The Haunted Chapter 129 Nightmare

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Chapter 129 Nightmare

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Hearing Li Fengkai’s words and recalling the scene at that time, both Chi Yan and Wang Sheng were stunned. They were in a dilemma for a while.


They back tracked their steps even though they were reluctant to, back to the weird pool where they had managed to escape. As they moved forward, they didn’t know what was waiting for them and whether they could get out.


Wang Sheng was unable to be relieved from the panic and grief of losing Liu Yu. He stood still and used his flashlight to look for the road where they came from. He vaguely saw a wet figure dragging his heavy body and lurching towards them. As they looked at the figure, it turned out to be that “Cheng Tao”!


Chi Yan and Li Fengkai also saw that figure at the same time. Fear reflected in their eyes.


Not sparing a second to think, Wang Sheng yelled, “Go!” and ran forward first.


After running through two fork roads, they arrived in a relatively empty cave. Presuming that they had already dumped that thing, the three of them stopped to rest.


Chi Yan straightened up and saw Li Fengkai frowning, looking at the camera in his hand.


Chi Yan was not as professional as Li Fengkai and the others, but he could also see that the internal structure and rock walls of this cave were quite special. All the more Li Fengkai would not let it go. Before Cheng Tao and Liu Yu’s accident, he had been holding his camera and had taken many pictures of the walls.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Li Fengkai’s hands kept shaking. If it weren’t for a strap attached to the camera hanging around his neck, he might have dropped the camera to the ground.


Chi Yan and Wang Sheng realised that something was wrong. They went to look at the photo. Due to the camera flash, they saw some vaguely human-shaped black shadows on each wall which they hadn’t seen before with their naked eyes.


Wang Sheng swallowed his saliva and reached out to turn off the camera. “Don’t look anymore, let’s hurry up and go forward.” In fact, after the deaths of Liu Yu and Cheng Tao, they realised there were evil spirits in this cave. It wouldn’t help no matter how frightened they were. They had a slight chance of survival if they tried their best to get out of this place.


A faint light appeared in front of the cave, and upon closer inspection, they discovered that it was the light from the ore rock on the top of the wall. If they had discovered this scene at a different time and a different situation, Chi Yan would be amazed by the wonders of nature. He had never seen this kind of rock anywhere else. It emitted dark yellow light as if it was a lighted candle covered with a layer of gray veil. But here, the sudden appearance of the light only brought them short-term comfort, and then they became even more frightened.


In this dim lighting, they could clearly see the dense black shadows on the rocks on both sides, just like those fuzzy outlines in Li Fengkai’s photos. Those shadows nearer to them had clear human-shaped silhouettes, while the shadows farther away were fuzzier.


Wang Sheng reacted first and roared, “Let’s go, they could move.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Wang Sheng was right. It was hard to detect at a glance as the movements of those “shadows” were so subtle that they were almost imperceptible to the naked eye. As they paid attention to the distance between those shadows and their own shadows, they realised that the distance between them was getting closer and closer.


The three of them ran for their lives and dared not look back. As if alarmed by their movements, those shadows began to move rapidly. Suddenly Chi Yan felt a cold hand grabbing him and he couldn’t run anymore. Wang Sheng, who had been paying attention to his cousin, stopped and asked, “Xiao Yan, what’s wrong?”


Chi Yan turned his head with him and saw Li Fengkai looking at him with pain and sadness. He stretched out his hand and grasped Chi Yan’s wrist tightly, “Don’t leave me, save me, please save me. “


Chi Yan’s gaze shifted to the ground and saw countless black shadows covering Li Fengkai’s shadow and firmly grasped it.


Li Fengkai’s shadow also moved at this time, tentatively reaching out towards Chi Yan’s shadow.


A thought flashed across Chi Yan’s mind that Li Fengkai had already been assimilated into something like those dark shadows. He panicked, but Li Fengkai pulled his hand and he was unable to break free. Li Fengkai usually looked weak but this time, he was pulling him with a big evil force.


Just when Li Fengkai’s shadow hand touched Chi Yan’s shadow, it seemed to be scalded and quickly retracted.


Chi Yan managed to break free from Li Fengkai’s hand at this time.


Wang Sheng saw the opportunity and quickly pulled him away and they ran forward.


Both of them didn’t dare to stop this time, they only knew that they had to keep running forward.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The only thing left in Chi Yan’s memory was the sound of his rapid heartbeat, the sound of the two pairs of running footsteps, and the whisperings “He’s going to wake up… He’s going to wake up…”

The brothers managed to escape many evil ghosts-like white hands and black shadows, and finally found an exit to the outside world. However, less than ten meters from the exit, the two of them were stopped by a bloody living corpse.


The two ran a few steps forward again. Just as they were about to run out of the cave, the opening of the cave began to vibrate and a lot of rubble fell. At this moment, that thing bit Wang Sheng’s shoulder, grabbing him and not letting him go. Wang Sheng glanced at the entrance of the cave which was just a step away and then at his cousin. He pushed Chi Yan out of the cave decisively and shouted, “Run!”


Immediately after Chi Yan was pushed out of the cave, large and small rocks fell down, completely sealing the opening of the cave where he escaped.


At that time, the sky outside was gradually getting brighter. They had been trapped inside the cave the entire night.


Chi Yan made a mark at the entrance of the cave and walked out along the road. After walking for about ten minutes, he saw some people who came to search for them.


It turned out that the owner of the inn where they lived knew that they had gone into the mountains in the morning, but had not returned all night. He knew that they were not equipped with enough equipment and had not planned to spend the night outside. He called the police, fearing that they had met with an accident. Many young and middle-aged villagers in Hongtu Village also came to help when they heard about them going missing.


Chi Yan led the people who came to help back to find the opening of the cave, but in any case he could no longer find it, nor could he find the mark he made.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan was taken back by the people. He told the people who came to the rescue, and his family who came in a hurry about their experiences. He talked about the weird cave, but no one believed his words. The villagers from Hongtu Village also didn’t know about Liu Shun. Even the owner of the inn said that he had never seen Liu Shun who “came in the morning and brought them to the mountains” as Chi Yan had described. The owner of the inn said that he only saw the five of them leaving with their bags on their backs. He remembered asking Wang Sheng when he would come back. Wang Sheng replied that he should be back at five or six in the evening, but he had no impression of Liu Shun, who was standing at the door at that time.


In the end, according to Chi Yan’s description, the accident was identified as “four students from xx University who went out for a field trip study were killed in the wild when part of the mountain collapsed”. Chi Yan’s “nonsense” was regarded as a memory disorder caused by witnessing the disaster, and it was regarded as a psychological problem caused by trauma. After taking him home, Chi Yan’s parents even  brought him to see a psychiatrist for a month.


Only one person believed what Chi Yan said. That day when he was rescued back to Hongtu Village, he anxiously told the people what had happened in the cave and begged them to rescue his cousin, even though he himself knew that the hope of saving Wang Sheng was very slim. The first wave of people he met had already walked with him one round in the canyon, but they didn’t see the cave that he described. At this time, those people thought he was traumatised and they persuaded him to take a good rest. Nobody believed his bizarre words anymore.


There was an old woman at the entrance of the village whom others called a crazy woman, who quietly stopped him after the crowd dispersed. She whispered softly, “You have met a ghost. There are ghosts in this place that pull living people to feed the evil spirits in the mountains.”


Chi Yan wanted to ask again, but the old woman refused to say anymore. She waved her hand and returned to her hut.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After that incident, Chi Yan was brought back home. Subsequently, he went to university, graduated, and worked. Other than his cousin who had disappeared, and his aunt and uncle who always showed a little sadness whenever they saw him at family gatherings, everything was no different from the past. During the period of psychotherapy, he even wondered if the “memory” he believed was actually fake, as what the psychologist said. It was his hallucination. His cousin and the others died due to the collapse of the mountain whilst he managed to escape death by chance. As he couldn’t accept this reality, he made up such a strange story in his subconscious mind.


But those vivid details reminded him over and over again that all these were true.


Even after so many years, that experience often recurred in his dreams.


After Chi Yan was awakened by his nightmare, he couldn’t fall asleep again. When he closed his eyes, he seemed to be able to hear those faint and eerie sounds. He kept feeling that there were many black figures printed on the walls of his bedroom.


The more he thought about it, the more frightened he became. He hugged the man beside him and gently pecked and kissed him on the cheek and lips like a frightened little animal.


The man smiled in the dark, “Baby, stop making trouble, we have to go to work tomorrow.”


“I don’t care,” Chi Yan rolled over and pressed on top of the man, “Yingzhi, keep me company, okay? I’m scared and can’t sleep.”


Seeing that the man did not respond immediately, his voice became more aggrieved, “I didn’t intentionally tempt you, I am really scared.” Every time he had a nightmare related to that cave, he felt cold in his bones after waking up.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“How old are you already, it’s just a dream and you’re so frightened.” Ye Yingzhi stretched out his hand and turned on the bedside lamp. He turned his lover over and pressed him under him to kiss him, “Since you asked me to keep you company, then don’t think about sleeping anymore tonight. Don’t you regret it.” But even if Chi Yan insisted on wanting to sleep later, there was nothing he could do.


When he first found Ah Yan, the other party was not so unreasonable and clingy. Whenever he was afraid or felt aggrieved, he would endure it by himself. Now he is so dependent on him. To put it bluntly, he was the one who had pampered Ah Yan, and so he can’t blame others.


Chi Yan liked the feeling of being intimately connected with Ye Yingzhi. He felt particularly at ease, as if he was firmly guarded by the other party, and there was nothing to be afraid of. He was elated when Ye Yingzhi agreed to stay up with him, so of course he would not regret it. He nodded and put his arms around Ye Yingzhi’s neck.


The two of them made out until dawn. Chi Yan felt tired and so dizzy that he was about to fall asleep. In his dim consciousness, he heard his lover holding him and letting out a contented sigh. He leaned over and pressed his lips to his left chest where his heart was and kissed him gently.


Chi Yan felt his blood veins trembling all over, and there was an unknown throbbing in his heart.


He heard his lover whisper something against his heart, something like, “Does it hurt?”…

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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Chapter 128◀︎Table Of Contents▶︎Chapter 130


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