The Haunted Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 Seventeenth Law Enforcement Team

Translated by Nessie


“Ding” the elevator door opened. A classmate who stayed on the same floor came out of the elevator and greeted Chi Yan.  He nodded to the man next to him, smiled and asked Chi Yan, “This is your friend ? He is so handsome.”


Chi Yan nodded and smiled awkwardly.


“Is he your boyfriend? I have never seen him before,” the classmate continued to ask, oblivious of Chi Yan’s discomfort. Chi Yan’s face froze, not knowing how to answer him.


On the contrary, the man next to him chuckled and replied plausibly, “I’ll be visiting him more next time.”


After the classmate left, Chi Yan turned to the calm-looking man in front of him, “Who are you? Why did you appear here? What were those just now…”


“You’ve asked too many questions,” the man raised his right index finger and pressed it gently on Chi Yan’s lips, hushing him from speaking. “Let me explain slowly.”


“You’ve seen a lot of vampires. What you saw just now were another legendary dark creature, werewolves.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“I’m here because I heard an abnormal sound from my phone. I had a premonition that you were in trouble, so I quickly rushed over.”


He gave a gentle smile, “I am Ye Yingzhi. Ah Yan, I thought we should know each other well enough.”


Ye Yingzhi stretched out his left hand and smoothen Chi Yan’s collar that was messed up when he was running, and buttoned up the two buttons on his shirt.


Chi Yan took the opportunity to see the pattern on the silver ring – a lush bush of thorns, entwining a thin rose in the middle. It was probably due to this strange and slightly cruel-looking design that made the rose looked like a powerless but tough beauty, as if possessing inextinguishable  vitality.


“Are you married?” Chi Yan didn’t expect that he was the first to ask the other party this question subconsciously.


It was probably a question that was related to personal-life that eased up the atmosphere between the two of them.


“Of course not.” Ye Yingzhi smiled, “I’m still so young.”


He turned the ring on his left hand, “Are you referring to this? This is just a little ornament which can be useful sometimes.”


It could also be used as a weapon when necessary. Chi Yan added in his heart. A practical ornament, indeed.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

There were people walking about in front of the corridor windows. Most students who saw Chi Yan greeted him and looked curiously at Ye Yingzhi. It was not an ideal place to chat.


Chi Yan felt a lot more relaxed after confirming the identity of the other party. The initial anxiety he felt when he met his netizen friend faded away gradually. He waved at Ye Yingzhi, “En, come to my room, but we have to go to the laundry room to pick up the clothes and mobile phone first.”


Chi Yan’s mobile phone was still on the ground, and his clothes fell on the washing machine nearby. He had tossed them there a while ago. It seemed like nobody had entered the laundry room yet, and the mess was evident that what just happened was real.


When the two came out of the laundry room, Ye Yingzhi took the initiative to carry most of Chi Yan’s clothes and followed him. Chi Yan only carried one shirt in his hand. He was a little embarrassed and tried to take the other clothes from the friend whom he met for the first time, but Ye Yingzhi insisted on carrying them.


“It’s okay, I can carry them. Let’s go back to your room.”


Just like that, the two of them walked to the door of room 407 one after another. Chi Yan took out the room card from his pocket and was about to open the door when a group of vampires came out from Alex’s room, talking and laughing.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Then they all stopped outside the door in silence, and looked a little surprised at Ye Yingzhi, who was holding a large pile of clothes, looking extremely homely and virtuous.


They didn’t recognize this face, but they could distinctly recognize that powerful aura belonging to the higher-rank blood clan member.


Chi Yan reluctantly nodded and smiled at them, then he swiped the door with his card as fast as possible, pulled Ye Yingzhi in, and locked the door firmly.


He had not forgotten that his friend was a crappy vampire hunter. From an occupational standpoint, the vampire hunter was probably a more powerful one, but there were about six or seven vampires in Alex’s group. They had stared at Ye Yingzhi secretly and it was obvious that they realised something was not right. If they found out that Ye Yingzhi was a vampire hunter and scuffled with him, then his weak and lonesome friend would clearly be disadvantaged.


So he had to quickly take Ye Yingzhi into his room and protect him before they discovered his true identity.


Ye Yingzhi looked at him with a flustered look, and asked softly, “What’s wrong? Is there anything wrong?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan picked up the clothes piece by piece from Ye Yingzhi’s hand, and hung them in the closet as if both of them had cooperated countless times before.


He hung up his clothes and said, “Those people just now were the vampires who tricked me to attend the vampires’ banquet. It’s not the time to be brazen now. You might not be able to defeat so many of them, so before they find you out, we’d better quickly come in.”


Ye Yingzhi twitched at the corner of his mouth. He did not expect that he was such an incompetent and useless image in Chi Yan’s eyes. He couldn’t help but hold back what he wanted to say and whispered, “I’m not that weak. You saw that I drove away those werewolves just now. Wasn’t I amazing?”


Chi Yan stopped and looked at him, “So in fact, werewolves are weaker than vampires?” Otherwise how was he able to explain he could easily drive the pack of werewolves away but become cowardly at the mention of the vampire prince, His Royal Highness.


Ye Yingzhi was silent for a long time, “…Yes, the pack of wolves who came to trouble you today were weaker.” At any rate, that wolf was the leader of the Sophis werewolf clan and it had brought along the most aggressive werewolf warriors with him.


“But I’m really better than you think…” Ye Yingzhi tried to remedy the situation, but with Chi Yan’s “I’ve seen through you” kind of look, he could only utter two extra words –  “a little”.


Soon he remembered another piece of good news that might make the person in front of him happier and have more faith in his abilities, “By the way, you don’t have to be afraid of those scumbag vampires anymore. My report has been accepted. Probably by this evening, the blood clan law enforcement team will deal with this matter, and they will be punished as they deserved. You will never see them again.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


Simon’s face had been ugly since going out. He was worried and had a premonition that something bad was about to happen. He couldn’t help discuss with his friend, “Who was that blood clan member following Jerry? I have never seen him in Sophis. I will never forget his appearance if I have seen him before.”


Judy muttered, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen him before either, but his breath… Oh my god, it feels like someone we usually wouldn’t be able to touch. A very high-ranking blood clansman, a very powerful figure.” Her tone was filled with a touch of disbelief.


“But in Sophis and even the entire Oceania, of all the high-ranking blood clansmen that we have impression of, none of them matched his,” another vampire interrupted. 


That extremely powerful aura belonging to that high-ranking blood clansman was completely unfamiliar. And lately in Sophis, among those visiting high-ranking clansmen, the one who had contact with Jerry,  …Alex already had the worst guess in his heart.


“…Prince Eymer?” He spat out the name softly.


“How is it possible? How could Prince Eymer be following behind a human being. This is so different from the image rumoured about him. Moreover, Jerry seems to have no idea of his identity, treating him like a normal friend. ” Simon smiled dryly, “Maybe he’s just an ordinary human who had rubbed off that breath from a high-ranking blood clansman from who knows where.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But in fact, blood clan members were able to tell whether the aura was rubbed off from somewhere else or emitted by the being. He said this because he didn’t dare or didn’t want to believe, and hoped this was just his illusion.


After Simon finished speaking, he saw that none of his friends agreed with him, and the other vampires around him looked solemnly towards a certain direction.


Simon followed their gazes, his eyes widened suddenly, his hands clenched tightly and uncontrollably.


That was a group of five clansmen wearing black uniforms and high boots. They brought about a substantive cold breath and a faint smell of blood, quickly approaching at an unimaginable speed for ordinary humans.


The leader of the uniformed clansmen declared coldly, devoid of emotions, “We are from the 17th section of the blood clan law enforcement team. There are some matters that need your cooperation in the investigation now.”


He raised his left hand silently, and the four law enforcers behind him restrained Alex and his gang. Alex and the others were tied together with an invisible thread, ready to be taken away together.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Wait, wait!” Simon struggled undefeatedly, “You can’t do this to me, I was transformed into a blood clan member by Parius, a noble in Sophis.”


New vampires were differentiated by their transformers. Afterall, Parius was a famous and powerful high ranking vampire in Sophis. And those nobles who transformed Judy and Alex also had similar status as Parius. Hence, very few blood clansmen would deliberately make trouble for them.


The leader of the law enforcement team gave him a cold look, “Really? Then bring Parius along to the law enforcement team.”


Alex was slightly calmer, he had realized that this time the situation was not looking good. He stared at the leader, gritted his teeth and asked, “Who gave the order to the law enforcement team to interrogate us?”


This matter was definitely not due to a vampire hunter’s report. Could it be the enemies of their transforming nobles ? Within the blood clan was also divided into factions with differing interests that fight one another.


The leader of the law enforcement team seemed to realise what he was thinking. The corner of his mouth curled up in an arc and he mocked, “It was an order given by His Royal Highness, Prince Eymer himself.”


So the seventeenth team came. The 15th to 20th teams of the Law Enforcement were independent in law enforcement and were completely unrelated to any local high-ranking blood clansmen or nobles.


He swept a glance at Alex and his gang. These idiots didn’t even notice this.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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