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Chapter 75 Innocent Friends

Translated by Nessie


If only those were just ordinary dreams, but they weren’t. For five consecutive days, in his dreams, the two of them were very intimate and the contents of the dreams became deeper and deeper…Even every detail and movement were vivid and real.


Chi Yan secretly heaved a sigh of relief that he hadn’t met Ye Yingzhi again after that day. They were like before, communicating with each other through the phone or messages. But just hearing his voice would make him feel uncomfortable. The other party was talking about serious matters, about the blood clan or werewolves, about wanting him to be vigilant about his own safety, but Chi Yan’s mind couldn’t help wandering off.


After his mind wandered off and returned to his conversation with Ye Yingzhi, Chi Yan suddenly realised that he had been thinking of something else while listening to the other party’s voice. His cheeks became hot suddenly and he felt pangs of guilt in his heart. He “en…en…wu….wu..” over the phone, answering and responding to the other party and not able to say anything else.


He felt that he was going crazy.


The day when Emily came back was Saturday. All the students living on the fourth floor organized a small party to celebrate her recovery. To be honest, previously when Emily was very sick, her appearance had shocked them. Those who saw her that day still had lingering fears.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The mode of the party was that everyone cooked one or two of their best dishes, and then got together to have a feast. Someone made pizzas and baked brownies. Some students from India and Malaysia cooked Indian and Malaysian dishes.


When Chi Yan received the news, he felt a little pressured. It wasn’t that he didn’t welcome Emily back. It was because he couldn’t cook a decent dish on his own. In the end, he made up his mind to invite Jiang Tian over. He went to the supermarket to buy chicken wings and onions, and then to a Chinese butcher to buy pork belly. He asked Jiang Tian to cook “Three Cups Chicken Wings” and braised pork belly to share with the others.


Dinner was very enjoyable, and the two dishes cooked by Jiang Tian received unanimous praise. Emily’s friend, Caroline and Miss Julia from the front desk also came for dinner. She baked a large plate of butter cookies with words of blessings on everyone of them.


Caroline thanked the students on the fourth floor with special mention to Chi Yan and Miss Julia. “That night, Emily had a fever at first. She said she wasn’t feeling well, so I accompanied her in her room. Suddenly she fainted and when she woke up again, she lost her mind and even wanted to bite me.” She deliberately glanced at Emily with an exaggerated expression when she said this, making everyone laugh.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Luckily, everyone helped watch her and called the ambulance. And fortunately, Miss Julia accompanied Emily to the hospital. I was so terrified at that time. And thank you, Jerry for accompanying me back to the room.”


Emily also expressed her gratitude to everyone after Caroline made her speech.


Everyone, including the girl herself, thought that she was just suffering from a strange illness due to a fever. The diagnosis from the hospital was “electrolytic disorder caused by high temperature”. Nobody would have thought that this incident had to do with that group of vampires; and nobody would know the real reason for her survival.


After dinner, everyone cleaned up the tableware, threw the trash and scattered to do their own things. Jiang Tian was in high spirits and didn’t want to go back to his room alone. He pulled Chi Yan into his room to play the new game that he just bought.


Unknowingly, the two of them played until eleven, and the game passed two levels. Jiang Tian suddenly said to Chi Yan in a dull voice, “Hey, Chi Zi, I can’t anymore. My head is a little dizzy. I have to rest first, you can continue playing.”


Chi Yan turned his head and saw that Jiang Tian’s cheeks were red. He noticed Jiang Tian’s face was flushed when he started playing the  games just now, but at that time he had not bothered. He thought Jiang Tian was too excited to play the game. Now that he took a closer look,  his friend’s face was so red that it looked abnormal.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan asked, “What’s wrong with you, Da Jiang ? Why is your face so red?”


Jiang Tian touched his face with the back of his hand and knitted his brows, “I don’t know, is it because I ate too much just now? It’s a bit hot.”


Chi Yan felt the temperature in the room, and then looked at the short-sleeved T-shirt on Jiang Tian’s body. “Da Jiang, wear more clothes. Are you having a fever ? Do you have a thermometer?”


It was almost mid-April. Although it was not the coldest season yet in  Sophis, it was the coldest time in their dormitory. The temperature had dropped, but the heating system was not up. Chi Yan and Jiang Tian both stayed on the shadier side of the dormitory so they felt very cool in the room during summer time. This time, they felt particularly cold, especially after the rain. Jiang Tian, being strong and youthful, enjoyed wearing short-sleeved shirts in the room every day. It was easy to fall sick like this.


Jiang Tian had already laid on the bed and covered himself with a quilt. He really became very uncomfortable again during this short period of time. He muttered to Chi Yan weakly, “The second drawer under the table, there is a stack of medicine boxes, the thermometer is on the right.”


Chi Yan opened the drawer and searched, and the thermometer was there. He took it out and handed it to Jiang Tian to take his own body temperature, while he went out to fetch hot water with his cup.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

When he came back, Jiang Tian was already asleep with a thermometer in his hand.


Chi Yan didn’t wake him up. After putting the cup of water aside, he stretched out his hand and took the thermometer. He placed it in front of him and looked – 38 degrees celsius. Jiang Tian was obviously having a fever, but it was not as serious as to send him to the hospital immediately. Usually when Chi Yan had a fever like this, he would first take an anti-fever medicine to try to bring down the fever. But if the temperature did not go away, then he would consider going to the hospital.


Jiang Tian’s things were tidied up very neatly. Chi Yan found the anti-fever medicine from the medicine box. He helped Jiang Tian sit up, fed him the medicine with the hot water he just brought back, and then helped his friend lie down. After doing all this, he did not dare to leave, but sat in a chair in Jiang Tian’s room and waited. If Jiang Tian’s fever did not go away after a while, then he would have to take him to the hospital.


Chi Yan held the phone and watched the news for twenty minutes. He felt Jiang Tian moved, and vaguely muttered a word or two in his mouth. He immediately stood up and walked to the other party’s bed, “What’s the matter ? Are you feeling better? Do you want some water? Do you want to take the temperature again?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But Jiang Tian sat up straight in an instant, quickly stretched out his hand and grabbed Chi Yan’s right arm tightly. He lowered his head, opened his mouth, wanting to bite into his wrist.


He became very strong suddenly, Chi Yan couldn’t free himself. He called his name but he didn’t respond either. His black eyes were no longer as clear as they used to be, and they were as turbid as a dying person.


In a hurry, Chi Yan picked up a short-sleeved shirt that Jiang Tian had placed beside the bed with his left hand, and stuffed it into the other party’s mouth. It was his own clothes anyway, so Jiang Tian wouldn’t mind. Jiang Tian bit his clothes and was startled for a moment.


By now, Chi Yan intuitively found that something was wrong. He quickly took this opportunity to break free of Jiang Tian, ran out of the room and locked the door firmly. He quickly contacted Ms. Julia with the emergency phone along the corridor, asked her and other dormitory staff to help take care of Jiang Tian and contact the ambulance.


Chi Yan was unable to control Jiang Tian alone now. His appearance was clearly that he had lost his mind. He could even hear the banging of the door from his room. If they didn’t hurry up to get professional help, Jiang Tian might hurt himself.


At this time, the students on the second floor heard the commotion and came out one after another.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Don’t go near,” Chi Yan stopped a classmate who tried to get close. “Kevin had a fever just now and he is not having a clear mind. He is disoriented and I’m afraid he might hurt everyone or himself. We should wait for the professionals to come over.”


“Oh my God.” A female classmate whispered, “It’s really like Emily the last time. I didn’t expect that Emily had just come back and something happened to Kevin.”


Chi Yan felt his heart sink heavily and gave a deep sigh. Caroline’s words during dinner time echoed in his ears once again. He had a hunch when he first saw Jiang Tian’s behaviour, and now it’s just that someone else had mentioned it – that appearance was really similar to Emily’s back then.


And no one knew better than him that Jiang Tian had indeed been bitten by a vampire.


That night he had stupidly taken his friend to the vampires’ banquet and Jiang Tian was bitten by a vampire in the hall. According to Ye Yingzhi’s explanation, the possibility of being infected by a low-level blood clansman that had bitten him, was very high.


Who knows how long the incubation period of the infection was?


He hugged his forehead in bitterness. He thought that he had reached that agreement with Prince Eymer, and that he could take his friend away safely. He thought the matter would be completely over, and he only had to fulfill the damn agreement by himself. However, who would have thought that those devils had already planted the seeds of evil and would not allow these incompetent mortals to escape.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Soon Miss Julia and the professional medical staff arrived. They tied Jiang Tian on a stretcher as they had done the same to Emily before and went up the ambulance. As Jiang Tian had no other relatives here, Chi Yan and Miss Julia followed him to the hospital.


Miss Julia comforted him softly, “It’s okay. Although it looks a little scary, Kevin will definitely get better soon, just like Emily.”


Chi Yan couldn’t even smile. He just felt that his heart became extremely heavy.


Because he knew very well, Emily didn’t get better easily. The leader of Sophis’ werewolf clan spent a lot of money and effort to invite a prince of the blood clan to save her life.


He didn’t think he had the same power and network to invite Prince Pedro; he also didn’t think Jiang Tian had ever saved any powerful dark creatures’ clan leader such that the other party was still thinking about repaying him. Besides, Ye Yingzhi mentioned that Prince Pedro was originally on his way to New Zealand for a holiday, but he stopped at Sophis  after receiving the request from the werewolf clan. He should have left  Sophis by now.


There was still another prince of the blood clan here in Sophis, and he happened to know him. But Ye Yingzhi mentioned before that it was extremely difficult to get Prince Eymer to help. In fact, looking at what the werewolf clan did, they would rather go the long way to ask Prince Pedro who was passing by instead of trying to ask Prince Eymer who was stationed in Sophis.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This was clear enough to show how difficult it was to deal with His Royal Highness. Until today, he hadn’t even gotten a glimpse of that vampire prince.


Even though the Prince had sucked his blood three times, Chi Yan still couldn’t grasp his temperament, let alone his preferences and intentions.


Julia went to help with the various procedures as Jiang Tian was taken to do various examinations. Chi Yan took the chance to go to a corner of the hospital and clicked on Ye Yingzhi’s contact information. His hands trembled a little, there was a secret hint of inexplicable hope in his heart – Ye Yingzhi might have a solution or a way out.


No matter what, he wanted to hear the opinions of his vampire hunter friend right now. Perhaps Ye Yingzhi might have some good ideas? After all, he knew a lot more about these things than himself.


It was already 12 o’clock in the morning, Chi Yan first tried to send Ye Yingzhi a message, “Are you sleeping? I want to talk to you”. Ye Yingzhi did not reply, but the call came immediately instead.


Chi Yan tried his best to maintain a calm tone and recounted all that happened suddenly that night.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi was silent for a long time after listening. “Sorry, Ah Yan, as what I’ve told you before, there’s nothing I could do. You also know who is the only one who has the solution.”


Chi Yan was stunned. He slid on the ground holding his mobile phone, staring blankly at the pot of green bonsai in the corner. The hope he had initially was dashed. Although he had long known that there was no hope, humans will always inevitably look forward to miracles, hoping that they were the lucky ones, until they realised that reality was reality.


“Do you want me to ask Prince Eymer? What should I do if he refuses to save Jiang Tian? Do you want me… to watch him become that kind of living dead?” There was sadness and anxiety in his voice. The last outcome of being infected made him tremble while holding onto his phone.


“Ye Yingzhi…” He whispered and called his name earnestly and pleadingly.


“Try it first,” Ye Yingzhi’s voice was very soft, like a lover’s whisper. “You go try it, Prince Eymer… he might be soft-hearted towards you.”


Don’t be sad. I was almost wanting to completely compromise with you.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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