The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 Feeling Hollowed Out

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


“A normal cat. How could it become a human being?”


Marshal Kevin held the cat and sighed.


He touched Yue An, and then sighed.


“Normal people. How did they become a cat?”


Yue An shook his tail lazily.




Marshal Kevin sighed heavily again, his handsome face full of vicissitudes.


Ji Xiuyun cleaned up the lunch box and threw it into the trash can, turning his head to look at his teacher.


“Are you going to have dinner here?” He asked.


Marshal Kevin shook his head.


He wants to go back to accompany his wife.


Ji Xiuyun looked at Marshal Kevin, who was silently touching Yue An, and ordered a bunch of spicy takeaways with a rare picky taste. After thinking for a while, he sat down opposite Marshal Kevin again.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin was a little silent. He touched the soft hair of the small hairball on his leg, and curled his fingers one after another in the snow white fur.


Yue An’s tail dangled leisurely, occasionally patting Marshal Kevin’s wrist lightly, making little sounds on him, and didn’t mind Marshal Kevin’s behaviour of messing up his fur.


The aura of loss on this person is almost visible to the naked eye. Yue An is a smart, considerate, gentle and kind-hearted kitten!


What’s wrong with touching my fur?


If you are not like Ji Xiuyun who touches him without saying anything, anything goes.


Marshal Kevin did not deliberately ask Ji Xiuyun why Yue An became a human being. He trusts his student very much. If his student doesn’t talk about this secret, he wouldn’t bother to ask.


“Teacher.” Ji Xiuyun sorted out his thoughts and said to his teacher, “I haven’t done genetic testing with Yue An’s human form.”


Marshal Kevin looked up at him, “Huh? Will it be different?”


“Maybe.” Ji Xiuyun couldn’t be too sure about this either.


It stands to reason that as long as it is the same individual, the results of the genetic testing should be the same.


But due to Yue An’s peculiarity, Marshal Ji was not sure about this matter at all.


It is necessary to give Yue An a reasonable and legal status.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Although Yue An can use Ji Xiuyun’s identity account to go out to consume or do other things in the form of a cat, his human form cannot be used in the same way as when he is a cat.


When ordinary people consume things, they must press their fingerprints to confirm that their fingerprint is consistent with the account identity.


In fact, Yue An also had to verify his identity for his consumption, but he can press his small paw prints instead of his fingerprints. This is a privilege given to the little guy by the information security department to tie the identity verification of Yue An and Ji Xiuyun together.


In fact, even without Marshal Kevin, Ji Xiuyun himself was prepared to ask Yue An for a human hair for genetic testing after obtaining Yue An’s consent.


If there is no problem, they could then use conventional methods to give Yue An a reasonable identity.


If the result of the test is not normal, then they would have to use an unconventional method. This is more troublesome, and they would owe favours to other people. Before the test, the specific situation is unknown.


Ji Xiuyun looked down at Marshal Kevin’s lap, looked at Yue An who had started to doze off and reached out to wake him up.


Dissatisfied, Yue An stretched out his two small paws and pressed them on Ji Xiuyun’s hand, “Meow!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji backhandedly touched Yue An’s paw pad gently, saying, “Yue An, your human form should also have a decent identity.”


Isn’t it possible to just show up in front of people wearing a camouflage brooch all the time?


There will always be accidents. Prevention is better than cure.


Yue An’s human form is so good-looking, and having an identity which cannot scare people away is not good.


Before Marshal Kevin spoke, Ji Xiuyun was still very worried about what kind of identity to arrange for Yue An.


Now that Marshal Kevin has offered, the answer becomes quite simple.


Yue An himself didn’t care at all about the identity of his human form. Regarding Ji Xiuyun’s statement, he just shook his tail and turned into a ball without reason.


Marshal Kevin was aware of his student’s intention, and raised his eyebrows.


Ji Xiuyun’s meaning can no longer be understood. This is to make it clear that he wanted to use his son’s identity to add a layer to Yue An’s identity.


Marshal Kevin was very helpless after being taken advantage of by his own student so openly.


“Shameless.” He scolded with a smile.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin had noticed that this stinky kid had been playing tactics outside for so many years, and his heart was dirty.


Ji Xiuyun looked upright.


But they said nothing. The most important thing is Yue An’s thoughts.


So Marshal Ji once again woke up Yue An, who didn’t care even a little about his human identity, asking him, “Are you willing to recognise teacher — Marshal Kevin as your nominal father?”


Yue An’s ears trembled, turning his head and looking at Marshal Kevin, who was looking down at him.


Marshal Kevin gave him a gentle smile.


Yue An is not interested in the tough Marshal Kevin, who is the same as Ji Xiuyun, tall and tough, with a tough guy style.


In Yue An’s eyes, they were very ugly.


But Yue An likes Mrs Ellie, who is beautiful and excellent in cooking.


It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have an identity. If he has an identity, there is also no harm.


Yue An’s brain didn’t think about it for more than two seconds, and he quickly succumbed to the temptation of Mrs Ellie, turning his head to “meow” at Ji Xiuyun.


This means that he agrees.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin held the cat happily, carried him in his arms and walked to the second floor, exiting the window very quickly, “Let’s go! Let’s see your mother!”


Yue An couldn’t forget Mrs Ellie’s craftsmanship, so he very cooperatively meowed.


Marshal Ji, who was so cleanly and quickly abandoned by his teacher and his own cat, was still in a blur.




Aren’t you burning the bridge after crossing the river too fast?


“Wait for the test results first.” He said.


Marshal Kevin thought for a while and also felt that it was right.


Then, he watched Ji Xiuyun carry Yue An into the house, preparing to cut two hairs from Yue An.


Marshal Kevin also prepared to follow, but was shut out by the “bang” of the door.


Marshal Kevin: …?


Wait, this is not right.


Why are you entering the house?


Also, shutting me outside??


Aren’t I your old father?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin’s thinking stagnated for two seconds, as if thinking of something, he turned his head and glanced at the full set of clothes on the sofa and suddenly returned to his senses.


Oh right, the meaning is that Yue An is not wearing clothes when he changes into his human form?


Marshal Kevin carefully recalled Yue An’s magnificent face.


All of them are intelligent life, Yue An has such a wonderful human form, if he is naked and placed in front of a normal person…


Marshal Kevin’s eyes suddenly became meaningful when he looked at the door of Ji Xiuyun’s room.


In the room, Ji Xiuyun looked at the teenager with his head poking out of the bed, leaned over and cut two hairs from his head, put them in a thin test tube, and educated his cat with a straight face.


“Don’t become human directly in front of others.”


Obviously, at the beginning, he knew how to pull a piece of cloth to cover himself, but how did he become so free afterwards.


Marshal Ji felt very distressed.


A teenager with short white hair shrank into the bed, and in the next second, he turned into a snow-white cat. He turned around and pointed his shaggy buttocks at Ji Xiuyun.


Regarding the enemy who didn’t let him experience Mrs Ellie’s cooking again, the cute little cat was as ruthless as the cold wind sweeping the fallen leaves, and even retracted his tail to press under himself, forming a perfect ball. No gap was left for the human on the side of the bed.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji resisted the urge to rub the hairball, turned around and handed the test tube in his hand to his teacher, and very ruthlessly ignored Marshal Kevin’s idea of trying to eavesdrop and once again activated his level 99 skill — the Stare of Coldness.


He abruptly stared at Marshal Kevin’s soaring desire for discovery.


“I’m going to the military science department tomorrow.” Marshal Kevin said, “Can you tell me about Yue An’s situation?”


Ji Xiuyun felt that this was not right.


But before he answered, Yue An in the room groaned directly.


Marshal Kevin took a peek at the hairball in the room, “He seems to be okay.”


Yue An turned his head, “Meow.”


Marshal Kevin left happily.


Ji Xiuyun: …


Marshal Ji was silent for two seconds, took his cat out of the room for takeaway, and waited for his cat to finish eating. Without hesitation, he took the cat and put the virtual helmet on him, entering the virtual training ground again. There was a faint shot in the air.


Yue An felt that his body was hollowed out.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

When he woke up the next day, there were little stars in front of his eyes.


After sending Ji Xiuyun out, Yue An ate the last 30 pieces of energy stones. Without hesitation, he stepped on his short legs and pulled out the magnetic card and transfer machine from the small drawer in Ji Xiuyun’s study, and took the cards that had been used in the black market and have transferred more than one billion yuan.


The cat took out a piece of clothing from the closet, walked briskly out of the door, and got in the red car that Ji Xiuyun never dries, which is only kept in the garage and only collects dust.


He turned into his human form in the car, put his clothes on and turned his hair and eyes black again. He stretched out his fingers which he was unaccustomed to, and slowly poked the panel to determine the address and driving route, and then confirmed it. Ji Xiuyun took the position of the hidden brooch before and pulled out a drawer from there.


However, there is nothing in the drawer of this car.


Yue An: …


What is going on?!


Yue An reached out and touched his face, a little worried.


Illusions will be seen through by machines, and to go to so many places to change the ideas of everyone would consume a lot of aura. 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He didn’t change his skin colour. Instead, he changed his eye and hair colour into a variety of colours. He couldn’t do anything about changing his face.


Being too handsome is also a sin.


It’s better to become invisible when you go shopping if you can’t change your face.


Yue An thought this way, muttering while rummaging through the contents of the car.


He practised a total of three sentences with Ji Xiuyun before going to buy energy stones. In terms of his learning progress after Yue An’s transformation, it is not particularly slow.


The internal area of the car is not small, enough for people to stand up and take two or three steps. In order to save space in the car for the activities of the people in the car, the hidden drawers and storage compartments are not too few.


Thanks to being able to walk around, Yue An fully recalled the walking skills Marshal Kevin taught him yesterday, and his awkward and stiff finger movements became much more flexible.


But this is of no use.


He had already arrived at the destination and the three sentences have not been practised enough and he still hadn’t found the hidden brooch.


Every place in the car where things can be placed is empty.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An thought for a while, and finally chose to use his invisibility technique, walking directly into the black market with his card.


The black market is not much different from when Yue An last visited.


The outermost streets are noisy, messy and full of blood.


Yue An is still a little uncomfortable with the human form’s hearing and perspective. He always feels that he would trip over his own feet in the next second, so he walked very slowly while hiding himself, carefully avoiding the oncoming human beings.


He walked towards the largest shop in the middle, and took a look at the things in the small and medium-sized shops around him along the way, and found that most of them sold minerals and mechanical parts that he did not recognise.


In the stalls that were randomly set up outside, fights can be seen almost everywhere.


Those who fought fiercely did not dare to affect the big shops next to the small stalls. In the streets where the shops were concentrated further in, it became less noisy and chaotic.


The inside of the big shop is different from the outside. There are not many people there. Compared with the noise outside, the guests there are very quiet.


They enter quietly, buy quietly and leave quietly.


Yue An touched his face, walked directly to the counter in the deepest place, in front of the person who had trade with Ji Xiuyun and lifted his invisibility spell.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An’s appearance was too abrupt, and the person behind the counter pulled out their weapon and aimed at him in a flash.


The people in the store quickly turned around, and they couldn’t move their sights away — even the person with the weapon was stunned for three full seconds before returning to his senses.


What kind of boy was this?


His figure was slender and delicate, and the clothes that clung to his body fully revealed his perfectly proportioned limbs and slender waist.


The skin on his wrists and neck outside was as white as if it was soaked in milk, and his black eyes were dull and smooth, but the tails of his eyes were slightly raised, revealing and agile cunning.


A face with such a pair of smart eyes, if only described as a treasure, seemed to be a kind of derogatory profanity.


The young man was standing in front of the counter at the deepest level, facing the terrifying gravity weapon with no change in his expression.


Under everyone’s gaze, the teenager opened his light-coloured thin lips slightly.


He asked, “Advanced energy stones, how many?”


His voice was soft and clear, probably because of his own pronunciation habit, his tail is slightly elongated, with a little nasal sounds, which made people who heard it feel a touch of coquetry.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The ending sound gently scratched the tip of the human heart, making people feel tingly from their scalp to their bones.


Yue An waited for a long time for the answer from the person in front of him. He raised his hand and pushed the weapon still held in the other person’s hand to the side. Accompanied by the sound of the wall cracking, asked again, “Advanced energy stones, how many are there?”


The person behind the counter looked at the young man in front of him, and then at the gravity weapon that had been steadily stuck into the wall and couldn’t be pulled off. He shuddered and immediately retracted his gaze.


The other guests watched this boy with the same reaction as him.


The man behind the counter took a deep breath and said, “The goods have just arrived, eight hundred pieces, guest.”


Eight hundred!


Enough for the cute little cat to break Ji Xiuyun’s teeth and nail it to the wall!


Yue An was so happy that he wanted to meow/


The joy was not evident on his face, but the peace in his eyes was gently stirred.


He paused, then asked, “Price?”


The man replied, “The current offer is 1.36 billion.”


Yue An’s sentence is very fluent now, “I’ll take them all, 1.2 billion.”


The shop fell into silence.




Was it that way?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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