The Haunted Chapter 135 Memories

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Volume Six

End of Reincarnation – Eternity

Chapter 135 Memories

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The flashlight in his hand fell onto the ground and rolled aside, lighting up a small faint circle on the ground.


The surroundings suddenly became darker. Chi Yan shrank into a ball in Ye Yingzhi’s arms and dared not move for a moment.


He tentatively called his lover’s name timidly, “…Yingzhi, Ye Yingzhi…Don’t scare me…” In the empty stone hall, his voice became weak and helpless.


Ye Yingzhi kissed his auricle gently, “I won’t scare you.” 


The warm body under his palm trembled in his arms, like a poor animal that he had caught. Ye Yingzhi could even hear the uncontrollable whimper from his lover.


Chi Yan was so scared that both his hands were still pressed against his lover’s chest. He didn’t know how to escape, like a little lamb relying on the hunter, completely at his mercy.


Ye Yingzhi’s heart ached for a moment. He kissed his lover’s ear and downwards, along his neck and towards his clavicle before stopping and taking a breath.


That’s because Chi Yan was crying.


His vision was not affected in the dark and he could clearly see his lover’s eyes shut tightly, lips pressed, and eyelashes trembling with drops of water.


He liked whatever Chi Yan looked like, and he couldn’t deny that he really enjoyed seeing his little baby like this, being kneaded in his hands, helpless, obedient and dependent on him. His heart ached, yet was full of desire. He wanted to comfort him, make him happy and didn’t want him to be sad; yet he couldn’t help wanting to bully him secretly a little bit more, forcing his lover to reveal all his tender and sweet sides.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He really wanted to eat him up now. He couldn’t help recalling Chi Yan’s appearances: when he took the initiative to serve him; cried, not dodge and obediently allowed himself to be bullied by him; and called him “Yingzhi” affectionately and intimately… his breathing became more and more heavy and unbearable.


Chi Yan was the baby he held on the cusp of his heart. His every move struck his heartstrings – hooking his soul, appearing in his dreams and causing him to be unable to control himself.


I’m really so bad.


Ye Yingzhi sighed silently, lowered his head and gently kissed away the teardrops on Chi Yan’s left and right eyelashes, and murmured again, “I won’t scare you.”


However, this sentence seemed to have broken something. Chi Yan suddenly choked, opened his arms and hugged him tightly, and called his name, “Ye Yingzhi…”


He was afraid of him, but intuitively believed that this was his lover. He wouldn’t let him go once he hugged him.


He could feel that something was wrong with Ye Yingzhi, but in such a nerve-wrecking environment, he couldn’t figure out what went wrong. He could only whisper the other party’s name.


“Ye Yingzhi…” Chi Yan cried.


With this hug, Ye Yingzhi’s heart was about to melt away. His heart ached and felt helpless.


Ever since he had come to know about what love was, he really had no idea what to do with Chi Yan. He could only hug his lover back, kiss his eyelids lovingly and comforted gently, “Ah Yan, baby, open your eyes. Open your eyes and look at me. I am still with you. Don’t be afraid.”


Chi Yan opened his wet eyes slowly and looked at him, “Ye Yingzhi…why did you…you just…”


He wanted to ask Ye Yingzhi why he looked so scary just now and why he reacted so strangely. But he couldn’t ask those questions when he opened his eyes.


The stone hall suddenly lit up, but it was unknown where the light source was. Ye Yingzhi stood in front of him. Behind him was a pure black channel that led to an unknown place. Chi Yan faintly felt that there was something enticing him to the other side of the passage – familiarity, warmth, sweetness…..and hopelessness.


Before he could react, Ye Yingzhi had already stretched out his hands to cover his eyes, and said in a low voice, “Ah Yan, don’t be afraid. It’s just that we should be going home. You promised to accompany me. Don’t be afraid. Soon, and it won’t take long for you to remember. Until then, I will tell you why I must bring you here…”


….to remember all the memories about us.


Chi Yan’s eyes were suddenly covered by his hands. It was dark in front of him, and he subconsciously grasped his lover’s arm at a loss.


However, in the next second, he felt the world spinning, and his consciousness was instantly stripped away.


…The universe, the end of eternity, the reincarnation of life and death…Where did I meet you?



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

During the summer vacation of his first year as a graduate student, Chi Yan ran an errand — that was to send the wife of the village party secretary to see the village party secretary in a remote mountain village.


Here’s how it happened: Chi Yan’s childhood best friend, Yan Zhu, was transferred to work as a village party secretary in a remote mountain village in southwestern Yunnan after graduating from university. He married his girlfriend, Han Fei Xue, who was also his classmate, on the eve of their graduation. But Han Fei Xue chose to go to graduate school after graduation, hence the young couple had to live apart.


Chi Yan had never been in love before, so naturally he didn’t understand the affairs between husbands and wives. He also continued to study at the graduate school, and was in the same major, in the same school and in the same class as Han Fei Xue. During his first summer vacation at the graduate school, he planned to visit his childhood friend who was seemingly having a hard time. Mrs. Yan naturally wanted to visit her husband. The village where Yan Zhu was located was deep in the mountains, and was not easily accessible by transport. It wouldn’t be safe for a girl to travel alone, so he took up the task of escorting Han Fei Xue to meet Yan Zhu at the same time.


Chi Yan’s actions were very loyal to his friend. After several turns, they finally arrived at Ling San Village where Yan Zhu was located. It was only then that he realised two things: Firstly, the living conditions in the village were indeed very bad, and secondly, he was quite redundant. He realised this when they had issues with accomodation.


There was no inn in the village. The village party secretary himself lived in only one room with a single bed. Of course, the couple huddled together to sleep and Chi Yan had no bed. In the end, Yan Zhu arranged for him to stay at the old man Zhang’s house in the village.


Old man Zhang’s son and daughter-in-law had all left the village to work. There was only him and his four or five-year-old granddaughter living in the house, and there was an empty room. Han Fei Xue intended to spend her holiday accompanying Yan Zhu here, while Chi Yan intended to see his friend and then leave two days later. The living conditions in the village were originally not good, so Chi Yan had to only put up with it for one night and not be picky.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan was a light sleeper. He couldn’t adapt to his new environment since he had just arrived. Moreover, it was very warm inside the house during summer and the mosquitoes were annoying him until he couldn’t fall asleep on the bed for two to three hours.  He got up and went to the toilet to relieve himself.


There was no toilet in old man Zhang’s house, so he had to walk to the public toilet at the entrance of the village. As he was not used to the new environment, he didn’t take off his clothes when he went to bed. He got up, pulled the lock, pushed the door and went out.


After coming out of the public toilet, Chi Yan saw a familiar little figure crouching in the grass in front of him. He narrowed his eyes and took a closer look. It was old man Zhang’s granddaughter, Xiao Xing. The little girl squatted there, as if she were catching crickets.


Old man Zhang’s wife had passed away so he was the only one at home. He was not only half-deaf but also blind in one eye. It was inevitable that he couldn’t take care of his granddaughter who had sneaked out to play by herself in the middle of the night. Xiao Xing didn’t know what fear was. She followed the cricket which had hopped out of the village. 


Chi Yan was afraid that the little girl might meet with an accident, so he chased after her. But he had short-sightedness and didn’t wear his glasses when he came out. It was very dark as there was no lighting in the village in order to save electricity. There were many large and small stones and potholes on the dirt road and it was not easy to walk. Chi Yan almost tripped over a stone under his feet in less than two steps. He was more cautious, squinting his eyes to see the road with the help of the faint moonlight. He didn’t dare to run fast and couldn’t catch up with Xiao Xing for a while.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Suddenly, the little girl settled on the edge of a mountain col outside the village and stopped running. Chi Yan breathed a sigh of relief. Just when he thought that this little girl had finally stopped running, he quickly ran towards her and was stunned.


There were about ten people standing there, all of them adult men. They were holding various tools in their hands and were discussing something in low voices. Chi Yan vaguely saw two people holding guns in their hands.


Xiao Xing was small in size and hadn’t caught their attention yet. But Chi Yan’s movement attracted two of the men’s attention who turned their heads and looked over.


Chi Yan instinctively felt that those men were not good people. He picked up Xiao Xing and quickly ran towards the village. But as an adult-sized man, he was spotted as soon as he ran. Three of the men immediately chased after him.


Chi Yan was not good at running. He was short-sighted and carried a child with him. Those men quickly caught up with him. He didn’t know where those men came from. There weren’t many people in the village. Most of the villagers were old, weak, women and children. Most of the young and able bodied villagers had left the village to work in other towns so he dared not shout for help. He knew that he was a huge target and was not able to get away, while Xiao Xing was small and she might be able to get away if he shielded her. He whispered into the little girl’s ear as he ran, “Uncle is going to put you down, you quickly run home and ask grandpa to find Uncle Yan.”


He wasn’t sure if the child understood, but at least she should know how to “run home” .

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After that, he bent down and put Xiao Xing on the ground. The little girl ran towards the village quickly. Almost at the same time, the men caught up with him and two of them pressed Chi Yan to the ground, one on the left and the other on the right.


The men looked like a group of tomb robbers.


In the end, they did not kill Chi Yan immediately. They tied him up and brought him underground after some discussion.


Chi Yan didn’t know the reason, but maybe they were being superstitious that it was unlucky if they killed someone before going down to the tomb; maybe because they were afraid that his corpse would be found and invite trouble; or maybe they just wanted to keep him as a hostage. It was better to be alive than to die. Chi Yan was glad that he had escaped death, and secretly hoped that Yan Zhu could find a way to save his life in time.


If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Chi Yan wouldn’t believe that such a magnificent civilization existed and was buried under the mountain where the remote and backward Ling San Village was.


They descended from a hacked hole in the mountain col. There was a stone corridor and at the end of it was a carved stone gate. The door was decorated with simple and strange patterns. These patterns were very different from the traditional decorative patterns of ancient tombs in the Central Plains. The images chosen were not gods, beasts, birds and auspicious flowers, but things that looked evil.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

For example, there were seven multi-headed snakes hovering on the door, and these seven multi-headed snakes formed a pattern that looked like a human smiling face. In the position of the “nose” of this “human face”, there was a three-legged smiling chicken. Although it was just a chicken head, it could make people feel that it was laughing, and even revealed its neatly arranged fangs in its beak – which was very different from reality. Pressed under the three claws of the chicken were humans who were twisted like four snakes rolled into a ball. The postures of those people looked painful, but the strange thing was, they were all smiling on closer look at their faces.


After those people opened the door using some methods, Chi Yan was forced to enter the underground palace with them.


The underground palace was built solemnly and majestically, with exquisite decorations. But its gorgeousness harboured subtle weirdness. Some bronze-style objects and decorations resembled unearthed cultural relics in San Xing Dui, but there were also vast differences. Compared with the cultural relics that Chi Yan saw in the museum, the items here were more complete, their production was more delicate, and the decorations and carvings were full of bold imagination. The images and vibes were similar to the carvings on the door.  There were those kinds of snakes, smiling chickens, and half-murlocs with fish heads and human bodies. The murloc was similar to the three-legged chicken. It was obviously a fish head, but it showed a human-like smile and had neat and dense fangs.


Chi Yan also noticed one thing. All the human images on these wall carvings or article decorations had distorted and painful-looking postures of suffering, but their faces were all smiling. These painful-looking body postures and the expressions of joy formed a sharp contrast. Chi Yan shuddered and felt chills in his heart.


This shocking underground palace was like a huge underground labyrinth, which was mysterious, charming and yet dangerous.


Chi Yan was lucky. Even though he was forced to follow the group of tomb robbers deep underground, he was unharmed. The tomb robbers had already lost two people during this time.


Chi Yan also gradually discovered that the group of people who had caught him were not simple tomb thieves looking for money. Ordinary tomb thieves could hardly get information about such an underground palace.


This underground palace that he was in was not a tomb, but more like an altar.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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Chapter 134◀︎Table Of Contents▶︎Chapter 136


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