The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 “Dad!”

🌸Translated by Beanie 🌸


Marshal Ji felt that he was full of energy and needed to vent.


So he carried his cat and ran to the virtual training ground. The training ground was blocked and no one was allowed to watch. One person and one cat went all out and turned it upside down unscrupulously.


In the end, Yue An was defeated.


After venting his excess energy, Ji Xiuyun took off his helmet. One person and one cat quietly relieved the mental tension for a while, which caused neuropathic pain to the body. Then, Yue An jumped up and hit Ji Xiuyun with a paw.


— Of course, his nails were still not stretched out.


Marshal Ji scratched Yue An’s chin comfortably, and waited until Yue An’s angry meows gradually eased and lay down on the sofa, then got up and took a shower, hugged his cat and fell asleep.


Yue An’s sleeping posture was very good. The small, fluffy ball, except for occasionally digging into a warmer place, he slept like the dead.


The cat likes a warm and narrow place. It happened that Marshal Ji was in good health, and he warmed the entire quilt, and it was also warm in the quilt.


So every morning when the Marshal lifted the quilt, he could always see his cat spreading out into a cake and sleeping on his stomach, or shrunk next to him, or clinging to him crookedly and tightly with a look of happiness.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Just like now.


When Marshal Ji opened his eyes, he felt a pile of fluff against his neck, stuck in the gap between his shoulder and neck and the pillow, sleeping awkwardly.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at the time and sat up.


The little hairball lying on the side of the pillow lost its heat source, and was moving around nervously. Finally, he stuffed his head under the pillow with his little belly turned over and there was no more movement.


It’s like being beheaded by a pillow. The visual effect was very exciting.


Marshal Ji got up and prepared to change his clothes. He just took his military uniform off the hanger. As if he realised something, he turned his head and glanced at Yue An, who was still asleep, and went to the bathroom with his uniform to change.


This kind of privacy awareness should be cultivated from the small details.


Marshal Ji was changing his clothes while thinking, lest Yue An really got used to him changing his clothes with him in the room. In case one day he became a human and went out, he might think it was normal to change his clothes in front of others. It’s just prevention.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun changed his clothes and was about to put on his coat, when he heard Yue An meowing outside the bathroom and the sound of the small meat pad tapping the door lightly.


He paused slightly, and opened the bathroom door as he put on his jacket.


Yue An walked in with his four short legs. When Marshal Ji was washing, he jumped onto the washing table and licked his paws and washed his face with the human in the mirror.


Yue An doesn’t hate water. Other cats were afraid of touching water. However, Yue An belonged to the category which has fun playing in water.


His first master, the little girl, was fully armed when she first bathed him for the first time — with double gloves and thick rubbed gloves, a mask and waterproof glasses, and a waterproof apron. A week in advance, she checked the cat’s bathing guide crazily and read it all day long.


As a result, when giving the bath, when she put Yue An in the warm water basin, not only did the cat not struggle at all, he even sat down happily and soaked himself in the water very cooperatively.


Because the fight yesterday was really exhausting, Yue An hadn’t gotten sober yet.


It’s just that he was used to accompany Ji Xiuyun to get up regularly and at fixed points. Even if he hasn’t woken up fully, he is very strong at the moment to withstand the drowsiness attack.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He followed Ji Xiuyun to wash up in a daze, accepted Ji Xiuyun’s hot water to wash his paws and dried them carefully, and finally sent Ji Xiuyun out the door in a daze.


“Meow…” With a drowsiness that made it obvious that he was not fully awake, the kitten’s voice was soft and made people want to pet him.


This meow at this time should mean goodbye.


Ji Xiuyun looked at the little cat who sent him out, with a calm expression, but in his heart he wondered if he would exercise like yesterday afternoon every day from now on.


Yue An’s fighting skills can be improved on one hand. On the other hand, it also adds a little benefit to yourself, right?


He usually hears Yue An’s soft voice when Yue An asks for him. Recently Yue An has become completely self-sufficient. Marshal Ji rarely hears Yue An’s pitiful cries anymore.


It’s a shame that he can’t listen to it more.


The cute little cat didn’t think that the serious Marshal Ji in front of him was making terrible schemes in his heart.


After washing, his tender meat pad waved to Marshal Ji. When Ji Xiuyun got into the car, Yue An sat on the corridor outside, enjoying the breeze and the sun and almost fell asleep again.


But no, he couldn’t sleep.


He has a lot less aura stored.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yesterday afternoon, he even released the cannon that Ji Xiuyun was previously defeated by. Unfortunately, with Ji Xiuyun’s combat literacy, he was not defeated by the same trick the second time.


When he sensed that Yue An was about to use that move, during the charge-up period, Marshal Ji did not hesitate to bombard Yue An several times in a row, interfering with his spellcasting, and using the reaction force of the attacks to escape quickly


Ji Xiuyun was not defeated in three consecutive cannons and Yue An felt that his body was hollowed out.


He walked slowly back to the bedroom, raised his claws and opened the box containing the energy stones to replenish his lost energy. As soon as he looked up, he saw that there was only about 30 energy stones left in the box.


Yue An was stunned, and he woke up instantly!


“Meow!” Yue An let out a cry, and turned around to find Ji Xiuyun.


But there was no Ji Xiuyun in the room, Ji Xiuyun had already left.


Yue An was stunned for a long time, and closed the box with a “bang”.


He knew the address of the black market anyway, and he couldn’t always count on Ji Xiuyun, whoever said he was a Marshal!


Use your own paws and get enough food and clothing!


The kitty cat who decided to be self-reliant turned around, opened the closet and went in.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

All the clothes he bought yesterday had arrived. Ji Xiuyun also bought a wardrobe for Yue An along the way. It was a customised model. The patterns on the white wardrobe were all matte cat paws. Even the handles of the cabinet doors are decorated with white cat heads with a ring below.


Yue An jumped out of the closet with a set of clothes and trousers. After thinking about it, he opened a drawer and took out a pair of underwear from inside.


Who knows why Ji Xiuyun even knows what size underwear should be worn by his human form and Yue An refused to think about this issue in depth.


Yue An thought about his own adaptability to his human form.


After all, the last time he became a human was more than a hundred years ago and he had forgotten how to dress and walk.


Yesterday, when he turned into his human form, he only cared about his anger and mischief. Now, after recovering his senses, he felt his own changes and only felt uncomfortable all over.


Let alone the changes in his five senses of hearing, smell and touch, even the perspective had changed dramatically.


Was it so uncomfortable the last time he became a humanoid?


Yue An recalled it carefully, and found that the memories of becoming human at that time seemed to be full of novelty and joy, and he didn’t care about these issues at all.


He has probably lived in the form of a cat for too long.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An tried to adapt to the changes while thinking, putting on clothes for himself in a weird and uncoordinated manner.


In any case, the first step was successful.


— Although it took a full ten minutes to put on a piece of clothing.


Yue An supported the bed, stretched out two long legs and stepped on the ground and stood up cautiously.


It was completely different from when he was a cat. Even if the cat’s shape is upright, the hind limbs are slightly curved, unlike humans whose legs are straight when they stand up.


This makes Yue An quite uncomfortable.


He managed to control his instincts, and after standing upright, he walked along the edge of the bed to the edge of the wall, and slowly walked towards the door of the room while supporting the wall.


He was extremely cautious, staggering, and what he didn’t know was that it seemed like he was crippled for many years, was just healed and practising rehabilitation.


At least that was what Marshal Kevin, who was coming in through the window, thought at the moment.


Marshal Kevin was just going to go to Ji Xiuyun’s house to tease the cat while avoiding his wife’s gaze and borrowing a biological cabin to play games.


But he never expected that he would be able to see such a beautiful young beauty in the home of his student, who had made up his mind to die alone.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An stood on the second floor, holding on to the stair railing, and looked at Marshal Kevin, who also entered through the window on the second floor.


Yue An never expected that when he hadn’t adjusted to his shape well, he would run into a situation where Marshal Kevin escaped the surveillance window and came in.


With a white-haired head, Yue An looked at Marshal Kevin blankly, thinking that if he changed back into a cute little cat now and meowed at him and showed him his belly, in exchange for the other party to pretend to have amnesia before it’s too late.


The young beauty in front of him was extremely beautiful. The beauty of his looks transcended gender and he was gorgeous.


Marshal Kevin swept his gaze across the other person’s neck and clearly saw the Adam’s apple.


He’s a teenager.


This young man had white hair and snow white skin, transparent like a piece of fine white jade, clear like a cloudless sky. Above his blue eyes were white eyelashes and eyebrows that seemed to cover the sky with a thick layer of white snow, cold and transparent with no emotions to be seen in it.


There was no blood on his face, and even his lips were only pale pink. His whole face without emotions conveyed a sense of detachment that should not be in the mortal world.


It was the beige shirt he wore that dispersed this deep sense of alienation and detachment.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The warm colour quietly dissipated the coldness of his whole body, and his lower body had a pair of crisp and neat light blue straight-leg pants, without socks on his feet.


He stepped barefoot on the solid wood floor, with his toes curled up slightly because of the coldness of the floor. This small movement finally gave him a sense of reality.


Even Marshal Kevin, who was well-informed and had lived a long life, was so shocked by his appearance that he could barely make a sound.


After waiting for a long tie, Yue An, who didn’t wait for Marshal Kevin to speak, decided to ignore him.


He leaned on the railing, moved slowly and cautiously, for fear of tripping or incorrectly mobilising any muscle, causing him to roll down the stairs.


Marshal Kevin saw him moving like this.


Marshal Kevin had a guess about the identity of the teenager who appeared in Ji Xiuyun’s house and walked out of Ji Xiuyun’s room.


— This is probably one of the cloned bodies rescued by Ji Xiuyun from Ladder One of the Scientific Research Department.


Since these cloned bodies were created, they have not experienced anything other than being experimented on. They had no emotions, no memories, and nothing that a normal person should have.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Even when facing a stranger who suddenly entered through the window, there was no normal creature’s stress response when they encountered fright and crisis.


The young man walked slowly and quietly, as if everything around him had nothing to do with him.


And his walking posture was unfamiliar and difficult.


It felt like a sin was committed.


Marshal Kevin was silent for a long time before he recovered his voice.


He didn’t ask for the other party’s name, nor did he appear to be confused because of the other party’s existence, and he walked up to the young man as a matter of course.


He heard himself say, “Walking is not like this.”


Marshal Kevin swore that he has never spoken to anyone in such a gentle voice except for his wife.


Not even Ji Xiuyun.


Yue An was startled slightly, his beautiful sapphire eyes turned to him, and he couldn’t grasp how to control his facial muscles to express emotions, so he looked at Marshal Kevin with a blank face.


This empty expression was seen by Marshal Kevin again, and he couldn’t help but feel softer.


What a crime!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin thought again.


Yue An looked at Marshal Kevin, who suddenly started teaching him to walk like a child, and finally responded.


Marshal Kevin should have been called by Ji Xiuyun to teach him how to behave!


Thinking of this, Yue An immediately relaxed and followed Marshal Kevin to learn seriously.


Ji Xiuyun was inattentive for the second trial today.


The facts of the case had already been stated during the court session the day before and the evidence was fully shown. But today, the defendant’s lawyer took another passive posture of sabotage, just resisting symbolically.


Violating the regulations of the Interstellar Code. As long as the evidence was sufficient, no clever lawyer can successfully defend their people.


Because the binding force of that code is higher than the laws of any country in the interstellar world, and it is for all mankind, it is the most basic law of this era.


Even if Ji Xiuyun is absent-minded, the jury will truthfully carry out the charges.


As soon as the hammer was struck, the charge was settled.


In fact, Ji Xiuyun was absent-minded because he was actually thinking about how to teach Yue An.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An is different from normal human beings. He only needs to understand the way of life of contemporary humans.


His world outlook, outlook on life and values, Yue An already has set these standards for himself. The idea of Yue An being in human society was quite suitable.


Therefore, Yue An needed to learn to communicate and use the human body normally and it would be enough.


Especially in terms of communication, it was the absolute top priority.


Marshal Ji was very curious about what his cat was thinking about.


The curious Marshal Ji opened the shopping page on the way back and bought a few children’s education books.


The two legion commanders who watched their Marshal buy children’s education books with their own eyes were full of horror, and Marshal Ji, who was watched by them, was very openly and calmly reading it on the light-brain interface as if nothing had happened.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t expect anything. When he quickly finished reading the book and went home confidently, he saw the humanoid Yue An sitting face to face with Marshal Kevin as soon as he opened the door.


And Yue An was still expressionless and sternly shouted to his teacher, “Dad!”


Ji Xiuyun, “…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Standing at the door, Ji Xiuyun silently looked at Marshal Kevin, who was holding a children’s education book to teach Yue An pronunciation, and wanted to hit someone very much.


Marshal Kevin had completely abandoned his calm image that he showed to the outside world, and was smiling like a silly old father.


Marshal Ji walked into the living room blankly, staring silently at his teacher.


I have received your wish for a child.


Please go back and harass your wife.


Don’t treat our family’s Yue An like your child.


Ji Xiuyun raised his head and glanced at the window’s blind spot on the second floor, then turned back to stare at Marshal Kevin.


The window is over there, please go.


I will thank you.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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