The President’s Wife Is A Man

The President’s Wife Is A Man

The President’s Wife Is A Man

总裁夫人是男的 zǒng cái fū ren shì nán de

Author: 橘子味 jú zi wèi Orange Flavour

176 Chapters

Ratings: 3/5

This BL novel is fluffy romance!!!!! Not too much of a plot, no angst and no heartbreaks. The likes and flavour of Taiwanese BL Drama – History. Simple story, slice of life, full of romance and full of sex ! Lol! 😂

If you’re in the mood of reading a light-hearted BL novel, full of romance, then this is the novel for you. But if you want to read a BL novel with a strong plot, angst, romance, heart wrenching, soul-searching type of novel, then you can skip this novel.

The English translation is only until Chapter 99 when I posted this review. As I was too lazy to read Chinese, I used Google Chrome translation service and translated the remaining chapters to English to speed read. The translation was not perfect but I could more of less get the gist of what is happening in the story. Link to the Chinese raw is below. 👇

I’ll rate this novel 3/5 and am not likely to read it again.


There’s not much of a spoiler anyway. Hahaha… the plot is just straight flat and expected. The BL couple got to know each other in school, they fell in love, graduated together and went to work together. One is the President of Ke Group Company and the other, a manager. They managed to come out and win their parents’ consent after being together for 7 years, got married and lived happily ever after.

Jiang Qi (MC) bumped into the very handsome and cold-face Ke Yan (ML) one night in his hostel. Ke Yan is very handsome and many girls fell for him. Even Jiang Qi found him very good looking.

Jiang Qi and Ke Yan enjoyed reading books. Their fate was sealed when they met again in the library. Thereafter, they will meet each other at the library to read books after class. They enjoyed each other’s company. One Christmas Eve, Ke Yan proposed to Jiang Qi to be together and Jiang Qi agreed.

After they graduated, Ke Yan took over his family business from his father and is the powerfully rich Ke Group’s President. Jiang Qi works for Ke Group but he told Ke Yan not to divulge their relationship since Ke Yan just took over the company and needed a strong footing in the company. They cohabited for 7 years secretly.

Ke Yan doted on Jiang Qi to the moon. Lots of fluffy loveys-doveys and sex between the lovers. The only thing is Jiang Qi’s awful cooking.

Nobody in the office know about their relationship. Thus, it is interesting to see the 2 Manageress Wang Si Qi and Sun Qing Nian harboured dreams to become the President’s Wife and how they plotted to seduce and get into the good books of Ke Yan. But the cold-face Ke Yan only had eyes for Jiang Qi. I only found this part interesting.

And there’s also the rotten female (fujoshi) employees like Xiao An and Jiang Qi’s younger sister, Jiang Lu who supported the male couple.

Ke Yan’s and Jiang Qi’s parents found out their relationship, but eventually learnt to accept it.

In the prelude to their wedding, Ke Yan realised Jiang Qi’s dream to become a bookshop owner by buying him a big book shop with 3 floors that is across the street from Ke Group Company. Jiang Qi resigned and by then, almost everyone in the company are aware of their relationship since the President loves Jiang Qi so much and couldn’t keep his hands off Jiang Qi.

The couple got their parents’ consent on Christmas Eve and on the the second day of Chinese New Year, they got married in a romantic forest wedding.

There’s another bl couple in the story – Ke Yan’s friend Yang Shao Yu and Dr Lin Zi Rui.

English Translation: In Progress

Read it here:

Chapter 1-93 Yuanshu Cave

Chapter 94-99 IsoHungry Translations

Chapter 99 and beyond Dummy Novels

Chinese Raw to MTL:


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