The Haunted Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 The Second Exchange Condition

Translated by Nessie


Ye Yingzhi listened to Chi Yan begging him. He almost wanted to reassure the other party not to panic, and agree to help him immediately. But just before he opened his mouth, he remembered what he had said before –“There’s nothing I could do, but Prince Eymer should have a way…” He paused slightly before sticking to his previous position.


Chi Yan naturally remembered what Ye Yingzhi said before. He was silent for a moment and whispered, “But he only sucked my blood once this week. I don’t know how to find him.” Prince Eymer only fetched him two days ago to suck his blood once, and Chi Yan almost thought that the other party had lost interest in his blood.


I can pick you up now.


Ye Yingzhi restrained himself. “You should probably remember the way to Prince Eymer’s residence? During this time, you must take the initiative to find him. Being infected by a vampire cannot be delayed, it must be treated within 72 hours. Beyond 72 hours, even if it was Prince Eymer, he also wouldn’t be able to save your friend.”


Chi Yan thanked his vampire hunter friend and hung up the phone. He looked at the gloomy night outside the hospital window. Holding the phone, he finally made a decision in his heart.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan asked Miss Julia to return to rest first. He also replied to the messages from their friends in the dormitory who often had meals together with Jiang Tian and updated them on his condition.  Lao Gao and his friends would come over to take care of Jiang Tian the next morning. Next, Chi Yan booked a taxi from the website of the local taxi company to pick him up at 8 o’clock in the morning. There were very few cars on the streets of Sophis, and even fewer taxis for hire. Basically, the taxis must be booked in advance. 


Lao Gao and the others had no classes the next day, so they rushed over to take over Chi Yan’s shift at 7 o’clock in the morning. Chi Yan didn’t sleep all night and he didn’t want to delay any longer. He told Lao Gao and the others about Jiang Tian’s current condition, and left at 8 o’clock when the taxi he had reserved arrived. However, he did not return to the dormitory or the school. The taxi drove towards the direction of the western suburbs. Gray had driven him back and forth twice before, so he could vaguely remember the location of Prince Eymer’s manor.


The manor stood silently and conspicuously. It could be seen after making two turns out of the eastern city. It looked like a giant beast waiting for him to walk into its trap. Even under the bright sunshine in the morning, it looked a little gloomy.


Chi Yan was relieved that he had a good sense of direction and memory. He managed to find Prince Eymer’s manor based on the vague impression in his mind. After paying the fare, he bid the driver farewell. He took a deep breath, looked up at Sophis’ clear blue sky in the autumn morning and walked towards the dark coloured door. 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan thought he might not have come at the right time. After all, it was nine o’clock in the morning, the time when ordinary humans got up and busied with their activities. On the contrary, it was the resting time for the vampires who lived here. He couldn’t care much, and went straight up the steps and rang the doorbell. If nobody answered the door, then he planned to sit and wait on the steps. According to his experiences, the vampire prince usually started his activities after noon. Perhaps during this time, he just happened to have an appetite and wanted to have a meal. Hopefully the blood clan was like humans – easier to negotiate after eating and drinking. In any case, he wouldn’t mind letting His Royal Highness suck more blood before making his request. This was the only strategy Chi Yan could think of at this moment. 


Unexpectedly, the door opened. Gray raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw Chi Yan, “Why are you here?” 


Chi Yan pinched the hem of his clothes nervously and replied Mr. Butler. “There’s something I’d like to speak to His Royal Highness, may I see him?” He pleaded and looked at Gray cautiously from the bottom up. 


“His Royal Highness wouldn’t refuse food delivered to his door.” Gray muttered and opened the door for him. “Sit in the living room and wait for a while. I’ll ask if His Royal Highness wants to see you now.” 


He should be asking if His Royal Highness had an appetite and ready to have his meal now, Chi Yan thought. 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He glanced at the living room and that fabric sofa that looked clean, tidy and comfortable. It looked as if nobody had sat on it before. He stood beside the sofa with his hand holding onto the corner of his clothes. He didn’t want to mess up the desolate-looking furniture nor did he have the mood to rest on it. In fact, he felt his stomach twisted into a ball and his mind was blank. He tried to anticipate what it would be like seeing Prince Eymer later, and how he should behave to get the other party to help. —— He didn’t expect the other party would help easily, but no matter what method was being used and at what price it would be, he had to get the Prince to help.


This was the first time Chi Yan took the initiative to ask someone for help. He was at a loss, not to mention that the other party whom he was seeking help from was not even a human.


A while later, Gray came down from the second floor and made a gesture to invite him to go upstairs.


Chi Yan followed Gray upstairs, feeling more anxious than the first time when he was brought in to have his blood sucked by Prince Eymer.


Gray stopped in front of the door that he was familiar with and pointed at the black ribbon that was hanging on the door handle. “You know the rules.”


Chi Yan nodded. He took the ribbon, blindfolded his eyes, opened the door and walked in.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The bedroom was warmer than the living room, and the light was dimmer. The entire room was filled with a very familiar light and special scent. The feeling was like when Prince Eymer hugged him and sucked blood. Chi Yan knew this was Prince Eymer’s personal space.


He heard the door closed, and stood dazed at the entrance of the door until a cold voice rang in his mind, “Come here.”


That was the voice of Prince Eymer.


Chi Yan regained his consciousness. He couldn’t make out the direction of the sound, so he staggered forward until his hands touched the other party’s body.


He had a fright and stood at the spot, subconsciously withdrawing his hand. But the other party was faster than him. He grabbed his two arms and pulled him towards his chest.


Chi Yan sensed that Prince Eymer should be sitting on the chair in front of him.


He stood there and dared not move. The vampire said indifferently, “Sit up.”


“Huh?!” Chi Yan was puzzled and stood there with his mouth agape. The vampire seemed a little impatient, not expecting him to sit on his thigh obediently. He stretched out his hand and carried Chi Yan to straddle on his lap.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan’s face became a little hot, but he quickly realised the reason for the vampire to do this. The cold breath sprayed on his neck and this was the most ideal and convenient position to suck his blood.


He closed his eyes and arched his neck backwards slowly.


The vampire leaned forward and gently rubbed his front neck with his teeth, but did not proceed.


Chi Yan was a little uneasy. He hesitated and whispered,”…Please have your meal.” Actually, he wasn’t sure if he should say that. After all, the hot pot or grilled fish dishes he had eaten before had never asked diners to enjoy eating themselves. He felt stupid and regretted his actions.


The vampire chuckled and pressed his fangs harder against his neck. His left hand slid across his back from top to bottom, “…Why are you so well-behaved today? Coming on your own and asking me to eat you. Is there something you want from me?”


Chi Yan trembled. There was no way to hide his motive from the vampire with his abrupt appearance.


He could almost feel the sharp chill and pain brought about by the vampire’s sharp fangs, and the pleasure that came with it every time his blood was sucked. His body trembled uncontrollably.


Chi Yan remembered his strategy when he came. So he silently raised his head, and pushed his neck forward. He felt the fangs pierced the skin between his neck, and blood flowing down those sharp teeth. The vampire whispered something but he did not hear clearly. He only knew that the vampire prince gave up his curiosity and feasted on his blood impatiently. The prince had already let go of his two arms and hugged him tightly around his back. Chi Yan involuntarily raised his hands hanging on both sides of his body, and clasped the vampire’s neck tightly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It took a long time for them to separate this time. Chi Yan even thought that his blood was about to be sucked dry.


Eymer did not let release him immediately. Like the previous two times, he embraced his waist with one hand and clasped the back of his head with the other, kissing him gently, coaxing him to open his lips and passed his saliva to him. Chi Yan swallowed obediently. He knew that the blood prince’s saliva was good for his physical recovery, and he needed his body to regain energy as soon as possible to deal with the matter.


Chi Yan struggled, trying to break away from the Prince’s embrace and stand on the ground, but Prince Eymer held him down and asked, “Now you should be able to tell me why you are looking for me?”


He smiled softly again, “Or is it that you just want me to suck your blood? Huh? You little badass.”


From that voice, Prince Eymer’s mood should be good now. Hopefully it was going to be easy to ask for his help.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan stopped struggling and pleaded, “I want to ask you for help. I want to ask you to help me save a friend.” 


The vampire used his thumb and gently rubbed the back of his neck, but did not speak.


Chi Yan waited nervously, not even making a sound.


After a long while, the vampire finally spoke. “I never helped anyone,” he answered flatly.


Chi Yan heard this previously during Emily’s incident.


“Please,” Chi Yan pleaded in vain. “I am willing to meet your conditions.”


This was the only way he could think of. Prince Eymer was someone who abided by agreements and conditions. Trying to get something out from him with nothing to offer was not going to work. It was even more unthinkable to get something out from him through relationships and status. Probably the only way to get his help was to meet his conditions like previously, but this time, Chi Yan didn’t know what else he could offer the other party.


“Oh?” he asked softly. “What can you offer me?” It sounded as if he didn’t put Chi Yan’s proposal to heart.


“Like…” Chi Yan paused and whispered, “For example, before I leave Sophis, you can continue to suck my blood. Is this okay?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He was too anxious, too inexperienced, and too impatient. He showed all his cards to his opponent. He was telling the other party blatantly, as long as you agree to help, you can do anything to me.


“Nice proposal,” the vampire pondered for a moment, and replied with a little more interest in his voice, “but I want something else.”


Chi Yan tensed up nervously like a prey being targeted by the predator. He felt the vampire’s gaze falling heavily on him, as if thinking about something, as his body was firmly held down , unable to move.


He thought about this embarrassing position at this moment, pursed his lower lip and mumbled, “Please speak then.”


The vampire leaned closer towards him, speaking into his ear with a slightly different voice, “Stay here tonight, accompany me. “


“This is… the condition for me to help.”


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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