The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 Can You Give Me A Resource Star?

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


This shock shocked everyone. 


Just following the direction the soldier was pointing at, Ji Xiuyun, who saw the two people and one cat next to the bright red vehicle. He paused and then walked up quickly, stuffed the cat into his arms, looked up and glanced at Marshal Kevin.


Just as he was about to say something, the ground under his feet shook again.


This time, they heard the dull explosion sound very clearly from underground.


Marshal Kevin did not hesitate to say, “Go down and I will send His Majesty back.”


“Yue An will be me.” Ji Xiuyun looked down at the cat in his arms.


Yue An raised his head, licked his little nose and meowed softly.


Upon seeing this, Marshal Kevin didn’t plan to bring them to see the reporters outside. Instead, he hugged the crying little emperor and got into the bright red car which Yue An took.


— It is impossible for him to take the little emperor to walk around under the eyes of the reporters and let them hear about it. Otherwise, who knows what the news will be like tomorrow. This time he has his own car, of course he can just drive it away.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An watched Marshal Kevin’s behaviour and was stunned. The next second, he raised his paw and slapped Ji Xiuyun’s chest frantically, pointing to the shopping box in the car and meowing in a hurry.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at the shopping box, then looked up at Marshal Kevin.


Marshal Kevin looked at Yue An, then looked at the shopping box, and immediately nodded.


The two had a tacit understanding, one turned his head with the cat in his hand, and the other drove the little emperor away and evacuated quickly.


Naturally, this allocation makes sense.


It’s not clear what happened below. For safety reasons, Ji Xiuyun, whose physical fitness, genetic level, and combat effectiveness are all better than others by a few grades, will go to look at the situation.


He will bring Yue An, who is not inferior to Ji Xiuyun’s physical fitness, and go together so that one person and one cat can take care of each other.


The most important thing is that the little emperor will be very behaved in front of Marshal Kevin and will not dare say a word.


— The specific reasons can be traced back to the moment he first ascended the throne. Marshal Kevin often told him that he was disappointed in him with a stern face.


This is probably one of the reasons why he is more willing to believe in Ji Xiuyun who can’t control him much.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Technical squad?” Ji Xiuyun walked to the nearest black market entrance and turned to ask the soldiers guarding the door.


A small white head in his arms raised his ears vigilantly, two snow-white little paws resting on the collar of Ji Xiuyun’s black military uniform jacket. He was moving his head around and sniffing the smell of smoke and dust in the air.


The remaining soldiers were all soldiers under Marshal Kevin. Although they felt a little uncomfortable about the sudden need to be led by Ji Xiuyun, they obediently obeyed the order because of the nature of soldiers.


“Report to Marshal Ji! It was an ordinary explosion. The source of the explosion was about 120 meters underground. Several elevators used to get up and down have been destroyed.”


“Have any of you gone down?”


“No! Marshal!”


Ji Xiuyun nodded and kicked open the closed elevator door neatly.


Thick billowing smoke poured out from inside, and the inside was empty. Obviously, the elevator below had been blown up.


Yue An, who was intently sniffing the unusual smell, sneezed from the thick smoke. His head swayed and he sneezed again.


The soldiers from the technical squad next to him quickly delivered oxygen stickers and positioning communicators. Ji Xiuyun looked down at Yue An, who was arching in his arms, and shook the oxygen stickers in his hand.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Meow!” Yue An drew back and slapped his hand away with disgust.


Marshal Ji, who had been disdained, gave up the idea of sticking an oxygen sticker to his cat. He put it on himself, walked to the exit where the smoke was billowing, and said, “I’m going down.”


Yue An meowed and his four claws firmly grabbed Ji Xiuyun’s coat.


Under the gaze of many soldiers, Marshal Ji did not hesitate to jump directly into the billowing smoke!


Not long after, the soldiers staying above heard a bang of heavy objects landing, and the movement of something that was immediately destroyed violently.


Even if they had heard a lot of rumours about Ji Xiuyun’s physical fitness that is so strong that he is not like a human being, the rumours are not as shocking as what they heard.


In addition to the sound of the instrument’s operation, the soldiers who witnessed Ji Xiuyun jumping directly from a height of 100 meters were quiet.


A colonel took the lead and looked at his shocked colleagues around him, and said loudly, “What are you still doing in a daze? Work quickly, is it possible to let Marshal Ji do everything by himself? Shame on you!”


His words awakened everyone, and the soldiers who had been quiet and shocked moved quickly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The hot smoke and dust billowed outwards continuously, and several other exits were violently broken open. The media and people eating melons on the periphery of the Central Business District saw a lot of thick smoke rising up.


The commander of the First Legion, who was surrounded by the media, thought for a moment and guessed that something had gone wrong in the black market.


He closed his mouth tightly, and despite the excited questions from the media, he appeared to be very talkative, but he stopped talking entirely.


Ji Xiuyun walked with his cat into the black market, and the sudden explosion plunged the hidden underground market into chaos.


Because oxygen stickers are a very common commodity, very few people die from suffocation in fires in the interstellar era.


Therefore, in the midst of thick smoke, people doing transactions in the black market tried to take advantage of this opportunity to fish in troubled waters. Medium and large shops that they had never dared to touch in the past were all looted at this time.


But when this group of people was vying to leave with their spoils, they were horrified to find that all the elevators at the entrances and exits were blown up.


In order to prevent the black market from being seen by scientific instruments, the entire market is wrapped in rare materials that can shield various signals. Except for those elevators, there are no other emergency exit methods.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

At this moment, these people were all stuck and none of them could escape.


After several holes in the black market were blasted open, the complete shielded network was torn open with several holes in it, enough to allow the technical squad to barely get a glimpse of the whole picture.


“The first explosion point is east, two streets away from you. Turn right, and the third shop on the left after 100 meters.”


Ji Xiuyun followed the instructions from the communicator and walked to the destination.


It’s a pity that this shop had been bombed beyond recognition. The entire street had been affected, and the base at the centre of the explosion had been bombed into nothing.


All the clues that could explain why this place exploded was blown to ashes.


The timing of this explosion was too coincidental. It happened within five minutes of when the military surrounded the Central Business District. This timing was really too subtle.


Coupled with the fact that an unknown group was attacking the emperor may have just been here, it is even more possible that people can’t help but think about it.


Ji Xiuyun lowered his eyes, carefully recalling which shop the original shop was.


Yue An in his arms was not stained with a trace of ashes in the smoke and dust and was shiningly white on the collar of his chest. His little head looked around, his ears erected alertly, turning twice from time to time.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The surrounding environment is too noisy. The more he listened carefully to the surrounding sounds, the more he felt that something was wrong.


Just in case, a few bright white lights appeared on the tips of his claws, and then a transparent and imperceptible barrier was set up to envelop him and Ji Xiuyun alone.


Ji Xiuyun remembered who this shop belonged to.


— Prince Kells


A person who was always standing at the side of the little emperor and almost completely held all the authority that belongs to the emperor in his hands.


“Marshal Ji?” The soldier’s voice came from the communicator, “We are ready to go down, what’s the situation?”


Ji Xiuyun glanced at the surrounding situation and replied, “Bring your weapons, there are a lot of people below.”


As soon as his voice fell, there was a very soft “click” from the ruins near his feet.


Ji Xiuyun’s heart tightened. He turned around and jumped away, reflexively shielding the soft hairball in his arms.


The sudden roar resounded once again throughout the underground black market.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Not only that, but because of the close proximity to the explosion, the voices transmitted by the locating communicator caused obvious symptoms of tinnitus and dizziness in the technical squad soldiers who were communicating with Ji Xiuyun.


Ji Xiuyun, who was in the centre of the explosion, shook his head and got up from the pit caused by the second explosion. His first reaction was to lift the cat out from his arms.


Yue An was startled by the loud sound.


He hasn’t experienced such a stimulating activity in reality yet — the kind in the virtual training room didn’t count.


The little white hairball stared at Ji Xiuyun with round eyes. There was no pain in those blue eyes, only fright.


Marshal Ji was still not at ease. He carefully checked Yue An over and over several times, until Yue An recovered from the explosion and pressed a paw on his right hand.




The meow was full of life, nothing unusual.


Marshal Ji breathed a sigh of relief, and set aside Yue An cautiously, and checked his body again, and found that even his clothes were not damaged.


He turned to Yue An, who was looking around, and asked, “Did you do it?”


Yue An knew that he was referring to the barrier that protected them, and he straightened out his chest proudly, “Meow!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji touched Yue An’s head, “This is the second time.”


He was rescued by Yue An again.


Ji Xiuyun felt that when he went out this time, he would have to help Yue An ask the government for another high-yield energy stone vein planet.


The soldiers above came down very quickly. A large number of them poured in from various entrances and exits. The technical team brought equipment to mine and dismantle bombs, and quickly caught those who could still move in the black market.


There are so many reporters outside, they should always give the people an explanation about this action.


Now those who have survived to the end in the black market have run out of luck, and they have become the explanations to the public.


Ji Xiuyun returned to the ground level, watching the soldiers pull those people up in batches, walked around in front of the media, and then escorted them away.


“Meow!” Yue An’s little paw was placed on Ji Xiuyun’s chest, and he rubbed Ji Xiuyun’s chin with his head.


Ji Xiuyun retracted his gaze, and gently brushed the fur of the cat in his arms.


Then Marshal Ji ruthlessly abandoned his First Legion Commander in front of the media, got into the car, took out his light brain and sent a communication message to Marshal Kevin.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin did not take the emperor back to the palace at this time, but instead took the emperor and his secretary directly back to the military headquarters.


He couldn’t believe any of those people in the palace now.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at Marshal Kevin’s environment and asked, “Who is it that agreed to go to the black market?”


The secretary hesitated and stopped.


The emperor didn’t have the slightest scruples. He sniffed and said bluntly, “It’s Uncle Kells.”


When Ji Xiuyun heard this answer, his heart suddenly became clear.


He asked again, “Whose idea was the decision to do something against Marshal Kevin before?”


“I didn’t agree!” The emperor reiterated, shrinking his neck, “I didn’t agree!”


It is true that the emperor has no political opinions and has a natural prejudice against Marshal Kevin. But in the big picture, he is a person who knows good from bad.


Marshal Kevin’s brilliance in recent years is indeed not as good as Ji Xiuyun, but he is an outstanding Marshal who has supported an era with the previous emperor and a hero who has guarded the empire for hundreds of years.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

On normal days, both the military and political parties tried to lay hands on each other, which is a normal power struggle. But to send a hero to the grave for this kind of struggle, this is definitely not right.


“I didn’t agree.” The little emperor said again, his whole body looked depressed and frustrated, completely showcasing his powerlessness and incompetence, “But they still made this decision.”


But fortunately, this decision did not have time to be implemented. The person who made this decision was caught off guard by the five hundred energy stones and stuffed this idea back into his stomach.


After that, the little emperor, who was worried about being misunderstood due to Ji Xiuyun’s series of big moves, couldn’t wait to throw the secretary in front of Ji Xiuyun, wanting to ask him to clarify for him.


Ji Xiuyun was silent for a while, but he didn’t feel how unexpected this incident was.


He was very clear about how inconsistent the little emperor was.


Ji Xiuyun just asked, “Your Majesty, is the chief opponent of Marshal Kevin Prince Kells?”


The little emperor nodded.


Ji Xiuyun’s eyes finally fell on the secretary beside the emperor.


The secretary was watched by him, and after holding it for half a minute, he finally couldn’t hold it. He confessed with a stiff face, “It was also Prince Kells’ intention to not allow me to inform you. I will inform you privately.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun nodded slightly and praised him unexpectedly, “Good job.”


Marshal Kevin thought for a while, “What do you think of this?”


Ji Xiuyun paused, “His Majesty is disobedient, so someone can’t sit still.”


The puppet emperor, who has always been very obedient, suddenly has his own ideas and started to fight against them. Naturally, those who hold the authority will not be very happy.


Whether they want to scare the little emperor or help a new emperor or themselves ascend the throne, in short, they want a person who is obedient and fully aligned with their interests to stand in the position that symbolises the highest authority.


The little emperor is being disobedient, so scare him to make him obedient.


Or it’s okay to just kill him as long as others don’t know.


But unfortunately, no matter what their plans are, an accident has already happened.


Depending on the situation, the little emperor ran out by himself and happened to run into Yue An. The secretary also failed to bear the torment of his conscience and informed Ji Xiuyun of the matter.


The coincidental serial explosions at that time in the black market was also obviously made with the idea of simply killing people and destroying their corpses.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In this way, the military would not really know what would lead them to being directly sued in the Imperial Supreme Court.


Marshal Kevin obviously realised this too, and he asked straightforwardly, “Is there any evidence collected?”


Ji Xiuyun shook his head, “No, it’s all been exploded.”


The little emperor looked at Marshal Kevin, and then at Ji Xiuyun on the screen. He seemed to understand something, and the bewilderment in his eyes gradually disappeared bit by bit.


He didn’t know where his courage came from. He stood up, walked to Marshal Kevin and looked up at the hero who was gradually getting older.


“I was wrong before, sorry.”


He pursed his lips, clenched his hands into a fist, and bowed deeply to Marshal Kevin.


When he spoke again, there was still a trembling cry in his voice, but he did not let the tears fall.


He trembled and said, “You… will you help me?”


Marshal Kevin was stunned for a while. He didn’t expect this kid to have such behaviour and consciousness. He was stunned and let out a dry “ah”.


“You help me.” The little emperor wiped away his tears in a hurry, “I don’t want to go on like this anymore! I, I also want to be as good as my father!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Kevin nodded slightly at the little emperor and then at Ji Xiuyun.


His student nodded slightly at the communication and Marshal Kevin suddenly relaxed.


“Yes.” He nodded and said.


“Your Majesty, I have a request.” Ji Xiuyun touched his arms, staring at Yue An, “Can you give me another energy stone planet?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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