The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 “Lie Well.”

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Originally, Marshal Kevin was just going to bring Yue An to the military headquarters to feel the atmosphere and play with the mecha by the way.


But after meeting Ji Xiuyun, it was different.


Marshal Kevin was very clear about Ji Xiuyun’s level.


To be honest, he can’t beat his student anymore and his physical fitness is inferior to Ji Xiuyun. With his strength problems and his decline, it is only natural that he can no longer compete with Ji Xiuyun.


It’s okay to practice Yue An’s movements in private on weekdays, but it is not fun to be taught and defeated in front of many people.


— Furthermore, two Marshals teaching a novice, this picture is a little too fanciful.


Ji Xiuyun also knows that it’s not right to embarrass his respected teacher in public.


But they have already agreed that Yue An will be taken by him to play with the mecha, so he can’t break his promise.


The difference between the mecha in the virtual environment and in real life is not small.


So the two ruthless Marshals turned around together to ask Yue An for his thoughts before eagerly leaving the military mecha training ground and running to a large high-end mecha training club in the capital city to take the opportunity to see if they could catch a big fish.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This big fish is naturally Prince Kells who they wanted to disturb.


After the explosion in the black market, all the clues that could point to him were cleaned up overnight, including some dirty money transactions, which were also cleaned up by him cleanly, leaving no trace behind.


When Marshal Kevin sent the little emperor and his secretary back to the palace, he told them to let them work as usual. Now that the government hasn’t shown any violent reaction after this week, it seems that the emperor has kept this secret well.


Although it is a bit extravagant for the two Marshals to come together, they are reluctant to let Yue An go alone. The appearance of the two Marshals together often means that the other party has to adopt a suitable attitude.


For example, as the boss, Prince Kells must come out himself to greet them.


In the private training room, Marshal Kevin is carrying a mecha suitable for novices.


Before coming, Ji Xiuyun specifically emphasised not to use the empathy mode, just the simple mecha for players.


After all, Yue An’s genetic level and metal power level were faked by them, and they just filled in a value that was superior to ordinary people but was considered moderate in the military, but once connected to the empathy mode, his level would go beyond even SS level. His mental power level will be fully exposed.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This kind of shell to protect the child that has not grown up yet is not uncommon in high-level circles.


It is indeed a very happy thing to be proud of your child’s excellence, but compared to the pride that a child’s excellence brings, it is more important to prevent them from being hurt by political opponents or someone else. So it is better to disguise it temporarily so that no one will know about it.


They are not ordinary families who need to use their excellent talents to open the door to their future. Too much publicity in this case is no good.


Ji Xiuyun looked at Marshal Kevin and Yue An who were picking their mecha, adjusted his expression and looked at the two people with a cold face.


Prince Kells was indeed extremely surprised by the two Marshals coming together.


He looked at the assistant who had come to report to him, and his blessed face was wrinkled.


“What are the two of them doing? Is there something that the military training ground can’t solve?”


The assistant paused and prompted, “Marshal Kevin brought his adopted son.”


The prince was taken aback and then suddenly realised. The mechas in the military are all mechas that can be used on the battlefield. They are indeed not suitable for beginners who are like a blank sheet of paper.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

That kind of military-standard mech, even if it is replaced with their empty shell for exercises, will often cause injuries, which is unfriendly to beginners.


Thinking about the relationship between Marshal Kevin and Ji Xiuyun, Prince Kells pondered for a moment, and probably guessed the reason for the two coming together.


Marshal Kevin definitely wanted to teach his adopted son to use mechas, and Ji Xiuyun would naturally want to take the opportunity to take a look and judge the level of the people who will fight him in the future.


“On the first day of adoption, he directly brought him to play with mecha. He’s a bit too anxious.”


Prince Kells said that, but still felt that something was wrong.


“What is the profile of the adopted son?”


The assistant replied, “Gene grade A. Mental power grade B.”


“Fake.” Prince Kells said directly without blinking his eyes, “Kevin, this old man, it is absolutely impossible to pick his children casually. He is old and experienced.”


When people are old, they will eagerly want to pass on some of their own things. This is one of the instincts of human beings as beings in nature.


Especially Kevin, who is very good, he will naturally choose excellent children more carefully.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Back then, he picked up a Ji Xiuyun, but Ji Xiuyun worked under him for more than 20 years. Then he became a Marshal in his early 70s. Although Ji Xiuyun has become a white-eyed wolf, it is undeniable that Kevin’s teaching is indeed powerful.”


Prince Kells stood up, the assistant put his coat on him in cooperation, and continued, “Now he picked up a kid who was written into his own household account book, how can he be worse than Ji Xiuyun?”


But that’s okay.


Back then, Ji Xiuyun and Kevin were so tacitly in sync with each other, and they were both upset by his concealed jab. A kid in his early twenties and thirties could be tricked with that little trick.


Don’t let him get close to Marshal Kevin, wait until he grows up, and then turn him to Ji Xiuyun.


In dealing with children, Prince, Kells, who played the little emperor between his hands, was very skilled.


But Ji Xiuyun and Marshal Kevin were also very proficient in playing with Prince Kells.


Marshal Kevin is teaching Yue An the most preliminary operations in the mecha cabin. There are two seats in the operation cabin of this beginner mecha, which is suitable for one-on-one teaching.


But Ji Xiuyun was keeping a cold face that didn’t look very beautiful, staring at the mecha unblinkingly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

When Prince Kells dragged his chubby body over, he saw such a scene.


He smiled so much that his face was wrinkled, and walked to Ji Xiuyun’s side, and said with emotion, “Kevin is a really good teacher.”


Marshal Ji didn’t even look at him.


Prince Kells had long been accustomed to his posture that he only softened his attitude when facing the emperor.


He doesn’t mind.


Anyway, what he meant was what the emperor meant. When Ji Xiuyun listened to the emperor, he just listened to him. He didn’t care whether he did it or not.


Prince Kells continued, “The Marshal of this era is much better than him. There are good seedlings, you should teach him.”


As soon as his voice fell, the mecha, which had not been moving in the field, suddenly raised his arm quickly and hit the place where they were standing, and an empty bomb blasted over his head behind him.


Ji Xiuyun was motionless, and the empty bomb filled with dust hit the wall one meter away from Prince Kells. The dust inside was overwhelming, and the prince’s face was also affected.


And this huge prince also perfectly blocked the dust for Ji Xiuyun, and only a little fell on his shoulders.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In the mecha cabin, Marshal Kevin laughed and patted Yue An on the shoulder, “Your head is good. If this is live ammunition, this person would have already died.”


It was Marshal Kevin’s intention to let Yue An aim at Kells, but even he didn’t expect that Yue An could directly use his hand skills after hearing the theory.




Going to the military academy is another legendary genius.


However, people with such talents throwing them into the military academy would waste their lives.


In the end, it is better to take them directly to the battlefield to see the ever-changing battle situation, and to directly learn from actual combat experience.


As Marshal Kevin thought, he opened the mecha component, jumped down, and said to Prince Kells, “No matter how good the old man is, he is many times better than you who can’t hide.”


Prince Kells wiped his face, his eyes fiery.


Pooh! Old thief Kells!


Ji Xiuyun finally took his gaze off the mecha, and also picked a beginner mecha, and drove the mecha to Yue An.


Marshal Kevin seemed a little unhappy, and he frowned slightly.



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Prince Kells grinned when he saw him like this.


Kevin was upset, so he was happy.


“Marshal Ji’s strength is undoubted. It is good for the child to be able to get his teaching.”


Nonsense, is this for you?


Marshal Kevin sat on the edge of the court, staring at the two mechas on the court, keeping his eyes on the court, as if to guard against Ji Xiuyun’s cruel attack on his child at any time.


“Let me say, you are too soft when teaching your child.” Prince Kells continued, “When Marshal Ji followed you, he went directly to the battlefield.”


Marshal Kevin frowned.


Why does this sound bad?


Do you still want my students to take people from me?


“The talent for military combat can only be quickly stimulated and mastered after trying in person.” Kells said so well, so that KEvin couldn’t help feeling that he deserved to earn money with his mouth. This is too much. It was as if he was his old friend for many years and was talking to him heartily.


However, in fact, the two of them can’t wait for each other to kill each other.


Yue An turned on the radio system of the mecha and listened clearly to the conversation over there.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun was briefly demonstrating how to operate the full body activities of the mecha. He raised his eyes and looked at the two relieved and absent-minded people, and told Yue An, “Leave them alone.”


Yue An turned his head back and looked at Ji Xiuyun in the communication window in the corner of the screen with beautiful blue eyes.


“There are a lot of political dramas.” Ji Xiuyun explained briefly, “Don’t worry about it.”


“Oh…” Yue An replied.


He was actually not very interested in mechas, and after the initial curiosity, he seemed very bored.


But after all, he was very strict in teaching him, Yue An turned his head and glanced at the two people who were fighting each other, and then he was ready to follow Ji Xiuyun’s explanation to manipulate the mecha.


In the next second, he heard another conversation coming from the other side.


“I think your child can only get adequate exercise under the hands of Marshal Ji.” Kells said, “It just so happened that His Majesty told me two days ago that he wanted to follow the example of the first emperor and set out in person. Even if you don’t participate in battle, he would hope to go to the front to take a look.”


Marshal Kevin and Ji Xiuyun had a meal together.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Will the little emperor want to go to the frontlines?


Does he have the guts?


Are you stupid?


Both Marshals looked at Prince Kells with eyes calling him foolish.


It doesn’t matter if the military doesn’t believe him.


As long as the little emperor nodded, they will still be ordered — of course, it was mainly Ji Xiuyun who would be next.


Prince Kells has also begun to grow old. He has not personally stood in the position that symbolises the highest authority in his entire life. As he ages, he can no longer control his desires.


“Kevin, your child is not much different from His Majesty in age. Keeping each other company is just right.” Prince Kells said slowly, “It’s better to wait until Marshal Ji goes out again, and take this child out by the way.”


Before he finished his words, the mecha on the field raised its arm again, and a shell was thrown out again.


Shut up!


Yue An was very angry.


Let me go means I will go?


What are you?


Have you ever seen a kitten going to the battlefield?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Follow Ji Xiuyun onto the battlefield!


Do you think he hasn’t been beaten bad enough?


Believe it or not, this cat will go to your house and pull your hair out tonight!


Ji Xiuyun stopped Yue An from wanting to continue.


In fact, Kells’ statement was very timely assistance for him and Marshal Kevin. Ji Xiuyun was definitely going to take Yue An out, and Marshal Kevin also felt that actual combat was the fastest way to improve — In addition to attaching a little emperor who should not appear.


It is impossible for them to take the little emperor along. In case something happens, the military cannot bear this blame.


Especially letting Yue An protect the little emperor.


What does that mean?


This means that should something happen to the little emperor, it is not Ji Xiuyun who will carry the blame, but Marshal Kevin, who is in the same household as Yue An.


This matter was obviously directed at Marshal Kevin, and it was not good for Ji Xiuyun to come forward directly.


He looked at Yue An. Althoug the boy’s expression was stern and expresionless, his beautiful blue eyes were full of discomfort.


“Unhappy?” Marshal Ji asked.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An nodded, “Yeah.”


Marshal Ji paused, recalled what Prince Kells just said, and then asked, “Unhappy to go to the battlefield with me?”


Yue An looked at Ji Xiuyun for a long time, and hummed then said, “No.”


Ji Xiuyun looked at him quietly, showing a respectful manner.


“I don’t want to fight anymore.” Yue An said, stretching out both arms, “I feel pain all over.”


It is different from the pain of mental wounds in the virtual training ground. In the virtual training ground, the pain is slightly slower than in reality, and it is faster to recover after the victor has been determined.


The soreness and fatigue caused by real life training is real and long.


His kitten has grown so big and hasn’t suffered this kind of pain and grievance yet.


If you don’t clearly feel the effect of Ji Xiuyun’s training method, that the other party was really trying to help him, Yue An will definitely scratch this person’s face.


“It hurts, I don’t want to fight anymore.” Yue An said again.


His tone was soft, with a small nasal sound, and he sounded aggrieved.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An’s aggrieved appearance didn’t allow him to gain anything. After all, Ji Xiuyun was a straight steel man who held him when he was cute and coquettish, totally unmoved.


But the coquettish accent that had been repeatedly ineffective in the past has worked unexpectedly this time.


… Although only by so much.


“Then rest for today.” Marshal Ji said, “Just today.”


Yue An was stunned for two seconds and after he recovered, he could not see any grievances immediately.


“Then I’m going out to play today!” He said enthusiastically, “And eat delicious food!”


“…” Marshal Ji, who was shocked by realising his routine, was silent for a while before nodding his head and agreeing.


Yue An took the opportunity and said, “I want you to accompany me.”


Marshal Ji had just wanted to refuse when he met Yue An’s bright eyes, causing him to swallow back his refusal.


If you want to go with him, just go with him.


Anyway, today’s fish has also taken the bait from Marshal Kevin.


In this case, Marshal Kevin is naturally the master, and Marshal Ji is responsible for secretly cooperating.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

And there is no need to continue practising training today, and it’s okay to go out and play with Yue An.


Ji Xiuyun thought about it carefully, and found that since returning to the imperial capital, he hadn’t taken his cat out to play seriously.


Marshal Ji pursed his lips and nodded, “Okay.”


Yue An’s entire face instantly became bright and lively.


You should pick a time to teach Yue An to control his expressions — he must look good when he smiles.


Marshal Ji thought this way, seemingly unaware that it was precisely because his expressions were too scarce that Yue An, who had been with him for a long time, couldn’t make expressions.


Today is the happiest day for Yue An since he came to Hinters.


One reason was because Ji Xiuyun’s extreme practical training was briefly separated from him. The other reason was that it was Ji Xiuyun who accompanied him out to play.


Although both of them were disguised, Yue An was also very happy.


He used to watch other cat owners who were willing to buy a space backpack to carry their cats around the world. He felt envious, but unfortunately, he stayed far away from human beings after he gained his aura.


Now that he had finally found a second owner, the other part has never had time to accompany him out to play, making Yue An always feel that it was a little regretful.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Now Ji Xiuyun finally accompanied him to go out, Yue An is very happy.


He is willing to accompany him to go out to play today, that is the distance to travel around the world… no, it will be farther. They will travel around the universe!


Of course not too far!


Yue An was so happy that he jumped around when he walked.


When the sky was getting dark, the two returned home with the big and small bags they had bought — mainly small snacks that Yue An had bought.


Yue An, who was still very energetic before getting into the car, just walked in and lay on the sofa, like a salted fish on the spot.


“Go and wash first…” Ji Xiuyun’s words got stuck in his throat before he finished speaking.


Such images seem to have frequently appeared in this house.


After his father went shopping with his mother, he would always face his mother who had thrown herself on the sofa before even removing her makeup when they got home, and helplessly and tenderly persuaded her to take a bath first.


Marshal Ji stood at the door and was silent for a while. He put aside the mess of various snacks in his hand, closed the door and walked to the edge of the sofa and put the back of the sofa down.


Yue An took advantage of the situation and rolled directly to the middle of the sofa bed.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Get down.” Marshal Ji took off the camouflage cuffs from Yue An’s wrist and patted his head.


Yue An opened his eyes and looked at him, “Huh?”


“Isn’t it painful?” Marshal Ji also took off his camouflage and coat, “Come down, I will massage you.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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