Yu Wu 余污

YuWu 余污

Other titles: Remnants of Filth, Stains Of Filth

Author: 肉包不吃肉 Meatbun

197 Chapters

Ratings: 5/5

⚠️ Warning : gore, violence, abuse, torture, prepare tissue box

Don’t judge this book by it’s cover!!! Under this very dull book cover is a very powerful heart-wrenching love story that is packed full of emotions – angst, hatred, frustrations, jealousy, regret, guilt, insecurity, heart-shattering sadness, loving sweetness and many more. This story is so captivating and so beautifully written that it is truly a masterpiece worthy of 5 stars!

The title of this novel, “Stains Of Filth” is reflective of this story – sometimes… when something is perceived as the dirtiest and filthiest,turns out to be the most brilliant, shiniest and noblest of them all; whereas the object that is perceived as the most brilliant one turns out to be the most useless and trashy, and under all that pretence, harboured the filthiest and dirtiest secrets.

When I started reading this novel, the beginning didn’t appeal to me. All the abuse inflicted on the MC just made me feel sick and I questioned myself why was I reading this novel and WHY were there so many 5 star ratings for this novel? Those reviewers must be sick in the mind ? Why was I reading this novel ? Because I enjoyed Husky and the White Cat Shizun a.k.a. #2Ha tremendously and the author’s mature and convincing writing style, and the intricate thought process put into her novel ! So I didn’t want to miss out on this 2nd novel. Why did I still continue reading the story ? Because the ratings and reviews for this novel is 5 stars! I don’t want to miss this !!! Hence, I persevered reading diligently.

Soon, I found my poor old heart mercilessly “stabbed” by large cleavers, one wave after another. (better prepare your tissue boxes!!!) I cried and I cried and I cried, very shamelessly. Why is the MC’s life so damn sad… If I were the MC I would have given up and please just kill me!!!! But you see… I’m just a lazy fujoshi who enjoys reading in the comfort of my bed while the MC is a true-blue hot-blooded heroic General leading hundreds and thousands of burly soldiers fighting demons and enemy cultivators, won all 39 battles but died on his 40th… so that’s the difference.

This novel is truly heart-wrenching and angsty but all the more readers are engaged in the emotional development of the ML, Mo Xi, from hating and despising his ex-lover and traitor of the nation to remorse, regret, understanding, trusting, love and respect. The supporting characters were all unforgettable, giving us many powerful and meaningful life’s lessons on brotherhood, comradeship, friendship, altruism, trust and loyalty; and on the other spectrum – greed, betrayal, deception and selfishness. Everyone has their aspirations, desires and needs, but it is at that fine line and at that instant where one’s action and decision tips the scale towards the god or the devil.

Meatbun wrapped this novel up satisfyingly and convincingly for all the characters, and the ending is really an awesome, beautiful and happy one. When I reached the end of the last chapter, it was like walking out of a battlefield that I had fought hard and won.

If you have enjoyed “Husky And The White Cat Shizun”, you will love Meatbun ’s 2nd novel. I personally find 2Ha a bit lengthy and draggy at times, and the main characters are much happier than Yu Wu, and there is more smut. Yu Wu has a very powerful storyline and very endearing and noble characters too, but the “knives” and “cleavers” are hard and furious. Nevertheless, do keep an open mind for “Yu Wu” if you are looking for a seriously good BL novel to read.

Mo Xi : Only then…I finally realised… that this is not the departing figure of a traitor, but the farewell of a true hero.



The setting of this novel is several hundreds of years before the story of 2Ha, in the country of Chong Hua. There were 2 outstanding Generals – Mo Xi (ML) and Gu Mang (MC).

Mo Xi was a nobleman / General’s son while Gu Mang was born a slave of the Wang Shu Manor. The old Emperor recognised talents and as Gu Mang was very talented, the Emperor allowed Gu Mang to train and cultivate in the academy and thereafter, removed his slave ring around his neck and Gu Mang worked his way to become Chong Hua’s most fearsome General winning all the battles except the 38th battle.

Gu Mang was Mo Xi’s older disciple brother and during that year when Mo Xi came of age, Gu Mang bought a pornographic book from a roadside stall to entice and tease the prim and proper, stone-faced, no-nonsense Mo Xi. But he hadn’t expected that Mo Xi couldn’t quench his sexual desire and longing for Gu Mang so he pushed Gu Mang down on the bed and had sex with him. Thereafter, both fell in love with each other and had frequent sex in the army tents and Gu Mang’s slave dwelling in Wang Shu Manor. This was probably the happiest time in their life.

However, the tide changed after the ascension of the new Emperor, Murong Chen. During the 38th battle, Gu Mang’s closest friend and comrade in arms, Lu Zhan Xing killed the envoy from another country which Chong Hua was hoping to forge alliance with. As a result, the contingent army dispatched to bail out Gu Mang’s army failed to arrive and Gu Mang lost 70,000 of his slave army.

Lu Zhan Xing was beheaded due to treason and Gu Mang’s post as the General was stripped. He begged the Emperor to erect a memorial for his dead comrades but the Emperor heartlessly turned down his request. A few days after Lu Zhan Xing’s execution, Gu Mang defected to the enemy Liao Country to become their General. All these while, Mo Xi was away at the frontier and didn’t receive news of the happenings in the capital.

Subsequently, Gu Mang’s Liao army attacked and killed several Chong Hua’s soldiers and he even stabbed Mo Xi near his spiritual core when Mo Xi tried to persuade Gu Mang to return to Chong Hua with him. Mo Xi nearly died from Gu Mang’s stab but was later saved and nursed back to health by Princess MengZe.

5 years after Gu Mang’s defect to the Liao country, the Liao Emperor and the Chong Hua Emperor signed a peace treaty and Gu Mang was returned to Chong Hua as a peace offering. But now, to the citizens of Chong Hua, Gu Mang is no longer the revered General but a traitor. He was returned to his original owner, Murong Lian of the Wang Shu Manor. When Gu Mang returned to Chong Hua, he had already lost 2 of his souls and all his memories. Not only that, his spiritual core had been destroyed by the Liao people and his blood was tainted by the demon wolf. He was sent to Murong Lian’s brothel and worked for 2 years before Mo Xi returned to the capital from the frontier.

When Mo Xi met Gu Mang for the first time in the brothel, he was utterly disgusted and pissed off by Gu Mang. He thought that Gu Mang pretended to have lost his memories and not recognise him. He was shocked that Gu Mang even knelt down and begged the pimp not to punish him. Thereafter, Mo Xi witnessed his ex-lover being humiliated and abused by Murong Lian and the other Lords. He decided to fight with Murong Lian for ownership of Gu Mang. He won the fight and so he brought Gu Mang back to his Xi He Manor. There were many times Gu Mang pissed Mo Xi off, driving him to insanity. Mo Xi barked and scolded and humiliated Gu Mang and called him “Filthy”. All he wanted to find out from Gu Mang was if he treasured their good times several years back and if he had ever loved him, but Gu Mang had already lost his memories.

During a mission to rescue mission at Bat Island, Gu Mang and Mo Xi were pulled into the Time Mirror which allowed Gu Mang to regain some of his memories temporarily. Mo Xi who was also in the Time Mirror, saw for himself the happenings 8 years back and realised that Gu Mang’s defect to the enemy camp was not as simple and straight forward as it seemed. After exiting the Time Mirror, he decided to investigate the truth of Gu Mang’s defect.

Thereafter, Mo Xi embarked on an emotional, heart-wrenching, arduous journey to uncover the truth and found many shocking revelations. Firstly, Lu Zhan Xing was innocent because he was being controlled by the Emperor and Jiang Ye Xue in the Zhenlong Chessboard (one of the 3 forbidden techniques) to kill the envoy. This caused Gu Mang to lose 70, 000 of his slave army. Through emotional blackmail and manipulation, the Emperor promised Gu Mang to erect a memorial for his comrades if he agreed to become his spy to the Liao Country and send back information on Liao’s demonic cultivation. The Emperor even promised Gu Mang that when he returned, the Emperor would bestow merits on him and clarify to the nation that he was not a traitor but his spy. Alas, all these were the Emperor’s empty promises and lies. Gu Mang knew the Emperor couldn’t be trusted but for the salvation of the rest of his 30,000 men, he agreed.

When Gu Mang returned, the Emperor incited hatred  in Murong Lian causing him to humiliate and torture Gu Mang for 2 years. The Emperor even put Gu Mang up as an experimental body for demonic experiments. The Emperor did all these to put all his “chess pieces” in place in order to achieve his ambition to dominate and control the world with his secretive demonic cultivation and his secret creation of a demonic blood beast. He needed someone to be trustworthy and loyal and so Gu Mang was chosen to be his spy. In order to get Gu Mang to work for him, the Emperor pushed Gu Mang into desperation until he had no choice but to agree to work for him. Mo Xi was also being emotionally blackmailed to swear a Heavenly Oath to never threaten or kill the Emperor in order for him to salvage Gu Mang’s remaining 30,000 slave army.

After uncovering the truth, Mo Xi was remorseful of the way he treated Gu Mang previously. He was finally reunited with lover Gu Mang who regained most part of his memory, albeit temporarily. There was a brief period of happiness and peace between the 2 lovebirds in Xi He Manor.

The demonic experiment called for by the Emperor on Gu Mang and the assassination attempt by Princess Murong Meng Ze to destroy Gu Mang’s memory caused Gu Mang to be seriously injured. Mo Xi confronted the Emperor and told him that he already knew what happened 8 years ago but due to the heavenly oath he took, he could not kill the Emperor. What was most important at that time was to recuperate his health and nurse Gu Mang back to health.

All these while, “Princess” Murong Meng Ze was executing his plan secretively to cripple and erase Gu Mang’s memory and assassinate Murong Lian. What he needed was just Mo Xi and the throne.

Murong Lian mistook that it was the Emperor who wanted to assassinate him, so he exposed the Emperor’s wicked ambition and revealed the whereabouts of Gu Mang’s lost soul. Gu Mang was in fact the one who used part of his soul to merge and seal the soul of the blood beast. This caused the final showdown between Mo Xi and the Emperor. The Emperor got killed, Mo Xi was seriously injured and Gu Mang finally regained all his memory.

Liao started attacking Chong Hua again with the awakening of the demonic blood beast since the last soul of the blood beast and Gu Mang’s soul was liberated. But deep down, Gu Mang knew that when the blood beast died, he would also die. Gu Mang eventually sacrificed himself on his 40th battle and saved Chong Hua.

Unfortunately, the ruler of the Liao country was the Grand Advisor and he was the legendary Hua Po An who had lived for a few centuries. He had put a curse on the blood beast such that when it died, its blood will flow and consume all living things turning them into a sea of blood. Chong Hua was given 10 days to surrender to him.

Mo Xi was devastated after Gu Mang’s death. Jiang FuLi, the revered Physician gave a divine artefact left by the God FuXi – the reversal stone to Mo Xi since the spirit in the reversal stone had chosen Mo Xi. As the Gods can help those who help themselves, heaven pitied Mo Xi who was chosen to embark on a mission to reverse all that happened 8 years ago to save Chong Hua.

When Mo Xi embarked on the mission, he found that he was sent to the time 3 years ago when Gu Mang was returned to Chong Hua from the Liao Country as a traitor. It was an emotional meeting with his lover again. But this Gu Mang was the original Gu Mang who had in fact died in the 40th battle. Gu Mang explained to Mo Xi what he did to kill the blood beast and since the reversal stone gave them this mission, Mo Xi had to complete it. Mo Xi was emotionally torn apart once again, why had he to be the one who painfully extracted his lover’s soul.

After completing his mission, the spirit in the reversal stone revealed more truths of Princess Murong Me Ze to Mo Xi and the fact that Mo Xi had the power of the Fairy Beast which had the most power to rival the demonic blood beast. The spirit gave him 2 choices. The first was after he returned to the original timing, he could kill Murong Me Ze and take revenge for Gu Mang and become the Emperor of Chong Hua. But Chong Hua will still be surrounded by the blood of the demonic beast. The second choice is he as the Fairy Beast had to sacrifice to salvage humanity. After his sacrifice, the sea of blood will return to the original land and lake and Hua Po An would lose all his power to become an ordinary man which anybody could kill.

Mo Xi chose the latter since Gu Mang sacrificed his life to save the people, Mo Xi would follow him too to salvage humanity as well.

When the Fairy Beast plunged into the blood pool to sacrifice himself, Mo Xi didn’t feel any pain or death, but instead peace. He thought he was already dead and that Gu Mang was just an illusion, but it was not! He finally reunited with Gu Mang and their deaths were reversed, their health was restored to its original state and were transported back to Chong Hua and the place they chose to stay!

Subsequently, “Princess” Murong Meng Ze who had disguised himself as a Princess for the last 30 years ascended the throne; Murong Lian, Mo Xi and Gu Mang ran a cultivation academy together and lived anonymously and happily for the rest of their lives far away from the capital.


Character Outline

【 Mo Xi / Xi He Jun 】

ML, son of a nobleman. Most powerful military General in Chong Hua after Gu Mang defected to the enemy camp. Gu Mang’s disciple younger brother, 3 years younger than Gu Mang. Gong / Top.

【 Gu Mang 】

MC, born a slave. Most fearsome, respected and loved General of Chong Hua before defecting. 3 years older than Mo Xi. Cousin (maternal) of Murong Chu Yi and half brother (paternal) of Murong Lian. Shou / Bottom

【 Murong Lian / Wang Shu Jun 】

Noble, cousin of the Emperor Murong Chen and Princess Murong MengZe. Gu Mang’s paternal half brother. Same age as Gu Mang, conceived later than Gu Mang but was born prematurely so Murong Lian is just older by a few months.

【 Murong Chen / Jun Shang 】

Emperor – the greatest evil in this novel who orchestrated Gu Mang’s defect, Lu Zhan Xing’s treason and betrayed everyone’s trust.

【 Murong Meng Ze 】

Princess, sister of the Emperor Murong Chen. Thought by many to be Mo Xi’s destined wife. But in fact, she has a plan of her own to grab the throne. She is deceptive, vicious and evil under her gentle, innocent, virtuous and kind pretence. Her suspicious nature was finally put to rest after Mo Xi wrote a note to her as a reminder not to follow the footsteps of her brother, Murong Chen. The Princess is a man who disguised himself as a female for the past 30 years.

【 Lu Zhan Xing 】

A sworn brother, deputy General of Gu Mang’s Wang Ba army and a very close friend of Gu Mang. He was controlled by Zhenlong Chessboard (operated by Jiang Ye Xue and the Emperor) to commit treason. Thereafter he was beheaded by the Emperor.

【 Jiang (Yue) Ye Xue 】

Gu Mang’s comrade in arms. Son of a concubine of Yue Juntian. Half brother (paternal) of Yue Chen Qing and Murong Chu Yi. Attempted to murder Yue Chen Qing, crazy obsession for Murong Chu Yi.

【 Murong Chu Yi 】

“Uncle” of Jiang Ye Xue and Yue Chen Qing. He was an orphan adopted as a younger brother by Yue Jun Tian’s main wife, Princess Murong Huang. So he became the “uncle”. But in reality, his birth mother with surname Chu was raped by Yue Jun Tian. His mother has a twin sister who had a son (Gu Mang) with Murong Lian’s father. So Murong Chu Yi is Gu Mang’s maternal cousin.

【 Yue Chen Qing 】

Deputy General of Mo Xi’s Northern Frontier Army. Half brother of Jiang Ye Xue and Murong Chu Yi, son of Yue Jun Tian. His mother, Princess Murong Huang is the main wife of Yue Jun Tian, who died after giving birth to him.

【 Liao Grand Advisor / Hua Po An 】

He is actually the villain Hua Po An who had lived for a few hundred years. He was born into royalty in Chong Hua, but because of the struggle to the throne, his clan was defeated and he became a slave. He won the sympathy of his kind-hearted Shizun, Shen Tang who removed his slave ring and taught him. Hua Po An was very talented but unfortunately he failed to get the throne. So he fled and founded the Liao Country and cultivated the demonic path and created the demonic blood beast to help him crush Chong Hua and rule the world.

【 Jiang Fuli 】

Most highly skilled and revered physician in Chong Hua. He is like Ta Xian Jun of “Husky and the White Cat Shizun”, created by Hua Po An / Liao’s Grand Advisor using a dead body and infused with part of Shen Tang’s soul. He lived for a few hundred years like Hua Po An but was constantly hiding away from Hua Po An.


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