The Haunted Chapter 82

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Chapter 82 It’s Another Peaceful Night

Translated by Nessie


Ye Yingzhi dropped the breathless vampire and walked straight towards Chi Yan.


All the clansmen in the audience lowered their heads, retreated to the sides one after another, not even daring to look at him.


This fight was extremely fast, and as soon as Chi Yan had time to worry, Ye Yingzhi had already returned. He looked up at the vampire hunter and asked, “You…” Why did you come back?


Ye Yingzhi stood still in front of him, lowered his head, his lips brushing the top of his hair and forehead inadvertently. He spoke softly into Chi Yan’s ear, “I made a bet with them. I won, I want to take you away.”


It was very gratifying to win a duel and be able to take away the human in front of him and completely owned him. The vampire licked his teeth and his heart swayed in reverie. He would surely hide his little prize well, not letting him leave his body all the time, holding him in his palms during the day and embracing him in his arms at night.


Chi Yan looked at all the blood clansmen around him. All the vampires stood with their heads and ears down. The executioner closest to them had already put down the steel cone awl in his hand and knelt on the ground.


This was nothing like just winning the bet. He frowned slightly, always feeling that something was wrong.


However, at this moment, Ye Yingzhi suddenly lifted his left hand, removed the ring from his left ring finger, pushed it onto Chi Yan’s ring finger little by little, and said casually, “Oh yes, this is for you. This is my token and I am giving it to you. It might be of a little help sometimes.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Token? Chi Yan opened the five fingers of his left hand with some curiosity and was distracted by the vampire hunter’s sudden action. He temporarily suppressed the sense of violation in his heart.


The style of the ring was simple and solemn. The pattern of the thorny rose in the middle was very unique and the ring fitted tightly onto his finger, as if it was specially tailor-made for him. He tried to pull it out with his right hand, but the ring remained unmovable.


How could it fit so snugly ? He took Ye Yingzhi’s left hand and looked at it carefully, and then stretched out his hand to compare with his. Ye Yingzhi’s fingers were obviously slightly thicker than his and the other party could take it off. Why couldn’t he take it off ?


Ye Yingzhi stood with a smile and let him figure things out. After Chi Yan released his hand in embarrassment, he lifted Chi Yan’s left hand, pointed to the silver ring and said, “It’s because this is a token from me, so it is only me who can remove it”


He folded the other party’s hand into a fist, wrapped his palm around it and instructed gently, “Keep it properly.”


Chi Yan raised his head and looked into the other person’s eyes. He clenched his left hand and did not refuse.


The other person’s black eyes were very serious and sincere, staring at him quietly, as if offering his own heart to him at the same time.


Suddenly he was embarrassed to look into Ye Yingzhi’s eyes and quickly diverted his sight. Just then he saw the corpse of the vampire that Ye Yingzhi had randomly thrown on the ground on the other side, “…You killed him?”


“I am a vampire hunter ah…” Ye Yingzhi replied softly, “There are always some law enforcement powers that could be used during emergencies. Otherwise, how can I combat their arrogance and how can I take you away?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Then they will let us go now?” Chi Yan asked in a low voice. He looked at Bai Qiu and the nine other people who were not very conscious. “I mean, we.”


It was not just the two of them who needed to leave this place. Could so many of them leave together? How could the vampires let them go so easily? Chi Yan felt that it was illogical. Even those vampires who were so rowdy and crazy just now had become obedient and respectful. It was like they were afraid of something.


Ye Yingzhi pressed against his ear and whispered, “Of course. I’m not stupid. I brought some people here, so they have no choice but to let us go.”


Chi Yan raised his head and looked at him in surprise. As soon as he finished his sentence, dozens of figures suddenly appeared in the hall, and there were even four or five people standing on the top of the dome volley, enclosing the entire hall.


They were wearing smart, black uniforms and boots and had a stern, cold and murderous aura about them. Chi Yan could almost feel that the smell of the vampire blood on their body was much heavier than ordinary vampire blood – their hands were stained with the blood of vampires.


Ye Yingzhi continued to explain softly in his ear, “I guessed that you got into trouble here, so I notified the law enforcement team for reinforcement.” After all, someone needed to handle the aftermath of this matter.


“Is this the law enforcement team of the blood clan you mentioned the last time?” Chi Yan looked at him in surprise. “How do you have such a close relationship with the clan?” Even if the vampire hunter found that the blood clan was misbehaving badly, he would report it first and the matter would be dealt with by the clan’s law enforcement team. The dealings they had before and even friendship could not justify this. After all, he had no evidence at all, why would the blood clan’s law enforcement team send so many people over just because of a word from him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“No,” Ye Yingzhi obviously realised that he had to explain how he was able to mobilize the blood clan’s law enforcement team quickly, so he immediately denied it, “This time the team that came with me is not the blood clan law enforcement team but is the vampire hunter law enforcement team. Vampire hunters also have a law enforcement team.”


He picked up Chi Yan’s left hand, gently touched the ring on his hand, and looked at him dotingly “You have to believe me that I have a token and am a powerful vampire …… hunter ah.”


“Then you are also a member of the law enforcement team?” Just now Ye Yingzhi denied that he was part of the law enforcement team so as to fool the other vampires?


“…No.” Ye Yingzhi paused and answered honestly.


Chi Yan looked at the cold and murderous appearance of the vampire hunter law enforcement team members. They wore uniforms, their faces were expressionless and looked very capable. Then he looked at Ye Yingzhi who was looking tenderly at him. Comparing the two, he immediately understood what was going on, “It doesn’t matter, you can definitely join them when you become better in the future.”


Ye Yingzhi’s strength might be still too weak, so he could only be a non-staff, and cannot work in the law enforcement team of vampire hunters. However, judging from the last time he drove away the werewolves and this time he quickly hunted down low-level vampires, Chi Yan felt that Ye Yingzhi was also quite powerful and had potential.


His ancestors probably had very good vampire hunters, and his family was more prestigious among vampire hunters, so that was probably how he had this token of a ring and that the other vampire hunters would take care of him more. This ring might be a symbol of his family. After seeing this ring, the other blood clansmen knew that he was a relative or friend of a powerful vampire hunter family, so naturally they would not easily touch him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan touched the ring on his left ring finger, his heart softened and he felt grateful for the other party’s care and protection.


“Okay,” Ye Yingzhi paused for a while before responding softly. Seeing Chi Yan gently touching the ring, his eyes curved softly, “I will try to become a better vampire hunter.”


The members of the twentieth law enforcement team who followed the Prince here regretted that their hearing was too good—they didn’t want to hear the conversation between His Royal Highness and the human being he loved. Their conversation was just too terrifying for the vampires.


As the elite of the blood clan law enforcement team with the most brilliant record, they never thought that they were called out and tasked to only block and investigate a group of blood clansmen who performed pure-blood sacrifices; and His Royal Highness was now identified as a vampire hunter. They all heard it clearly but kept silent and did not dare to blow His Royal Highness’ cover.


Although we heard it, we could pretend not to have heard it. We didn’t have any expressions anyway. Look, the captain has done it so well, he had already put up with the pretense that nothing happened and started to interrogate the blood clansmen.


“Anyway, the law enforcement team is taking care of the matters here, let’s leave first.” Ye Yingzhi told Chi Yan. “They will settle the rest of the human beings, erase their memories and send them back.”


Chi Yan nodded and looked worriedly at Bai Qiu. Bai Qiu also looked back at him nervously, clutching the hem of her shirt with both hands.


Chi Yan approached her and comforted her, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid, someone will erase your memories of this incident and send you back. You will feel like you just had a dream, and when you wake up, you will be on your bed. These bad memories will disappear.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“I understand, just like Harry Potter, they won’t let unrelated ordinary people keep these memories.” Bai Qiu nodded and smiled wryly, “But I don’t want my memories to be erased at all, no matter good or bad ones, scary or happy ones, I want to keep them.”


She looked at Chi Yan curiously, “But why do you always remember these? Can you tell me, I won’t tell anyone? They will make me forget everything anyway.”


Chi Yan smiled and said, “I told you before, my agreement with the vampire prince is not over yet. When the agreement is fulfilled, he will probably erase my memories too.” It just seemed that that day was still far away and he hadn’t considered this issue yet.


Bai Qiu nodded again and bid farewell to Chi Yan.


Ye Yingzhi had been standing aside, watching them silently. When they bid each other goodbye, he waved to the nearest law enforcement officer, raised his chin towards Bai Qiu’s direction and instructed, “Take care of this Miss and leave this place.”


The law enforcement officer slightly saluted at Bai Qiu and led the way, “Please follow me, and I will take you away.”


Bai Qiu looked at Chi Yan again, her only companion here. Although she barely maintained her composure on her face, there was still an uncontrollable panic in her eyes.


Chi Yan smiled at her, nodded comfortingly and watched the girl leave with the law enforcement officer through the small door at the back of the hall. The other law enforcement team members moved away the other human beings who had not yet awakened.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The hall was completely barricaded, with only a small door at the back. Ye Yingzhi told Chi Yan that they were in the basement now and they would have to walk a long distance up to leave the hall.


Chi Yan thought of the winding road when he came, “Did you also come in this way?”


Ye Yingzhi didn’t answer, but waved to him to lean closer.


Chi Yan didn’t know why but he took two steps towards him. Ye Yingzhi said softly “Not enough, come closer some more.”


However, he would be sticking to the other party if he got any closer. Chi Yan raised her eyes and glanced at the distance between the two, hesitated and did not move.


Ye Yingzhi waited for two seconds, then he stretched out his hands and pressed Chi Yan tightly to his chest and hugged him, “Hold tight, close your eyes, and I shall take you out.”


Chi Yan didn’t know what he was going to do. At first, he was adamant and opened his eyes to look at Ye Yingzhi’s face. Then he felt a vortex of airflow around his body rotating at a high speed, and the speed was getting faster and faster. He was so nervous that he instinctively shut his eyes and hugged Ye Yingzhi’s waist tightly.


The vampire chuckled, took the opportunity to lower his head and secretly kissed his eyelids. He watched the other’s eyelashes tremble and savoured the feeling of his lover in his arms. He licked his teeth feeling totally satisfied.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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