The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 Speaking Nonsense!

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


The little emperor was shocked.


Ji Xiuyun’s request made him cry with fright.


An energy stone planet was not a cheap price.


What’s more, a planet that produces stable energy veins can do a lot more — you know, of Ji Xiuyun’s current energy stones, 70% of the energy stones produced every month are directly sold to the empire at a small profit. The other 30% is the energy stones he can move freely.


This 30% was basically used by him to fill the legion warehouse. Only a small part of it was incorporated into his own private collection.


“You, what do you want the energy stone planet for?” The little emperor asked.


“Military expenses are being controlled by you… I mean, being controlled by Prince Kells. Apart from the self-supplement part of the industry, the funds are very tight.”


Ji Xiuyun made it seem serious and well-founded.


“One energy stone planet cannot satisfy the work supply of the seven legions.”



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In fact, the military already has a complete self-sufficient industrial chain. Every year, the military expenditure allocated by the empire is regarded as additional income, and half of it is replaced by some logistics materials in case of an emergency.


Marshal Kevin looked at Ji Xiuyun who was speaking nonsense with his eyes wide open for cat food, and looked away for a long while.




Dirty heart!


But the little emperor, who didn’t know much about it, believed in Ji Xiuyun’s evil, gritted his teeth and agreed to the other party’s request.


When Marshal Kevin said that he was staying at the military headquarters for safety, he choked and said, “I don’t, I want to go back to the palace.”


Marshal Kevin just looked at him and said nothing.


Unexpectedly, the little emperor did not yield. He raised his chin and put on an arrogant and noble posture with all his strength — even if he still was scared, he still gritted his teeth and said, “That’s my palace!”


The look on Marshal Kevin’s face finally changed.


He raised his hand, as if he wanted to pat the little emperor’s head, but changed his direction halfway, and gave a standard military salute to the little emperor.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun cut off the communication, turned his head and glanced at the First Legion Commander who had been very consciously facing the media and had begun to clean up the operation, and returned home with his cat.


— Aren’t the subordinates supposed to help the boss at this time?


The commander of the First Legion has become used to this after all these years.


Otherwise, why would he be so proficient in making things up to the media with his eyes open?


Marshal Ji was covered in dust and Yue An found it too disgusting. As soon as he got home, he took his cat directly to the bathroom.


Yue An did not seem to be stained with any grey spots. He has not changed from a small white cat to a small grey cat. But one person and one cat felt that they had just rolled out of the dust, and it was very necessary to take a bath.


Marshal Ji took off his military jacket and put some hot water in the sink for Yue An to soak in.


Yue An sat in the sink, watching the water spread upward a little bit, then walked to the edge of the bench. He pushed out his butt and spread his paws, leaned over and pulled out a drawer under the sink, revealing the neatly placed rows of artificial beast toys.


Ji Xiuyun: …


Yue An jumped to the top of the drawer, took one out, and put it in the washbasin.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Then he closed the drawer naturally.


Ji Xiuyun was silent for a while, turned off the water and turned on the constant temperature mode. He watched the animal toy floating freely on the water, and said, “… When did you buy it?”


Yue An jumped into the washbasin, his little paws pushed the iron-grey leather beast toy that drifted leisurely with the waves. His whole body was soaked in the warm water. He raised his head, shook his ears and softly meowed at Ji Xiuyun.


Ji Xiuyun asked casually, and Yue An answered casually.


Marshal Ji still didn’t understand this answer.


But he put on a serious face as if he understood and nodded gently. Then, he turned on the news channel and clicked to watch it, turned around and went into the shower room and closed the curtain.


Yue An raised his head and looked at the projection in the bathroom. It was the response of the First Legion Commander to the media that was being broadcasted.


The background of his interview was a long list of criminal suspects who were sent out to be escorted to the car. The charges were very clear: illegal transactions and disrupting public order.


The headline of the news is: The Imperial Army has uncovered a very large illegal transaction case.


This group of people who were arrested also were greatly humilitated.


Yue An thought and his two paws slapped the toy.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun was washing and listening to the First Legion Commander’s justified and grounded nonsense to the media. No matter what, he had to remember the other party’s statement, so as to not deviate if he is suddenly asked about this matter.


Just as he was listening and memorising, the sound of “ji——” came from outside the shower.


Yue An retracted his claws and the artificial beast toy he had pressed on was inflated again and made a “xiu——” sound.


The kitten stretched out his paws and patted the toy again.


The strength this time was different from the last time, and the sound from the toy changed to “qiu——”.


Yue An became addicted to playing with it.


When Ji Xiuyun was in the shower, he heard the sound of news announcements accompanied by a series of “ji——”, “xiu——”, “qiu——” and a series of “jijijijijiji”, “qiuqiuqiuqiu” and “xiuxiuxiuqiu” and other sounds mixed together in a mess.


Occasionally, it was accompanied by the weird accompaniment of Yue An’s “Meow”, “Meow,” “Meow”, “Meow”.


In the end, even the sound of the squeaky toy being pushed into the water horizontally was heard.


Ji Xiuyun: …


I can’t read the news.


Marshal Ji had never taken such a lively bath.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After he came out from the shower, he found that the lively artificial beast toy had been destroyed by Yue An’s teeth. Its head had been gnawed off and thrown aside. Its body was floating on the water, cruelly dismembered.


“Meow!” Yue An threw the toy aside and happily patted the water at Ji Xiuyun.


Obviously, he had a good time.


Of course he was happy. He was about to have a planet with an energy stone vein!


Although Ji Xiuyun put forward a reason that sounded reasonable and was very noble, Yue An knew that the energy stone vein planet was for him.


Yue An patted the water, stretched out his wet paws and waited for Ji Xiuyun to clean him carefully.


Marshal Ji was wearing home clothes and looked at Yue An with his claws stretched out. He rolled up his sleeves, recognising his fate of cleaning Yue An up.


Who made him his saviour cat?


Marshal Ji thought while cleaning Yue An.


And Yue An is so cute — whether in human form or cat form, good-looking creatures can enjoy some extra care.


This exceptional care is reflected in all aspects.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

For example, Marshal Ji personally took out his food. For example, Marshal Ji personally accompanied him to sleep. For example, Marshal Ji personally washed his paws. For example, Marshal Ji personally wiped his fur. For example, …


Marshal Ji personally served as a sparring training partner when he practised his martial arts.


Yue An was stunned when he was thrown to the ground by a shoulder throw.


Regarding Ji Xiuyun taking a shower and drying his fur and making him turn into his human form, Yue An thought about many follow-up developments. For example, the other party was going to teach him some human etiquette and social issues, or teach him how to pronounce something.


But he never expected Ji Xiuyun to take him directly to a vacant room and directly throw him over his shoulder.


Yue An: …


You’ve changed.


You dare to throw me.


However, Marshal Ji didn’t think that there was anything wrong with doing this.


Compared with slowly teaching Yue An about how humans move with their figure little by little, the speed and effectiveness of pain education are much more significant.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An is not an ordinary human who knows nothing. He can actually do everything.


To put it simply: He knows everything, but he just doesn’t know how to do it.


Therefore, the best way to let Yue An get acquainted with the various movements and strengths of the human figure as soon as possible is to directly fight with him.


Pain is one of the emotions that can promote the rapid growth of human beings. Coupled with Yue An being unwilling to admit defeat, it can allow him to familiarise with and enter society faster.


Although there is a saying that you need to learn how to walk before you can learn to run, for Yue An, this is not the case. For Yue An, practice is the only criterion to becoming better.


After being dragged by Ji Xiuyun to do a wave of forced practice, Yue An turned over, got up and viciously rushed towards Ji Xiuyun after a short period of being in a daze.


After Marshal Kevin and the politicians had a big argument at the imperial palace, he drove the bright red car back to deliver cat food to Ji Xiuyun.


Just as he rang the doorbell, he heard an angry curse from the house, “Ji Xiulin! You bastard!”


What followed was his student calmly correcting the other, “It’s Ji Xiuyun, not Lin.”


The door opened, and Marshal Kevin saw that Ji Xiuyun who came to open the door was sweating. With his student’s physical fitness, he would never sweat if he did not perform intense exercises. Now seeing him sweat at home made him feel that it was incredible.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Then, he discovered that Ji Xiuyun was in very good condition. The white-haired boy in the room seemed to be fished out from water, lying on the sofa like a salted fish.


His image of a good and beautiful boy was destroyed.


Because he was still at the gate, Marshal Kevin had not gone in and Ji Xiuyun didn’t ask him to go in.


“I sent the car back.” Marshal Kevin said, then raised his chin towards Yue An in the room, “What happened?”


“Practical training.” Ji Xiuyun replied and added, “The progress is gratifying.”


His cat has evolved from being unable to speak well to being able to curse.


He also grew up from falling over when he walked fast to being able to have a small fight.


The progress is indeed quite gratifying, and pain education once again perfectly reflected its high speed and efficiency.


Of course, it would be better if Yue An didn’t always say his name wrongly.


Marshal Kevin knew very well what practical training Ji Xiuyun was talking about, and the commanders under Ji Xiuyun’s hands were basically beaten and learned from this so-called practical training.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin has always firmly believed that this was derived from Ji Xiuyun’s personal evil taste, but it is undeniable that the effect is indeed good.


Marshal Kevin expressed his distress for Yue An with his eyes, saying, “His genes have been tested. It is a human gene.”


Ji Xiuyun moved slightly, and couldn’t help but look back at Yue An, who was lying on the sofa, too tired to even hum.


“Bring Yue An to my house tonight.” Marshal Kevin said in a low voice.


Ji Xiuyun nodded and walked into the courtyard with Marshal Kevin. After seeing him leave, he turned his head and took out the shopping box in the car.


Fortunately, Yue An had already taken out these energy stones before the black market exploded. Otherwise, they would all have to be confiscated.


While thinking, Ji Xiuyun pushed the box back to the house and suddenly recovered when he closed the door. He finally realised what had been missing when his eyelids were twitching.


— There was no disguising instrument in that red car!


Ji Xiuyun strode to Yue An’s side, turned over Yue An, who was lying on the sofa as a cat, and asked him, “Yue An, what image did you use to go to the black market?”


Yue An hummed twice, opened his eyes, and his snow-white hair and blue eyes were quickly dyed into pitch black.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun: …


The black market exploded!




The evidence was burnt!


But even though it was gone, Marshal Ji was still worried that some would luckily slip through the net.


When Yue An, who was so tired that he slept like he was in a coma, arrived at Marshal Kevin’s house, Ji Xiuyun talked about it.


Marshal Kevin was also startled. The master and disciple looked at each other, worried.


Mrs Ellie was kneading Yue An’s little paw at the side. At this moment, the little cat slept soundly with his paws facing towards the sky. There was no sign of waking up because of the changes and movement around him. His little belly rose and fell with his snoring.


After hearing the sorrows of her husband and his student, Mrs Ellie turned her head suspiciously.


“You… why do you all think things are so complicated?”


The two men who had been in contact with politics or the military all year round turned their heads together.


“Let’s not say that hair colour and pupil colour will greatly affect humans’ memory of other people’s looks. Have you forgotten that there are still many disguise models on the market that are based on me?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It is impossible for a famous interstellar movie star like Mrs Ellie to go out directly with her original face. As long as someone has the status and money, it is possible to make a disguise or something.


Naturally, there will also be disguise manufacturers who use her image as a model and make some subtle adjustments to make a disguise image. After all, even if it is a disguise image, people have a preference.


Some people like to make themselves ordinary and unremarkable, like Ji Xiuyun and Kevin.


But some people hope that their disguise image would be a beauty.


“Let Yue An use his human form and pretend to be someone I accidentally met when I went to other planets to shoot recently. Wouldn’t it be enough to take a few photos along the way? There will definitely be a big wave of heat, and we could happen to say that this is the child we want to adopt.”


Mrs Ellie spoke very naturally and as if it was expected.


“Judging from the photo of Yue An you sent to me, in a few days, the disguise based on his image should be flying everywhere. Even if there are fish that slip through the net, they will naturally think that it is a disguise.”


Ji Xiuyun, a military man who did not expect to resolve it this way at all, “…”


Kevin, the politician who did not expect this method, was also completely surprised, “…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ellie, a woman in the entertainment department who didn’t understand why the military and political departments were stumped by this kind of problem, was looking at them with suspicious while playing with the cat.


Marshal Kevin and Ji Xiuyun turned away.


“Then it’s decided.” Marshal Kevin showed his level 99 skills with a smile, “When are we going to have dinner?”




Ji Xiuyun thought for a while but wasn’t able to think of a suitable topic when his teacher and his teacher’s wife were looking at him.


He pondered for more than ten seconds.


Finally, with a straight face, he calmly said, “Yue An likes spicy food.”


Yue An, who was lying on Mrs Ellie’s lap, sneezed in his sleep.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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