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Chapter 79 Cloudy Day

Translated by Nessie


Ye Yingzhi told Chi Yan that he had rented a house in Sophis for his vacation and he asked to meet him at his house.


The house was not big and had a small yard. It was clean and tidy and was located very near to Chi Yan’s dormitory and school. Chi Yan thought, no wonder Ye Yingzhi rushed over so quickly when he got into trouble with the werewolves the previous time.


Ye Yingzhi cooked mala hot pot with bone broth as the soup base at home. The soup was numbing to the tongue but it was not spicy enough.  The color of the soup was almost white, with only a little red chilli oil floating on it. Ye Yingzhi said that Chi Yan had just recovered and shouldn’t be eating too spicy food. He would cook red and spicier hot pot the next time.


Chi Yan took a small spoon and scooped some white soup from the pot. The soup numbed his tongue. The rich and savoury taste of the soup diffused throughout his mouth. It was even more heavenly with the special dipping sauce that Ye Yingzhi had made.


Chi Yan remembered that Ye Yingzhi once mentioned that his mother was of Chinese descent, so he casually asked while busily eating, “Yingzhi, did you learn from your mom? Your cooking skill is really good.”


“Really?” Ye Yingzhi ate very slowly as compared to Chi Yan. “My mom can’t cook, and she died when I was very young. My father also had other wives and they no longer cared about me. I can hardly remember what she and my father looked like now. I learnt this on my own and I’m afraid it’s not good enough.”


Since he couldn’t taste food except blood, he could only cook according to his intuition.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“So…” Chi Yan didn’t expect his vampire hunter friend to have such a past. For a while, he regretted mentioning his past. If his mother died young and his father married another, the relationship between Ye Yingzhi and his parents should not be deep, otherwise how was it possible that he could “hardly remember what they looked like”?


Then he deliberately changed the subject, telling Ye Yingzhi about his life back in China.


From “Our school reopens in March or April every year once the flower blooms during spring. The yellow, pink and white flowers are very beautiful. I still remember that two years ago when I first entered school, I rode a bike to the cafeteria one morning. I stopped at a fork on the road to look at my mobile phone. When I looked up, I saw a tree of snow-white flowers. There was a branch full of beautiful little white flowers above me and right in front of my eyes. It’s a pity that I missed the flowering season in Sophis this year.” to “My mother used to keep a tank of goldfish. When she changed the water in the fish tank, the goldfish was so mischievous that it jumped out onto the ground. My mother was so angry and started chiding the fish, “I’m saving you and yet you are so ungrateful ah…..”. It was all the trivials of his past and Ye Yingzhi smiled and listened patiently.


Until the two of them finished eating, Ye Yingzhi packed up the dishes and went to the kitchen to wash the pot. Chi Yan also followed him and stood beside him and continued chatting. He had already talked about that instant when he was three years old and couldn’t finish eating the watermelon and how he threw the remaining fruit into the freezer. Seeing that he had almost talked about everything he remembered about his life to the other party, he didn’t want to give it up halfway.


Ye Yingzhi smiled while lowering his head to wash the dishes. There was an unconcealable joy in his smile. He glanced at Chi Yan who was earnestly talking about his time in the kindergarten, and secretly thinking to himself that this lad always presented a prim and proper image to him. Had he not discovered Chi Yan’s dream by accident, he wouldn’t know how Chi Yan interacted and thought about him in his dreams, this little brat.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He felt dissatisfied again, and wanted to tell Chi Yan that he really didn’t mind, even if he kissed him and touched him and called him hubby in reality, he really didn’t mind. Chi Yan was welcomed to make his dreams come true. Otherwise, even if the dreamer himself could bear it, he, who was regarded as the dream lover in his dream, could not bear it.


Seeing that Chi Yan finally finished speaking, Ye Yingzhi offered him a cup of tea and asked, “You said on the phone that you wanted to ask me about Prince Eymer?”


Chi Yan nodded, “Yes, I always feel that his attitude towards me is a bit strange. But then I also figured it out.”


Chi Yan raised his head to look at Ye Yingzhi, “People will pick up some strange hobbies when they get old. For example, when my dad was in his 40s, he started to enjoy listening to “Xiang Sheng” (comical Chinese dialogue performance) and turning walnuts (turning two walnuts in the palm). I think Prince Eymer should have lived for thousands of years, so it is understandable that his behaviour is a bit strange too.”


He tried to make a harmless joke with his friend, “In this sense, His Royal Highness maintains himself really well, right? At least he is not senile or have Alzheimer’s disease. I am worried that when I get old, I’ll get dementia.”


However, he found that his friend was not laughing at his joke. On the contrary, his expression was a little weird, and distorted?


The vampire hunter corrected him sternly, “In fact, the blood clan can be regarded as a kind of ghost. They are lifeless, and their lifespan is timeless, so with them you can’t talk about age. It is reasonable however, to say that their biological age should be calculated according to their strength rather than how long they have existed. Prince Eymer’s power and strength is now at his heyday, so according to the standards of the blood clan, he is still in his prime.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree



After that, the two continued to communicate through telephone and messages. Ye Yingzhi waited for four days, but Chi Yan did not take the initiative to ask to meet him again, and even the length of their calls were shortened a lot. They only had two calls within four days that lasted less than twenty minutes each before Chi Yan said he was tired and needed to rest.


Ye Yingzhi couldn’t hold back, although he knew that he was only regarded as the lover of his dreams, he should be more reserved and enjoy the feeling of being pursued. At the same time, not let Chi Yan think that he could be gotten too easily, so that he would cherish him more. Maybe, even after knowing that he was actually a vampire, he would be reluctant to leave him and continue holding him affectionately and calling him hubby… That scene was too beautiful when he thought about it. So he had to restrain himself now for a while longer. He should be inside Chi Yan’s heart already, otherwise, how could he have such dreams about him?


Ye Yingzhi was clear of his goals, yet he spent these two days reasoning with himself to practise restraint. However, on the fifth day of the call, he took the initiative to ask Chi Yan for a meet up, “…you wanted to have that red soup hot pot the previous time, right? I want to try to cook it. Would you like to come over and taste it ?”


It was indeed a very tempting proposal. But Chi Yan still reluctantly declined, “I can’t get back now, I’m in Cairns now.”


“In Cairns?”


“En, I’m having my holiday here. I just dived in the Great Barrier Reef yesterday, and went to Kuranda today. Now I am on the train back to downtown Cairns.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This was an old-fashioned train for tourists to experience the scenery. It was an old train from the last century so it moved extremely slowly. The windows could be opened freely and the yellow wooden structure adorned the vintage carriages quite interestingly. There were not many people in the carriage, and Chi Yan could occupy a whole row of seats by himself. The train passed through the undeveloped forest and the signal on the train was not good. Ye Yingzhi’s voice sounded very low, and sometimes not very audible. Chi Yan had to go to the car door to talk to the other party, and it was difficult to discern the emotion of the other person.


“…When did you leave?”


“The second day after the hot pot. Our school had a two-week term break from that day.”


There was a pause for a minute, “Are you alone?”


“No, I’m with three other classmates, two girls and one boy. Jiang Tian helped me hook up with them. I didn’t know them before. But they are all very nice people, and it’s fun going out with them.” It was especially so when his companions had wealth of travelling experiences. They were extremely organized and very practical, such that their travel itinerary was very well planned.


Didn’t you like me, how could you hang out with others without telling me? And you hid this so well from me. Chi Yan did not have the habit of posting travel photos on social media. During the two days of chatting, the two did not talk about related topics. Chi Yan did not even bother to take the initiative to tell him that he had left Sophis for a trip.


If you don’t even bother to take the initiative, and don’t even travel with your crush to cultivate feelings, when then can we be together in reality? Do you expect your dream lover to take the initiative to seduce you?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi blurted out and said, “Why didn’t you tell me? I’m going to find you.”


Chi Yan was surprised, “I told you on the day we had hot pot, you still nodded with a smile. You probably forgot. But you don’t need to come here. We only booked a two-person room. Even if you come, there is not enough accommodation. Moreover, I’m flying to Sydney tomorrow, and then go back to Sophis from Sydney.”


Two-person bedroom… he still lived with another person. Ye Yingzhi turned glum and silent. That day, he  was mesmerised by the lad who was standing in front of him and had fantasised about the future that he was looking forward to. He was too engrossed in his thoughts that he missed this piece of important information.


Indeed, the arrogant soldier will lose the battle. Ah Yan was so shy, he would only mention it implicitly and would not take the initiative to invite him. He actually missed it. He covered his forehead in annoyance.


Chi Yan arrived in Sydney at four o’clock in the afternoon the next day. His three other companions had been to this city many times before, so they all flew back to Sophis directly.


Chi Yan booked a single room online and the location of the hotel was a bit off. The entrance was in the middle of a small road, which resembled a residential area, and was not close to the main road. However, the hotel was just a ten minute walk from the subway station entrance. The environment was clean, the decoration was fresh and elegant, the price was right and there was even a breakfast buffet every morning.


After Chi Yan came out of the subway, he dragged his luggage for a while to find his hotel. The single room was very small, with only a bed and a table. The toilets and bathing rooms were shared and distributed in the corridor. It only cost less than 80 dollars a night. Staying in a hotel in Sydney with this price and living condition, Chi Yan was already very satisfied.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After putting his luggage in his room, Chi Yan checked the time. Since it was still early, he decided to walk around and come back after dinner.


The weather forecast said it would be raining in Sydney these two days. The sky had been gloomy and foggy. Ancient Gothic-style buildings could be seen along the way, making one feel as if he was back in the Middle Ages. There were not many scenic spots near the hotel, and Chi Yan didn’t plan to go far. After eating at a restaurant at a shopping mall nearby, Chi Yan took out his phone and checked the map. He decided to explore a church nearby.


He did not believe in gods or any religion, but he was willing to learn about different religious cultures. Many of the churches here were beautifully built and had unique styles.


The building of this church was not large. Chi Yan walked around for more than ten minutes and then came out. He checked that the time was 8:30 in the evening and the sky was already completely dark. A few raindrops fell on his face.


He didn’t know the way back to the hotel from here, so he could only rely on Google Maps to guide him, and electronic maps were sometimes unreliable. For example, this navigation led him to various paths that were difficult to distinguish. Probably the map thought this was the short cut.


After he walked out of the church for about ten minutes, he felt that the route approaching the hotel where he was staying became quieter and the pedestrians became fewer. There were no street lights at all on a section of the road, and it was only illuminated by the lights of other roads and distant shophouses.


At this time, Chi Yan heard a woman’s scream from the side road. He was startled, his heart jumped, and he couldn’t help but stopped and stood on the spot. Then there was another call for help. This time he heard clearly, “Help!” in Chinese.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan didn’t hesitate anymore, he whipped out his mobile phone and searched for the number for the local police. At the same time, he quietly walked towards the fork of the road. He tried not to make any noise, hiding behind the wall and looking towards the sound, only to see a young girl in a white shirt being dragged away by four people.


The girl sat on the ground, her mouth was stuffed with something that prevented her from making a sound. She struggled, but couldn’t resist the strength of the other four people. She was quickly dragged away and her jeans made a harsh sound as it rubbed against the ground.


But the four people were expressionless, they were like robots pulling her limbs forward as if dragging a livestock.


Under the faint white light at the fork of the road, Chi Yan could see the girl’s face. He felt that the girl was a little familiar. He recalled that this was the Chinese girl Bai Qiu whom he met at the airport when he first arrived.


He shifted his gaze and finally saw the faces of the other four people. Their faces were extremely pale and faintly cyan. They looked as terrifying as evil ghosts. What was more conspicuous were their two sharp and slightly curved fangs protruding out from their mouths.


They were vampires. And those were the lowest ranking vampires.


Chi Yan subconsciously raised his head slightly and squeezed the phone in his hand nervously.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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