely to reveal his small teeth, and then bit down gently.


Marshal Ji is confident.


Yue An angrily patted his tail on the padded jacket and made snapping noises.


You might die if I bite any harder!


Don’t you just rely on me spoiling you!!


So proud!!


Yue An raised his head and meowed angrily at the shameless human.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t understand the essence of Yue An’s meows at all.


He didn’t even understand why Yue An suddenly jumped into his arms before.


So Marshal Ji picked up the topic that had just been interrupted, and said, “Become a human and you’ll be taken away.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

To be honest, what Ji Xiuyun was really worried about is not about Yue An being arrested.


After all, with Yue An’s fighting power, if you want to catch him, the unlucky one will definitely not be him.


Marshal Ji was worried that because Yue An was unfamiliar with human society, he would use too much aura when resisting and escaping, which would attract the desires of others.


Many forces have secretly schemed to get his SS-level genomes, and there are a lot of national institutions that extended olive branches to him when they catch the opportunity.


Not to mention that as a relic of ancient Earth, the only mysterious life that seemed to have survived without detection from technology, Yue An.


If things like these troubles are not solved, they will become bigger and bigger like a snowball.


The best way is to avoid trouble from the beginning.


For example, it does not reveal the fact that Yue An possesses combat power comparable to that of a Marshal-class battleship.


With the passage of time, he has learned more and more about Yue An, and Ji Xiuyun also felt that Yue An is becoming more and more precious. If all the news he learned were released, Marshal Ji had no doubt that the Star Wars, which had been suspended for hundreds of years, would begin again.


The value of Yue An is too high.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The value of all aspects is too high. High enough to make the elites of those countries ignore the precious peace that is left with only minor frictions.


Everyone wants the strong.


There are also countless people who want to be strong.


For those who don’t have the talent but are eager to stand on top of mankind, those with outstanding abilities or special talents have extraordinary value from life to death.


As a person who has always been watched by many forces and is ready to pry him from the Hinters Empire forcefully, Ji Xiuyun understands the desire of contemporary human high-level people for this aspect.


So far, there are only three other army commanders who have seen Yue An’s special ability, apart from Ji Xiuyun himself who was bombed out of the virtual training ground at that time.


And the three legion commanders kept quiet about this matter, and even the best-connected colleagues did not leak a word.


They all knew exactly what this power meant, and in order to avoid trouble, the three army commanders kept silent very wisely.


This matter can be kept secret, and it must be kept secret.


Their silence made the outside world think that Yue An only had pure physical strength.


It’s best not to stop when there is a need to make more moves, Marshal Ji thought, Yue An is a carefree kitten.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Don’t let others see you become a human being. Wear a disguise brooch when you go out.” Ji Xiuyun said, petting his cat.


Yue An stretched his head out from under Ji Xiuyun’s palm and glared at him.


Marshal Ji didn’t understand.


For his cat, he basically didn’t understand most things.


Only when Yue An showed obvious emotional reactions in his body movements, could he have a general judgement about Yue An’s meaning.


Ji Xiuyun stared at Yue An with his eyes down for a while, and finally Yue An turned his head angrily, while the Marshal stretched out his hand, gently rubbing his cat’s belly with skill.


Although he couldn’t understand the meaning of Yue An’s cat language well, at least the Marshal could still serve as a cat owner quite comfortably.


Yue An narrowed his eyes and snorted. With a glance, he almost forgot that Ji Xiuyun thought he was ugly just now.


And Marshal Ji has to continue his words, “But walking in a human form in human society is indeed much more convenient.”


The little ears on the top of Yue An’s head trembled and he opened his blue cat’s eyes.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The cute little cat flexed his claws. This shovel officer, who always tries to make him study well every day, might be going to force him to study again.


“I will take time out to teach you the human way of life.” Marshal Ji said.


At least the most basic things have to be taught, such as walking and talking.


After his communication is smooth, there are probably many things that can be easily solved.


After all, Yue An is special as a cat, and some things really need to be transformed into his human form and mixed into the crowd to complete.


Although this kind of thing that requires him to go out is very rare in this era when people can stay at home for a whole year, it’s not uncommon.


Yue An watched Ji Xiuyun open the shopping interface after speaking, and put a pile of clothes into the shopping box without blinking.


Yue An looked at the black and white set that the Marshal bought, and expressed a dislike for a man of such a high level who is still so much like a straight man.


Why haven’t you inherited Mrs Ellie’s sense of fashion at all?


Yue An raised his paw and held Ji Xiuyun’s hand that was about to pay, climbed onto his lap, and touched the shopping interface in front of him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal watched Yue An who was sitting on his lap, and was serious about choosing clothes for Yue An. He let Yue An select the first item, and when he stopped on the size input box, he reported a string of numbers very calmly.


Yue An was stunned when he heard this string of numbers. He turned his head to look at Ji Xiuyun, blue eyes full of doubt.


Isn’t this size too small?


Marshal Ji lowered his eyes to meet Yue An’s gaze, seeming to understand his doubts, and explained, “I bought your size.”


Yue An: …


Yue An: ??


Yue An: ????


Didn’t you just hug me?


Why do you even know my size??


I don’t know the size of my figure myself!


Why are you so skilled??


Yue An is in a complicated mood.


Unexpectedly, you, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, are still a battle-fighting animal.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji, who still didn’t understand the fierce fluctuations in his cat’s heart, saw that Yue An hadn’t moved yet. So he stretched his hand to input the size and put it into the shopping cart.


“Anything else you like?” He asked.


With a mixed mood, Yue An continued to choose clothes that he liked.


Yue An has a very distorted aesthetic for human faces, but his aesthetics of clothes and the like are quite excellent.


This is still due to his first owner who held him in front of the computer and watched various variety shows all year round.


Yue An picked clothes casually, and with his mind to save the elder young man who failed aesthetically, he picked clothes that were suitable for Ji Xiuyun along the way.


He knew Marshal Ji’s wardrobe very well, except for the replacement uniform, all of them were black and all the styles were the same.


It can be said to be a very boring straight man’s wardrobe.


Yue An turned his head and was about to ask the Marshal for his size.


As a result, when he turned his head, he saw Ji Xiuyun choosing a bed.


Yue An was stunned for two seconds and then exploded in an instant!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji’s idea is very simple.


Keeping a cat is one thing. Yue An is small, peaceful, with good sleeping looks and a warm body. It is perfectly fine to sleep together.


But since Yue An can change into human form, it has become another matter.


Who knows that Yue An will get into bed and become a human on a whim?


That’s not good.


To him, to Yue An, and to others, this is not good.


So the Marshal decided to let Yue An sleep in a separate room.


After all, there are still a few vacant guest rooms in the house. With the dust-free mode, you can move in directly when the furniture arrives.


Yue An exploded.


He felt that this time after he believed in Ji Xiuyun’s evil and turned into his human form, it was definitely the most stupid thing he has ever done!


Take a look!


Look at how much he is disliked now because of his ugly shape!!


He was even going to let him move out of the room!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An jumped out and knocked away Ji Xiuyun’s hand which was choosing a bed and meowed at him, feeling angry and wronged.


How could you do this!


I’m not your cutie anymore!


Marshal Ji lowered his eyes to look at the little hairball sitting in front of him, meowing pitifully, looking very sad, and after a slight pause, he stretched out his hand and hugged him.


Although he didn’t understand what Yue An is thinking about, this look is a bit too pitiful.


Yue An was picked up and he kicked and waved his paws to attack Marshal Ji’s palm.


“If you are not happy, I won’t buy the bed.” Ji Xiuyun said with a guess.


Yue An’s legs suddenly stopped kicking.


Marshal Ji suddenly picked up on the cause of Yue An’s anger.


“But you must promise that when you sleep at night, don’t suddenly become human.” He added.


Yue An’s ears flicked, and his azure cat eyes stared at him.


Will not change, will not change!


Who rarely changed?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An’s spells were all learned from the old cats in the clan. The reason why they were required to learn this spell was because at that time, in a society dominated by humans, it was much more convenient and safer to walk around with a human form rather than a cat’s.


But in this era, his original form is much more popular than his human form.


The legacy of the ancient Earth!


The last cat in the universe!


The super cute little Yue An!


Who else!


Just say who else!


Does he need to go out in human form to eat until he is full?


Are kittens bad?


Fluffy, soft, with small paws and meows.


After realising that his human figure was disliked, Yue An gave himself an excuse to comfort himself, and turned his head angrily and stopped looking at the human that made him angry.


Ji Xiuyun felt that he had touched upon the reason why Yue An was so abnormal today. He seriously revised the thoughts that Yue An might have, and then explained very calmly, “I’m not alienating you.”


Yue An’s little ears trembled, and he didn’t turn his head back.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Your human form…” Marshal Ji had thought about how to describe Yue An’s appearance for a long time, but in the end, he could only say dryly, “It’s too beautiful.”






Yue An turned his head abruptly, stretched out his four paws excitedly, hugged Ji Xiuyun’s hand, and looked at him with bright eyes.


It turned out that he was being praised.


Ji Xiuyun felt stunned, and the hand held by Yue An scratched his chin.


“You look good, Yue An.” Marshal Ji said bluntly, and he didn’t think there was anything to avoid. “I am a normal adult male human. so you should not become a human in my bed, especially since you have no clothes on when you change.”


Ji Xiuyun lowered his eyes to look at Yue An awkwardly, and added, “Of course, you can’t change in front of others, and it’ll be even worse if you change in other people’s beds.”




… WTF?


You mean you want to beep the cat?


Yue An looked at Ji Xiuyun, his cat’s face was full of shock, and his eyes were very round.


IMHO, Marshal.


You are such a beast.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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