The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 How Is It Different From What Was Said!

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


What is happening?


What is this collaboration?


What about the cat?


Is his relationship with Marshal Ji good enough to know the values of the Silver Blade and also use the cat head and cat paw as his ID? Shouldn’t it be the Marshal’s cat?


The audience was dumbfounded. They looked at the situation in the arena with some confusion and disappointment.


Although Marshal Kevin’s adopted son is indeed named Yue An, it doesn’t seem right…


The audience was a little disappointed.


Although the beautiful boy was good looking, the treasure of the ancient Earth excites them more.


This battlefield does not shield the images and sounds of the auditorium, only slightly lowered it.


The main reason is that the real battlefield is much more complicated than the situation in the auditorium. Taking into account all aspects if only the movement and sound of the auditorium can affect the person’s mood and spirit, such people should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An was also dumbfounded when seeing so many viewers.


There were no spectators at all in the twenty games he played before. Why did this one suddenly fill up?


The white-haired boy stood next to the tall mecha. After a few seconds, he received a huge dividend from ticket sales.


Yue An looked at the first payment on the new account under his own name, and instantly left the audience’s affairs at the back of his head.


What can make people feel happier than a small amount of money?




Yue An patted the mecha next to him, and the Silver Blade lowered its mecha arm, spread his palm and waited for him to get up.


“Wait a minute!” Yue An’s opponent called out to him.


Yue An was stunned. He turned his head to look at his opponent, and tilted his head slightly to show his confusion.


“I am a ninth grade student at the Imperial Military Academy.” His opponent introduced himself first, “Hello.”


Yue An nodded hesitantly. He was not comfortable with such a serious mutual greeting scene. This was the first time he had experienced such a thing.


“Hello.” After he finished speaking, he paused, and found that he did not have an identity to use to introduce himself. So he hesitated to say, “Yue An.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The conversation between the two people in the venue reached every audience member.


There is no expression on the face of the delicate-looking and slender teenager. But his hesitant attitude is fully shown and seen and heard by others. Some people interpreted it as arrogance, while others interpreted it as introversion.


But while there was a lot of discussion outside the court, neither of the two people on the court took it to heart.


No matter how people try to understand them, their opinions will not affect either of them.


The red opponent looked up at the mecha next to Yue An and asked directly, “Why do you have the data of Marshal Ji’s mecha?”


“I don’t.” Yue An said as he stood on the palm of the Silver Blade, “He did it himself.”


Those who were present heard this, and suddenly there were thousands of guesses.


“Why did Marshal Ji specially order a Silver Blade for Marshal Kevin’s adopted son?”


“Silver Blade requires a lot of mental power to use right? It is said that the Marshal almost never uses the Silver Blades manual operation system.”


“Yes, Marshal Ji has always used the empathy mode. After all, his physical fitness is comparable to that of the standard mecha, and his mental power is also close to S-level.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“So, Marshal Kevin’s adopted son’s mental power should be quite impressive?”


“It should be, but the information is all confidential and can’t be found.”


“Then check the record.”


The audience member who said that they wanted to check his records randomly checked it and was directly stunned by the battle record.


“He won all his S-level matches, and his longest match did not exceed ten minutes!”


“He won so easily, no wonder he can play twenty one games…”


“Fortunately, I didn’t meet such a great newcomer. I saw that his opponents were all newcomers with poor grades. However, he fought 21 battles in the morning, won them all, and directly reached the top of the newcomer rankings. This luck…”


“Where did Marshal Kevin pick up this monster? Didn’t his previous interview say that his qualifications are all mediocre?”


“Marshal Kevin can pick up children at will! People at their level say that they are mediocre, basically A-level and above, and there is absolutely no problem to get to the top three in the military academy.”


“Don’t force it, let’s start!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The audience carefully observed the movements of the Silver Blade, and were surprised to find that there was not the slightest stagnation in its movements.


Not only that, the bullets and artillery fired by the Silver Blade, and even some close combat skills were completely different from Marshal Kevin’s routine from the orthodox military academy.


The Silver Blade and its current operator, as a whole, revealed the skills of the unofficially trained like the imperial war god Ji Xiuyun.


— Savage, rough, treacherous, unorganised but clever and flexible.


Ji Xiuyun never attended a military academy, and only learned some military theory and fighting theory during his military marches.


Most of the skills he possesses are from years of experience on the battlefield.


How to incapacitate people.


How to completely control others and prevent them from struggling.


How to directly break a person’s neck.


How to paralyse people and make them fall into a coma.


For each method, Ji Xiuyun explained to Yue An in detail. The skills that cannot be experienced by Yue An in person have all been demonstrated through human models.


In the battlefield area today, Yue An tried all the big killing skills that Ji Xiuyun had demonstrated to him, but he had not personally experienced, and caused a heavy psychological shadow on his more than 20 opponents.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An killed all the way here, and finally kicked an iron plate.


This kind of distribution method of strong newcomers being matched to experienced general leaders, after so many years of history is called “killing power” by the people in the battlefield area, which makes sense.


Yue An’s physical fitness is indeed very strong, and his mental strength is also terribly powerful, but the time he used to learn human combat methods is still too short.


After more than an hour of intense fighting, Yue An gritted his teeth and blasted through the opponent’s cockpit without hesitation.


The Silver Blade’s cockpit was also cut across by the opponent.


The final result was a tie, and the combat rating is A.




Tie with the overall tenth place!!


The adopted son of Marshal Kevin gave the audience a big surprise.


Each of them screamed loudly, screaming Yue An’s name frantically.


But the owner of the name they called, stayed in the cockpit of the Silver Blade stupidly, looking at the battle rating panel in front of him in disbelief.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree



It turned out to be a tie??


Except for the few days when he was unfamiliar with fighting, he never lost to anyone other than Marshal Ji Xiuyun!


— Although it is in the form of a cat.


But his human form, whether it is physical quality or spiritual strength, he is not weak!


Actually drew a tie with someone from the military academy??


Yue An quit the virtual community, looked down at his hands, and suspected that everything was not real.


He finally understood why Ji Xiuyun was always worried about him, and always caught him to do various fighting skills exercises.


Because he can’t even defeat a military academy student in his human form!


Even if he didn’t use any spells or his cat form, he didn’t use them before either.


If he wanted to walk in human society, although his cat form is indeed very popular in this era, it also meant that others would pay attention to him wherever he goes. He felt that it was very addicting. But his whereabouts will always be known. This is not appropriate.


The risk is very high. If one day others find out that he is a nine-tailed cat, Ji Xiuyun wouldn’t be able to protect him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

So it’s easier to use his human form to do things — the fighting power of his human form should be able to keep up right?


It’s impossible for humans to beat his original form. If he really uses spells, don’t talk about Ji Xiuyun, even the entire country might not be able to protect him.


Also, using spells required energy stones.


Besides, if his usage of spells is exposed to others, Yue An feels that there is no need to think about who could protect him. Whoever protected him would die.


Humans’ fear of unknown forces can overcome their morals and conscience.


Yue An could run and hide, and the space in this universe is indeed very large. Yue An could find a barren star and wait until his ninth tail grew.


But so what?


He will always meet a human at the end and then fulfil their wish.


Yue An felt that he had to hold onto Ji Xiuyun no matter what, and after these twenty years, he could enjoy his time and become immortal.


Thinking of this result, Yue An turned his head and put on his helmet again, rushing into the battlefield again and immersing himself in battles.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Here, Yue An has attracted the attention of a lot of people in the virtual community, and the outside media was writing special articles about Marshal Kevin’s very talented adopted son.


Some people guessed that Yue An’s genetic level and mental power are both at A or even S.


Others guessed that two Marshals might reconcile and restore their friendship.


Finally, some people still guessed that Yue An was picked up by Marshal Kevin and cultivated specially for Ji Xiuyun — after all, regardless of the appearance or name of the adopted child, he looked like Ji Xiuyun’s cat, even exactly the same.


However, Marshal Kevin, who was interviewed by the Empire Central Radio, said with a calm face that his cub’s genetic level and mental power level was A and B respectively. Anyway, the data is at this level and cannot be higher.


The reason why he gave his child to Ji Xiuyun was because Ji Xiuyun was able to go to the battlefield and Yue An didn’t need to waste his time at the empire’s rear. And Ji Xiuyun was not the kind of person whose treatment of the next generation would be affected by the grudges in his generation. If he accepted people, he would do his best to teach them.


Calculating carefully, Ji Xiuyun also fought on the battlefield when he was in his early twenties. As the adopted son of Marshal Kevin, if Yue An really has amazing talents, he would be the best person to be sent directly to the battlefield to learn.


Ji Xiuyun narrowed his eyes slightly when he watched the big news that Yue An and his adoptive father made.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The two of them worked so well together. So motivated. Very good, he thought.


According to the rules of the military, when Yue An reaches the top ten in the general list, he will be able to become a military citizen without exception.


Marshal Ji’s inner abacus calculated, and when he returned home after a day’s work, he asked the orderly soldiers to buy a lot of food recommended on the Internet.


As soon as he entered the door, two nuts the size of fingernails hit him in the head without pain or itching. With one flick, they landed on the soft carpet.


Marshal Ji raised his head to look at the cat sitting on the sofa. At this time, he was staring at the bag of nuts on the short table in front of the sofa with a serious face, with a civilian helmet beside him.


Yue An put out a front paw. He pressed his soft paw pad against a nut, and the nut disappeared suddenly.


The next second, Marshal Ji felt a small object hit his head again. It slipped to the ground without any pain or itching. It was another nut.


It seems that Yue An is practicing some strange special talent again.


Ji Xiuyun put the things in his hand on the dining table and turned to ask his cat, “Do you want me to massage you again today?”


Yue An immediately retracted his paw and jumped onto the back of the sofa, “Meow!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji took a robe from the housekeeper and put it on the cat. In the next second, he saw the delicate-looking teenager poking his head out of the robe, hurriedly putting on the robe and tying his belt, lying directly on the sofa.


Ji Xiuyun felt that it was a little funny.


He put down the back of the sofa and asked casually, “What were you practising just now?”


Yue An thought about the pronunciation, and then said, “In the sleeve… that’s not right, cat space sleeve.”


“Huh?” Ji Xiuyun didn’t understand.


“It’s…” Yue An needed to use his brain to pronounce when speaking, so he sluggishly said with the ending unconsciously elongated, “Shrinking things and hiding them in my fur.”


Yue An had thoughts about practising it. He would fight with Ji Xiuyun in the morning, go to the virtual community during the day and practise using the spell for storing things in his sleeve at night. When the time comes, his human form would be stable when using it and he would be able to use this spell to carry hundreds of thousands of energy stones with him and he would feel more safe!


Although it is a pity that this spell had been failing because of the concept of “a cat without a sleeve can’t learn about the universe in their sleeve.”


Ji Xiuyun also guessed the name of the move that Yue An said.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He looked at Yue An who was lying on the sofa bed and asked, “Your cat form hides things in your fur, and your human form hides things in your sleeve?”


Yue An was taken aback when he heard these words. He suddenly turned over and sat up.


He raised his hand and looked at the human-shaped cuffs.




Don’t I have sleeves now! I don’t need to hide it in my fur!


Yue An patted his forehead and touched the sofa bed under his hand with his backhand. Under the two people’s attention, the sofa bed trembled, and the size of the surrounding area shrank by about an inch all around.


Yue An: …




How is it different from what I was told!


“It’s okay.” Ji Xiuyun directly knocked him down and lay down, “I’m not in a hurry for the time being.”


Yue An moved twice to adjust his posture and muttered, “For now?”


Ji Xiuyun paused for a moment, and then quickly recovered.


“Yeah.” Marshal Ji nodded slightly, “But if you can, I still hope that you can do better.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An turned his head and looked at Ji Xiuyun, with doubts in his blue eyes.


“I don’t want you to experience my past, Yue An.”


Ji Xiuyun lowered his eyes to meet Yue An’s gaze.


“You have to make progress faster than those who covet you.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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