The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 The adopted son of the Silver Blade and Marshal Kevin?

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Yue An never expected that Ji Xiuyun would have this skill. 


He took off his jacket with suspicion and lay down properly.


Ji Xiuyun’s techniques were all tested by him. With many years of experience in the battlefield, this kind of body aches caused by breaking through the limit or over-exercising is common for him.


It is impossible to have medical soldiers with him to deal with these problems when he is on the battlefield. In the early years when he was in the army on a remote country planet and his military rank was low, his parents taught him some basic maintenance knowledge.


So it is mostly learnt from Ji Xiuyun’s own massaging, slowly learning.


The technique of massaging muscles is relatively light.  Press on the areas of the body so that there is no place on the whole body that would hurt anymore. Lighter strength should be used.


Otherwise, if he hurt the little guy, maybe he will be hit by an angry paw.


This is the first time that Ji Xiuyun has massaged someone else.


The muscles on the teenager’s body are tight and smooth, probably because the human form is also like his cat form. Marshal Ji felt that the body temperature under his palm is much higher than the temperature of his palm, and he could clearly feel the slightly hot temperature through a layer of cloth.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun lowered his eyes, and carefully massaged Yue An.


Yue An hummed twice, turned his head and looked at Ji Xiuyun who was standing next to him. His beautiful blue eyes were slightly narrowed, and the delicate and magnificent face was full of contentment.


This makes the cat more comfortable than scratching his chin.


Yue An felt that he faintly understood why there were always cats in the clan who liked to turn into their human forms and stir up trouble in human society.


Probably because humans can always figure out such skills to make their lives more comfortable.


I really enjoy it.


Human beings.


Yue An buried his face in the soft sofa bed. He couldn’t help but arch his back, and the white hairs on his head were raised.


Ji Xiuyun’s expression was cold and calm, without moving, as if he hadn’t noticed Yue An’s movements at all. He just continued massaging solemnly.


Marshal Ji heard a strange grunt, but he didn’t expect that the strange grunt was not from the person, but from the cat.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun, who suddenly found his hands empty, was stunned for two seconds, watching the little mound that was bulging out from the pile of clothes.


The little mound rose and fell, soft and warm to the touch. His tail tip was still exposed, and had a shy look.


After all, a cat is a creature that can lie down whenever it wants and start to doze off as soon as its eyes are closed.


The tip of Yue An’s tail was moving around in the air. Going back and forth seemed to make it tired, so he just laid it down and fell asleep.


Marshal Ji withdrew his hand after a brief while hovering over him, and went upstairs to the study to have a night battle.


He still has a lot to do.


For example, certain confidential military affairs that must be handled by him.


Another example is Prince Kells, who insisted on his political struggle and did not want to give up.


The little emperor was awakened and got on Marsahl Kevin’s side very wittily. Ji Xiuyun also nodded, naturally to help with this matter.


It’s just that in this matter, the one who is really busy is Marshal Kevin, who is more familiar with the politics of the imperial capital.  Ji Xiuyun was only responsible for providing some support and viewpoint.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

And Marshal Kevin’s routine is very simple and rude. He is not afraid of Prince Kells knowing about his actions.


He began to visit those who had been playing politics all his life, moving them with emotions, knowing and reasoning. The theme was the same: Kells is trying to usurp the throne, so that he can hold all the power in his hands and he doesn’t even want to leave any power for the rest. Do you think he will leave you even a little bit of power if he succeeds in taking the throne?


These words are simply piercing the hearts of these people.


While Ji Xiuyun was sitting in the study dealing with military affairs, he occasionally went to see Marshal Kevin’s report on the battle situation. Marshal Kevin stayed up late to finish his work for a whole day before successfully returning home.


Marshal Ji cleared the desk, looked at the next day’s work schedule, got up and left the study.


When entering the bedroom, Ji Xiuyun paused slightly, turned his head and glanced at the cat wrapped in clothes and sleeping in a ball on the sofa bed in the living room downstairs.


His feet hovered between the corridor and the bedroom for a few seconds before he finally went downstairs, carefully picked up his cat and his clothes, and returned to his room.


As for the reason for doing this…


Ji Xiuyun thought for a long time, but only felt that it was because he was used to it.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He was used to having a little hairball snoring beside him when he slept.


And if he found himself still lying on the sofa when he woke up tomorrow, he would definitely be angry.


After Marshal Ji thought of this, he felt that the trouble in his heart was easily solved, and his whole person relaxed.


Even the ancient Earth people couldn’t resist the charm of cats, so it seemed that it was no big deal for him to keep lowering his bottom line.


Ji Xiuyun, who thought that it was nothing big, was slapped in the face the next day.


As we all know, it is actually not suitable to relax until one’s own cats, dogs or children have overcome their laziness or disgust and successfully developed good habits.


For example, Yue An didn’t like Ji Xiuyun’s practical training at all, but out of trust in Ji Xiuyun, even if he didn’t like it, he persisted with the training.


But the rest of yesterday made his hatred of practical training show up again. After tasting the sweetness of rest, he instinctively wanted to continue to be a salted fish.


The kitten lying on the bed hummed and turned over, waving his tail lazily, with a non-violent and uncooperative attitude.


Marshal Ji was silent for a while, and chose the third option between “seriously reason with the cat” and “drag the cat directly to the training room to have a fight”. He chose the third option: To incentivise his cat with rewards.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

What reward could he use to incentivise his cat?


Ji Xiuyun thought for a long time before tentatively saying, “If you are obedient and train, I will take you out to play.”


Yue An’s ears trembled. He turned over and sat up, looking up at Ji Xiuyun.






Ji Xiuyun paused, picked up his cat, stroked him and asked, “Would you like me to accompany you out?”


Yue An shook his tail, rubbed Ji Xiuyun’s palm and softly meowed.


Do cats… do they depend on humans so much?


Ji Xiuyun recalled the information on domestic cats, but in the end, it could only be attributed to the breed problem.


It is said that some breeds of cats are really good tempered and clingy.


Although he didn’t know if monsters could be included in this category.


But knowing the preferences of your own cat makes it easy to communicate, especially when this preference is only possible for him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun seemed to have rediscovered the value of his existence in front of Yue An.


Marshal Ji, who had recovered his feeling of self-worth, was full of energy, and he was even more energetic when he fought with the cat.


However, Yue An, who thought that he had made great progress, was beaten by Ji Xiuyun until he felt that he nearly died.


After the daily morning routine exercises, Marshal Ji, who was about to go out, stood at the door, looked back at the dying cat lying in the pile of clothes on the carpet, paused and called out to him.


Yue An grunted twice, sat up slowly and raised his eyes to look at him.


Ji Xiuyun looked at him skeptically and said, “Actually, you are very good.”


Yue An licked his paws, and said nothing to Ji Xiuyun.


Marshal Ji calmly massaged him, “If you don’t believe me, you can go to the virtual battlefield community for a walk.”


After saying this, Marshal Ji waved his hand and left without mentioning anything else. He didn’t state his purpose at all.


Yue An watched the door close, his ears trembled, and his two front paws stepped on the carpet. After being in a dilemma for a long time, he got up and took out the civilian helmet.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In fact, the media has paid much attention to whether the child adopted by Marshal Kevin would join the army or engage in art.


After receiving the baptism of Ji Xiuyun, the people of the Hinters Empire had no special expectations for the newly active generals on the battlefield who were expected to compete for the rank of Marshal.


Marshal Kevin was getting old. After he retires, naturally someone needs to be able to take his role.


Unfortunately, Marshal Kevin does not have his own descendants.


Originally, Marshal Kevin adopted a child, which was a very exciting good thing. After all, even if he was not his own, he would definitely become very good after one-on-one teaching from Marshal Kevin.


But Ji Xiuyun knew that Yue An was only willing to take a stroll around the interstellar with him.


To go for a stroll together, some places must be visited in his human form.


Therefore, Yue An must have a proper reason to stay with him — for example, his position of deputy was currently vacant and very suitable.


But the position of the deputy is not easy to get.


Naturally, having sufficient combat effectiveness was the first priority.


It is obviously unrealistic to send Yue An to the military academy. The fastest way to get ahead was naturally from another angle.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

For example, the battlefield area of the virtual community.


The media and the military are very concerned about the powerful newcomers who can stand firm in the battlefield of the virtual community or those who came out from nowhere.


For the media, whether it was someone who had emerged or won consecutive championships, it is enough for them to write an article.


The military is also concerned about this kind of people. Although most of them are talented students from the military academy who went over to gain reputation, it did not prevent them from occasionally picking up one or two defeats.


These are all good seedlings who have done adaptability training and can directly go to the battlefield after seeing blood.


This kind of talent is rare and it was great to pick up one or two occasionally.


Today, the people who were watching the battlefield area found that the familiar name on the rookie ranking that had occupied the first place for more than a month was kicked down by another rookie who suddenly appeared.


The ranking only showed the top ten. The ranking was based on a points system. The points were calculated according to the system’s battle rating. The points won by the winner were deducted from the points of the loser, and there is a negative point system for the battlefield.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

For battles, the scores obtained by the winners could be: 15 points for S level, 10 points for A level, 8 points for B level, 6 points for C level, and 5 points for D level.


The former champion, now in second place, had a total of 312 points and 32 battles.


None of the top ten ranked had below 300 points and the competition was fierce.


And the newcomer who suddenly landed in first place without warning, had a total of 315 points and 21 battles.


What did that mean?


— S Class wins!


Those who followed the list were confused.


Everyone knew that if there were no accidents, the top ten in the newcomer zone were basically taken to be the outstanding freshmen of the major military academies of this year. The competition between them is fierce. The previous newcomer who got first was also fighting very hard.


Two battles a day was very extreme for ordinary people. He persisted for a whole month and firmly kept his number one spot.


Suddenly someone flew up?


The bewildered people shuddered and started to open the newcomer rankings that only showed avatars and points.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The avatar of the newcomer on the leaderboard was the picture of the recently popular treasure of ancient Earth. Nowadays, eight out of ten people in the virtual community had similar avatars, which was not surprising.


Newcomers who were willing to enter the battlefield usually did not conceal their real names, and this high-profile newcomer certainly did not.


But after clicking on the information of the number one, everyone fell silent.


Because the ID of this newcomer was a cat’s claw.


It’s the cute cat’s claw that came with the new input method recently.




I’m afraid that this newcomer has lost his mind!


Those who followed this newcomer who fell from the sky soon discovered that this newcomer who may have lost his mind had completed 21 battles in just one morning. Not to mention, he immediately applied for an opponent for a 22nd match.


His record will be used by the system to match the people on the overall list.


In this case, the players and spectators who strayed into the battlefield area were also counted in.


Sure enough, the newcomer’s 22nd opponent was matched to the current tenth place in the overall list.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The tenth place was a senior student who was about to graduate from the Imperial Military Academy. It is said that three legions had extended an olive branch to him.


Countless people felt shaken. They paid the money and rushed into the battlefield room of the two without hesitation.


The players had not entered the arena, but the two tall mechas had been projected out as a warm-up, facing each other.


The one on the red side is the tenth place mecha that they were familiar with.


On the blue side, it was a mecha that all the people of the empire were very familiar with.


— Silver Blade, the exclusive mecha of Marshal Ji Xiuyun.


The Silver Blade is a mecha specially built for using the empathy mode.


If you want to use a similar mecha in the virtual community, there is only one possibility, and that is to know the values of the mecha, and then spend money to customise a similar one.


What does this mean!


This means that this newcomer who came suddenly had a great relationship with the Imperial Marshal Ji Xiuyun!


No wonder the avatar is Yue An!


No wonder even the ID was a cat’s claw!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The audience was boiling!


At the moment when the players entered the arena, the red-eyed spectators were so excited that they all looked in the direction of the blue player.


The people who had just boiled and exploded suddenly stopped for two seconds.










The adopted son of Silver Blade and Marshal Kevin?


What is this suffocating match?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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