The Haunted Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 Uneasy

Translated by Nessie


Chi Yan couldn’t predict what Alex and the others would encounter. No matter what, Ye Yingzhi had brought him good news. Hopefully, those vampires would be punished and he wouldn’t have to see them forever and worry about them anymore.


But now he has another problem. The single-occupant dormitory was not big and since he was only staying for one semester, it would be inconvenient for him to manage when he left. So Chi Yan didn’t have any extra piece of furniture for sitting other than the bed and a computer chair which came with the dormitory room.


Chi Yan asked his vampire hunter friend to sit on his bed while he sat on the computer chair. “What about the werewolves that appeared suddenly? I don’t remember that I provoked them.” 


“I’m also not very sure. I can only make a guess.” Ye Yingzhi said cautiously. “That girl next door ever saved the leader of the werewolf clan before.. At that time, she probably regarded it as an ordinary injured wolf or a large dog. That werewolf leader had warned her not to associate herself with those vampires but apparently she did not heed his advice. And now that she is infected, that werewolf should be trying to find a way to save her and take this opportunity to repay her kindness.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He had ever investigated all the humans and non-humans who had contact with Chi Yan before, so it was not surprising to know all these.


Chi Yan recalled Emily’s wound that shed a lot of blood but healed quickly. It was not a fatal wound. Was that a warning from the werewolf ?


“But what has this got to do with me?” He couldn’t help asking. Saving Emily and attacking him were two different and unrelated things.


“It should be that those werewolves were unable to save that girl, but they know Prince Eymer is here, and they know that he must have a way. But as everyone knows, it is very difficult to get Prince Eymer to help. Usually under such circumstances, there is no need to have any hope for this. It is even more impossible to attack him directly to force him to do something.”


Ye Yingzhi glanced at Chi Yan, and then turned away a little uncomfortably, “…Those werewolves should have obtained some information, and inferred that you have a close relationship with Prince Eymer, so they tried to kidnap you in exchange for their terms with the Prince. I mean, they might have thought that you are just an ordinary human, and it will be easier to succeed, so they came to find trouble with you.”


“Where did they get this kind of bad information that is not even reliable at all,” Chi Yan couldn’t help hugging his head and sighed. He looked at Ye Yingzhi. “Fortunately, you are here, otherwise I will definitely end tragically. I don’t think Prince Eymer will be bothered with helping me, he is afterall a royalty of the blood clan and will never be coerced by others. Moreover, I am not special to him at all. At best, he just liked to drink my blood.” Chi Yan could imagine his tragic fate. The werewolf hoped to use him as a bargaining chip, but if they found that he was worthless to them, then he might not end well either.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi didn’t agree with his words, but promised, “Don’t worry, I will also report those werewolves. They shouldn’t dare to pester you in the future.”


What he didn’t tell Chi Yan was that the werewolf clan’s inherent talent was collecting information and analyzing them and they were usually accurate. But it didn’t have to be just the werewolves. Anyone who was observant enough would have noticed the abnormal behaviour of His Royal Highness, frequently bringing a human to his side recently. It was not difficult to guess that there had to be something special about Chi Yan. Well, it was like this at least for him.


Chi Yan was a little surprised: “You can report the werewolf clan too ?”


“Yeah,” Ye Yingzhi answered without changing his expression, making it sound reasonable and as if it was a fact. “Although we are not mainly responsible for monitoring the werewolves, I have this channel too.”


Chi Yan looked at his friend with admiration. Although Yingzhi might have limited abilities, he had a vast network. It felt as though he was very well-informed and was doing very well.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It was late and soon, it was after midnight. The whole dormitory building gradually became quiet. Chi Yan washed up and prepared for bed after bidding goodbye to Ye Yingzhi.


He had a dream after turning off the lights.


In this dream he dreamt of that hand again. He smiled, gasped and chased after the movement of that hand, not wanting to let the other person leave… The dream was dark, sweet and entangled. He could not help but indulge in it. But he couldn’t make out that person’s appearance.


At the end of the dream, he finally caught the hand on his chest. He panted and smiled triumphantly and contentedly, putting that hand on his chest, not letting it do anymore tricks nor letting it go. Then he lowered his head, and for the first time, he had a clear look of that pale, slender, and strong hand. There was a broad silver ring on the ring finger of that left hand. The surface of the ring was engraved with an exquisite and mysterious design – bushes of thorns pointing to the sky, and a delicate rose tightly surrounded by the thorns…


Chi Yan suddenly woke up from his dream!


Feeling annoyed, he got up, drank some water and changed his clothes. He wiped his sweat with a towel and then went back to the bed, covering himself with a quilt. The current weather in Sophis was cool at night, and the dormitory had not been heated yet. Sometimes he even felt cold, but because of this dream, he sweated all over.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan closed his eyes and cursed himself scornfully. How could he have such a dream again. He actually dreamt of Ye Yingzhi! As there was a saying in Chinese – do not bully or covet a friend’s wife, let alone that friend himself. That, he shouldn’t even think about, otherwise, wouldn’t it be very disloyal to his friend ? In his previous dream, it was just a vague glance of the vampire prince’s hand. This time, it became Ye Yingzhi’s hand instead. There was another Chinese saying – even rabbits wouldn’t eat the grass at the edge of their nest. Yet he deliberately had such dreams about the people whom he was familiar with and in close contact with.


Chi Yan stared at the ceiling blankly. If this continued, wouldn’t he be dreaming of Jiang Tian or Gray next ? He shuddered at the thought of this. He felt a bit sorry for Jiang Tian, but since he couldn’t control his dream, then it was better off having this sort of dream about Ye Yingzhi than Jiang Tian.


Chi Yan laid sideways on the bed and rested for a while. He adjusted his breathing and fell asleep again after a while. This time, after falling asleep, he slept peacefully. He didn’t dream of anything strange again, and slept until dawn.


He had class on Monday morning. When he got back to his dormitory after class at noon, he saw some people moving things out from the room next to 406. That was Alex’s room.


Chi Yan was a little concerned. He dropped his bag inside his room and ran to the front desk to look for Miss Julia to enquire about news about Alex.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Miss Julia told him that something had happened at Alex’s family and the family was moving to Europe. They would be leaving within these two days, and also, Alex’s school transfer procedures had been completed. Miss Julia also added that Alex got very sick suddenly last night and couldn’t show up to say goodbye to everyone for the time being. He would go to Europe once he recovered. As Simon and Judy didn’t live in this dormitory, Chi Yan was unable to find out news about them, but their situation should be similar to Alex’s.


Did Ye Yingzhi’s words come true? Were those vampires really taken away and punished? Chi Yan stood there for a while after hearing about it, not knowing how to respond.


Miss Julia thought he was feeling sorry for not having the opportunity to say goodbye to his neighbor so she comforted him.


Chi Yan took the opportunity to enquire about Emily’s situation. Miss Julia replied, “It’s not very good. When I left yesterday, she was in isolation and under close observation. She only calmed down after being given a large dose of sedative. The doctor couldn’t find out what’s wrong with her. And nobody knew the reason for her suddenly losing her mind.”


The young lady glanced sympathetically at the black-haired youth whose neighbors had accidents one after another. “Don’t worry, her family is with her, nothing will happen.”


This was the first time that Chi Yan truly felt the connection between the dark world and the real world.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

According to Ye Yingzhi, Alex was taken away by the blood clan law enforcement team for investigation. However, as a human being, all the procedures were done in an orderly manner and everything was handled seamlessly.  All the humans who knew Alex could get a reasonable explanation. No one would be surprised by this matter and it looked so normal that nobody would pay attention. Except for someone like him who knew the inside story, nobody would guess that Alex was a vampire who might have lived for hundreds of years.


These creatures of the night were already very proficient at adapting  themselves and making use of human rules and organisations to disguise themselves.


Emily returned to the school and dormitory five days later. She looked normal and seemed to be doing well. However, she was still indulging herself in what Chi Yan would call “dark company”, with her friends. She didn’t express her surprises at the disappearance of Alex and his friends.


Ye Yingzhi told Chi Yan that those werewolves used some methods to invite another prince of the blood clan called Pedro to save Emily. Prince Pedro not only saved Emily, he also erased all her memories of the blood clan and the werewolves.


Chi Yan thought this was good too and hoped that Emily’s life would return to normal. Although the werewolves tried to attack him in the past, Chi Yan’s perception of them slightly improved after this incident. He still didn’t like these werewolves who had tried to attack him to achieve their goals. Their methods and ideas were really not meritorious, but at least they were still a gratuitous clan.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree 

On the day Emily returned, Chi Yan found a pearl, the size of half of a baby’s fist, on the window sill of his room.


Ye Yingzhi said that it was an apology from the werewolf tribe for what happened that day. Wearing it on the body would be good for the body, so Chi Yan could just keep it.


That aside, His Royal Highness wouldn’t even have agreed to permit Prince Pedro to assist the werewolves if they did not provide him with a satisfying explanation. This pearl was only part of the compensation. He thought it was very suitable for Chi Yan and would not frighten him, so he allowed them to send the pearl to Chi Yan directly.


However, the attention that Chi Yan could spare for these blood clans or werewolves was limited. Thus when Ye Yingzhi asked him to put the away, he did so without asking. He didn’t even put to heart being picked up by Gray to have his blood sucked by Prince Eymer two days ago.


That was because he was now being troubled by another thing – his dream.


Not only was he troubled, he couldn’t even discuss this matter with anyone. How shameful it would be should Jiang Tian, his other friends or relatives know about this, let alone telling Ye Yingzhi about it. That day, after he met Ye Yingzhi, he would dream of him every night.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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