Number One Zombie Wife 第 一 尸 妻

Number One Zombie Wife  第 一 尸 妻

Number One Zombie Wife

第一尸妻 dì yī shī qī

Author: 金元宝 jīn yuán bǎo

376 Chapters

Ratings: 5/5

If you have enjoyed reading about apocalypse like “Thrive In Catastrope” , “Lord Of End Of World” , you will certainly enjoy “Number One Zombie Wife” because I’m rating this bl novel 5 / 5 !!! 🤚/🤚 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🤩🥰😍



Mu Yi Fan (main character), works in his family business at Mu Tower during the day and writes novels during his free time. He just completed his latest novel “King of the End of the World” when he got transmigrated into his novel.

The thing about this novel is that he had named the villain boss after himself; the male protagonist (aka the hero who will not die) after his longtime childhood friend of 20 years, Zhan Bei Tian (male lead); and all the other characters after his real life parents, siblings and friends.😂

Some background about the real-life author Mu Yi Fan in reality. In this real world, he has a long time childhood friend called Zhan Bei Tian. Since Mu Yi Fan was born, ZBT vowed that he will look after this baby boy MYF for his entire life. Years passed and at 18 years old, ZBT discovered that he only loved 12 year old MYF and nobody else. For the next 13 years, their immediate family members noticed ZBT loved MYF dearly but MYF mistook ZBT was just showing his brotherly/friendly affection. Both will occasionally hold hands when they walk and even share the bed when they sleep, but MYF didn’t realise his true feelings until one day ZBT suddenly blurred out that he was going to marry his sister, Mu Yi Xue. That night, MYF transmigrated into his latest novel (where the novel characters were named after himself and his loved ones). Through this transmigration, he realised what it was like to love someone so dearly. This enchanting transmigration experience finally led him to see ZBT’s love for him in reality.

After transmigrating into his own novel, MYF was shocked that he took on the character of the villain boss, the Zombie King, Mu Yi Fan. He hasn’t turned into a zombie yet, so there was time for him to kill the male protagonist of the novel, ZBT before the end of the world and quickly end the story.

But on the first day of his transmigration and the first day of rebirth of the male protagonist, MYF’s attempt to assassinate ZBT failed. The red Qing Tian bead which ZBT had been nurturing with his blood suddenly flew towards MYF causing him to swallow the bead involuntarily. ZBT demanded his red bead back from MYF by pooping or vomiting it out, so that night they shared the same bed just to make sure MYF doesn’t run away.

MYF masked himself up and wore a gauze to mummify his head so that the male protagonist didn’t recognise him as the villain boss. During this time, MYF was also having bone cancer and the zombie virus had already been injected into his body by a doctor bought off by his wicked half brother, Mu Yi Hang. He would be turning into a zombie in about 2 months.

Unknowingly, the Qing Tian bead that he swallowed had already turned into a fetus and he was pregnant. ZBT brought him to see 2 different doctors who confirmed that MYF was pregnant.

Like a good father-to-be, ZBT took care of MYF, feeling sorry that MYF had to put up with all these. Due to the Fetus, MYF craved sleeping beside ZBT. Their relationship improved a great deal.

But MYF sneaked away from ZBT and his army when he turned into a zombie. ZBT managed to find out MYF’s real identity later on as the villain he and his army officers hated the most.

However, the current MYF’s character and temperament were different from the MYF they originally knew. The current MYF is kind hearted, cheerful, funny, lovable, silly and talkative. Whereas the previous MYF was gloomy and evil. Thus, ZBT treated MYF cautiously until the birth of they cute baby, Mu Qing Tian.

Parenthood bonded the 2 fathers, and ZBT and MYF gradually fell hopelessly in love with each other.

At the same time, there were evil plots to expose MYF’s zombie status, evil plots to kill MYF and ZBT, and take revenge as the apocalypse zombie wave swept the world. The storyline of this novel included elements of friendship, family relationships, and forgiveness.

As with other similar zombie-themed novels, readers are enlightened about the power nucleus (cystals), different types of abilities of the powered zombies and powered human beings like wind, fire, light, dark, ice, thunder, illusions, mind reading, psychic, wood, earth and so on. It’s exciting to read how the characters acquired these abilities and how they strengthened it and how MYF eventually became a contending Zombie King with the new villain boss, Zhan Nan Tian (harnessing the soul of the original villain boss).

MYF : copy + Ineffectual
ZBT : ice + thunder lightning + space
ZNT (villain) : light + dark + fire

After killing the villain boss and winning the Mu and Zhan families’ support of their relationship, the couple planned to marry one day. ZBT managed to get the research institute to formulate an antidote to turn zombies back to humans again. Eventually, MYF became human. Unfortunately on their wedding day, his bone cancer progressed to terminal stage and no medicine could cure him. The zombie antidote will not let him get infected for the next 6 months so he cannot revert to a zombie again.

Eventually, MYF passed away in the novel world. This part was so sad it made me cry so much. His soul transmigrated back into the real world.

After his return, MYF was confused as he didn’t know how he should treat the ZBT in the real world when he loved the novel ZBT so much having gone through life and death with him for 2 years.

It so happened that after an accident, the real world ZBT also transmigrated to the novel and regained his memory of his precious life. So apparently, the novel ZBT lived another 60 years in the novel and when he passed on in the novel, he found some way to catch up with MYF in this life. He lost his memories and was reborn in and reunited with his lover MYF in the MYF’s real world. So in short, the 2 ZBTs are the same soul. Hahaha! 😂😅😁

Ok .. so sweet, I just love this unconditional love until death also we shall never be apart. I really love this couple a lot. 🥰😍

Finally, a word on the English translation is there are several mistakes and using the wrong character names. I appreciate the translator’s hard work, but just read with caution so that readers don’t get confused. This is truly an awesome Chinese BL novel you must read!

English Translation: Completed


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