Husky And The White Cat Shizun

Husky And The White Cat Shizun

Husky And The White Cat Shizun

二哈和他的白猫师尊 èr hā hé tā de bái māo shī zūn

Author: 肉包不吃肉 ròu bāo bù chī ròu

Chinese Drama: 皓衣行 Hao Yi Xing Immortality

311 Chapters + 39 Extras

Ratings: 5/5

⚠️Warning: Mature Contents, Rape, Violence, Gore

Don’t get fooled by the title and cover of this book ! This novel is not any fluffy romance novel, but a super awesome Chinese BL cultivation novel! This is indeed a novel you must not miss because I am rating this novel 5 stars out of 5 and I highly recommend you to read it. Oh yes… there is an upcoming Chinese Drama based on this novel, and the title of the Chinese Drama is “Immortality” (皓衣行 / Hao Yi Xing). Filming has completed about a month ago, so the Drama should be aired a few months from now. I am expecting a lot of cinematic animation, so it might be delayed until the first half of 2021.

The Chinese novels I’ve read so far with the main characters who are Shizun (cultivation teachers) and disciple pairing are “Husky” and “Scum Villain Self-Saving System” by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. “Husky” is definitely many many times better than Scum Villain, for one, the characters in “Husky” are very well-developed and the plots and storyline were conceived and planned thoughtfully. The ML’s villainous character in “Husky” had opportunities to reflect on his misdeeds and the misunderstandings and did all he could to make atonements for the humiliation and sufferings that he had caused his Shizun, the person who loved him the most in this world. Whereas, in Scum Villain, the ML character Luo Bing He felt like a pitiful psychopath who needed security and assurance from his beloved Shizun. Don’t get me wrong, Scum Villain is nevertheless a novel I had enjoyed reading and had read it twice and wouldn’t mind re-reading it again.

Husky is novel about the 2 lifetimes of Mo Ran and his ill-fated relationship with his Shizun, Chu Wan Ning. Well, the 1st lifetime was an ill-fated relationship. But in his 2nd lifetime, I’m just relieved that it is a Happy Ending!

In the first lifetime, Mo Ran was a villainous monarch of the cultivation world whom everyone loved to hate. He murdered his uncle and auntie, killed many people, tortured and raped his Shizun who eventually died in captivity. After his Shizun’s death, Mo Ran eventually lost the meaning of life and committed suicide too, only to be reborn again to re-live his 2nd lifetime starting from his 16 year old self. This time, Mo Ran learnt to see his Shizun in a different light; cleared all the misunderstandings that happened in his previous life and only to find out that his true love and saviour during these 2 lifetimes had always been his Shizun. While he won his Shizun’s heart in this 2nd life, his evil past caught up with him. Mo Ran in fact had a very pitiful childhood and past. The reason he turned evil and wicked was due to the poison given to him by his evil disciple older brother, Shi Mei. His fate and destiny with Chu Wan Ning had in fact started very early on, when he was 5 years old and thereafter, the 2 lovers’ fate intertwined with each other for 2 lifetimes.

The villains behind all of Mo Ran’s miseries finally came to light as Mo Ran fought to protect his lover Shizun with his life. His Shizun also protected Mo Ran with his life many times during these 2 lifetimes. Their love for each other is just so deep, so real, so selfless and so heartbreaking that makes me shout out to everyone that you must read this novel!

Finally, what makes this novel an enjoyable read is that it is littered with humour, hot / steamy / shameless sex (both sensual and hardcore violent), unrequited love, very sweet budding romance, trusting / deep / loyal relationship and of course… Chinese food!!!!! Hahahaha! I can’t help being interested in what these Chinese BL characters love to eat, I’ll google and cook them at home!



The novel began with Mo Ran (ML, a.k.a. Mo Wei Yu, a.k.a. Ta Xian Jun), the devious, villainous mortal cultivation world Emperor committed suicide using poison. He had killed his uncle and auntie, his Empress, decimated many cultivation sects, imprisoned and raped his teacher, Shizun, Chu Wan Ning for 8 years until he died. After Shizun’s death, there was nothing left for Mo Ran to continue living. His life is cursed, he was lonely and living was meaningless. Moreover, everyone in the cultivation world had all united to take revenge on him for his heinous crimes.

After he died, Mo Ran (Mo Ran 2.0) woke up again, but this time, in a brothel in his 16 year old body. Apparently he just had sex with a gay prostitute the night before. Mo Ran had been reborn back in time to his 16 year old self, the year before he started committing atrocities and murdering his uncle and aunt. Looked like he had an opportunity to live his life once again and decide the course of his life and destiny. This time, he is going to safeguard and protect his disciple older brother, Shi Mei from harm. In his previous life, Shi Mei was the kindest soul and treated him the best. Mo Ran thought that the person he loved the most was Shi Mei then. In his previous lifetime, Shi Mei died in front of him after fighting the demons with his Shizun. He begged his Shizun to save Shi Mei but Shizun walked away. Shi Mei died in his arms. Subsequently, he started hating his Shizun and his heart started blackening and he went crazy killing many people and lived a cursed life.

In this new second life, Mo Ran didn’t think too well of his Shizun either but spending time with his Shizun on various missions made Mo Ran have a different perspective of his Shizun, Chu Wan Ning.

Chu Wan Ning is the cultivation world’s most powerful cultivator (later surpassed by his disciple, Mo Ran) and the embodiment of purity and morals. CWN’s demeanour was cold, strict and stern. As a result, all of SiSheng Peak’s disciples will scamper away or hushed when he enters the dining hall or attends events. But under that cold facade is a delicate, compassionate, kind soul who also yearned for companionship, understanding and acceptance by others. He could construct a barrier to shield everyone from the bad weather yet not let others find out about his kindness. When he broke the Sect’s rules himself, he willingly took on the punishment which was meant for the disciples, leading them by example.

He had 3 disciples in SiSheng Peak Sect – Xue Meng, the young Master of SiSheng Peak; Shi Mei (a kind and gentle disciple whose cultivation constitution is not fantastic so he was more of a healer or medicine man); and Mo Ran (Xue Meng’s older cousin, and later the most powerful cultivator, surpassing CWN).

During Mo Ran’s juvenile days, he admired the good looks of CWN, thereby choosing him as his Shizun. (Actually, when he was 5 years old, the kindness of CWN had already etched into his memories.) He saw a precious flower on a tree and plucked it to gift it to CWN but was disciplined by CWN as it was a precious medicinal herb for Mo Ran’s aunt. Shi Mei made a bowl of wonton soup and offered to Mo Ran to cheer him up (wonton soup made by CWN!!!). His gentle ways won Mo Ran’s heart, making Mo Ran think that Shi Mei is the purest and most beautiful treasure on earth. Initially, he fantasised his love and kisses with Shi Mei, but after going on several missions with CWN and 6 year old “Xia Si Ni” (the child size CWN), he gradually became clear the person he wanted to be close with all the time was CWN / Xia Si Ni. I enjoyed reading the chapters when Xia Si Ni appeared. Those chapters were so hilarious and endearing.

During the various missions, CWN protected Mo Ran and got injured several times. One of them caused him to be poisoned and weakened his core such that CWN became a 6 year old child Xia Si Ni. What Mo Ran didn’t know was that his Shizun had already fallen in love with him but because of their teacher-disciple relationship, CWN could only hide his feelings and unrequited love.

During the Heavenly Rift event, Mo Ran was guarded to protect Shi Mei due to his experience in his first lifetime. Shi Mei had died and CWN was indifferent and walked away despite Mo Ran begged him to save Shi Mei. So this time, he wants to protect Shi Mei at all cost. Since this lifetime, he lived his life a little differently and more carefully, hence many variables changed. Shi Mei didn’t die, but Mo Ran and CWN teamed up to fight and resist invasion of the demons. As a result, Mo Ran was seriously injured and fainted. As with his previous life, before he passed out, he saw CWN walking away without looking back at him.

When he woke up, he felt disappointed and angry with his Shizun. He was later informed by Xue Meng that Shizun who was also heavily injured, carried and dragged his unconscious body up 3799 steps up to SiSheng Peak before dying. And the reason he did not turn back to look at him was because he had already put up a shield for Mo Ran and did not want to attract the demons to attack Mo Ran, so he quickly walked away to lure the demons away from Mo Ran. After CWN’s death, Mo Ran felt guilty and indebted to his Shizun, and he misunderstood his teacher in his past life.


The several misunderstandings during his past life were clarified once again when CWN’s Shizun, Monk Huai Zui came on the 7th day after CWN’s death to ask if the disciples were willing to search for CWN’s souls – the human soul, earth soul and conscious soul. During the quest to search for CWN’s soul, Mo Ran found CWN’s human soul at Meng Po Hall (Dining Hall Kitchen). CWN’s human soul was making wontons for Mo Ran. As Mo Ran looked on, he discovered the terrible misunderstanding he had in his previous life and that his Shizun cared for him after all !!! This spurred him to continue his quest in the Underworld to find CWN’s 2 earth souls. Finding CWN once again and reviving CWN only confirmed the person in his heart is only his Shizun after all. This is followed by a long 5 year wait before CWN finally awaken.

Meanwhile during these 5 years, Mo Ran trained hard and wandered many places to help those in need and also to find the mastermind who triggered the heavenly rift. 22 year old Mo Ran grew up strong, muscular, handsome and powerful during these 5 years and well-loved by many. Everyday, he’ll write CWN a note about how he spent his days, hoping to compile a book of diary and gift it to CWN when he wakes. He swore he was going to shower his precious Shizun with all his love, care and respect.

When CWN awoke…..oh gosh… its really time for sweet romance. I really love all these chapters, how Mo Ran confessed his love to CWN in the presence of all the villagers to finding out CWN had kept a keepsake of both their locks of hair in their ghost marriage 5 years ago, the romantic confession on a sword ride and their first kiss and their sexual trysts in the woods, behind Meng Po Hall, in the hot spring and in the inn.  All these, you won’t find in the Chinese Drama!!!

Eventually, Mo Ran’s past caught up with him. Another calamity was to befall the mortal world and the mastermind attempts to open up the demon world. In Dragon Blood Mountain, Monk Huai Zui divulged to Mo Ran and CWN about CWN’s past. CWN was not a human by birth. He was created by Monk Huai Zui from a small broken tree branch of the Yan Di Sacred Tree which was part of the Shen Nong (Divine Farmer) Clan. According to the legend, the Yan Di Sacred Tree had been around for thousand of years, it was one of the 3 (the other 2 being Nuwa Tu and Fu Xi Qin) original artefacts of the 3 Emperors’ creation and possessed pure spiritual power. A human life can be created from this small branch of the Yan Di Tree. As such, CWN which was created from Yan Di Tree, was able to command plant monsters and spirits. Huai Zui created CWN with a hope that one day, this body could house Chu Xun’s spirit to atone his sins, but he didn’t realise that teenage CWN was adamant to save the mortal world than rise to immortality, thus foiled the original plans for Huai Zui.

Mo Ran was shocked from Huai Zui’s revelation that CWN was his saviour who pulled him out from the dumps when he was 5 years old, fed him and looked after him briefly after his mother’s death. In his notorious previous life as Ta Xian Jun, he had looked all over for his saviour, not knowing that CWN, whom he tortured and humiliated to death was the very person he had been looking for.

After Monk Huai Zui’s confession, he also informed them that CWN 1.0 had sought his help to keep an incense for Mo Ran 2.0 and CWN 2.0 in Dragon Blood Mountain. When CWN and Mo Ran entered the cave, they were spell bound by the incense, causing CWN 1.0’s memory to be assimilated into CWN 2.0 as he experienced the brutal sexual torture inflicted upon him by Ta Xian Jun / Mo Ran 1.0. Mo Ran 2.0 was in the cave with CWN 2.0 as both of them replayed the sexual torture in the illusion spell set up by Chu Wan Ning 1.0. I must say this is the 1st time in Mo Ran’s 2nd lifetime that he had sexual intercourse with Chu Wan Ning, because previously he refused to penetrate Chu Wan Ning during their sexual trysts, fearing that his enormous sexual organ will tear and injure CWN. During this illusion spell, both of them were unable to control their body and speech, and just had to re-live the previous life between Ta Xian Jun and Chu Wan Ning 1.0.

It was revealed that Shi Mei 1.0 was the mastermind behind all these as he was part of the “Butterfly Bone Beauty Seat” (or “Mei Ren Xi”) clan, which was part of the Demons Clan. When Mo Ran 1.0 was 16 years old, Shi Mei had wanted to implant a poison / curse (Eight Bitter Long Hatred Flower) into CWN when he was meditating. CWN was chosen as he had a very powerful cultivation core and this poison will incite hatred necessary to create this negative energy in order to open the door to the demon world. Mo Ran saw this accidentally and told Shi Mei to give him the poison / curse instead in a bid to save CWN. From then onwards, Mo Ran was demonised, having “imaginary” affection for Shi Mei and hatred for CWN. CWN realised this in the first life (with the help of his paper dragon) and attempted to expel the poison inside Mo Ran 1.0, but he failed. So with the help of his sacred weapon, Jiuge, he opened the gate of Time and Space to the 2nd lifetime and eradicated the poison which was in its infancy inside Mo Ran 2.0’s 16 year old body (just before Mo Ran was reborn) using half of his soul and the other half of his earth soul given to CWN 2.0. Then he passed the incense of spells he had prepared to Huai Zui and instructed Huai Zui to give it to CWN 2.0 and Mo Ran 2.0 when the time comes. When both his half souls merge together due to the spell in the incense, the poison inside Mo Ran 2.0 would be eradicated and CWN 2.0 will inherit all over CWN 1.0 memories.

In this 2nd life, Mo Ran also caught Shi Mei doing the same, but Shi Mei was too fast to keep his poison. Shi Mei 1.0 was actually the medicine sage – Hua Binan. Thus in this 2nd lifetime, Shi Mei 1.0 plotted and framed Mo Ran and blackened him again. He also abducted CWN and attempted to rape him only to be stopped by the dead corpse of Ta Xian Jun. As a punishment for Mo Ran who had been framed by Shi Mei, Mo Ran’s cultivation core was destroyed (but was salvaged by Shi Mei for his devious plans to open the demon’s gate). Mo Ran is the 72 generation of Nangong, son of Nangong Yan and Duan Yihan.

CWN came too late to rescue Mo Ran who later died. I cried loads here… gosh…as CWN hugged him to sleep for the last time. I was glad CWN didn’t forsake Mo Ran despite Mo Ran’s core was shattered.

Ta Xian Jun (Mo Ran’s dead body from the first life, Mo Ran 0.5! ), whom was recreated by Shi Mei 1.0 but with only 1 of Mo Ran’s soul, connected the first world to the second world. Mo Ran’s 2nd life soul managed to assimilate into Ta Xian Jun’s body, but really, this Ta Xian Jun’s body was essentially a dead body.

As the villains went ahead with their plans to open the Demon’s gate, all the cultivators united with CWN and Ta Xian Jun to close the Demon’s gate.

I find the ending really awesome. Just when all the cultivators were at their wits end, a miracle happened. CWN and Ta Xian Jun appeared in the nick of time to save the world. Ta Xian Jun was heavily injured but he will soon turn to dust anyway since he was re-created by Shi Mei. Before he turned into dust, he got the assurance of CWN’s love for him and revealed to CWN that Mo Ran’s soul is with him all these while.

Mo Ran promised to return to CWN before Ta Xian Jun disappeared. After playing tag with the Demon Lord, Mo Zun, Mo Ran’s soul returned to his 2.0 body which CWN had kept for him. Finally, the couple reunited!!!! OMG ! I wonder what I’ll do reuniting with my lover this way after 2 lifetimes of hardship ! Hahaha!!! I really love this couple loads!

Disclaimer: These photos don’t belong to me. Credits reserved for the artists / 2Ha fans who drew them. I’m showcasing works of these talented 2Ha fans.

English Translation: Completed

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