The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 F***! Scared This Old Man To Death!

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Marshal Kevin felt that his student was fooling him.


Among other things, whose cat eats stones!


Didn’t he watch the live broadcast of this little hairball before?


“Anyone who has been to seventh grade knows that energy stones is the hardest ore in the universe.”


Marshal Kevin showed that he did not believe him.


Ji Xiuyun was not surprised that his teacher did not believe this at all.


He wouldn’t believe it if he hadn’t personally watched Yue An eat a lot.


Yue An looked at Marshal Kevin, stood up from Ji Xiuyun’s legs, jumped to the ground and shook.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at him, watching Yue An rush to the box containing the energy stones and immediately understood what Yue An wanted to do.


Marshal Kevin didn’t take Yue An’s actions to heart. For him, compared with the ancient earth creatures, he had a deeper relationship with the student in front of him and found him more worthy of attention.


He felt that his student must be in a big conspiracy!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

And it was a very dangerous plan.


No kidding, he bought more than 500 energy stones!!


Although more than 500 energy stones are really nothing to Ji Xiuyun, since he is not satisfied with the ones he had in reserve and bought them outside, then something must be wrong!


Others didn’t know, but he knew very well how high the production rate of the energy stone vein planet Ji Xiuyun was holding in his hands. He also knew that the final mined ore didn’t go to the empire and export trade. Where did it go?


Didn’t all of them flow into the legions under Ji Xiuyun’s hands!


Is it true that the title of “Army of the God of War” is so good to come by?


Otherwise, a lot of war experience and huge resources can be piled up!


Excluding Ji Xiuyun’s private warehouse, there are definitely two or three warehouses in the seven legions under his hand that are used to store energy stones!


With Ji Xiuyun’s reputation, he must be trying to rebel, not to mention even directly overturning the entire eighteenth large galaxy of the Hinters Empire. Taking advantage of the imperial response, directly overturning a galaxy and stabilising it is absolutely no problem for him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin knew that Ji Xiuyun was very dissatisfied with the fact that the empire’s political party guarded the scientific research department in a battle with him.


Both Ji Xiuyun and Marshal Kevin have both overtly and secretly attacked others.


In this situation, everyone knows each other well, but because of this, it is wrong to want to overthrow the peaceful rule and plunge the country into civil strife.


When Ji Xiuyun disappeared, the upper echelons of the empire were more anxious than the military department – infighting is one thing. It really hurts important people and that is a major event that is going to rise to the outside world.


This, they are all clearly distinguished.


Marshal Kevin also knew his student’s grievance over the years were directly reflected in his attitude that he always used “Marshal Kevin of the Imperial Shield to guard the Imperial Star” as an excuse and the way he resolutely refused to return to the Imperial Star except for very important things.


“If you are really angry but want to fight with people, the Free Army of the 18th galaxy has been making noise again recently. When your Silver Blade is rebuilt, you will go and chase them away.”


Marshal Kevin is polite.


“It’s not advisable to pull the country into chaos in vain.”


Ji Xiuyun: “…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

That’s really just cat food.


Ji Xiuyun swears that although he has opinions on the political side of the empire, he has never raised any thoughts that he shouldn’t have.


For so many years, he has only given the emperor face. It is not the old idea of loyalty to the emperor, but simply wants to protect himself and guard the peace of this country.


He was born here and grew up here to open up the frontiers of the empire to queel wars, only out of love for his homeland and inheritance of his parents’ will.


Ji Xiuyun’s parents were just civilians living in the border galaxy of the empire and they were childhood sweethears.


When they were young, they passed by a border friction. It was the young Marshal Kevin who arrived in time and blocked a gunshot that would have ended their lives.


After the incident ended, the two men resolutely joined the army. Unfortunately, relying on their own strength, they had not been able to leave the border planet to go to the core army of the Imperial Star for decades.


In the end, Ji Xiuyun, who had joined the army with his parnets at a younge age, was talented and was able to travel to the Imperial Star only after he had mixed up from a remote border planet with a rank sufficient to enter the core legion of the Imperial Star.


After that, his parents took Ji Xiuyun and joined the army under Marshal Kevin without hesitation.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

His parents’ genetic level and mental power level were not enough to enter the frontline troops of the core army of the empire and they were eventually included in the logistics.


Marshal Kevin went to inspect once and finally gave Ji Xiuyun’s parents the opportunity to see their benefactor and express their gratitude to him.


It was also like how after Ji Xiuyun ran out of the scientific research department, Marshal Kevin quickly rushed in and carried him back to his army in a resolute manner.


Marshal Kevin was very impressed with Ji Xiuyun’s parents.


Those were two young people who have extremely strong love and enthusiasm for everything in this world.


–At least in the impression of Marshal Kevin, within the thousands of people saved by him, only these two were like him and gritted their teeth and spent decades as a soldier, saving others.


The sacrifice of Ji Xiuyun’s parents also impressed Marhsal Kevin.


Until the end of their lives, these two young people who had only lived for over a hundred years are still trying their best to protect an orphanage in the war zone and ensuring that none of the children in the orphanage were fatally hurt.


Just as Marshal Kevin protected them, they also protected those children.


They said, “These innocent children are the last people who should die because of war.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The oldest kid in the orphanage at that time had now entered the legion where Ji Xiuyun was. He overwhelmed all his competitors at a young age and became the commander of the Seventh Legion of his benefactors’ only child.


Marshal Kevin once thought that the so-called heart of innocence was about this and the so-called inheritance is about the same.


It was the two young people who died for Marshal Kevin. It was Marshal Kevin who handed their ashes to Ji Xiuyun. It was Marshal Kevin who silently accompanied Ji Xiuyun, who had lost his parents, through the most difficult period of time.


This is why Ji Xiuyun has always maintained absolute trust in Marshal Kevin and also why Marshal Kevin has been waiting for Ji Xiuyun, who is extremely talented.


Marshal Kevin felt that the child who had been taught with all their heart and gratitude for the world to their deaths should be as sincere and passionate as his parents.


Ji Xiuyun lived up to his expectations. He willingly took on the will of his parents who sacrificed themselves for the country and he was proud of it.


But it seems that everyone who knows something feels that Ji Xiuyun has a bitter and deep hatred. He has experienced ups and downs when he was a child and his life experience is very painful.


Even Marshal Kevin felt that these experiences were too cruel for Ji Xiuyun.


It’s just that Ji Xiuyun never showed it, so he didn’t tell the truth and remained silent.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But it is absolutely impossible to go onto a crooked road because of this.


Marshal Kevin also hoped that after he died, when he met Ji Xiuyun’s parents, he would be able to say to them happily, “Your child is very good and he has not failed your expectations. He has become the light of hope for the empire!”


Now the light of hope looks like it is going to rebel!


How can that work!


Absolutely not!


Marshal Kevin looked at Ji Xiuyun expressionlessly, with a very soft tone and an earnest tone, “If you are really angry with those guys in the research department, tell the emperor. Even if he is embarrassed, he will definitely give you an explanation. After all, for so many years since he became emperor, you have given him enough face and he has to make a decision on everything he says.”


It’s just that if this is the case, the emperor’s attitude towards Ji Xiuyun and the military will definitely change.


For so many years since Ji Xiuyun was promoted Marshal, he has never made any request to the emperor. It was the emperor who gave him money, honor and status. Then he took the order to go out and conquer to quell the rebellion.


War is never a good thing.


But people’s ambitions are always increasing. Either you swallow me or I occupy you. Once your attitude is weak and your opponent is weak and deceived, you can send a team of men and horses to test the border in the next second.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In the end, you have to decide how you can calm down and develop your life well.


Ji Xiuyun listened to his teacher talking about life principles in a soft and gentle tone and finally chose to interrupt Marshal Kevin’s behaviour of giving him chicken soup for the soul.


“Teacher.” He said, “That’s really cat food.”


“Nonsense!” Marshal Kevin slapped the table, “I read the information. Whose cats eat rocks!”


Ji Xiuyun was silent for two seconds and said, “…mine.”


“Meow.” Yue An lightly pushed an energy stone and rolled it all the way to Marshal Kevin and sat in front of him, meowing at him.


Marshal Kevin lowered his head and looked at the little bun sitting on the fluffy carpet.


Yue An is really a very cute cat.


The snow-white fur is very long, making it look like a soft fluffy ball. The fur is smooth and shiny, like a ball of transparent snow under the sun, only the relatively sparsely furry ears show through the sunlight, with the pink colour of coming love.


When the pair of lingering cat eyes stared roundly at a person, they were so agile as if thye were acting like a baby at the person all the time, asking them to play with him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin’s heart suddenly softened into a pool of water.


Then he looked at the soft and fluffy hairball, which stretched out his claws to hold the energy stone, lowered his head and took a bite, leaving a small gap in the energy stone.


Marshal Kevin: …


Marshal Kevin: ???


…Wait a moment!


The old man was scared to death.


Ji Xiuyun reiterated, “It’s really cat food.”


Marshal Kevin watched Yue An lay down on the carpet, four paws holding the energy stone and licking and biting it, quickly eating a piece of energy stone that researchers had been entangled with for two hundred years. It looked like it was as easy as eating sugar.


Marshal Kevin was speechless.


Hold it.


It’s as if it’s a dream.


The doorbell rang from the takeaway robot interrupted Marshal Kevin’s shock.


The tall and majestic Ji Xiuyun went to open the door, blocking the robot’s detection head and did not reveal the slightest picture of the living room.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Then he pulled a dining car back.


Most of them are for Yue An.


To add, it is Ji Xiuyun’s own salary that is spent.


Ji Xiuyun put the dishes in the dining car on the table full of things and then looked at his teacher and cat.


Marshal Kevin, who had lived for more than two hundred years, met his student’s eyes, got up and sat at the table with milk, quickly getting used to his high level topic shifting skills.


“That’s great. I was worried about how to investigate this incident.” He said, “The little guy in the scientific research department came to me yesterday afternoon and said that the enemy’s enemy is a friend. He wanted me to cheat you and gave me a message with a sincere expression.”


Ji Xiuyun sat down for a while and turned his head to look at his teacher.


“He said to deliberately let me go…” Marshal Kevin paused, “to conquer the nineteenth galaxy of the empire.”


Ji Xiuyun frowned and his emotion rarely revealed themselves, “No!”


Marshal Kevin’s current physical fitness is not suitable for the front line, let alone to go to the frontline to conquer new territory.


How fierce the resistance to conquering a galaxy will be, no one has more say than Ji Xiuyun who has experienced it once.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“The Free Army of the eighteenth galaxy has not yet been comforted. If I go out, you must stay in the Imperial Star.” Marshal Kevin has no less sense of war than Ji Xiuyun. “The target galaxy borders the eighteenth galaxy. If I can’t stay in the eighteenth galaxy to suppress the Free Army, my rear cannot be protected.”


Ji Xiuyun pursed his lips, “They want you to die.”


“What they want is the people’s hatred of the target galaxy so that you can justifiably think that I am sending troops in the name of revenge.” Marshal Kevin grabbed a chopstick and didn’t seem to care much. “The people who take my place are all already. Think about it, but well… they must be scared now.”


Ji Xiuyun looked at his teacher’s indifferent appearance and his bows gradually relaxed.


“The kid from the scientific research department told me about the matter they discussed recently. There are people who are suspected to be from the military who bought energy stones on the black market in the imperial capital. What do you think they will think of?”


Marshal Kevin grinned, “They will definitely feel that when this order is issued, it is because I revolted.”


“The kid in the scientific research department who secretly leaked the news must have bad luck I tell you.”


Marshal Kevin ate happily. When he was happy, he patted his student on the shoulder, “Good job! Anyway, you don’t have to spend money on your indifferent nature. The balance in your salary card is piled up right? Keep buying! Don’t need to ask me!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun thought hard but still didn’t tell his teacher that Yue An is self-sufficient.


After all, Marshal Kevin’s salary card was completely handed over to his wife and he had to be a pitiful person who acted like a spoiled wife if he wanted pocket money.


To put it simply, Marshal Kevin still has a subtle hatred of the rich despite his huge salary and benefits.


If you let the teacher know Yue An’s ability to attract money, maybe he will sneak in in the middle of the night and take Yue An home for a few days of welfare.


You must know that Marshal Kevin once secretly bought a game and then took the game over to use Ji Xiuyun’s biological cabin.


The main reason is that Marshal Kevin is strong and handsome. His wife is very insecure. So she will not let Marshal Kevin play virtual games for fear that he will cheat one day.


Marshal Kevin loved his wife. So he secretly concealed it when he really wanted to play and ran to Ji Xiuyun’s house to play.


Ji Xiuyun has also seen the avatar of Marshal Kevin, a type of unshaven and sloppy homeless uncle who can basically make girls within ten meters of him walk around him once he stops in the virtual community.


Marshal Kevin stayed and chatted with Ji Xiuyun.


Ji Xiuyun occasionally responded and didn’t say anything to him – he really didn’t have much to talk about, but it felt warm when listening to the sweet and sour daily life between his teacher and his teacher’s wife.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An was very interested in the cup of milk that Marshal Kevin hadn’t drunk and wanted to know the different between milk in this era and milk on earth.


Although cats are lactose intolerant, he is a monster!


Yue An shook his tail and looked at the two humans next to the dining table. While Ji Xiuyun and Marshal Kevin were talking, he quietly stretched out his head to the cup while no one was paying attention to him.


When his little head was about to touch the wall of the cup, the cup of milk was removed with a large hand.


Yue An looked up and met Marshal Kevin’s smiling face.


“Want to drink this?” he asked.


Yue An acted like a baby and meowed.


Ji Xiuyun looked at his teacher, then at Yue An, stood up and walked into the kitchen.


No one paid attention to the remaining one person and cat.


Marshal Kevin looked at Yue An and Yue An looked at the milk.


Marshal Kevin said, “Then let me squeeze your paws.”


Yue An stretched out his left front paw.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin squeezed in satisfaction and then said, “Squeeze the right one too.”


Yue An retracted his left front paw and extended his right front paw.


Marshal Kevin squeezed again, “Let me rub your belly again.”


Yue An turned his head and meowed directly at Ji Xiuyun who came out of the kitchen with a glass of milk.


I now believe that you were taught by this person!


This evil taste is the same!


Simply brazen!


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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