The Haunted Chapter 83

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Chapter 83 Returning The Blood

Translated by Nessie


Ye Yingzhi brought Chi Yan to the ground.


A fresh, damp wind blew past them, blowing away the stray hair from their foreheads.


Chi Yan opened his eyes and saw the far and deep night sky in the southern hemisphere. The stars were very bright, like shimmering diamonds. The last time he saw such a bright and clear night sky was when he was a child. When he grew up, he didn’t have the leisure and passion to look up at the night sky. Even if he looked up, he couldn’t see the stars.


The night breeze was gentle, and they were on an unmanned grassland. They couldn’t see people or buildings from a distance, only an entire stretch of borderless grassland. Chi Yan speculated that they were probably somewhere in the outskirts of the city.


The feeling of having just escaped a calamity which almost caused him to lose his life finally surged in his heart. He thought of the vampires who wore pale and strange masks jeered with jealous laughter; thought of the gloomy and mellow music; thought of the long and sharp triangular awl behind him; the long candles and the swaying shadows magnified by the flames…


This was the first time he felt so close to death. Even the last time when he was at the vampires’ banquet, he did not have such a strong premonition that he might die. When facing Prince Eymer, he subconsciously believed that this vampire wouldn’t hurt him.


Ye Yingzhi still hugged him and didn’t let go.  He could feel his lover trembling constantly in his arms.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He was scared. This recognition lifted Ye Yingzhi’s heart. He felt an unspeakable mixture of pity and pain in his heart.


He tightened his arms and kissed the tip of his hair and forehead gently and comforted, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, I was not good, I should have appeared earlier …I promise that there will be no next time…” This was his instinct as a male. He instinctively wanted to protect his partner from any harm, even if the other person was strong enough to protect himself.


Chi Yan didn’t pay attention to his whisper. He leaned on him for a while, took two deep breaths, and then eliminated all the negative emotions he had just felt. He remembered the things that made him feel uncomfortable, and raised his head to look at the man in front of him, “Ye Yingzhi, I saw that you seemed to have said something, and then killed that vampire, and then those other vampires became very respectful. They looked scared, and didn’t dare to move at all. Why? What did you say?”


Ye Yingzhi still felt pain for his lover. He touched the stray strand of hair hanging down his forehead, like touching the hair of a small animal. He answered casually, “I just told them that the law enforcement team has arrived and they had better behave themselves. “


Chi Yan thought that vampires seemed to be very afraid of the law enforcement team, whether it was the blood law enforcement team or the vampire hunter law enforcement team would terrify them.




Chi Yan’s four-day travel plan in Sydney had not yet started and Ye Yingzhi offered to join him. Ye Yingzhi said that he happened to borrow to live in a friend’s vacant house here, so Chi Yan cancelled the booking at the hotel and moved in to live with him.


Chi Yan asked Ye Yingzhi what sort of friend he was, and if he was also a vampire hunter? Ye Yingzhi casually fabricated that he was also a vampire hunter, and was sent to Europe on a business trip, and the house just happened to be empty. Chi Yan didn’t doubt him. There was afterall Interpol in human society. He felt that Ye Yingzhi’s friend must be a powerful vampire hunter.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The two spent the first three days touring the famous tourist spots all over Sydney and also tried various famous restaurants. Unknowingly, time flew by and it was the last day. Chi Yan booked a flight back to Sophis at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Ye Yingzhi booked the same flight with him after learning about it.


As their flight back was in the afternoon, Chi Yan didn’t plan for a tight schedule. He planned to wander around nearby after waking up in the morning and explore Hyde Park and St. Mary’s Cathedral after lunch. Ye Yingzhi listened to him talk about his plan, smiled and agreed to his plan.


It was a cloudy day again. It started drizzling in the morning after they woke up and the rain got heavier during noon. The two men took shelter in a restaurant by the side of the road, ate lunch and waited for the rain to lighten up.


However, the rain did not stop and some rain water scattered on the two of them. Chi Yan and Ye Yingzhi strolled in Hyde Park in the drizzle. The church and the park were separated on both sides of a road. Standing on the side of the park, they could clearly see the magnificent and solemn outline of the Gothic building under the dark sky.


The two walked side by side in the park for a while. Ye Yingzhi sat down on a bench under a tree and said to Chi Yan, “I’m a little tired, and I’m not too interested in the church. I’ll sit here and rest. You can go and take a look. Send me a message when you are done and I’ll be waiting for you at the intersection.”


Although the vampire hunter said that he was tired, he was actually not. Ye Yingzhi used to live in Europe, and had seen such Western-style churches everywhere. He could have seen many more famous churches. It was indeed unlikely that he would be interested in visiting churches. Chi Yan nodded very understandingly. He thought to himself that he had been negligent when planning the itinerary, and did not take this into consideration.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He took out his phone to check the time and told Ye Yingzhi, “Okay, I’ll probably take a look around and I should be done in fifteen minutes at most.”


Ye Yingzhi smiled and nodded as he ran away. He stretched out his left hand to support his chin and looked at his back, thinking to himself that hopefully Chi Yan wouldn’t ask him to get married in the church. If his lover wanted him to hold a wedding in the church then he would go crazy. He might just find someone to build a vampire church on the spot.


It was not a Sunday so there weren’t many people in the church. It was quiet inside. On the benches in the middle and on both sides, there were people praying silently or reciting scriptures. A man dressed in a priest’s robe was distributing holy water to each believer.


A leaping candle flame was burning in front of the statue of Our Lady. Chi Yan did not dare to make too much noise, so he walked quietly along the wall, looking at the carvings and stained glass windows on the walls. He went in through the door on the left and went around in a circle. When he walked to the wall on the right, he took out his phone and looked at it. It had been fifteen minutes and he should go out to meet Ye Yingzhi.


A volunteer who was distributing holy water walked up to him at this moment and offered him a cup. “This is the holy water that was consecrated before the Lord.”


He spoke softly, drawing a cross on his chest, “May the Lord be with you.”


Chi Yan was a little at a loss. He took the water and said “thank you”. He  thought for a moment, took a sip, smiled and nodded to the other party. He didn’t know much about these religious etiquettes. He would only chant Amitabha with his hands clasped together when he visited the temple to worship the Buddha. He didn’t know what to do at this time so as not to be rude.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The other party smiled kindly and left with the tray and walked to the next person.


Chi Yan finished the water in the cup in one sip. He planned to throw the paper cup into the dustbin when he walked out of the church. After two steps, he felt a sudden pain in his chest, and his heartbeat suddenly became abnormally fast, as if it was jumping out of the chest cavity. He covered his left chest, stopped and dared not walk again. The continuous fast heartbeat gave him the illusion that he had grown another heart in an instant – no, it felt more like there were countless numbers of hearts thumping in his chest.


Chi Yan stretched out his left hand to support the wall on the left, his consciousness gradually blurred, his body became weaker, and he involuntarily slid down against the wall. He saw the volunteer who distributed the holy water put down the tray in astonishment, and ran towards him nervously, shouting something in his mouth, trying to lift him up…


Chi Yan’s brain could no longer process any more information. Before he completely lost consciousness, the last image he saw was a man in a black coat walking towards him from the door – – wearing a long pair of black trousers, the hem of the coat was neat, pale and slender neck, deep red lips and deep black eyes… Chi Yan looked up at the man from the bottom up, tried hard to lift his hand to reach him, and shouted the other’s name in his heart…


“Ye…” He vaguely spoke a syllable and finally dropped his hand weakly on his side, closing his eyes. His head fell to his left shoulder weakly, revealing his slender right neck.


The man approached, bent down, gently hugged him into his arms, stood up and left, as if he had never appeared before.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It wasn’t until his figure completely disappeared for a long time that the volunteer who was distributing the holy water recovered. He looked at the empty side, with a slightly confused expression: Was it all his hallucinations just now? Didn’t someone suddenly just fainted? He was just planning to call first aid. He shook his head and was about to walk away. As he looked down, only to see an empty used white paper cup, exactly the same as the other cups in his tray, rolling on the floor.




Sophis, inside Prince Eymer’s Manor.


Gray watched the Prince hurrying into the bedroom on the second floor holding the unconscious human being. He was a little surprised. As far as he knew, wasn’t His Highness supposed to spend his honeymoon in advance? Why now… the human fainted? What did he do?


He followed Prince Eymer to the second floor so that His Royal Highness could give orders at any time. Mr. Butler walked to the door of the bedroom and stood with his head down, thinking for a while and couldn’t help saying: “Excuse me, Your Highness, what’s the situation now?”


The Prince gently laid the human in his arms on the sofa, untied his coat and threw it on a chair by the side, sat next to the human, began to untie the cufflinks on the left hand of his shirt, and explained indifferently, “He drank the holy water enshrined in the church there by mistake. The holy power in the holy water tried to attack the blood lead I had left in his body before. His body couldn’t bear it and he passed out.”


After unfastening his cufflinks, the vampire prince rolled up his sleeves, got up and took the silver knife on the desk, and quickly slit his left wrist. Blood quickly poured out from the wound. He put his bleeding wrist to the human’s mouth, and at the same time lowered his head and coaxed softly, “Be good, drink a little, it won’t be uncomfortable anymore if you drink a little.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He raised his head and glanced at Gray, his expression changed from coaxing to calm in an instant, “We are fine here now.”


The incomparably bright and fresh blood flowed out from the wound of the vampire prince’s wrist, bringing with it an extremely dark and seductive smell. The human in his arms seemed to have been tempted and gradually woke up from his coma. His eyes were still blurry, obviously his consciousness was still not clear.


He spontaneously moved his lips towards the wounded wrist of the Prince. At first, it was only a small one, tentatively licking the blood flowing out, but soon he became dissatisfied. He grabbed the Prince’s forearm with both hands and greedily sucked his blood.


The Prince stroked his hair indulgently, and his dark black eyes were bottomless. At this moment, he stared at the human being sucking his blood. His eyes were filled with overflowing amounts of love and dote.


Gray’s pupils dilated with surprise. He couldn’t help but gasped, “Your blood…”


Blood was the source of power of the blood clan, and the most important thing for a blood clansman. How precious and powerful the blood of Prince Eymer would be… he couldn’t even think about it.


The Prince just waved his hand casually, “It’s okay, you can go and close the door.”


Gray saw the prince sitting on the sofa, putting the human in his arms and sitting on his lap. Because of the change of posture, his left arm was only moved away for a while. The human hugged his neck, looked at him with a whimper of dissatisfaction. Then he rubbed his side face with his, as if urging the owner to feed this aggrieved kitten.


The Prince quickly offered his bloody arm again, and waited until the human began to suck. He leaned forward, dotingly kissed the human from the bottom up to the side of his neck, and kissed it all the way to the back of the ear and softly muttered, “Be good, drink slowly, drink as much as you want, no one will fight with you… it’s all yours…”


Mr. Butler shook his head and closed the door.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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