The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 So Beautiful! So Obedient! Such A Big Child!

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Marshal Kevin has a bad habit he has never changed — he prefers to sit directly on the ground rather than a chair or sofa.


In addition to the stairs in Ji Xiuyun’s house, even the vacant guest rooms were covered with a thick, soft carpet, including the toilet.


Special material, no water and no dust accumulation, service life of more than 70 years.


This was made by Ji Xiuyun’s parents to prevent small accidents such as falls.


The result was that it not only prevented accidental falls, but also attracted a Marshal Kevin.


Marshal Kevin was sitting cross-legged on the soft carpet with Yue An, holding a children’s education book in his hand, and was demonstrating pronunciation to Yue An.


His tireless posture, his gentle tone and his standard demonstration would make people wonder if Marshal Kevin was replaced.


In fact, Marshal Kevin was also a bit distressed. The teenager in front of him was different from ordinary children.


Children will learn the surrounding sounds through instinctive imitation, so as to naturally acquire language skills.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But Yue An has no such imitative instinct — he is not a human being himself, and he does not know how to control human vocal words and tongue, and make sounds through the operation of these strange organs.


For the pronunciation of “dad” alone, Marshal Kevin has taught him for over forty minutes.


It was hard for Yue An to master the technique of vocal cord generation, and it took him another half an hour to teach him how to control the movement of his tongue and lips to speak standard human language.


More than an hour ago, Marshal had been teaching Yue An to walk, controlling his body muscle movements to ensure normal movement and walking.


This cloned body was nothing but a piece of paper in this regard. Apart from good physical fitness, it is not even comparable to a newborn human child in other aspects.


At least a child will cry at birth, make sounds, and have his own emotions, and then gradually grow into a perfect and independent individual.


But this cloned body does not possess these things, even if it is the instinct of any creature itself — maybe he once possessed it, but after a long period of darkness, this instinct was gradually forgotten by him.


Of course, why is he so persistent that this was a cloned body and not the lover of his student? On one hand, it is because the whole body of this beautiful boy is full of detachment and the feeling of “I am not a normal human.” On the other hand, he knows that Ji Xiuyun is not the type who knows how to hide a mistress.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In today’s world, for anyone claiming to know Ji Xiuyun best, if Marshal Kevin claimed to be second, no one would dare to claim to be the first.


How repellent Ji Xiuyun is to finding a bed partner, others didn’t know, but Marshal Kevin was quite clear about it as his teacher.


He is also very clear about the reason for rejection: Ji Xiuyun’s genes are special, and who knows what series of chain effects will happen when something happens to his bed partner.


After all, given Ji Xiuyun’s status and special gene level, there are always a lot of concerns about this kind of thing.


Marshal Kevin can fully understand his student. So this boy can never be the little lover raised by Ji Xiuyun at home.


The last time he came here, there was no such individual. After Ji Xiuyun rushed through the Scientific Research Department and came back, suddenly this person appeared. In all likelihood, it was one of the cloned bodies that was rescued.


In order to ensure the lives of these clones after being rescued, their information is absolutely confidential. Even at the level of Marshal Kevin, one must apply to the Ministry of Scientific Research and have a legitimate reason to get the information.


Therefore, Marshal Kevin has very good reasons to regard Yue An as a rescued cloned body. As for why Ji Xiuyun brought back a clone body, he is unclear, but he knows that if he didn’t have control over this matter, Ji Xiuyun would never let this person casually be near him, not to mention this person came out from his room.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin taught Yue An while wondering whether to do a genetic test, and if there was no problem, he would consider adopting him.


He even sent a message to his wife for advice.


Marshal Kevin didn’t mind that Yue An might not be human.


The human beings who had lost their home planet struggled to live for thousands of years, finally seizing a living space in the universe and being able to establish a political power.


After that, the entire interstellar world has become more and more peaceful. In these years of peace, it is not uncommon for humans to adopt children of other intelligent life.


There are also many cases where other intelligent beings were willing to adopt a human child.


— Ji Xiuyun’s stay in the Imperial Star was probably only these few months.


The re-developed design sketch of the Silver Blade had been released, and the empire’s top mecha-maker, the creator of the original Silver Blade once again personally designed and upgraded it.


After the sketch was out, and after showing it to Ji Xiuyun to make sure that there are no special changes required, he could basically approve it and start the detailed design and production of the parts.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun is willing to wander outside because he can treat his Marshal-class battleship as his home without any psychological obstacles.


He can, but others may not.


In order to maintain the awe of the surrounding galaxies and criminals in the universe for him, Ji Xiuyun has been sailing in the quiet and endless universe for many years.


Apart from briefly landing on planets when supplying or suppressing a rebellion, he and his army were hiding their tracks and searching for traces of interstellar pirates in various galaxies, chasing after this group of criminals.


This kind of life will take several years, and even most soldiers with strong psychological qualities will not be able to do it.


Therefore, Ji Xiuyun’s troops on the ship are rotated every six months.


When no accidents happen, every six months, soldiers who have experienced a long interstellar voyage will rotate with those in the garrison belonging to Ji Xiuyun’s regiment.


Including the commanders of the army under him, they will all sail and be in the garrison and rotate every six months.


Only Ji Xiuyun alone can stand the life of being in the spacecraft without landing for several years.


After all, this cloned body has just been rescued from the darkness. Due to various psychological and physiological considerations, long-term interstellar voyages are not appropriate. So Marshal Kevin felt that if he adopted this child at this time, the plan to teach him well is very feasible.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin looked up and glanced at Ji Xiuyun, who was standing next to him condescendingly, trying to drive him out with his eyes, stretched out his hand and dragged his student to sit down.


After Yue An learned how to speak, Marshal Kevin is no longer needed.


He can study the words in the children’s books slowly, but if someone corrects and teaches him, it will indeed be faster.


Just kidding, do you really think he doesn’t know that Marshal Kevin is taking advantage of him??


Yue An is the most witty kitten in the world!


Had it not been for the reason that he was taught to walk, Marshal Kevin would have long been beaten to death by the cat and forced to call him his father.


Yue An turned to look at Ji Xiuyun who was sitting down.


The other party was carrying the pastry that Yue An hadn’t eaten because of the beautiful accident yesterday, and he deliberately bought it again on the way back.


Yue An tilted his head slightly and reached out to Ji Xiuyun.


Marshal Ji now finally knows what it feels like when others can’t see the emotions on his face — because he can’t tell what Yue An is thinking of now.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But Yue An stretched out his hand and asked him for something. This was conveyed to him perfectly.


Marshal Ji gave the pastry box in his hand to Yue An. seeing that Yue An habitually wanted to put his paws directly on it, he immediately reached out and pressed on the fragile-looking hand, stuffing the cutlery beside him into his hand.


Yue An looked down at the fork in his hand, was at a loss for two seconds, clenched his hand into a fist and poked the fork into the pastry.


Marshal Ji stopped him again, and after teaching him how to hold the fork, he let him go and pushed the box in front of Yue An, so that no pastry would fall onto the carpet by accident because of his lack of skill


Yue An, “…”


Why do you humans need to do so much when you eat something? Isn’t it good to just put it in your mouth?


It turns out that humans are very particular about eating.


After Marshal Ji gave Yue An a serious correction, he turned his head to look at Marshal Kevin.


Although his face was expressionless, there was a meaning of “Why are you still not leaving” all over his body.


Marshal Kevin was shy when he discovered that someone was hiding in his house.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

With a very understanding face, he asked his student, “Did you name him?”


After hearing his words, Yue An gave a slight pause in the action of delivering the cakes to his mouth.


Ji Xiuyun still had a sullen face, and he couldn’t see any fluctuations at all.


Yue An took a bite of the pastry and turned to look at Ji Xiuyun.


Isn’t this the person you called to teach me how to behave?


Marshal Ji also raised his eyes to look at him, but could not receive the message from Yue An.


In fact, Ji Xiuyun was very hesitant to tell his teacher that this teenager was actually Yue An — after all, he accepted this matter quickly because he clearly knew the peculiarity of Yue An.


From the very beginning, he knew that Yue An was not an ordinary cat, so he was actually mental prepared for the surprises Yue An would show.


Although the matter of becoming human was completely beyond the scope of his heart’s preparation, after the stimulus, Ji Xiuyun had a mysterious calmness to the strange things that Yue An could do.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t speak.


Marshal Kevin thought that he didn’t give Yue An a name.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“That’s not okay, Xiuyun.” Marshal spoke earnestly and in front of Yue An, who was quietly eating pastries, he showed the gentleness that made Ji Xiuyun feel creeped out. “Although he is a clone, you should give him a name.”


Yue An choked on the pastry he was eating as soon as he heard this, turning his head and covering his mouth, his face flushed from the coughing, but the other hand was still holding the fork in his hand tightly, and the pastry was put back onto the plate very gently.


Because the taste of it was really good.


Ji Xiuyun wanted to pat Yue An on the back. But before he could move, his teacher moved.


Ji Xiuyun, “…”


This speed of reaction. This level of thoughtfulness!


No, it’s worthy to be Marshal Kevin who married the Flower of the Interstellar!


Ji Xiuyun made a face, got up, poured a glass of water and brought it over.


As soon as the water was brought over, Marshal Kevin took it and carefully fed Yue An a couple of mouthfuls. Then he gently patted the boy’s back with a look of coaxing a baby.


Ji Xiuyun, “…”


Aren’t you moving too fast?


You want to treat him as your child, have you asked me?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin spoke immediately.


“Xiuyun, it’s like this.” Marshal Kevin looked at him and breathed out slowly. Now the young man had a blush on his face. He retracted his hand and looked away very honestly. “You will only stay in the Imperial Star until the Silver Blade is fixed. After the reconstruction, it is not convenient to take him away. If you don’t mind, I want to adopt this child.”


Ji Xiuyun: …


Ji Xiuyun: ???


No, he is going to go with me.


You remove this thought.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t speak. He wanted to hear what Marshal Kevin thought.


He turned his head to look at Yue An, the boy’s white to almost transparent face was red because of the coughing and choking. The blush did not destroy the beauty of his face, but made him look more moving.


It’s like the Yinhong plum blossoms in the snow. It was clear and lingering, as if there was a deep and clear fragrance.


“Your mother and I have no plans to have children and the best childbearing age is about to pass.” Marshal Kevin said.


Ji Xiuyun knew about this.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In fact, the couple loved children. However, because both husband and wife are very busy at work, they never planned to have children.


Mrs Ellie’s career has been prosperous for many years. Although Marshal Kevin is stationed on the Imperial Star, he hasn’t gone anywhere easily. Recently, it’s also because Ji Xiuyun came back and caused troubles and attracted everyone’s attention, allowing him to have so much free time.


If there is not enough time to give children enough warmth and affection, the couple will not have children.


But this kind of grown-up cloned body is different. Marshal Kevin stayed with Yue An for a day, and he felt that Yue An was actually self-conscious, but he didn’t know how to express his emotions all the time.


After such a young man has the most basic ability to act, he can be raised by his side and taught a little bit by hand.


Just accept another student. No matter how much better than a baby doll, he also has enough time to accompany him.


“I found out that this child has very good physical fitness and has no identity.”


As long as people are not evil, they should also be grateful to those who saved him.


Marshal Kevin schemed in his heart, “Train him well, maybe he will become the second you. The only question is whether his mother is still alive.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun didn’t expect Marshal Kevin to have such a plan.


He felt that his teacher must have been dealing with the group of politicians for too long on the Imperial Star and was infected by the brain replenishment ability of the group of people, allowing his thoughts to be made until they broke through the sky.


This thing is just like a terminal illness, it is extremely contagious and there is no cure at all.


Ji Xiuyun turned his head and glanced at Yue An and asked, “Can you tell me?”


Marshal Kevin was startled.


He looked at Ji Xiuyun, then looked at Yue An.


Yue An finished all the cakes on the plate, and when Ji Xiuyun asked, he nodded very simply.


Yue An has no interest in the discussion between these two humans.


He even wanted to change back to being a cat licking his fur, or spreading out his belly to sleep for a while.


Ji Xiuyun turned to look at his teacher, and said calmly, “Teacher, this is Yue An.”


Marshal Kevin: …


Marshal Kevin: ???


Marshal Kevin felt incredulous.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Let me tell you that I have read books. Don’t take me for a fool!


Yue An glanced at Marshal Kevin, and under the other’s gaze, he turned back into that cute little hair ball thunderously, and shook his ears from under the pile of clothes, meowing softly at Marshal Kevin.


Marshal Kevin felt faint.


What about my child??


What about my child??


I taught for a day and thought about it and sent a message to my wife!


Wife said that if Ji Xiuyun agreed, she would agree!


Who would compensate me for the child??


So good-looking!


So obedient!


Such a big child!


Was just here!

How come you have become a cat!!!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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