The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 How Is It Different From What Was Said!

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Marshal Ji felt a bit distressed these days.


In fact, his cat has worked very hard recently, and his progress has also been very smooth. It stands to reason that there shouldn’t be any troubles.


But his distress does exist.


And this distress that came for his cat suddenly rose up.


The thing is this.


His cat is practising new skills recently.


This is good.


Nothing is wrong with this.


But Yue An caused a lot of accidents during the practice of his new skill.


Although Ji Xiuyun had already experienced a round of fright when he practised how to float, invisibility and getting larger and smaller before, this time was not much better.


Marshall Ji was sitting at the conference table and suddenly felt a heavy weight in his jacket pocket.


He paused slightly, calmly took out a few extra pieces of sweets from his pocket and put them on the table.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The several army commanders who stayed in the garrison were stunned, looking at Marshal Ji who suddenly took out the sweets.


“Continue.” Ji Xiuyun said, as if nothing had happened.


In fact, Ji Xiuyun didn’t quite understand why he practised the skill of storing things in his sleeves — no, it is the universe in his cat form.


Why do you practise this skill, which is said to shrink things and hide them in his fur, when there are accidents like small props for practice appearing randomly all over the room.


For example, when at home, some weird things often fall from the sky.


Or when sitting down on the sofa or bed, he’d be caught by something.


Or maybe just walking around the house and suddenly kicking something.


These things are mostly snacks that Yue An uses as practice props, or as small toys that Yue An grabs for practice.


When his cat practises, those that fall from the sky are mostly small nuts and snacks. When he is in human form, it is strange.


There are pens, books, cups, combs… Last night, he suddenly appeared in front of Ji Xiuyun without warning and hit the sofa cushion with a punch.


Of course, these are small issues that don’t have a big impact.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

What worries Marshal Ji is the skill practised by his cute little cat, which causes some strange things to fall from his body when he routinely does combat practice in the morning.


This is the case for his human form. It is similar for his cat form.


Ji Xiuyun couldn’t describe how he felt when he picked up his cat and fluffed his fur, and some small pieces of nuts and candy as well as artificial beast models would drop out.


Looking at Yue An’s own expression, he was also at a loss. Obviously, he didn’t expect that to happen.


This impact is too great! Marshal Ji thought.


It’s not just that there are always some weird things during morning exercise, and even Yue An can’t directly start without showing his small belly and meowing at him for rubs.


He now has to fluff his cat first to see if something would fall out from his body.


In fact, something will fall.


When his human form shakes his clothes, he can drop a bunch of weird things.


Fluffing his fur in his cat form can cause him to throw out a small box of snacks.


He’s obviously a cat, but he seems more like a cornucopia.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In fact, this is because when Yue An practises, some things may really shrink into the small space he opened in his sleeves or fur. Some shrunk and he didn’t know where they went and some simply disappeared completely and moved to a corner of the house in the next second.


No one knows which ones are really successful and which ones flew to the corners of the house.


This includes Yue An. He really didn’t know.


Because he has not had time to practise the technique of taking out hidden things. His reason for not practising this technique is that he doesn’t even know what he is hiding in his sleeves and fur.


The practice is not smooth, but Yue An is even more unwilling.


Today, Ji Xiuyun promised to take him out to play after he finished his work. For convenience, he simply took him to the army first.


He hasn’t practised his storage skill. So when Marshal Ji went for a meeting, he worked tirelessly to practise this very useful skill.


He is different from Ji Xiuyun who didn’t understand why this accident happened. Yue An knew why this happened.


Storing things in the sleeve is essentially a kind of space spell.


Simply put, it is to open a small space where you want to hide things, shrink the target item and then hide it in that small space.


This spell is a bit complicated. He has just started to practise, whether it is opening a small space, shrinking or transferring items, he has not been able to figure them out yet.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But he knows where things will go in the end. It has a very close relationship with the thoughts he has at that time.


For example, when he thinks of the bed, things will go to the bed. For example, when he thinks of a certain room, things will go to that room. When he thinks of Ji Xiuyun, things will appear anywhere no more than half a meter around Ji Xiuyun.


Therefore, he was not surprised that it would cause the target objects to fly around the house. After all, he was only familiar with a few places and could perfectly replicate the picture in his mind.


And because of his lack of skill, Yue An can’t consciously control the small space to be completely closed, so something will always come out from his body.


But this skill must be practised.


In the past, Yue An only needed to lazily lie on his belly to bask in the sun, but now it’s different.


He is now an interstellar heavyweight existence!


The beautiful cat coveted by hundreds of millions of humans!


Yue An felt that it was necessary for him to carry an arsenal and an energy stone warehouse — whether he was a human or a cat.


Now that Ji Xiuyun had listened to the report from the legion commander, he was about to speak when he felt something hefty in his pockets.


This feeling is too familiar.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji has become accustomed to this feeling.


In order to avoid another strange thing suddenly appearing in his pockets and making a bulge or even breaking the pocket, Marshal Ji reached out and touched the contents of his pocket, and then placed the pen that appeared suddenly on the table.


Then he continued looking like no accident had happened and calmly began to speak.


Yue An was practising in Marshal Ji’s office and found that things disappeared one after another, but did not appear elsewhere in this office, so he retracted his claws.


He had a guilty conscience.


Because he was full of thoughts about why Ji Xiuyun hadn’t come back yet, he could guess where the disappearing objects had gone.


It must have gone to Ji Xiuyun.


Yue An simply stopped practising.


He lay sideways on the desk, flicking his tail leisurely, his azure cat eyes looked around, and finally landed on the pen holder and water glass on the table.


The small paws of the cat were about to instinctively move.


He looked left and right with his pair of pointed cat ears standing upright. Without turning over and lying on his stomach, he crept in the direction of the water cup a little bit.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

As he moved forward, he stopped and listened to the movement.


The soundproofing effect of the office was very good. There were two guards standing outside the door, and a group of patrolmen would walk through the corridor every five minutes.


Yue An cautiously trudged to the side of the water glass with difficulty. He stretched out his fluffy claws and gently pushed the glass towards the edge of the tabletop.


The sound of the friction between the bottom of the glass and the tabletop seemed quite pleasing to Yue An’s ears.


His ears trembled and he looked up at the door before pushing the water glass off the table in one breath.


The floor was covered with a carpet, but it was not as thick as Ji Xiuyun’s home. The water glass did not break, but it made a loud noise.


Yue An’s little head protruded halfway out from the tabletop, staring down at the water glass that had fallen onto the ground and was rolling around, then glanced at the flat tabletop, feeling uncomfortable.


After a while, he turned his head and looked at the pen holder next to him, his claws stretched forward and he could no longer control his claws.


When Ji Xiuyun came back from his meeting, his cat had already swept all the things standing upright on the tabletop of the office onto the ground.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Fortunately, there were not many things on the tabletop and Yue An was sensible enough to leave the important files alone.


In the dozens of seconds required for Ji Xiuyun to come in from the door, he had already picked up all the things on the ground as he was used to cleaning up the mess made by Yue An.


Marshal Ji walked to the front of the desk and saw that his cat was lying on the chair with his four feet facing up, showing his belly and a virtual helmet covering him, showing that it was in operation.


It was a civilian helmet.


Obviously, Yue An had gone to the virtual community again to brush up on his presence.


It’s true.


Marshal Ji put all the pens in his hand into the pen holder, thinking.


A sense of accomplishment and vanity are both emotions that can inspire people to move forward.


Compared to the repetitive and mechanical practice of practising fighting skills and special skills, Yue An was obviously more enthusiastic about this activity where he can win or lose and climb the rankings.


These days, Yue An had not been modest at all and slaughtered his way up the rankings in the battlefield. Although he had not yet made it into the overall rankings, he was a rising star that has attracted much attention.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Looking at the media’s unrelenting reports and Marshal Kevin’s smile which was like a flower in recent days, one would know how dazzling Yue An’s recent performance was.


Even with Ji Xiuyun, who is the teacher of this new star, his reputation among the people has also risen to a new level.


Although Marshal Kevin still insisted on his child’s aptitude being mediocre, no one believed him.


The media has even begun to call Yue An the empire’s light of tomorrow and the beginning of the second Marshal Ji.


Marshal Ji pressed the notification button on the outside of the helmet. After realising that Yue An hadn’t quit immediately, he pulled out a chair again when he realised that he might be in a match in progress, sat down and read the meeting minutes again.


The theme of this meeting is about the demands of the political party.


They insisted on continuing their march to take down the galaxy with sufficient resources next to the eighteenth galaxy in one fell swoop.


Before Ji Xiuyun met Yue An, the little emperor, the political party to be precise, was ready to take another galaxy.


Their confidence comes from Ji Xiuyun’s success last time.


It took less than twenty years to defeat a galaxy. This is a rare glorious record in the entire human history of the entire universe.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Only those who have been studying Ji Xiuyun’s war cases through the detailed recordings can perceive the most fundamental reason why Ji Xiuyun was able to take down a galaxy by sweeping through with his army like that.


That is because the emperor at that time gave him absolute trust and support.


The emperor really put all his hopes and expectations on Ji Xiuyun. He would send everything Ji Xiuyun asked for.


Over the past ten years, Ji Xiuyun acted vigorously and resolutely. He just fired those in the army who could not be used. He also brought up a group of people who could really lead the soldiers. This kind of almost arrogant purging seemed like rebellion in the eyes of anyone in power. There is no difference, but Ji Xiuyun was not criticised.


At that time, even Marshal Kevin was fully mobilised, and he stayed in the Imperial Star for only one year, and at other times, he also fought on the front lines with Ji Xiuyun.


But the main battle commander at the time was Ji Xiuyun and the coordinator was Marshal Kevin.


However, the galaxies taken down at such a terrifying speed also had many hidden dangers. For example, the free army in the eighteenth galaxy is now becoming bigger due to large-scale epidemics and poverty caused by political inaction.


Therefore, all the military elites rejected their request.


The people below are not clear, can they still not calculate in their hearts?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In this case, if they continued to fight, it would not be a problem that could be solved by direct combat and they would be attacked by the enemy and even have their supply line cut off.


But for this matter, like every other matter, the political party sometimes pretended not to understand even if they did understand it. So the people in the military pretended not to hear it.


Fortunately, this is not something that one party could do once they wanted to do it. The military was determined not to move, and it is impossible for the government to get rid of them forcibly.


But even though it was not possible to conquer new galaxies, it was necessary to suppress the rebellion in the eighteenth galaxy.


The production of Silver Blade was already halfway through, and Yue An was ready to become a member of the military. Once he reached the top ten in the overall rankings, he could be directly placed in Marshal Ji’s legion.


There is not much time left for Ji Xiuyun to prepare.


In this case, all seven legion commanders under him had to be recruited, and perhaps two generals with good performance under Marshal Kevin were needed as well.


After getting an A-level victory battle assessment, Yue An stepped out of the virtual community. When he noticed that someone was looking at him, he jumped onto the desktop and saw the galaxy hologram floating on the desktop at a glance. The hologram was densely packed with intelligence information.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun was staring at the galaxy map and his hands kept moving, pulling down several information pages from time to time and constantly jotting down some important information on the panel.


Yue An didn’t bother him and squatted next to him obediently, without meowing, even his sound of breathing was lightened.


It was very rude to make noise when someone else was busy with something.


The quiet cat lay down, quietly looking at the brilliant starlight.


Marshal Ji certainly did not forget his promise to bring Yue An out to play.


Ji Xiuyun did not show much surprise for Yue An’s choice of being quiet and not disturbing him.


He always knew that Yue An was sensible with such small details. He was not like a cat who had been separated from human society for many years.


Every time at this time, he was so well-behaved that people couldn’t help but want to hold him in his arms and give him a hard rub.


After the first module was written and saved, Marshal Ji simply turned off the panel and turned to look at Yue An.


“How long did you practice your storage in your sleeve today?”


As soon as the creamy-white cat heard him say this, he knew what Ji Xiuyun was going to do.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An lifted both paws and straightened up. The thick hairs on his body were almost squeezed into small mushrooms, which looked like soft cotton balls.


Marshal Ji didn’t give him a high five in the end.


Ji Xiuyun picked up the cat.


Then shook him.


A lot of candies and small snacks and a few pens fell from the cat’s body. Finally, out fell a soft, super cute milk white doll.




It looked exactly the same as Yue An and even had a very similar feel to him.


Marshal Ji was familiar with this doll. This doll was based on the image of Yue An. he saw it when he was out some time ago and bought it and put it in his office.


Press it when he had nothing to do.


Yue An stretched out his paw and hugged the doll that was as big as him.


Then he raised his eyes to look at Ji Xiuyun.


Ji Xiuyun also looked down at him.


Yue An stared at him with his azure blue eyes innocently, opened his mouth and meowed at Ji Xiuyun with a coquettish voice.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji’s eyes wandered between the real cat and the doll twice, and his lips were slightly pursed.


“The doll.” Marshal Ji explained dryly, “It feels good.”




Yue An was stunned for two seconds, not understanding why Ji Xiuyun had to explain this.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t know why he wanted to say this either.


He felt embarrassed when he bought a doll and was caught by the subject on the spot.


Although it’s not quite right, it was not too bad.


Yue An came back to his senses, as if realising something, he jumped off Ji Xiuyun’s hand and began to open Ji Xiuyun’s desk drawers one by one.


Then in the second drawer from the top on the right, he saw a doll of the same size as the doll in his arms.


To be honest, the one that was shaken from Yue An was actually bought by Yue An yesterday.


Unexpectedly, Marshal Ji had also secretly bought one and he didn’t confess it himself.


Yue An sat in the drawer looking at the two dolls of the same model, and then looked up at Ji Xiuyun who had betrayed him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji, who was also aware of this, looked down at him without saying a word.


This scene was very embarrassing.


After ten seconds, Yue An was the first to recover.


In order to prevent one person and one cat from staring at each other, Yue An let out a soft “meow” to Ji Xiuyun.


He rubbed the two dolls, jumped onto the table, and stretched out his paw to Ji Xiuyun who was sitting in front of the table.


He had a real cat at home, yet he still bought a cat doll.


No one would believe it.


Yue An had never seen a shovel officer more stupid than this.


The creamy-white kitten put his meat pad on Marshal Ji’s face.


Let you pinch my small meat pad!


You’re welcome! I won’t charge you money!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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