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Chapter 131 Express

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Even after many years, what happened back then was still a lingering nightmare for Chi Yan. At the same time, there were still many unsolvable questions in his heart – what kind of place was the cave exactly and why was it so weird? What did the old woman mean by “a ghost will lead the living to feed the evil spirits in the mountains”? And those vague and distant whispers, “He’s going to wake up…” What was the “He” referring to that those things in the cave feared, and what kind of horrible existence was it?


Most importantly, his cousin and the others lost their lives there. As the saying went – when one died, it was as if the fire in the lamp had extinguished. Would they have met with worse consequences?


And he… did he really escape from that cave?


Over the years, these questions often plagued Chi Yan, making him restless. But he didn’t have the courage to prove it again. Sometimes he would rather deceive himself and make believe that his cousin and the others died due to the landslide, and that the cave, those ghosts shadows, and Liu Shun were all contrived by himself.


After Ye Yingzhi made this suggestion, Chi Yan did not immediately agree.


He understood Ye Yingzhi’s character. His lover pampered him, loved him, and wouldn’t bear to see him being wronged. And he would show these through his actions. All these while, Ye Yingzhi’s life had been smooth sailing and had always been regarded as the pride of heaven by people. He had never suffered any setbacks. Yet on the other hand, he went to him and cried so miserably about everything he had encountered in that cave, whether it was true or false, whether it happened in reality or his hallucinations. According to Ye Yingzhi’s style of doing things, he definitely wanted to solve this matter as soon as possible and save him from his nightmares.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But this matter was not so easy to solve. Those supernatural things were beyond human ability. He wouldn’t bear to put Ye Yingzhi in danger.


However, he didn’t expect Ye Yingzhi to act so quickly.


In fact, Ye Yingzhi appeared to be more mature and capable than him in all aspects. Most of the time in their relationship, Chi Yan was on the weaker side and the one receiving the love and protection. And due to his mild temperament, he never opposed the decisions made by his lover, so many things in life were decided by Ye Yingzhi.


It was the same this time. Ye Yingzhi knew Chi Yan’s boss, and that boss also vaguely knew the relationship between the two. When Chi Yan learned about it a week later, Ye Yingzhi had already taken annual leave for both of them, and had bought air tickets to Guangxi Province (also known as Gui Province).


For the first time, Chi Yan lost his temper with Ye Yingzhi —— Ye Yingzhi didn’t even know that this matter was not as simple as he had believed! He would rather put up with the nightmares and feel uneasy for the rest of his life than let his lover set foot on that land with him again. He admitted that he was a coward who did not dare to fight those unknown monsters.


Ye Yingzhi changed his tactics to coax him, something like “Just treat this as a holiday trip. I haven’t been to Guangxi Province since I returned. Shall we take a look at that place along the way?” “Don’t be angry baby, please believe me that nothing will happen” and so on. But Chi Yan was surprisingly stubborn on this matter and resolutely refused to compromise.


Initially when Chi Yan firmly refused to agree, Ye Yingzhi was still able to try to coax him to go. Later on, Chi Yan used the soft tactic by laying pitifully in his arms and acting coquettishly. He whispered “Yingzhi” softly and asked, “Shall we not go? It is also good to take leave and stay at home. I just want to stay at home with you keeping me company”. Then he licked and kissed him until Ye Yingzhi couldn’t resist him and even forgot what he was supposed to do. It was whatever Chi Yan said it was and he had totally lost his bargaining power.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He finally understood the saying that the ears became soft when the wind on the pillow blew (meaning: one gets swayed easily by the words of the lover who sleeps together). With Chi Yan begging him like that, he couldn’t refuse at all. He just wished he could coax this little baby until he agreed to all his wishes.


Chi Yan stared at Ye Yingzhi cancel the tickets booked online before he fell asleep with ease.


However, the nightmare did not end there.


Early the next morning, he received a courier from the provincial capital of Guangxi. The addressee wrote “Chi Yan” and the address was the address of his and Ye Yingzhi’s current home. The sender’s column was empty.


Chi Yan remembered that he hadn’t bought anything from the internet recently, and he didn’t have any relatives or friends in Guangxi Province. The moment he got the courier, he couldn’t help but wonder. In fact, when he saw the words “Gui Province”, his heart “thumped” and had a bad premonition.


Enduring the faint anxiety in his heart, Chi Yan used a knife to cut through the courier paper bag – it contained two train tickets with both their names printed on them and their ID numbers printed on the lower left corner. These tickets were for their train rides for the start of their holiday, starting from their city and ending at the provincial capital of Guangxi Province. There were also two coach tickets in the courier bag to Hongtu Village. After all these years, Hongtu Village already had a direct bus to the city.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan suddenly slumped on the sofa.


The deepest fear that had been restless in his heart all these years finally came true. He had indeed never really escaped from that cave before. Those things would not let go of the bloody food in their mouth. And this time even involved his lover.


Ye Yingzhi was washing up in the bathroom. He quickly walked out when he heard the commotion. Seeing that Chi Yan was frightened, his heart ached and embraced his lover with his arms.


He glanced briefly at the courier bag and train tickets on the coffee table and seemed as if he had realised what had happened. He didn’t bother about those things or even scrutinise what those things were. He just coaxed his lover comfortingly, “Don’t be afraid, it’s nothing terrible, I’m here and those things can’t hurt me. Let’s go and take a look…” He whispered softly and kissed Chi Yan’s forehead. The corners of his eyebrows and eyes were filled with deep love and heartache, just like the most perfect and considerate lover.


It was unknown where Chi Yan found the courage. He pushed Ye Yingzhi aside, stood up, took the two train tickets and coach tickets on the table, tore them into pieces and threw them into the trash can together with the courier bag. His throat quivered and he mumbled to himself sullenly without looking at Ye Yingzhi, “We won’t go. The worst is just this, and it won’t be worse than going there. I want to see what they can do.”


The next day Chi Yan tried his best to act as if nothing had happened and ignored the fact that he had received such weird mail.


However, early in the morning on the day after, Chi Yan received an identical courier. The contents inside were exactly the same as those he had torn off the day before, except that there are two more words on the sender’s column this time — Wang Sheng.


Chi Yan recognised that this was his cousin’s own handwriting.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He took the two tickets and was speechless and frozen on the spot.


Seeing this name and handwriting, he knew he had to go. At that time, if it weren’t for Wang Sheng stopping that thing, both of them would have died there. Worse, what if Wang Sheng had pushed him in front of that thing instead of sacrificing himself, then he wouldn’t have escaped. The person who would be alive would be his cousin. But at the juncture of life and death, Wang Sheng chose to sacrifice himself by withstanding that thing and pushed him out of the cave.


Rationally, he knew he should ignore it and continue to hide in his safety zone like a tortoise. Ignorance was the best choice; but emotionally, he couldn’t deceive himself and the others anymore – he wanted to go back and have a look. He had to figure out what exactly had happened in that cave.


After Chi Yan told Ye Yingzhi that he was going back to Hongtu Village to investigate the situation that year, Ye Yingzhi didn’t respond much. He simply asked him why he suddenly changed his mind, and then said that he would accompany him back.


Chi Yan knew that Ye Yingzhi would never let him go to Hongtu Village alone, so he didn’t put much effort to dissuade him, but calmly said, “We can’t go there just like this, I have to make some preparations.”


The next few days, Ye Yingzhi seemed very calm, but he was a little overwhelmed just watching Chi Yan communicate with his own network of contacts and contacts from the Internet, looking for reliable Masters. He consulted with them about the situation and purchased all kinds of so-called props and tools that could exorcise evil spirits.


Ye Yingzhi couldn’t help it when he saw Chi Yan preparing to place an order and payment again and finally said, “Ah Yan, as long as you are happy, there’s enough money at home, but you shouldn’t be spending so much on these swindlers.” Did you forget? Based on the experiences and lessons from your previous lives, no matter how powerful those Masters were, they were useless against me? Did you forget that ge ge was the most powerful celestial master in the previous life? He only dared to pass these complaints in his heart. After all, he also knew that his Ah Yan had really forgotten about all these now. And he himself also couldn’t take this kind of life anymore – a life of hardships that he could not speak of.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

There was some slight anxiety in his heart. He couldn’t wait to have Chi Yan personally fulfill the promise he made last time. It’s just like the anxiety of the test takers before their test scores were revealed. Even if they felt that they did well in the test and wouldn’t fail it, they would still feel uneasy as long as they did not see their actual test scores.

T/N: seems like Ye Yingzhi just can’t wait to tell Chi Yan the truth about how all these lives came about and have Chi Yan fulfil the promise he made thousands of years ago.


Chi Yan looked at him disapprovingly, “We both don’t even know which of these things are true and which are fake, and which of these things really work. We can only prepare more, and who knows that they may use them after all. ” Nothing could be more important than saving their lives.


Ye Yingzhi couldn’t refute him with any evidence at this time, so he could only silently let Chi Yan buy and buy.


The night before their departure, Chi Yan told him that he had invited two well-known masters to travel with them this time.


The price was exorbitant, but Chi Yan thought it was worth it.


Ye Yingzhi regretted for the first time in his life that in order to provide Chi Yan with comfortable living conditions, he had appeared before him as a young, charming, successful and rich man. Had he been a little poorer and the two of them had lesser savings, Ah Yan wouldn’t be able to afford these “light bulbs”.


At least it wouldn’t be so grand – inviting two masters at once, doubling the brightness.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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Chapter 130◀︎Table Of Contents▶︎Chapter 132


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