The Haunted Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 Attacked

Translated by Nessie


“No, I don’t intend to ask Prince Eymer for help.” He was just an ordinary human who minded his own business, and he was not even any noble altruist. Besides, that Prince’s attitude was always so strange and unpredictable.


Chi Yan walked to the laundry room along the corridor with his mobile phone in his hand. He just remembered that the clothes he washed on Friday were still hanging there and he had forgotten to collect them.


He listened to Ye Yingzhi babbling over the phone advising him to be careful and guarded against humans and vampires. When he was alone, he must pay attention to safety. He must contact him immediately if he encountered problems that cannot be solved and so on. Chi Yan responded with “En..En..” but scenes of himself interacting with Emily flashed in his mind involuntarily.


He remembered one night when Alex invited him out to play, he had rejected him but Emily followed them. The next day after he woke up, he saw Emily’s wrist was injured and bleeding quite badly. It was probably that night or even earlier that Emily’s blood had already been sucked by those vampires ?


He suddenly noticed that something was not right – if Emily was injured because she was bitten by a vampire, how could her wound bleed so much blood ? According to his own experience, Prince Eymer would lick and clean his wound every time, and would never let him return with injuries. Even if the rank of those vampires were not as high as Eymer’s, leaving Emily to shed so much blood was just too much…


Chi Yan had already entered the laundry room as he was still deep in his thoughts. The signal here was not very good, and it was inconvenient to hold the mobile phone while collecting clothes. He was about to take the initiative to make an appointment with Ye Yingzhi to meet up, and then bid goodbye and hang up the phone when he saw a dark shadow flashed across his right side.


He pressed his eyes, thinking that he was dazzled due to losing too much blood.


If this was the case, then he had to complain to Eymer the next time that his body fluid was not effective at all. In order to sustain their current arrangement, Eymer had to draw less of his blood and reduce the frequency of sucking his blood.


Another vague black shadow flashed past, and Chi Yan felt something hit him.


“Pa!” the phone fell to the ground.


Chi Yan subconsciously bent down to pick up the phone. The light in the laundry room suddenly went out the moment he lowered his head. At the same time, the front and back doors were shut with a snap, and the small room was suddenly dark and sealed. 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He realised instantly that something was wrong. He straightened up immediately and looked around.


The shadow just now was not an illusion.


There was really something lurking around him, waiting for an opportunity.


His eyes were momentarily unable to adjust to the dark environment, but he could still see a few particularly conspicuous blood-red spots in the darkness – those beast-like eyes were staring firmly at him.


Chi Yan felt those things guarding the doorways on both sides, and there was another one moving about near his left side.


And at this moment, the laughter and footsteps of the students in the corridor disappeared, as if he was the only one being isolated in this small laundry room.


Chi Yan didn’t dare to move rashly. He didn’t know what those things surrounding him were, but he was guarded. At the same time, he quietly measured the distance between himself and the two doors, recalling the furnishings and obstacles in between.


He should at least escape and run out of the laundry room instead of waiting for his death.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The looming crisis stimulated his brain to think quickly of a plan. He quickly rehearsed his next course of action twice before throwing the pile of clothes in his hand to the front right. Those were just some thin and lightweight clothes which he wore some time ago. They were good enough to attract some attention.


At the same time, he rushed towards the door on the left, dragging the soft plastic tube of the vacuum cleaner along to shield him. This gave him some time to open the door. Fortunately, he remembered that the lock on the left door was broken and it couldn’t be locked lately, so he could break out of it quickly.


It was still as quiet outside the laundry room. Chi Yan could only hear the sound of him running on the carpet and the sound of his heart beating. He could not hear the usual voices of the students chatting or noises from computers and TVs programs from the other students’ rooms. This building had been around for quite some time and the soundproofing of the doors were not good. Usually when he walked past the rooms, he could roughly hear the movement of the occupants inside the rooms.


The white lights along the strangely quiet corridor looked a bit eerie.


Chi Yan ran as he shouted loudly for help, but no one came to his rescue.


After running ten meters, he looked back with a sense of horror, and finally saw the things that were hunting him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

They had heavy, thick, dark fur, strong limbs, sharp claws, fangs that reflected the chilling light, turbid and ferocious blood-red beast eyes – those were very strong and sturdy werewolves. Chi Yan never doubted that they had seen blood under their claws. They were good at ripping off the throats of their prey and then tearing up their stomachs.


These wolves were more scary than those he saw in the zoo or in the documentary.


At this moment, the wolf nearest to him leapt up high with its front paws almost pouncing on Chi Yan’s back.  Chi Yan thought he would be pinned onto the ground the next second. He was just a human with average physical ability and he had absolutely no chance to escape these four-limbed monsters at all.


Just then, the sound of glass shattering filled the empty corridor.


The wolf stopped moving instantly and crouched guardedly behind Chi Yan. The other wolves behind it also whimpered and slowly retreated. Chi Yan looked towards the place where the sound came from.


It was late at night, the glass window shattered inwardly as the cool autumn night breeze rushed in from outside. The night sky was shrouded heavily with darkness as a half-round moon could be seen faintly behind the scattered clouds. The seventh day of the lunar month was the winding time (the moon and the sun was 90 degrees apart), but the moon was red as blood and the earth looked as though in hell.


There was no one and it was impossible to see who broke the window.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The black wolf closest to Chi Yan was huge. It was at least two meters in length, and its height was as tall as Chi Yan’s chest when it was on all fours. It raised its front paws and suddenly attacked again, rushing towards Chi Yan.


Chi Yan was caught off guard and only had time to take a step back. The wolf’s sharp teeth were no more than an arm’s length away when suddenly, a figure flashed by. Chi Yan felt his eyes blurred as the giant wolf in front of him was sent flying backwards. A very deep and long wound appeared on its abdomen upon closer look as blood spurted out quickly. It was not very obvious on the black fur, but some blood splashed out and a large amount of black blood flowed onto the blue carpet in the corridor.


The wolf fell to the ground on its side, but its blood-red eyes were still staring at Chi Yan’s direction. More precisely, at that person who suddenly appeared in front of Chi Yan. The other wolves whimpered and surrounded it, looking guardedly towards the two of them but dared not take a step forward.


Only then did Chi Yan give some attention to the saviour who suddenly appeared.


The weather in Sophis had turned cooler in April, and the lowest temperature at night was only seven or eight degrees celsius. The man stood tall and straight wearing a long black trench coat. His black hair was slightly under the shoulders, hanging naturally behind his head. His hands were on both sides of his body. The first thing that Chi Yan noticed was his left hand. It was slender and pale, but looked strong and powerful. On his left ring finger, he was wearing a wide silver ring that was carved with an uneven pattern on the front. A drop of black blood was dripping from the groove of the pattern onto the blue carpet below.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He had just used this ring to severely wound that wolf.


The man was standing two steps in front of Chi Yan, looking at the wolves calmly. Chi Yan could only see one side of his face from his angle. That person didn’t speak or move. Even then, Chi Yan could feel his powerful aura.


This kind of pressure and breath threatened the wolves. They whimpered in low voices, as if discussing something with one another. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, they disappeared together with the injured wolf. The man didn’t have any intention to stop them.


Chi Yan looked surprised and suspiciously at the man in front of him. The man also turned his head to look at Chi Yan. Their eyes met and the man walked up to him and stood still. He lowered his head slightly and asked, “Do you know that you can easily attract these dark creatures?”


He lowered his head and leaned close to Chi Yan’s ear and sniffed, “Your body has a very pure and dark breath. I noticed it as soon as I saw you.” 


That breath was very similar to his own, it was as if guiding him to go closer. And once he got closer, he could only catch hold of him tightly and not let go again.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan was still in a daze and mumbled, “Just now…?”


He looked back at the broken window, the blood-red moon outside and heard the man explain calmly, “It’s just a little trick used by those four- limbed animals during the moon phase.”


After he had spoken, the broken window was miraculously restored and the clouds outside the window disappeared, revealing a calm and bright moonlight. The sky was high and the clouds were light; the moon was bright and the breeze was cool. It was undoubtedly a beautiful autumn night.


The usual noise in the dormitory returned. Music and laughter in the activity rooms upstairs were once again audible.


Even the blood stains on the carpet disappeared.


Everything was like before, as if the incident just now was his imagination. Except for the person beside him, there was nothing else to corroborate it.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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