Lord Of End Of The World

Lord Of End Of The World

Lord Of End Of World

末世重生之少主横行 mò shì chóng shēng zhī shào zhǔ héng xíng

Author: 风流书呆 fēng liú shū dāi

171 Chapters + 1 extra

Ratings: 3.5/5

Lord Of End Of World has tags like  apocalypse, zombies, harem, orgy, mutant and cannibalism .

The author of this book also wrote Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil / QWTFOTD, so I thought it should be quite a good book, considering QWTFOTD is one of my favourite novel, so this novel should have very unique and interesting plots and ideas. I was right!


In the ancient world of Wu Xia cultivation world, the MC, known as “Xiao Shao Zhu” or “little young master” in Chinese, was raised by a very powerful and ambitious martial arts master, Xiao Lin. Due to the martial arts that Xiao Lin was practicing, his “Yang” body needs to absorb “Yin” energy. So he found  Shao Zhu who had a pure “Yin” body. Xiao Lin trained Shao Zhu martial arts in the Underground Palace for 16 years and forced him to have sex with several men, at times even in public, stripping him of all dignity.

This method of having sex is equivalent to cultivating his Yin body, enabling his powers and Yin energy to increase faster. When the time ripens, Xiao Lin plans to absorb all the Yin energy from Shao Zhu, this making himself the most powerful martial arts master in the world.

But Shao Zhu was not stupid, he refused and killed Xiao Lin and in the end he also died. He transmigrated into the modern world into the body of a teenager, Gong LiXin (GLX).

GLX has a pure “Yin” body too, perfect for  training and cultivating the martial arts that he had learnt in his previous life. Not only that, his appearance was handsome, pure, innocent and jade white, which caused many MLs to fall madly in love with him.

The first ML is Song Haoran, a trusted friend who lived with the Gong family and helped out Father Gong in training his private army. The second ML is Lin Wenbo, who is the grandson of a rich business magnate and the fiancé of GLX’s older sister.

When GLX transmigrated, his older sister, Gong XiangYi has just experienced a rebirth. She had experienced the future and died. Time seems to have been turned back as she relive her life again. She told her family of the upcoming apocalypse and the Gong and Lin families started preparing for it.

GLX also started training his internal strength and started making preparations to survive the apocalypse.

Just before the apocalypse, due to a deadly virus pandemic, some people died and became zombies while others had fever for 3 days and become people with special abilities while some people had no abilities. Song Haoran had fire ability whereas Lin Wenbo had metal ability. GLX had no abilities but due to the martial arts and very strong internal strength that he cultivates, others mistook that he has 4 abilities – power, ice, fire and wind.

GLX is not only very good looking, he is also very powerful in subduing and killing zombies and is immuned to all poisons due to the “hundred poison” pill he took. He is very caring, generous, brave and protective of his friends and was a natural leader that everyone is attracted to and naturally wanted to follow.

GLX made a lot of friends along the way during this apocalyptic harsh times. He was fiercely protective of his friends and in return, his friends treated him with loads of respect and loyalty.

The plot weaves an amazing story of GLX meeting the various special friends including a Level 4 powerful zombie, Jin ShangHui, and how he trains his followers and built the most powerful and enviable power base.

Eventually, he killed the villains, the Emperor of all the Zombies and eradicated all the zombies. During his final battle, he broke all the meridians in his body, causing him to lose all his internal strength. But luckily, amongst his friends was a very talented healer (biologist / pharmacist / researcher), Jin ShangYu, who repaired the damages in his body to restore his internal strength over 2 years. It is a happy ending for everyone!

There were altogether 5 MLs – Song Haoran, Lin Wenbo, He Jin, Dou Heng and Jin Shanghui (zombie). I couldn’t believe myself reading GLX having an orgy with Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo. I had to calm myself down… Hahahaha… 🤣😅

Sometimes I was wondering if GLX was indeed an emotional idiot? How could he also masturbated with He Jin? I bet he wouldn’t mind either if Dou Heng or Jin Shanghui, the zombie make a move on him, which all these fellas already have plans to. Even Jin Shanghui is willingly taking a potion to help Little Hui get erected, OMG!!! My morals is once again at stake! HAHAHAHAHA!!!


I’ll rate this novel 3.5/5. Sometimes I just suspect that Gong Lixin is pretending to be an emotional idiot when he’s smart in other aspects? The author didn’t fail to remind readers how handsome, sexy and coveted the MC is and how crazy these MLs are over him. The MC’s life is so enchanting and he is always winning and the most powerful and most revered lord that sometimes make it seem so unreal. Nothing wrong about this, but I just feel since there so many MLs, there’s some lack of deep emotional connection between the readers and the characters.

English Translation: Completed

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