The Haunted Chapter 146 The Oracle

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Chapter 146 The Oracle

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Chi Yan was carried back to the dormitory by Ye Yingzhi. He had completely lost consciousness at that time, and had fallen sound asleep very comfortably in the familiar embrace. When he opened his eyes, he realized that Ye Yingzhi was no longer there, and the black bird was flying around in the small single room.


Sensing that Chi Yan had already woken up, the black bird quickly flew towards him, and before he could even open his mouth, the black bird reported, “Lord Eymer has gone back already. If his true body stays in the lower realm for too long, his divine pressure will be overwhelming and other people will detect it.”


“Oh.” Chi Yan responded, feeling a bit disappointed.


Suddenly, there was a series of rapid knocks on the door which caught his attention.


His body was dry and cooling. It should be the new set of pyjamas which he was wearing as it was clean and soft. Ye Yingzhi must have cleaned him up and changed his pyjamas for him before he left. Chi Yan hurriedly got up from the bed, put on a robe and went to open the door.


Outside the door was their floor leader, “Chi, just received the notice that everyone must gather at the Hymn Hall before ten o’clock, and be seated according to the department, and no absences are allowed. You hurry up and get ready.” 


The brown-haired boy looked very anxious, and after making sure that Chi Yan understood the message, he ran away to inform the others.


Chi Yan didn’t know what happened, but he attired himself as required by the notice and rushed to the Hymn Hall. He had registered Blackbird as his pet when he enrolled into Qin Shang Academy, but the rules stipulated that pets were not allowed in formal classes and gatherings, so most of the time, he was separated from Blackbird.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Hymn Hall was the largest auditorium in Qin Shang Academy. There were three floors altogether. After using space magic, it could accommodate tens of thousands of people to be present at the same time without feeling crowded. It was generally used for the entire school gatherings, and sometimes for important people to make speeches here.


When Chi Yan arrived, he saw some students dressed up in the Close Combat Department and Therapy Department attire walking out. They looked very relaxed and seemed to have completed their tasks. He walked to the second floor where the Wizardry Department students were seated, found friends whom he was familiar with and sat beside them.


Soon after, a teacher from the Wizardry Department came with two senior students and handed out a round lead-grey coloured piece of paper to everyone, and asked them to hold it in the palms of their hands. They stared at each of them intently for half a minute before taking the pieces of paper away.


“What is this?” Chi Yan was baffled about this matter.


“I don’t know.” Andy also looked confused. “I haven’t heard of it in previous years. It is said to test everyone’s affinity for a new magic element. Everyone must go for the test including the chefs in the kitchen. If for some special circumstances the person is unable to come to take the test, then the teacher will bring the test to that person’s house. It must be a very important new element.”


About half an hour later, the teacher from the Wizardry Department returned, “The new student of the Wizardry Department, Chi Yan, you stay. Mrs. Fufu wants to see you. Okay, the others can go back. Don’t forget to complete your Wizardry class homework.”


“You probably have the hope of becoming a brand-new elemental wizard. Don’t forget me in the future.” Andy joked. It was always not a breeze to see Mrs. Fufu alone. He gave Chi Yan an expression that seemed to tell him to take care of things himself, smiled, packed his things and left.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In the young man’s view, it was probably not something too terrible for his friend, at most they would ask him to assist with more tests. Although meeting Mrs. Fufu might be a bit stressful, his friend might likely get some extra guidance or remuneration. In general, it should be a good thing.


Chi Yan stood up, followed the teacher from the Wizardry Department  to leave the Hymn Hall, and walked all the way to the eastern main tower.


“Teacher, didn’t Mrs. Fufu want to see me?” Chi Yan asked. Mrs. Fufu was the dean of the School of Wizardry. If he remembered correctly, her office was in the Department of Wizardry Building, and the eastern main tower was the office of the chief dean of the Qin Shang Academy.


“That’s right.” The Wizardry teacher replied, “but the dean is with the chief dean and the other deans now, she asked me to take you straight to the eastern main tower.” 


The Wizardry teacher took Chi Yan to one of the meeting rooms in the innermost part of the eastern main tower and left. Chi Yan pushed the door and entered the room. As it turned out, there were not only Mrs. Fufu, but also his theological history teacher Mr. Hodge, the deans of the other schools, and the chief dean.


Just hearing their voices, Chi Yan lowered his head feeling a little shameful and guilty. That was because he heard the voices of these people outside the black gates the night before.


While Chi Yan was feeling very uneasy, Mrs. Fufu and Mr. Hodge looked intently at their own student.


Yesterday, the old dean of the seminary Tulong noticed that something was wrong and immediately notified the chief dean. They secretly activated the academy-wide guard’s prohibition and protection barrier. Under the prohibition barrier, no one could enter or leave Academy Island. From then on, those who came and went had to be reported to the chief dean for record purposes. It could be said that unless it was a god, no one could leave the Qin Shang Academy from last night till now.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

As the deans determined that the intruder had indeed contacted and tried to open the Door of Chaos last night, so in order to investigate whether the intruders were in the academy, they did a somewhat clumsy but effective test, under the guise of testing new elements. They let everyone touch the turbid test paper that had breaths and light from the Gate of Chaos. If the person had contacted the Gate of Chaos within the last five days, it would definitely be detected.


With the results of the test, the files of the student in front of them were sent to them. From the files, Chi Yan’s origin was unknown, so it would make sense to them if a freshman had enrolled into the academy with ulterior motives. Those eyes that always seemed innocent might be just a disguise to achieve those motives easily.


“You seem to be very interested in the evil god.” Mr. Hodge spoke first. He still remembered the questions Chi Yan asked in the first class.


“No, just generally interested.” Chi Yan replied in a low voice, feeling even more guilty.


“Well, I just think that he is handsome.” As if to cover up, he added another sentence.


“……Very handsome?” Mr. Hodge repeated these two words, “Have you seen the idol of the evil god?” There was no description of the appearance of the evil god in the lower realm. Even so, he only knew that there was an idol of the evil god hidden behind the Gate of Chaos and he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.


“No! Of course not!” Chi Yan quickly denied. With Mr. Hodge saying this, Chi Yan had the illusion that the other party already knew what happened behind the door last night. So he tried his best to disassociate that place, the statue of the evil god, and the altar from himself.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“It’s just because of the description in the textbook that he is very temperamental and so he should be very handsome.” He explained again.


But his attitude of being too eager to deny made the others more suspicious. Mr. Hodge frowned, “If you really have done something, it is better to confess as soon as possible.”


Mr. Hodge still seems to suspect that I have seen Ye Yingzhi’s idol. They found out that I violated the rules and went to the back mountain last night? They called me here today because of this? Did they find out about the altar? After all, he was still young and lacked experience. These thoughts made Chi Yan even more nervous. He quietly looked at Mrs. Fufu, the dean of the Wizardry Department, who looked at him with calm eyes, said nothing and did not mention anything about the grey piece of paper.


“I didn’t lie to you. If I have seen the idol of the evil god, then I should have the breath of the evil god, and the light test in a week’s time will definitely be detected.” Chi Yan said, still very confident about this. After all, he had specifically asked Ye Yingzhi to remove his breath from his body last night in order to pass the divine light test, and Ye Yingzhi had agreed readily.


“The evil god is the most powerful high-ranking god. Even if your body is full of the evil god’s breath, the divine light test can’t detect it.” Mr. Hodge replied, with a hint of impatience in his voice. Of course he was willing to believe that the other party had not seen the evil god’s idol, because according to their judgment last night, the intruders were not able to open the Door of Chaos and get behind the door. But the attitude of the young man in front of him was unpredictable, and it was a bit difficult to judge what was going on with the other party. Undoubtedly, the young gentleman had something to hide from them, and his face looked guilty. But it was this obvious guilty conscience that made him look less like an intruder with unpredictable intentions.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

How could it be… Chi Yan felt incredulous for an instant after hearing about it. He had worked so hard to summon Ye Yingzhi with the original intention to get the other party to help him conceal his aura so as to pass the divine light test. Yesterday, when he made this request to Ye Yingzhi, Ye Yingzhi did not say that his own aura would not affect the divine light test, but instead asked him to do a lot of bad things… and he also did so as requested.


The big liar! Took the opportunity and lied to me and enjoyed it for himself. Chi Yan was so angry that he wanted to rush to the God Realm and commit domestic violence.


This roundabout tactic was really not suitable for Mr Hodge. He shook his head secretly and decided to go straight to the point and ask if he had been to the dark tower the night before, and what he did there. He didn’t realize that he had betrayed a god just a second ago.


At this moment, the door of the conference room “creaked” slowly and was pushed open again. Tulong, the old dean of the seminary, walked in with a long moonlight staff and closed the door again.


His eyes scanned the room one round, and his gaze quickly locked on Chi Yan. Flashing a gentle smile, he said, “Child, it seems that our new element likes you very much. Would you like to help me do some related experiments in the future?”




Chi Yan was let go, and the meeting room became silent for a while.


Mr. Hodge took the lead in asking the old dean Tulong, “Why did you say that and coax him away?” He felt that his wording was correct. The old dean had just continued to use the excuse of the new element and  coaxed the young man with extreme patience and gentleness, while the others weren’t able to ask anything at that time.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“This is God’s will.” Tulong replied peacefully, “He was not one of the intruders last night. His reaction to the test paper was a complete misunderstanding. This is what God told me.”


He couldn’t reveal more information and these words he said were enough. Everyone at the scene understood that Tulong was a godly favoured person, and the “god” he mentioned referred to the Goddess of Time whom he had served for many years and gave him her favour. The Goddess of Time had no reason and would not lie to them about such trivial matters in the lower realm. The fact that the Goddess of Time would pay attention to such a seemingly ordinary young man was enough to surprise them.


Tulong’s heart was still quite restless. Just now, his god summoned him.


The voice of the Goddess of Time was as soft as ever. She didn’t say much, but it was enough to shock Tulong – he lived for so many years, and the closer he got to the grave, the less surprised he was about things.


“Tulong, you have served me for many years. So there is something I want to remind you of.”


“I remember telling you that the evil god has a very favoured human sacrifice, so much that no god dares to offend him.”


“Don’t embarrass the young man in the conference room. Don’t let the news spread. It’s enough that you understand.”


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


Chapter 145◀︎Table Of Contents▶︎Chapter 147


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