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Chapter 80 Special Existence

Translated by Nessie


Looking at the fangs of those vampires, Chi Yan’s body seemed to have spontaneously remembered the feeling of being sucked blood by Prince Eymer several times, and shuddered.


Although he had never really seen the fangs of Prince Eymer, he could imagine what it looked like. It must be sharper and more powerful, more pale and ruthless. It was longer than the fangs of these vampires, and would sink deeply into his body every time, holding him firmly until he was unable to move.


The fangs of these four vampires were already a little yellow, and they were still stained with dried and hard-to-remove blood stains. Really, being a ghost was not presentable.


Chi Yan gave up his plan to report to the police for rescue. He silently muted his mobile phone and dialed Ye Yingzhi’s number. In this situation, it was obviously more effective to get a vampire hunter. He regretted that he had refused Ye Yingzhi’s visit yesterday. Ye Yingzhi should still be in Sophis now, but he hoped he had a way to get in touch with the vampire hunters in Sydney immediately.


At this moment, the four vampires all turned around and looked in his direction. Bai Qiu took the opportunity to struggle harder, but still couldn’t free herself from the powerful clutches of the four vampires.


Usually, both Prince Eymer and Gray acted as though they were ordinary humans in front of him, which made him easily overlook the fact that vampires have no taste for ordinary food, but their other perceptions were far more sensitive and acute than humans. Even though he was half a street away, the “beep” from the phone waiting to be answered was very clear to them.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan was startled, and quickly stuffed his phone into his pocket, turned his head away and pretended to be crossing the road.


But it was too late. The two vampires continued to hold Bai Qiu with their hands, making her unable to move. The other two vampires had moved towards Chi Yan in an instant like two ghosts, and grabbed his shoulders.


Even in the face of the lowest-ranking vampires, Chi Yan was totally helpless against these non-human beings. One vampire shackled his arms fiercely, while the other vampire snatched the phone from his pocket, threw it on the ground, stomped his feet vigorously, and smashed it with the soles of his shoes.


Chi Yan watched his mobile phone turn into powder under his feet, swallowed his saliva and fell silent. He didn’t want to risk challenging these two vampires now, because he didn’t want to know what his flesh and bones would feel like if they were trampled into such a powdery form.


As the saying goes, it was easier to meet Hades in hell than to deal with these little ghosts. From the way they treated Bai Qiu just now, there was a possibility that these four vampires were not trying to suck their blood immediately, but to take them to a place, and he might even be able to see higher-ranking vampires. So he decided to wait and look at the situation first, and by then there might be a way to get out of trouble.


He didn’t know if Ye Yingzhi received his call and heard the movement, but hoped that his vampire hunter friend would at least see his missed call. And hopefully when Ye Yingzhi tried to contact him and couldn’t get in touch, he might realize that something had happened to him. He also knew that he was in Sydney now, so he should be able to find a way to save him.


Besides, in any case, he should be considered Prince Eymer’s favorite food… right?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Imagine that if the production of all kinds of hot pot raw materials were discontinued, he would definitely go crazy.


Many thoughts that might save his life flashed in Chi Yan’s mind for a moment, and these thoughts calmed him down a bit. The experience of getting along well with Prince Eymer for a long time made him less afraid of vampires.


Bai Qiu was surprised when she saw him, but she was gagged and couldn’t speak. She could only use her eyes to convey information to him.


Chi Yan also blinked at her as a greeting, and hoped to comfort the poor girl somehow. Although he didn’t know how she got into trouble with these vampires.


After seeing Chi Yan, Bai Qiu felt a lot more relieved, and didn’t struggle as much as she used to. She calmed down like Chi Yan.


The two vampires pulled her to her feet, pushed them into an underground garage by the side of the road and into a car. Two vampires sat in the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat while the other two vampires sat behind to look at them. After pressing the two humans together and sitting down, they took out two black plastic tapes to seal their eyes and tied their hands and feet.


Chi Yan secretly wondered why all vampires liked to blindfold humans so much. Were they imitating their Prince ?


On the contrary, he even began to miss the black ribbon that Prince Eymer prepared every time. At least the ribbon was soft, thin and breathable and had good shading properties. It did not feel uncomfortable even if he was blindfolded for a long time. He felt uncomfortable just being bound by the black tape for a while, and his eyes were tightly closed and he couldn’t open them at all.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The objects in Bai Qiu’s mouth seemed to have been taken out, and Chi Yan could hear the girl on the right side of his body panting.


After that, the two vampires stopped paying attention to them, as if they were certain that the two weak humans were unable to escape.


Chi Yan could hear them talking in low voices. The two vampires were not loud and had a heavy accent. Chi Yan had to work very hard to identify the content of their conversation. After listening to two sentences, they found that there was no meaningful information and gave up.


The car stopped after a short period of time, and Chi Yan felt that the tape tying his feet were removed and he and Bai Qiu were pushed out of the car. They were escorted down many flights of winding stairs, and after walking for a while, they were finally locked in a place. He heard the sound of the door closing and locking and the sound of footsteps going away.


The surroundings became quiet. Chi Yan waited for a while and after confirming that there was no one around, he whispered, “Bai Qiu, Bai Qiu?”


He felt lucky that the vampires hadn’t sealed their mouths at this time.


The girl’s weak voice came from not far away, “I am here.”


Chi Yan moved slowly towards the direction of the sound, until he touched the girl’s warm body before taking a step back and stopping. Perhaps he should thank Prince Eymer for his “training”, now it was not too difficult for him to act in the dark.


Chi Yan lowered her voice and asked her quietly, “How did you get caught by those vampires?”


“Are they vampires?” Bai Qiu seemed to realise their true identities now. Her voice revealed unconcealed surprise and horror, “Is there really such a thing? Then what will we…be…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan comforted her, “Don’t be afraid, calm down, there will be a way. You first tell me how you were caught by them?”


Bai Qiu replied quietly while recalling, “It was raining just now. I was standing under the eaves of a coffee shop to take shelter from the rain. Suddenly a tall, handsome and well-dressed white young man came over to talk to me. I thought he was really good looking and wasn’t annoying to talk to. He didn’t look like a bad person and since he had to wait for the rain to stop anyway, we started talking.”


Chi Yan nodded in his heart. A good appearance was indeed deceptive and easier to approach others, making it hard for others to refuse. Bai Qiu said it honestly, and it was indeed her true response. Chi Yan thought of the vampires he had met before, whether it was Alex, Simon, Gray, or even all the male and female vampires that he saw at the vampires’ banquet that night, they all had excellent appearances. When it started raining, he was still exploring the church at that time.


Bai Qiu continued, “I talked with him for a while, and then the rain gradually got lighter, so I wanted to say goodbye to him. But he told me that his mobile phone was dead, and asked me to take him to a place. I hesitated and did not immediately agree. He took out his student ID card from his wallet and said that he was a student of the University of Sydney, not a bad guy. It was really because his mobile phone was out of power and he made an appointment with a friend to meet there. I wasn’t suspicious after he took out his student ID card. I used the map to search for that place which was very close to the coffee shop I was in at the time, but it was really difficult to find, so I promised to take him there.”


“That place was out of the way, the sky was dark and there were no lights in the surrounding streets. I regretted it when I got to the neighbourhood. After giving him the general direction, I wanted to go. He asked me something. You know my English was not very good, and I didn’t hear clearly at the time. I thought he was asking me if I was in a hurry. I was eager to get out and answered yes. As a result, three people appeared and surrounded me as soon as I finished answering. The guy who came to me led the way before slowly becoming like the ghost you just saw. I was so scared that I wanted to run, but they were very strong and fast, as if they could move instantaneously. I can’t escape the four of them alone. Then you know the rest.” After speaking, she began to tremble, obviously not getting over the feeling of panic.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan comforted her and explained, “They are low-ranking vampires. They look terrifying when their fangs grow and transform into vampires. They look completely different from the way they pretend to be humans. The higher-ranking vampires look more like humans.”


Ye Yingzhi told him this information. For example, when he was surrounded by Alex and the others that night, the appearances of the higher-ranked Alex and Simon had hardly changed, but the other three low-level vampires turned into pale cyan coloured faces with protruding fangs. He guessed that every time Prince Eymer’s sucked his blood, except for his fangs, his appearance would not change.


“Then why are you here ?” Bai Qiu asked him quietly.


“I was traveling, and that road was my way back to the hotel. I didn’t expect to see you being dragged away by them, but they found me out when I was looking for help.”


“I’m sorry to get you involved.” There was a trace of guilt and sadness in the girl’s voice. She was probably very pessimistic about their future.


In a foreign country on the other side of the ocean, and being kidnapped by a group of vampires to an unknown place. The situation was really bad, come to think about it.


“What do you think they will do to us?” She still couldn’t help asking, even though she knew her companion could not give an accurate answer.


“It should be just for blood sucking,” Chi Yan replied, trying to comfort the other party. In fact, he was not sure about it. He always felt that this time it was more weird than purely just sucking blood. The vampires wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble if it was just forcibly sucking blood, removing the memory of their prey and then letting them go. 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Relax,” he murmured, “It’s not that scary to have your blood sucked. It’s just a little bit of pain when being pierced and it’ll be okay later. Just bear with it for a while and it will soon pass.”


In fact, as he said to Ye Yingzhi before, he was actually very comfortable when he was sucked blood by Prince Eymer, but under normal circumstances he would not admit this. By admitting it, it would mean that he had yielded to that vampire which he would not. He was not willing to be a spineless human being simply reduced to a slave of blood-sucking pleasure. Moreover, he did not dare to assure Bai Qiu that it felt pleasurable when having the blood sucked. After all, Ye Yingzhi also said that the pleasurable feeling of having blood sucked could only be felt if it was sucked by a higher-ranking blood clan member with stronger power. The feeling of being sucked blood by the lower-level blood clan member might not necessarily feel like being sucked by Prince Eymer. It might not be easy to endure. Now, others had knives and he was only a fish. He could only try to coax his companion to stay calm and not be too scared.


From this point of view, humans were indeed much higher grade than hot pot grilled fish and other foods. At least hot pot had never been picky about the humans who eat them. He laughed at himself in his heart, trying to ease the tension about the unknown.


“…Have you been sucked blood by a vampire?” Bai Qiu asked softly, “No, I mean, it feels like you know a lot about this.”


“Yes, my blood had been sucked before. In Sophis, there was a vampire who sucked my blood many times.” Chi Yan did not try to hide it and replied honestly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Sophis also has vampires ?” Bai Qiu took a breath, “You have been sucked many times? Then why don’t you want to run away? You can just go back to the country.”


“He is relatively strong among vampires and is not easy to deal with. I was forced by some situation needing his help, so I voluntarily had an agreement with him to have my blood sucked. There is a time limit.” Prince Eymer did give him a choice at the time. Not to accept the agreement and leave alone; or accept the agreement and leave with Jiang Tian. Although he was lured there by those despicable vampires, he had no choice but to accept the agreement.


Thinking of the past, Chi Yan still felt uncomfortable and smiled bitterly, “…I also didn’t want to cause trouble either and thought that it will pass with forbearance, so that’s it.”


Bai Qiu was a little surprised when she heard this, and whispered softly, “I see. Seriously, I admire you very much. If I encounter that kind of situation, I would rather die than bear with it.”


There was also a very important point. Chi Yan knew faintly in his heart, but he never dared to admit it, let alone speak out — he would do this, and he would choose to bear with it because he didn’t dislike Prince Eymer. He didn’t dislike feeling close to the Prince; he didn’t dislike him sucking his blood, didn’t dislike him licking the back of his neck and giving him his saliva. Although he had never really seen Prince Eymer before, he is instinctively willing to accept his closeness.


Imagine if it was Alex or the vampires who had kidnapped them today…just thinking about it, he would have gone crazy, full of physical and mental aversion and resistance. In that case, he probably won’t be as resilient as facing Prince Eymer.


Chi Yan didn’t understand why this happened, but he would not even admit that Prince Eymer was special, let alone think about the reasons.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

At this moment, Chi Yan heard some light footsteps and he gently pushed Bai Qiu away. The two became silent at the same time.


Soon the sound of footsteps arrived at the door. Chi Yan heard the door unlocked and was pushed open. Two vampires walked in and led them out.


Chi Yan felt that they had walked a short distance, climbed up many steps, and then walked down a few more steps. The surrounding was no longer so quiet that only their footsteps could be heard. There was a faint noise that was getting closer and closer as they walked and finally rang in his ears. The vampire who had led him there finally came to a stop.


Chi Yan felt that he had been pushed up onto a higher platform. He could not stand steadily, so he half knelt to stabilize his body. Suddenly loud cheers erupted around him.


The black tape covering his eyes was finally removed the next second, but his hands were still firmly tied.


Chi Yan closed his eyes uncomfortably when light suddenly entered his eyes. After a while, he narrowed his eyes and opened them little by little.


What appeared in front of him was an oval-shaped hall, with candlesticks burning on all four walls of the hall. There was an ancient round chandelier hanging down from the egg-shaped dome ceiling. There are many vampires standing around the hall. They are wearing ceremonial robes and half-faced masks that had strange and weird designs. Most of the masks were white, just like pale human faces. The light in the hall was very dark, and the candlelights and shadows danced like the silhouettes of a shadow comedy.


There was an oval platform in the center of the hall, which was about half a meter higher than the surrounding area. Chi Yan was now on this platform. Standing next to him was Bai Qiu. There were nine people on Bai Qiu’s left. They had different skin colors, but they were all young, about 20 years old. They stood in a row on the platform, and Chi Yan glanced from the side. The nine people to Bai Qiu’s left looked dull and dazed. They had no reaction to everything in front of them.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan turned his eyes to the ground. The platform was engraved with complex patterns, like some kind of living totem, and those lines were deeply recessed into the ground, forming smoothly connected grooves.


There was a sudden bad feeling in his heart. As if to confirm his conjecture, he noticed the shadow on the ground, and the vampire standing behind him on the right was holding a long, pointed object in his hand. Chi Yan tilted his head slightly, looked hard, and managed to recognize that the thing was a sharp triangular awl. This awl had a conical handle and a long and sharp protrusion for puncturing objects. If Chi Yan had guessed correctly, this should be for bloodletting.


He started feeling uncomfortable, frightened and had cold sweat. He shuddered as he guessed that something more terrifying than being sucked blood by a certain vampire was about to happen. They might even end up dead.


The elevated platform was an altar, the vampires behind were executioners, and they were all sacrifices.


Blood clan’s blood sacrifice.


A blood clan member who was wearing an ancient and intricate court ceremonial robe stood in front of the platform and sang a song loudly. The tune was fascinating and charming, but it gave him a dark and gloomy feeling. Chi Yan only felt that a cold air current penetrated his soul, almost freezing it. He seemed to smell the coldness of death, almost making him fall asleep in the quiet and cold cemetery forever.


At this time, the back of his neck trembled, and there was a slight tingling sensation. That was the part of the skin which His Royal Highness liked to bite the most. He always enjoyed hugging him from behind, then lowered his head and pierced his fangs in from there.

/Translator: Is that how His Royal Highness finds the location of his lover ? Some sort of antenna ? 🤔His Royal Highness is on his way!/

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan trembled all over, and secretly looked at the person on the left. The expressions of the nine other people had become frozen, and even Bai Qiu’s expressions had begun to become empty and lifeless, as if their souls had been sucked away.


The tune sung by the vampire could no longer affect Chi Yan. He felt that every note was like a death knell ringing, heralding the approach of their death. The conical awl on the vampire’s hand was like a tarsal bone, and he was so terrified and was unable to imagine the feeling of the awl piercing through his body. He couldn’t allow this to happen, he didn’t want to die, he had to find a way to save himself. 


He decided to try this seemingly stupid method, at least it worked with Alex and his gang before.


Taking advantage of the break in the tune, he turned his head and said in a very low voice to the vampire standing behind him, “You can’t touch me, do you know Prince Eymer?”


Chi Yan saw the vampire knitted his brows and looked down at him with some doubts.


They knew something was not right. Chi Yan mustered up his courage and said, “Let me go, I am His Royal Highness’ lover.” Even in such a situation, he couldn’t help feeling ashamed and blushed when he said the last word.


The group of vampires closer to him gave out waves of suppressed laughter and sneers, as if they had heard the most ridiculous and absurd joke in the world.


Chi Yan again forgot that the ears of the vampires were so good that even when he whispered his thoughts, the vampires standing below the platform could all hear him.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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