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Chapter 81 Reason

Translated by Nessie


Chi Yan could hear the clamoring and mocking voices of the blood clan members who were wearing masks.


“Oh, a human being.”


“How can it be……”


“His Royal Highness almost never comes into contact with the outside world.”


“But how did he even know about that one?” One of the vampires questioned.


Chi Yan knew they didn’t believe it, and he had to think of something else. In fact, from a series of previous events, including the attitudes of werewolves and other blood clansmen towards Prince Eymer, he had already guessed that the Prince’s image was cold, inaccessible, powerful and mysterious. It was much more difficult to pretend to be his lover than to pretend to be a vampire.


It was a pity that he had no traces of the other party on his body now, nor did he wear Prince Eymer’s coat. He did not even have any proof of contact with the other party. So it was much more difficult to fool these blood clansmen than it was to fool Alex in the first place.


Chi Yan hesitated for a while and then said softly, “…At least he likes to suck my blood.” This time he didn’t lie at all.


The vampire standing behind him glanced at him with a dark and disdainful gaze, “Although I don’t know where you heard the name, lying won’t make you die any easier.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Boy, you’d better find out more clearly next time.” He revealed a cruel and mocking smile, “The entire blood clan knows that His Royal Highness never sucks blood directly from a human body.”


Chi Yan closed his eyes, and now no one believed him to tell the truth.


How long had it been since they were caught? Two hours? Three hours? Did Ye Yingzhi discover that he was in trouble? Had he contacted the vampire hunter in time to rescue him? What if he didn’t find out? What if he couldn’t make it? What would be waiting for them then?


The conical awl sparkled under the candlelight, and it was faintly stained with dark black stains, like dirt congealed by blood, heralding the cruel fate that was coming.


It was useless to mention Prince Eymer’s name. He couldn’t just count on Ye Yingzhi. He had to find a way to escape, at least to save his life… It was futile to rely on force since his hands were still being tied up. Even if he had all his limbs freed, he would still not be able to defeat all these vampires whose physical strength was beyond ordinary humans.


His brain worked fast and hard. Fine beads of sweat emanated from his forehead, slid down his cheeks and rolled onto the ground. Unknowingly, after a high pitch, the tune gradually came to an end.


Chi Yan lifted his head. Just as he was about to put his ideas into action, he felt a hand gently wrapped around his waist – someone stood behind him and embraced him intimately.


He could feel the man gently untied the black tape that trapped his forearms, and put his numb hands and wrists into his palms and gently rubbed them.


Chi Yan froze for a moment, then slowly turned his head back. Ye Yingzhi was standing in the shadow behind him, looking down at him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It was unclear what means he had used. He had been standing here for so long, yet no vampire discovered his existence, and no blood clansman discovered his infiltration.


Chi Yan’s head turning backwards was like a curse, instantly breaking the delicate balance.


The executioner at his right rear seemed to have just discovered that there was an additional person in front of him and stepped up his guard. The man wore a long black coat with black hair hanging neatly and naturally on his shoulders. He held the waist of the human in front of him with one hand, his expression was pale and calm. He occasionally licked his upper teeth subconsciously when he stood there with his arms around the human being.


The melody stopped abruptly. The vampires under the platform also noticed the abnormal situation and they all looked towards Chi Yan’s direction, looking at the uninvited intruder. When he sneaked in, he had deliberately suppressed the breath of his entire body, making it impossible for the other vampires to easily judge his rank and identity, but they could still tell that he was also a vampire.


A vampire who acted intimately with the human being captured as a sacrifice.


“Who are you? What are you doing here?” The executioner cautiously asked the intruder who had suddenly appeared. His cultivation for the past hundreds of years intuitively told him that this clansman was not to be trifled with.


“I’ve come to take him away,” Ye Yingzhi stood up with his arms around Chi Yan, but ignored the previous question. Half-kneeling on the ground for too long, Chi Yan’s legs were already a little numb, and he could only silently lean against Ye Yingzhi.


Ye Yingzhi seemed to realize this, his eyes darkened and held the person in his arms tighter.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He looked around the oval hall and said with a calm voice, “As far as I know, pure-blood sacrifices were banned two hundred years ago.”


The expression of the executioner became more vigilant, “Are you from the law enforcement team?”


Ye Yingzhi paused and replied flatly, “No.”


The executioner let down his guard. He knew that the 13th law enforcement team that was in charge of this area would not suddenly send someone to investigate them. If it was a newcomer who had just joined the team and didn’t understand the rules, they could teach him a lesson. However, it would be a little troublesome if it was the 15th – 20th law enforcement teams. But if the other party dared to come alone, they could only invite him to “stay”, and then it would be difficult to deal with the matters after that.


But if the other party was just an ordinary blood clansman, then there was nothing to worry about.


When Chi Yan saw the executioner and the other vampires below the platform let out a sigh of relief, he got a little anxious. Although Ye Yingzhi seemed to be very confident now, he knew that his vampire hunter friend was only good at faking it. If they were besieged by these vampires, don’t think about saving him, even the vampire hunter himself might also be trapped.


Those vampires were obviously very frightened of the law enforcement team. If Ye Yingzhi had pretended to be part of the law enforcement team, that might gain some advantage for them. Why was Ye Yingzhi being so honest when the situation was so critical? Thinking about it, Ye Yingzhi hadn’t really deceived him except he loved to boast in front of him. Even then the things he bragged about might be true. At this moment he didn’t know whether to applaud or sigh at such a fascinating characteristic of this vampire hunter.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Just then, there was a commotion amongst the vampires. They collectively voiced their dissatisfaction with this intruder who had sneaked in and interfered with the sacrifice ritual. They demanded that the executioner on the stage sanction him immediately.


A blood clansman pointed at Chi Yan and shouted at Ye Yingzhi, “This is the sacrifice we caught, why are you taking him away? He has to stay! But since you’re here, you stay too! “


According to the legends, blood sacrifice of a blood clansman will render a better effect to one’s cultivation. It was just the blood clan had abstained from this practice for many years and nobody dared to act against another within the clan. Otherwise, if it really attracted the attention of the higher ranking clansmen, it would not be fun to deal with the law enforcement teams.


Chi Yan looked towards the voice. That was one of the four vampires who had kidnapped him.


Ye Yingzhi tilted his head and helped Chi Yan to stand firmly beside Bai Qiu. He lowered his head and said something into Chi Yan’s ear, patted him on the back, and walked forward alone.


He walked towards the blood clansman, looked down at him condescendingly, and smiled, “You want to prevent me from taking him away? Then do it according to tradition.”


He hooked up the corners of his mouth, his dark black eyes were silent, deep and bottomless, “Blood agreement.”


Chi Yan didn’t understand Ye Yingzhi’s words, so he took the opportunity to quickly remove Bai Qiu’s hand restraint. He squatted down and gently patted her face to help her regain consciousness. After Bai Qiu opened her eyes, he straightened up and looked worriedly at Ye Yingzhi. He kept his sight on the black figure. After Bai Qiu regained consciousness, she pulled his shirt but did not get a response.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The vampires below the platform went into an uproar when they heard this word. In the past, if two blood clansmen fought for the same prey at the same time, the blood agreement was used to determine the ownership of the prey. After duelling between the two parties, the winner could take ownership of the prey. But with the development of the times, the blood clan gradually no longer fought for their prey, and the ancient blood agreement was gradually no longer mentioned.


The vampire was provoked by the intruder in front of the masses. He exposed his fangs, lifted the mask and threw it on the ground and jumped up onto the platform. This indicated that he willingly accepted the blood agreement.


There were crazy drum noises and applause, and even cheering and shouting. These blood clansmen firmly believed that this intruding vampire right before them will eventually leave behind his blood and his life and become the twelfth sacrifice tonight. They had not tried the blood clansman sacrifice for a long time. Before that, they didn’t mind watching more good shows to vent their fanatical and restless emotions.


Ye Yingzhi took out a white silk glove from his pocket and put it on. He turned his body sideways to dodge the attack from the vampire. The hem of the black coat lifted up with his movements, and when it fell again, his left hand had strangled the vampire’s throat and lifted the opponent off the ground.


Everything happened in a flash.


His face was still extremely calm. He looked at the vampire in front of him as if looking at a common dead thing. He didn’t take a second look at him. His eyes had already turned elsewhere.


The vampires below the platform quietened down as they looked up at the scene in front of them. More and more vampires had felt that something was wrong.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The vampire on the stage could feel the hand that was squeezing his neck tightening constantly, as if he was about to break his throat in the next second. For a blood clansman, if the head and neck were separated, it would mean “death”, that is being dead for the second time, and really totally dead this time.


The vampire struggled to squeeze out a few breaths from his throat, “Killing… is a capital crime.”


“Really?” Ye Yingzhi tilted his head to the left, smiled, and said casually, “But no one told me when I killed Drake.”


Their voices are very soft. Being an ordinary human, Chi Yan, who was  standing on the edge of the platform guarding Bai Qiu couldn’t hear them at all.


But all the clansmen present heard it. The name “Drake” sounded like thunder over their heads. Drake himself was a clansman who had been dead for thousands of years and had turned into dust long ago, but his name was often associated with that one.


His Royal Highness the Prince.


According to hearsay, his father was the king of a certain country in the past, and his mother was just one of the king’s concubines. She was pampered by the king as she was a rare oriental beauty. He was the eldest son and was regarded as an ominous sign after he was born. He was judged that he would not live long because his heartbeat was very slow and weak, and sometimes it could not even be felt. As he got older, his heartbeat and pulse became weaker and weaker. What was even more bizarre was that normal food was meaningless to him. He could only rely on drinking animal blood to maintain his life.


The king didn’t like this evil and strange illegitimate child. Shortly after he was born, he and his mother were confined in a castle together. And his mother died early when he was young.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

As he grew older, his movements were not any different from ordinary people, but his heartbeat gradually stagnated day by day. At that time, Prince Drake, the most powerful blood clansman in Europe, heard about him and had a foreboding that when he died, he would naturally transform into a vampire – a pure-blooded first-generation blood clansman with the purest power. So he hoped to take possession of him before he died and transform him to be his descendant.


He thought he would have a strong and handsome descendant, but the result was beyond everyone’s expectations. The most powerful Prince Drake in his heyday had not been able to execute his plan to take possession of the human. He  sneaked into the castle and was killed by the castle’s owner instead who was still an ordinary human at that time. After killing Prince Drake, the master of the castle truly stopped breathing and completely transformed into a vampire. As a victor, he undisputedly took over the title, position and territory of Prince Drake, becoming the most powerful existence in the blood clan.


So until later, when Prince Eymer was being mentioned, the blood clansmen couldn’t help but think about how he killed one of the most powerful vampire princes when he was still a human, and then they all fell silent.


And no one dared to mention the commandment of “killing relatives” with him. What’s more, when he killed Drake, he was not even part of the blood clan yet.


The current situation was easier to deal with. As one of the blood clan princes, he naturally had the power to decide how he wanted to deal with these low-ranking clansmen, and that included taking away their “lives”.


“You…you…why…” The vampire whose throat was being strangled, started to use honorifics unconsciously. His eyes were full of fear, and his gaze turned to the hand that held him. The left hand wearing a white silk glove was slender and powerful, with a stretched part over the ring finger where a ring was being worn.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi had always used his left hand to embrace Chi Yan’s waist, and that hand was hidden in the dark under the cover of his sleeves. None of the restless clansmen at the scene noticed the ring on his hand.


The sights of all the other blood clansmen converged on that hand. The white gloves tightened the ring underneath it, and even the patterns on the ring could be vaguely seen through the silk surface – the wanton growing thorns, and the delicate rose tightly surrounded by the thorns.


The powerful and coercive aura emanated from the center of the field to the surroundings. The identity of the intruder no longer needed to be confirmed.


Ye Yingzhi tightened his fingers little by little, but looked away dotingly at Chi Yan,  “…hasn’t he already told you, he is my lover…”


“No,” He casually tossed aside the dead vampire, took off his gloves and lowered his eyes. The corners of his mouth raised with a smile, and murmured in a low voice, “He is my lover. He is my Queen,  my King.”


/Nessie’s thoughts : The most powerful existence of the dark, yet he places Chi Yan above him. *squeals*. Upcoming: Find out how Chi Yan uncovers Ye Yingzhi’s facade! LOL!!!!! /


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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