The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 He Brought the Whole Person Into His Arms!

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For some reason, Marshal Ji brought Yue An and got him to do a few laps that day. As soon as he got home, he bought more than 20 cat dolls and put it all on the little bed.


Then he said to the dumbfounded Yue An, “I bought the dolls for you.”


Yue An shook his ears and his cat face looked at Ji Xiuyun in shock.


Are you sick?


Marshal Ji was a little puzzled by Yue An’s shock.


“I saw that you liked it very much.” He said.


He could still remember Yue An’s happy appearance of holding a doll in the office before rubbing his ears.




Yue An retracted his gaze, jumped onto the small bed and burrowed into the pile of dolls.


When he woke up, Marshal Ji found that there were more cat dolls on his bed.


In total, there were more than twenty cat dolls.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An was lying on his side in a ball, holding a doll. The tails of the cat and dolls were naughtily stuck into Ji Xiuyun’s pyjamas.


Marshal Ji moved gently and carefully to sit up, gather a few piles of fluff, and then placed them next to Yue An and stepped lightly to the bathroom.


The five senses of Yue An’s cat form were very sensitive. After sufficient exercise and adaptation recently, his perception of the outside world in his human form has also gradually become better.


Ji Xiuyun also knew that when he woke up, Yue An must have been woken up, but Yue An belonged to the type that would want to close his eyes for a few more minutes after waking up.


So in these short few minutes, Ji Xiuyun would not bother him.


Yue An stretched out his four claws, reached out and hugged the doll next to him, rubbed the doll, which touch was very similar to his hair, hard, then turned over and walked to the bathroom on his short legs.


Ji Xiuyun has become more and more busy recently. After his previous period of being a salted fish, his work has overwhelmed him like a mountain.


Sometimes, there was no time for routine morning exercises before he headed straight out.


For example, this was the case today.


Before Ji Xiuyun said that he would accompany him out to play, he deliberately spent several nights working to spare a long time to accompany him like yesterday.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An persuaded him to let him go to rest. He was also casually patted on his head before Ji Xiuyun left.


He was so busy that Yue An never mentioned to Ji Xiuyun that he wanted to go out to play with him.


— What a mere Hinters Star!


After that, they are going to explore the universe!


At that time, together with Ji Xiuyun, the world would be big, you can find special food after the battle, catch interstellar pirates in space and catch some weird cosmic creatures when you land on a barren star.


When the time comes, catch those creatures and let Ji Xiuyun roast them to eat.


Isn’t it a delight to even roast one and throw one extravagantly?


Yue An dangled his tail and set Ji Xiuyun out as usual.


Fortunately, Marshal Ji now doesn’t have to worry that he would continue being a salted fish when he is not at home.


Because Yue An has developed a good habit of exercising, he would go to the virtual community to battle a few times every day.


The milky white cat sat at the door, watching Ji Xiuyun leave with a few army commanders. After calculating the gap between the points in his virtual community and the last place in the overall list, he decided to play a few games today and save time to find Mrs Ellie to stay with him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Even after Yue An was adopted by Marshal Kevin and his wife, they didn’t meet much.


Yue An felt that since he had taken such a big advantage of them, not to mention needing to fulfil his responsibilities as a son. He had to at least be able to bring that beautiful lady something worth of joy.


Yue An didn’t know that Mrs Ellie was already very happy because of his existence.


After all, Yue An is now a rising star that has attracted much attention.


His adoptive father is Marshal Kevin and his teacher is Marshal Ji Xiuyun. His mecha in the virtual community is the Silver Blade, and his operation is smooth and pleasing to the eye, basically a target for attention.


These days, not only was Marshal Kevin floating with joy, even Mrs Ellie, who had always been graceful and elegant, always had a gentle and proud look.


But if Yue An could go and accompany them, it would be better.


There were several wives of military officers in Mrs Ellie’s house today. All of them were people from the same side. They all had a broad and cheerful vision.


Yue An came at this time.


Holding a big box.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin gave Yue An permission to enter and leave his home after obtaining his credentials. At this moment, Yue An opened the door directly.


The ladies in the room were taken aback, and Mrs Ellie was also slightly taken aback.


Yue An also stayed for two seconds, his eyes swept over the elegant and noble ladies in the living room, and finally fell on Mrs Ellie. After two seconds, his lips were pursued and his voice was like a mosquito buzzing, “Mother.”


The sound was so low that none of the ladies sitting in the living room heard it.


As he calmed down, his voice rose a little, “Mother, mother! Good afternoon, ladies!”


Then, under the gaze of the ladies, he was stunned for another second, and whispered, “I’m back…”


Mrs Ellie, who was called mother for the first time was stunned for a few seconds, and a very charming smile suddenly bloomed on her beautiful face.


She stood up and took out the indoor shoes prepared for Yue An early in the morning from the cabinet.


“What did you bring?” She asked softly.


Yue An put on his shoes and walked in, and replied, “Some small games.”


After speaking, he added in a low voice, “From ancient Earth.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Mrs Ellie was stunned.


Several other ladies also looked over curiously.


Yue An brought a large box.


In the box, Yue An put the items that he had spent a whole morning making — buying paper cards, physically printing papers and slowly researching the tools.


What kind of monopoly, playing cards, flying chess, werewolf, chinese chess, and so on.


There is still a part of it that hadn’t been finished, but they could still play with a part of it first.


Yue An couldn’t figure out the more high-end games. These were all games he played through the Internet before. Now he still clearly remembered the rules and card faces, so they were all drawn out one by one, and the rules were clearly written on a panel.


Human hands and technology are indeed much more flexible and convenient than cat paws. Yue An, who had made five or six games all morning, had to admit this.


“These are playing cards.”


Yue An took out the playing cards and slowly and accurately controlled his pronunciation, adjusting the recording panel and placing it on the table. It had recordings of the playing methods and rules of the playing cards he once played.


“There are many ways to play with cards.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After Yue An finished speaking, he took out the Monopoly and flying chess, and continued to show the matching rules on the panels.


The several ladies had a good impression of this young man who was stirring up trouble in the virtual community. Hearing what he said, they all took a copy of the rules and looked at it.


Yue An took out all the games that he had finished.


Then he attentively read the rules, and watched the ladies who were looking at the props following the rules, holding the tools and materials from the box, found a small corner and continued making the game pieces.


His checkers game was still three pieces short of completion.


When he made these gadgets, Yue An thought very hard before he finally thought of this.


He wanted to bring some good memories to Mrs Ellie, but is not very clear about what brought humans good memories.


For Yue An, being saved by the first human girl was a very fond memory.


When he was first enlightened and picked up by his seniors, the years spent with his clan also had very warm memories. 


Being able to meet Ji Xiuyun, although it was not very good at the beginning, but now it made Yue An feel very happy when he thought about it.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An felt that his luck was very good, and that he had never encountered bad people.


This also made Yue An feel very happy.


But for human beings, the beautiful things that made them remember deeply should not be able to be achieved so easily.


So Yue An had to retreat and choose some forms of entertainment that he still remembered, but since there was no one playing it now, he had to teach it to Mrs Ellie.


Let alone whether it was beautiful or not, these entertainment games can always bring happiness to people.


He took the title of their son. It was a matter of course to please others.


“Yue An, come here.” Mrs Ellie waved to him with a plate of snacks in her hand.


Yue An put down the checker pieces in his hand, ran over, took the plate, and agreed with Mrs Ellie’s plan to play in this live broadcast.


— Before the live broadcast, in order to prevent these games from being directly registered for product patents like mahjong, Mrs Ellie also deliberately went to open a patent account in Yue An’s name and stuffed these games as games from ancient times in the patent application for the intangible cultural heritage of Earth.


The live broadcast is purely to spread the entertainment culture of ancient Earth.


Because Mrs Ellie is still an ambassador for ancient Earth culture.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The various cards made by Yue An are very cute. The main thing that is cute is the cat’s paw print on the back of the card.


The ladies happily started playing cards according to the rules, and Yue An sat with his big box on the side and concentrated on making other toys, occasionally raising his head to correct their mistakes.


In Mrs Ellie’s live broadcast room, the audience all expressed their wonder that he didn’t go to see the fighters on the battlefield that day. Turns out he was staying at home to accompany his mother.


He was like a big dried sponge, falling into the group of excellent, orthodox-educated military academics, madly absorbing the knowledge they revealed, and instinctively using the skills copied from others to arm himself more securely.


His learning speed was terrifying and his progress was visible to the naked eye, and even laymen could see this.


With such amazing combat intuition and talent, it is no wonder that the media would praise him as a genius, saying that he would become the second Marshal Ji of the empire.


Even the group of top ten students who took the top ten in the overall list were acting like they were fired up. They went to the virtual community every day, feeling very worried that they would be kicked off the overall list as soon as they woke up.


But their enthusiasm was not useful at all.


Yue An went to accompany Mrs Ellie regularly in the morning. In the afternoon, he would go to the virtual community. In the evening, he cooperated with Ji Xiuyun for practical training or rest.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

One month later, the ID of the cat’s claw climbed to the top very steadily.


The media went crazy the entire day.


Every time Marshal Kevin appeared in front of the public, the smile on his face looked like a blooming flower, and even the photos of Mrs Ellie recently made her look like she had returned to her youthful period with great vigour and satisfaction that almost drowned the people who were addicted to beauty.


This is probably the reason why people felt refreshed on happy occasions.


Both Marshal Kevin and his wife were very happy, as if they became sixty years younger.


The opposite of this couple is Marshal Ji, who has recently been working like a dog.


How do you want to fight?


He needed money, soldiers, supplies and logistics.


It is impossible for all of these to be issued by the military right?


Then he would have to ask the country.


The two Marshals and legion commanders who were still in the imperial capital were all active. They were arguing in the dark with the logistics department of the Ministry of Finance and the top political leaders. They argued all day long and wanted to beat up the other party when they were anxious. Looking at those mentally retarded people, going to beat them up would be just nice.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin was a little better without the pressure of needing to go to the army. Marshal Ji, who was under pressure to dispatch troops, was too exhausted.


And this is a simple operation after Marshal Kevin took the lead in drawing the support of most of the top political parties.


“The vanguard has already set off, and the main army will leave the Imperial Star in three weeks. The money and materials I requested must be allocated in large amounts.”


After Ji Xiuyun finished speaking, he glanced over Prince Kells and his eyes finally fell on the little emperor.


“Your Majesty, what is your answer?”


The little emperor shrank his neck in fright by his sullen expression, and when he wanted to speak up, he was interrupted by Prince Kells.


“Look at what Marshal Ji said, His Majesty will also follow you, so naturally you should be given a lot of resources.”


Ji Xiuyun looked at him unexpectedly. The consequences of lack of sleep and anger was that the look in his eyes was like a ghost crawling out of the abyss, full of murderous aura and blood; like a sharp knife, it pierced straight into the chest of the person being watched and aggravated the sense of fear.


Prince Kells shivered, and his face suddenly turned pale.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The little emperor seemed to be startled by Kells’ speech. He suddenly raised his head and retorted, “When did I say that I would follow him!”


Kells was interrupted in this way, and after moving his line of sight, he instantly recovered his state and his fat body trembled, “You said it, Your Majesty.”


“I remember that Uncle Kells clearly said that you wanted to go.” The little emperor raised his head, and the scepter in his hand banged on the ground. “Uncle, are you old and mentally disordered?”


“Nonsense!” Prince Kells retorted loudly.


Mental disorder is almost like a disease that contemporary people who have excessively engaged in mental work would suffer from in their later years.


The initial manifestation is memory confusion, and then hallucinations. In the end, their mental power level would plummet below the normal level, and they would not even be able to connect to the start network until their brain completely stopped functioning and they died.


This is a kind of senile disorder. If you are sick, you can basically let go of what you are doing and the person could prepare for their funeral to happen soon.


Prince Kells had no expectation that the little emperor, who had been under his control, would actually refute him. At the moment, he did not care about the little emperor’s face and criticised and reprimanded him in public.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The little emperor was scolded by him until his eyes turned red, as if he was about to cry in the next second.


The two Marshals, Ji Xiuyun and Kevin, were bored within half a minute. Marshal Kevin simply said, “Then just ask the doctor to check it. If you are really sick, you are not suitable to be here anymore.”


As soon as he spoke, the whole conference hall fell silent.


During this period of time, Marshal Kevin had been so active that when he finished speaking, no one in the entire conference hall was able to refute him.


Marshal Kevin waved his hand and let the doctor outside come in directly.


With simple and neat actions, the “doctors” swiftly suppressed Kells’ movements, and their actions told all the people in the conference hall that this was an extremely sudden and unscrupulous cleanup operation.


And it may have been done following the instructions of the young emperor who was now sitting on the main seat and had grown up.


Because he didn’t seem surprised at all even though he was only crying a moment ago.


But apart from realising that the party who was struggling and shouting was wrong, no one in the entire conference hall spoke out.


Soon, the political parties also lost their opportunity to speak out.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The whole conference hall was so silent, that you could even hear a pin drop.


The little emperor looked very calm other than the fact that his eyes were still a little red. Most of the people in the room already knew it, and the remaining small group of people who had not had time to take sides or took the wrong side naturally remained silent.


Ji Xiuyun tapped on the desk lightly, breaking the silence, “My military expenses.”


In order to paralyse the prince and prevent him from noticing that something was wrong, they left the Imperial Star for refuge. Marshal Ji had been following the procedures in a proper manner for such a long time, he really suffered a lot.


He just wanted to go back now, to hold his cat, smell him, rub his belly and little head.


The little emperor’s eyes were still moist, but he reluctantly held the posture that an emperor should have.


Without hesitation, he picked up the seal, stamped the document in front of him and stamped the transfer book of the Energy Planet Mineral Vein below.


The little emperor felt that it was very painful. He sniffed and said, “I approve of it!”


Ji Xiuyun felt no pity, took the two documents, turned around and left.


This time, it took a long time to argue, and it was already dark when Marshal Ji walked out of the conference hall.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But Marshal Ji still checked the nearby restaurants with high rating, and bought some food for Yue An on the way home.


Tomorrow, Mrs Ellie would be going to the film and television planet for closed shooting. Today, she made a sumptuous dinner.


But it was a pity that only she and Yue An were eating together.


Yue An was quite supportive. Except for a few dishes he left for Marshal Kevin and Ji Xiuyun, he happily cleaned up the rest of the dishes on the table. His mouth was as sweet as honey, so much that Mrs Ellie never stopped smiling.


“I’ll take these back to Ji Xiuyun!” Yue An watched the housework robot tidy up the dishes, and put the portion reserved for Ji Xiuyun into the food box by himself, and then kissed Mrs Ellie on her cheek and quickly ran back home.


Yue An got home with Ji Xiuyun.


Just a minute after Yue An turned on the hallway lights, Ji Xiuyun opened the door.


Yue An was still standing in the hallway. He turned his head and saw Ji Xiuyun come in, and raised the food box in his hand at him.




The youthful voice was full of vitality, and after the careful teaching of Mrs Ellie, the expression on his face was no longer so stiff.


With a beautiful, gripping smile, he leaned in front of Ji Xiuyun.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Mother Ellie’s loving dinner, surprise!”




Marshal Ji was silent for two seconds, put the food container in Yue An’s hands and the take out food container in his own hand on the low cabinet by the door, and then he hugged the boy in front of him involuntarily, gathering him into his arms.


It felt good to hug people even when they were not a cat.


Yue An’s figure was slender, but he felt firm when he was touched.


The white hair was as soft as his cat’s fair, and his body exuded a peaceful and good smell of milk. His body temperature was high, and he was warm like a little sun.


The exhausted Marshal Ji held the boy in his arms, nuzzling him.


Yue An grabbed the clothes around his waist, asking, “What’s the matter?”


Marshal Ji answered vaguely, “Tired.”


Yue An nodded after hearing this.


Could he not be tired?


Staying up all night to fight, going out early in the morning during the day, and coming back late at night.


The job content of being Marshal was certainly not easy, especially when this kind of expedition was imminent.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An recalled the way humans comforted each other, and reached out to hug the Marshal who was a little too tall for him to hug.


Then he patted his back comfortably.


Marshal Ji stopped his movements and looked down at the little white head in his arms.


Yue An looked up at him, with doubts in his beautiful blue eyes, “So tired?”




Ji Xiuyun let go and carried all the food boxes placed on the low cabinet into the dining room.


Yue An squeezed over and opened the take-out box with joy.


Looking at Yue An with a contented expression, Ji Xiuyun finally looked away.


The temperature of the boy’s body still remained between the palm and neck, and the delicate and gentle touch and slightly hot breath almost burned that piece of skin.


He could still remember the wonderful tenderness at the place where his back was gently patted.


“You don’t want to eat?” Yue An turned to look at Ji Xiuyun in a daze, and asked him.


“I’ll eat.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji picked up the tableware.


If it weren’t for a cat that would leave in twentieth years, that would be great.


Ji Xiuyun thought.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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