The Haunted Chapter 128 He Is Waking Up

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Volume Five

Reincarnation Five – Evil Spirit • He Woke Up

Chapter 128 He Is Waking Up

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It was all dark and borderless in the distance. Only an unknown dim yellow light was lit up close to him. Even then, this light did not alleviate the horror and depressive surroundings, but magnified the weirdness of the scene — countless twisted black shadows appeared on the left and right walls under the light. The shadow in front barely appeared to take the shape of a human whilst the one at the back was a blurry black shadow. They all moved in tandem, drawing closer to his shadow on the ground…


Chi Yan whimpered, struggling to wake up from his dream. He eased up slightly only after seeing the familiar ceiling. He snuggled into the arms of the man sleeping next to him without any care.


The man subconsciously reached out and hugged him, “You had a nightmare again?” Prior, that man in his arms was apparently too hot to hold him. Then when he was afraid, he hid into his arms once more. Such an ungrateful thing to cross the river and then tear down the bridge.


He had complaints in his heart, yet he couldn’t help feeling distressed. He whispered softly, “Don’t be afraid, it’s all fake, I’m here.”


Chi Yan gave a light “um”, hugged him tightly and didn’t let go.


He didn’t dare to tell his lover that his dream was not a simple one. It was something he had personally experienced, a nightmarish memory.


That was a few years ago, when Chi Yan just graduated from high school.


He was at home waiting nervously for the results of the college entrance examination. His cousin Wang Sheng, who had returned home for the holidays, saw him feeling restless. He proposed to take him out for a trip to relax so that he would not get worried and bored at home every day. Chi Yan’s parents were very supportive when they heard about it, and they encouraged him to go out with his cousin.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Wang Sheng was the son of Chi Yan’s aunt. He was three years older than Chi Yan. That year, he was in his third year of university and was about to be promoted to the fourth year. His major was related to geography and geology. During his third year, the summer school asked them to team up to make a field trip study and then write a report after school started. They were also required to make a presentation for it. Wang Sheng and his girlfriend Liu Yu and two fellow students, Cheng Tao and Li Fengkai formed a four-person team.


It was a field trip study assignment, but the time and place could be chosen by themselves, which was not much different from going out to have fun. They just needed to submit their plan to the department in advance, so Wang Sheng discussed it with the other three members and hoped to bring his cousin along. Chi Yan was no longer a small kid and he could take care of his basic life. Although Liu Yu was Wang Sheng’s girlfriend, she was a girl after all. She had to have a room all to herself when she went out with them. So, Chi Yan could share a room with Wang Sheng.


Chi Yan was about the same age as them, and the other three agreed after hearing about it.


Wang Sheng and his group members chose to do their field trip study in Gui Province where there was relatively unique topography and landform. This area had many hilly basins and canyons, and there were many types of karst landforms. Many of those famous scenic spots had unique geographical scenery. It was undoubtedly the perfect place to conduct their field trip study.


The youths spent ten days in Gui Province visiting all the famous scenic spots. They also collected enough materials for writing their reports and met a middle-aged man on their train ride back to the provincial capital.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The old-fashioned green-coloured train had two rows of seats on either side of a small table, which could seat six people. The man happened to sit right beside the window with the five of them and naturally started talking with them. After learning that Wang Sheng and the others were all studying geography, the man was surprised. He said that he was also doing geological research in the provincial capital of Gui Province. Knowing that they were here for field trip study, he enthusiastically recommended his hometown. He asked them to search for a place called Hongtu Village, saying that there were many undeveloped and little-known canyons and caves nearby. The scenery was more beautiful than many scenic spots, and it was also more valuable for research.


Hearing what the man said, Wang Sheng’s group of four was tempted. Wang Sheng and Liu Yu wanted to see the pure and natural scenery, while Li Fengkai had more practical considerations. He heard that the grades for this field study report would affect his entry to graduate school, so he was keen to get better grades and stay in the school to continue his graduate studies. He felt that the materials they had collected were too ordinary and he was not satisfied. Thus after hearing about Hongtu Village, he encouraged his teammates to go take a look. Anyway, it would only take them three or four more days at most. They had an early vacation this time because of their field trip this summer. They had about two more months before school reopened so it was not a problem to spend a few more days here.


After the five of them got off the train, they searched the internet and inquired along the way to find the location of Hongtu Village.


In the only inn in the village, they met a young man called Liu Shun. Liu Shun told them that the roads around this area were not easy to take and find directions. He could be their guide and take them to the places with special geomorphology and it only cost one hundred yuan a day.


One hundred yuan was not too much, and each person just needed to pay 20 yuan. It could indeed save a lot of trouble with a local leading the way. Wang Sheng and the others agreed after thinking about it. Chi Yan was the youngest at that time, and was told by his parents to follow his cousin closely. He followed Wang Sheng like a little attendant and did not make any decisions.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The five people rested in the inn all night. At 8 o’clock the next morning, Liu Shun picked them up and they set off into the mountains. The mountains in this area were not very high, but there were many deep and secluded gorges. Liu Shun took them into a gorge and walked for a long time. Li Fengkai and the others found a lot of valuable materials. They stopped, picked up rocks and stones to examine and took pictures. They were very excited and thought they had made the right decision to come here. At nearly three o’clock in the afternoon, Liu Shun took them to the entrance of a karst cave and told them that the scenery inside was more special, and asked them if they wanted to go in.


The five young people were in fact already very tired and it was late. If they were to start heading back at that time, it would be six or seven o’clock by the time they returned to the village. But they were tempted by the scenery in the cave that Liu Shun described and felt that if they missed this opportunity, they would not have another chance to go in again.


Cheng Tao asked Liu Shun if the cave was big, but Liu Shun said it was not big. They could also just go in, take a look briefly and come out. So Cheng Tao and the others said they would go in and take a look, and they would be out after half an hour at most, so it would not be too dark and would not delay them returning to the village.


The inside of the cave was very dark. Cheng Tao and Wang Sheng both turned on their flashlights. What they didn’t expect was that as soon as they entered, a large rock fell outside the cave entrance, blocking the opening of the cave.


Cheng Tao shouted, “Liu Shun, what should we do? How do we get out?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But no one responded. Under the illumination of the flashlight, only five young people looked at each other.


After a while, Li Fengkai broke the silence, “…He seemed to be at the end just now and didn’t follow us in.”


When they entered the canyon, their mobile phones had no signal at all and it was impossible to ask for help at this time. Everyone had bad premonitions, but no one said them. The five of them tried to push away the stone blocking the opening of the cave, but it was futile.


Cheng Tao flashed his torch and walked to observe the surrounding environment. He suddenly pointed at the underground passage with a beam of light, “There is water here, there should be an underground river, and I can feel the flow of air and wind. There must be more than one opening here. This canyon area is not too big, and the cave should not be too long. We should be able to find another opening by following the water and the wind.”


Standing at the blocked opening and continuing to push and shout was just wasting their effort. So everyone accepted Cheng Tao’s suggestion and continued to walk into the cave.


The cave was very cold. Chi Yan was wearing a thin coat, but he could still feel the chill in his bones and couldn’t help hugging his arms tightly. He didn’t know if he was hallucinating. He felt that there were many eyes looking at him, but there were obviously only five of them.


After walking for more than an hour, they felt even more tired. The most tiring thing was their psychological suffering. They had no idea how long more they had to walk. Their mobile phones had only a small amount of power left. In order to maintain the lighting, they turned off their mobile phones and flashlights, and only let Wang Sheng hold Chi Yan’s mobile phone to illuminate the front.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Suddenly, the surroundings plunged into darkness. Chi Yan’s mobile phone ran out of battery and had automatically turned off.


Wang Sheng hurriedly turned on his mobile phone and illuminated the surroundings. All five people were there. There was a pool of water of unknown depth on the right side of the cave, and a fork in the road ahead.


Wang Sheng felt the direction of the wind and was a little uncertain about which way to go. Cheng Tao stood beside him, silently raising his finger to the left. The five walked towards the left led by Wang Sheng as Chi Yan and Li Fengkai walked behind.


Chi Yan was walking behind everyone in the group when Li Fengkai suddenly slowed down a few steps and deliberately walked towards him and whispered, “Xiao Chi, ge ask you something, did you notice Cheng ge just now?”


Chi Yan shook his head.


Then he heard Li Fengkai muttering to himself, “But I seemed to have heard the sound of something falling into the water. When your brother turned on the phone again, I just saw Cheng Tao crawling out of the water and smiled at me. But he didn’t say anything and his clothes weren’t wet… Could it be that I saw it wrongly…”


Chi Yan was baffled but he still smiled reluctantly and said, “Li ge, don’t scare me. Those gods and ghosts stories were all made up to scare people. You must have seen it wrongly.”


Li Fengkai was also not sure about it himself, so he continued walking and did not utter any more words.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Not long after this, they heard a loud sound of something falling into the water followed by a woman’s scream. Li Fengkai quickly turned on the flashlight in his hand and together with Wang Sheng, illuminated towards the source of the sound.


They saw “Cheng Tao” in the pool water, with only his head exposed above the water and smiling at them. He was dragging Liu Yu into the water. Most of Liu Yu’s body had been dragged underwater by “him”.


Wang Sheng hurriedly threw his bag over to hit “Cheng Tao”, and at the same time stretched out his hand to pull Liu Yu, but his strength was no match for the force that dragged Liu Yu downwards. He was dragged to the point of almost falling into the pool. Chi Yan and Li Fengkai quickly went to help, but they couldn’t do anything.


At this time, many snow-white arms stretched out from the pool, reaching out for the three of them, trying to drag them into the water. Liu Yu had only her head exposed above the water, she cried and shouted, “Wang Sheng, go, you go, this place is too evil, don’t care about me, don’t care about me, you must run out of here.”


Li Fengkai gritted his teeth and let go first, while Chi Yan and Wang Sheng saw that they were about to be reached by those wet and white arms.


At this moment, those arms stopped suddenly, and the cave seemed to come alive. From the inside to the outside layer upon layer, there were countless faint but piercing whispers, and those voices repeated one sentence. Even “Cheng Tao”, who only had his head above the water, wriggled his lips, and his face showed a humanized look of fear.


Those voices were chanting the same phrases, “He’s going to wake up… He’s going to wake up…”

Translator’s note: The “He” used here in Chinese characters typically referred to a “God” or a divine being.


Taking advantage of this pause, Chi Yan pulled his cousin out of the reach of those white arms, while Liu Yu was completely dragged into the bottom of the water.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Wang Sheng was still looking at the water in a daze. Those arms moved again and stretched longer to reach the two of them. Li Fengkai yelled “Run!” and ran forward. Chi Yan also reacted and quickly dragged Wang Sheng and stumbled to follow. 


After running a distance, Li Fengkai who was in front suddenly stopped and looked at the two of them, “Do you think we can still run out of here?”


There was deep despair in his eyes, “I remember it was that thing that showed us the way just now.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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