The Haunted Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 The Morals of a Gentleman

Translated by Nessie


Chi Yan’s throat quivered for a moment. He thought he had misunderstood. He opened his eyes wide, trying to see through the black ribbon at the vampire’s intention. But this was just a futile attempt.


“Can you change the condition?” he asked. Feeling his lip was a bit dry, he stretched out his tongue and licked his lower lip gently.


The vampire did not answer, but gracefully and casually knocked on the smooth and thick armrest of the wooden chair. The light and dull knocking sound echoed rhythmically in the quiet room.


Chi Yan lowered his head, revealing the smooth back of his neck. He answered in a barely audible voice, “I understand. I…promise you.”


The vampire chuckled lightly, reached out his hands quickly, turned Chi Yan around and embraced him from his back. He lowered his head and pierced his fangs into the back of his neck, letting his teeth sink completely into the small piece of his skin that he had rubbed with his thumb.


This blood-sucking posture made the vampire’s chest stuck intimately to the back of the human being in his arms, as if he completely possessed him. The vampire couldn’t help but let out a sigh of contentment.


After pulling out his teeth, the vampire licked and treated the wound, smiled and whispered, “You thought I wanted to do something bad to you, do you? I just… want to hold you and drink your blood all night.”


Chi Yan’s face flushed instantly. He had initially thought about other perverted possibilities, but it seemed to be acceptable if Prince Eymer just wanted to drink his blood all night.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The vampire sighed and hugged him tighter, “You came to me on your own, I just can’t hold back and want to eat you.”


How true. I also wouldn’t be able to restrain myself either if there was a hot pot takeaway, Chi Yan thought silently. Then he remembered the most urgent matter.


Ye Yingzhi had said that Jiang Tian must be saved within 72 hours to be effective. There mustn’t be anymore delay lest there were unexpected incidents. He had better ask Prince Eymer to take care of Jiang Tian as soon as possible.


Chi Yan tried to turn his face to speak to the vampire, but Prince Eymer continued to bite and suck the skin behind his neck, making it extremely difficult to tilt his head. He could only maintain the present posture to discuss with the other party, “I promised your terms, but can I ask you to heal my friend first, and I will come again… to accompany you.”


He did not hear the other party’s response. He felt a sharp pain in the neck and couldn’t help moaning and grabbing the Prince’s hands around his waist with his weak hands.


Without any warning, Prince Eymer’s fangs pierced in again.


This was already the third time today. Looked like him taking the initiative to offer himself to the Prince had greatly stimulated his appetite.


The vampire licked his fangs contentedly again after having his fill. Having retracted his fangs, he answered slowly and contentedly, “Sure, I will let Gray go with you. He knows how to save your friend. But. Once you’ve ascertained that your friend is well, you have to return to fulfill our agreement.”


Chi Yan had no objection, so he agreed immediately and left the manor after getting the Prince’s permission.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Gray waited outside the room. He led Chi Yan to sit on the sofa on the first floor and brought him a cup of coffee, a plate of chocolate hazelnut biscuits, a cup of strawberry yogurt, a smoked salmon salad, two slices of butter toast and a grilled lamb chop. Chi Yan looked at the time. It was twelve noon, so this probably was his lunch?


After serving him lunch, Gray went up to the second floor and entered Prince Eymer’s room.


He saw His Royal Highness sitting lazily on the large wooden chair, his shirt buttoned on the wrong hole and was a little wrinkled, as if it had been grabbed by someone. He licked his teeth, reminiscing about the delicious meal he just had. But even if his clothes were unkempt and his demeanour lazy, he still exuded a very noble temperament of royalty and a very powerful aura that cannot be underestimated.


It seemed that His Royal Highness was very happy and satisfied. Gray thought in his heart, and bowed respectfully to the other party.


He had guessed that His Royal Highness would be giving him a task related to the human downstairs. A good butler should always know when to anticipate the master dispatching a task to him and predict the content of the task in advance, Gray thought proudly.


Just after Chi Yan finished his roasted lamb chops, Mr. Butler came out of the Prince’s room. Chi Yan stood up immediately and looked at him expectantly.


Gray walked up and assured him, “You can continue to eat your lunch first. We have plenty of time to save your friend.”


“No,” Chi Yan answered and stuffed two slices of buttered toast into his mouth. He stood up quickly again, “I’m full, we can go.”


Gray glanced at the rest of the untouched food on the table and thought to himself that he had to order the kitchen staff to cook a feast for this human this afternoon when they got back.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The vampire butler drove to the hospital with Chi Yan. Chi Yan persuaded Lao Gao and his friend to go for lunch, and then he locked the door of the ward.


Gray looked at Jiang Tian, who was lying on the hospital bed sleeping under the effect of the medicine. He glanced at Chi Yan again and said flatly, “You don’t have to watch.”


Chi Yan was a little nervous, “Will the procedure be scary ?”


Gray shook his head, “No.”


He took out a small medicine bottle from his pocket, poured a capsule-shaped thing from it, and fed it into Jiang Tian’s mouth. About half a minute later, he walked towards the right side of Jiang Tian, placed an iron box under Jiang Tian’s right wrist, took out a silver knife and slit his wrist.


Thick black blood gradually poured out from the wound, flowing slowly into the iron box, swirling about as if it had a life.


When the black blood ran out and the blood flowing out from the wound turned red again, Gray used some of his saliva to help Jiang Tian close up the wound.


Gray turned around and said to Chi Yan, “Done. Once he wakes up, there will be no problem. If you believe me, we can go now. Otherwise you can stay here and wait to confirm the outcome. In any case, His Royal Highness entrusted me to bring you back.”


Chi Yan glanced at his friend on the bed, and replied cautiously, “I’ll wait and check the outcome.”


Soon Lao Gao and his friend returned after eating. They were worried that Chi Yan hadn’t eaten, so they brought him a hamburger. Chi Yan thanked them and finished the burger quickly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Gray saw it in his eyes. He thought silently that this human being hadn’t eaten his fill at His Royal Highness’s manor just now. If His Royal Highness were to learn about this, he would probably get angry and order the kitchen to cook more dishes this evening.


Jiang Tian woke up at about two o’clock in the afternoon. He was clear-headed, his complexion was ruddy, and his temperature was normal. He just didn’t remember what he did last night after he passed out. Lao Gao tactfully told him that he was suspected of losing his mind after passing out.


Gray took the initiative to contact the medical staff to re-examine Jiang Tian. The result of the examination was that everything was normal and Jiang Tian could be discharged after being observed for a period of time. The doctors and nurses in charge of Jiang Tian happened to be in charge of Emily’s treatment too. They attributed Jiang Tian’s speedier recovery to his better physical fitness.


Gray looked at Chi Yan and hinted to him that it was time to return to the manor. Chi Yan nodded. He left with Gray after having a word with his friends.


The sun was already westward, and it was not as hot as it was during noon. Everything around him looked lazy and tranquil under the mellow golden rays of the sun. There was an indescribable sense of depression, as if feeling sad about the passing of day and time.


It was the evening rush hour. There were more cars on the road than usual, but they were still unimpeded. The black car sped on the road and soon Chi Yan returned to the familiar manor once again.


Chi Yan followed Gray into the door and sat on the sofa to wait while Gray went upstairs to report to Prince Eymer.


A few minutes later, Gray returned again, and bowed to Chi Yan, “Please go upstairs, His Royal Highness has prepared dinner and is waiting for you.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan nodded and walked upstairs. As usual, he blindfolded his eyes with the black ribbon before pushing the door.


Chi Yan smelled the savoury aroma of food after entering the room. There was soothing and soft music in the quiet space. The room was warm and much more comfortable than the small dormitory room which had yet to be heated.


Prince Eymer held his hand and quietly led him to sit down at the dining table, and fed him dinner patiently like the last time. Then he embraced Chi Yan face to face again in his arms like that morning and sucked his blood. This time the vampire moved slowly and gently. It didn’t feel as if he was in a hurry to have his meal, but rather, enjoying the process of sucking and tasting Chi Yan’s blood. The entire room was very quiet and they both hardly said anything to each other


Prince Eymer did not release Chi Yan after sucking his blood. He maintained this position, embracing him with one hand. Chi Yan heard the turning of pages of a book and guessed that the Prince was reading a book. 


Every now and then, the vampire would place his teeth on his neck and rub it for a while. Sometimes he would just rub it, sometimes he would pierce his fangs and suck blood slowly for a while.


Chi Yan had to admit that Prince Eymer really enjoyed doing this. He himself also felt that it was very comfortable and alluring to drink and eat snacks while reading a book.


About two hours passed, and during this time, Prince Eymer gave him his saliva twice. Finally, the vampire put Chi Yan down and led him to the bathroom to take his bath.


Chi Yan pointed to the ribbon covering his eyes. The vampire pondered for a moment, “You can take off the ribbon after you get in, but you must put it on again before you come out.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

That was reasonable. Chi Yan nodded and accepted the arrangement.


There was a stack of oversized white shirts and dried towels placed neatly among other things in the bathroom. Chi Yan guessed he had to wear one of those since the vampire hadn’t prepared any other pyjamas or bathrobes for him. He put the shirt over his body. It was slightly larger, the sleeves and hem were a bit longer. And the clothes which he had taken off and placed outside the bathroom were gone.


Chi Yan hesitated and raised his voice so that he may be heard from outside of the bathroom, “May I ask, why are my clothes missing?”


“I took them away and sent them to be washed. They will be sent back tomorrow morning.” The vampire replied. “You can wear my clothes. You should be able to see them next to the towels.”


His Royal Highness seemed to be extraordinarily enthusiastic about lending his clothes to others. Chi Yan remembered that his coat was still hanging in his dormitory closet.


“But there’s no pants…” he muttered.


The vampire answered in an elegant and indifferent voice, “I thought my shirt was long enough for you.”


Chi Yan blushed all of a sudden. Although he had never seen Prince Eymer with his own eyes before, Chi Yan thought the Prince should have a very strong and sturdy physique since he could haul him up easily. He should be taller than himself, and should be about the same height as Ye Yingzhi.


He looked into the mirror to see the effect of the shirt, and tied the black ribbon back reluctantly. In fact, the shirt was not that long enough. He was still taller than the Prince had imagined, but he did not have the courage to argue with a powerful vampire over a piece of clothing.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

I am such an incompetent and cowardly human being. I always disgrace my fellow humans. It was perhaps only in movies or novels that the heroes dared to fight so bravely against the more powerful alien race. Chi Yan tried to console himself as he walked out of the bathroom despondently.


The vampire was silent when he saw Chi Yan coming out from the bathroom. He pressed him down on the bed and sucked his blood for a very long time and fed him his saliva, then pushed him to the side of the bed.


Chi Yan could feel the vampire lying down on the other side of the bed.


“Take a rest. You can leave early tomorrow morning, and this agreement will be fulfilled,” the vampire whispered.


Chi Yan responded softly and closed his eyes. He had stayed up all night last night at the hospital keeping watch and worrying about Jiang Tian. Now he could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Besides, he had slept on this bed before, so it didn’t take long for him to close his eyes and fall asleep.


But his sleep was not a sound one. After an unknown period of time, he gradually woke up and opened his eyes.


He found himself in an unfamiliar and spacious bedroom. It was comfortably warm and there was an orange lamp by the bed. He was lying on a large soft bed. He could see clearly now without the ribbon. Chi Yan touched the pillow and the quilt on his body. He felt a little dazed and dizzy. It was extremely uncomfortable to make out whether he was awake or was he dreaming.


Then he saw the familiar man sitting beside him leaning against the bedpost. Although he had only met him once, the man had appeared in his dreams every day recently.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Am I still dreaming? Chi Yan wondered. Unexpectedly, Ye Yingzhi was so cowardly in reality, but brave in his dreams. He even dared to appear in Prince Eymer’s territory today.


Since it was his own dream, even Prince Eymer couldn’t doing anything about it


It was just that the Ye Yingzhi in his dream today was a little different from the other times. He didn’t take the initiative to hug him, but sat there calmly, looking at himself, as if a little surprised and nervous ?


Chi Yan laughed silently.


The first two times when he dreamt of Ye Yingzhe, he was very flustered; and he had gotten used to it already by the third time. Although it was a bit hard to tell others about it, by the fourth time, he had begun to enjoy the happenings in his dreams, and even looked forward to them.


The people of the ancient times once said that a gentleman should be cautious. When a person is alone, he should still remember the morals of being a gentleman. But in a dream that no one else could see, in a dream that one needn’t take responsibility, and in a dream that he couldn’t control, he can totally cast aside the morals of being a gentleman and indulge in his happiness.


He slowly sat up on his knees, moved closer towards the man,  stretched out his arms and embraced the man’s neck. He pressed a kiss gently on his neck. “I woke up from the dream the day before yesterday too quickly. I’ve not had enough.” He whispered as he rested his head on the man’s chest.


Today’s dream seemed to have a lot of freeplay.


Ye Yingzhi looked down at him in astonishment, and digested his words: “…You actually dreamt of me?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan clung onto him intimately and nodded, “Yeah, I’ve been dreaming of you everyday.”


“Vampire Hunter’s” throat quivered and coaxed softly, “Then, can you tell me, what did I do in the dream?”


Although Chi Yan was more daring and liberal in his dream, he couldn’t help blushing when he heard this question. “That is…that can do all those things that you like to do to me.”


Ye Yingzhi couldn’t help laughing. The corners of his mouth rose involuntarily, stroking his lover’s neck and whispered, “Be good, tell me, exactly what are those things?”


Chi Yan was so ashamed and annoyed by him that he put his arms around his neck, opened his mouth and bit the side of his neck. After taking a bite, he felt guilty and worried looking at the teeth mark. What if Ye Yingzhi got angry and refused to accompany him in his dreams ? Just like the last time when he suddenly woke up from his dreams after the alarm rang ?


He licked the tooth mark guiltily, pressed against the other party’s neck, and whispered softly, “Husband, love me ah….”


Ye Yingzhi’s breathing almost stopped. He clenched his teeth, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He patted his lover’s back and whispered, “Be good, come lie down, let your husband love you.”



Ye Ying licked his upper teeth, raised his head, trying hard to restrain himself from showing his fangs.


He looked at the lover in his arms, and felt that his blood was flowing backwards all over his body. He wanted to pierce his teeth into his body and swallow his blood. He wanted to dominate and take possession of his lover completely. Before this, he had never thought that it was so difficult to have patience and restraint.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan stretched out his hand to him and looked at Ye Yingzhi flirtatiously, “Husband, hug me.” He refused to lay on his front and insisted to lay on his back, then he demanded to be hugged. 


Ye Yingzhi was helpless, so he leaned down and took his lover into his arms, kissed his forehead and temples, and coaxed him.


Chi Yan took the opportunity to put his arms around his neck, and suddenly raised his head and pressed a kiss on his chin. Seeing that he was a little stunned, he quickly sneaked another kiss on the corner of his mouth, and then smiled. His eyebrows curved and his two dimples appeared on his cheeks, feeling happy that he had a good bargain.


Ye Yingzhi looked at him and hugged the person tightly into his arms. He finally couldn’t restrain anymore and took a bite on the soft flesh of his lover’s neck. He had been struggling within himself, restraining himself from sticking out his fangs. Being able to embrace his lover like a human being made him feel full of joy and happiness.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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