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Chapter 139 Return

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“Don’t you feel… lonely?”


“What is loneliness?” the voice asked him back.


“Just one person, very lonely, very lonely.”


“No.” the voice answered, “I don’t know what this feeling is, and I won’t have this feeling.”



Now he finally experienced what it felt like to be lonely, but it was after that person had left.


There wouldn’t be another voice calling him, there wouldn’t be another figure in his realm — the sky, land, and sea created by that person was still standing there, so incompatible with the darkness surrounding them. But the owner who created them was gone.


The human entered the cycle of reincarnations, but threw eternity into loneliness — loneliness that had never been experienced before.


Before comprehending love, he first realised what loneliness was and what it felt like.


He tried to leave his realm, leave eternity, and wander among the endless worlds.


He tried to understand the life that that person once had, tried to blend into it, and let these endless living creatures resolve the boundless loneliness.


His consciousness whizzed past all living beings, watching the various forms of life, watching neon flashes, watching tea, rice, oil and salt… all the creatures could not perceive his existence. He stood aside silently as a bystander, seeing from one world to another world.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But if it weren’t for that person, he felt that the empty place could not be filled no matter what.


It’s wrong anyway.


After returning to eternity again, he suddenly realized that he shuttled through so many worlds hurriedly, not wanting to stop, and just being a passer-by, was in fact, he only hoped to see the familiar figure at the next corner.


He didn’t look for him with a clear goal, but subconsciously wanted to encounter him in his reincarnation in this billions of worlds. He wanted to see him.


He began to miss him.


I will respond to you, I will hug you, I will kiss you, I will not leave you alone. Will you come back?


He began to think, what if he had gone through so many reincarnations and had forgotten to come back and also forgotten the way back? What if his soul was too weak to return? What if he was too tired of this place and would rather disappear forever and disappear in these thousands of worlds, and not willing to come back to him again?


After traveling through the World’s River, he learned that for human beings like him, before the lovers were separated, one party had to say to the other, “Come back early, I’ll wait for you”.


And he didn’t say “I’ll wait for you” to Ah Yan at that time, so will his Ah Yan come back?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Totally bored, soul had disappeared, not coming back, never meet again… He would leave him forever and they would never meet again.


He could no longer hear his call.


He would never see him again.


He would never find him again.


Until finally his soul disappeared, even he himself could do nothing.


Panic and fear suddenly surged and gripped his heart. Once the thought of never meeting him again appeared, it haunted him like a hand strangling his throat, not letting him breathe.


In an instant, a hundred thoughts were born, and a hundred senses were born. 


Feelings, love, and fear were born.


Obsession was also born.


Suddenly, the feelings he learned of and realised became so heavy that he could hardly bear it. He gradually condensed into a human figure — he looked at his hands curiously, thinking silently in his heart, did he just want him to hug him with these hands? Was he praying for such a hug?


He thought he had to go find his Ah Yan before he could not find him anymore.


Even if there were hundreds of millions of worlds in the World’s River, it was not difficult to find out which world Ah Yan would appear in and pursue it first. The rule of reincarnation was that no creature could have memories that were not in the reincarnation. This rule had been working very well, and Ye Yingzhi had no intention of destroying or changing it — even if it meant that he would lose his memory after he truly entered reincarnation.


It didn’t matter.


He was his, he could always find him.




Chi Yan gradually opened his eyes in the darkness. The most profound thing in his memory was still the bright sea of lights, and that existence that was moving farther and farther away in the darkness.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

That existence that he had looked forward to and watched over for tens of thousands of years.


Then there were all kinds of reincarnations: he was a frail young man who had a weak constitution and was frequently haunted by evil spirits, and the other party was the evil spirit whose ashes was stolen by him and later he got entangled with him. He was an ordinary person who innocently provoked evil spirits while the other party pretended that nothing had happened and pretended to be his good roommate who pleased him. He was a lonely and helpless exchange student, and the other party was the vampire prince who took his blood lawlessly. Finally in one of the reincarnations, the two of them kept each other company in their adolescent days, but the other party died first and became the catastrophic source of the world’s yin and yang reversal…


Chi Yan finally understood the meaning of the phrase “did it hurt” every time he was half-dreaming and half-awake — he asked if it hurt because he had stabbed himself with a knife in his previous life.


They went through one reincarnation after another together. He couldn’t be borned together with him, but he accompanied him to die together again and again.


Chi Yan opened his eyes and looked at his lover, the lover whom he was very familiar with and who had entangled with him life after life. He whispered softly to him, “… Ye Yingzhi.”


They were still standing in the cave and Ye Yingzhi was standing in front of him. Behind him was a black channel — Chi Yan could already faintly guess where it would lead to.


The beginning of everything, the end of everything.


“I’m here.” Ye Yingzhi hugged him calmly, lowered his head to look at him and slowly told his lover what happened after that. “In the previous life, because of the last spell you used, I came to this world with you but I did not go through reincarnation like you. Instead, I was directly attracted to the evil of this world, and fell into a deep sleep here. The evil here was very pure and very strong. I slowly remembered everything in my deep slumber, until I sensed your breath and showed signs of awakening. But I didn’t wake up completely at that time. I didn’t really wake up until a few years later. After that I left this place immediately and went to find you.” 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In fact, when he met Chi Yan for the first time in Samsara, Chi Yan’s spirit was already very weak. If it weren’t for the breath that he had attached to Chi Yan, he probably wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer. Even so, at that time Ah Yan’s weak constitution was contaminated with his purest evil spirit which was still coveted and watched by all kinds of demons and ghosts. Although several reincarnations had passed, he was still scared when he thought about it again.


Almost, just almost. If he had woken up a bit later, he would have lost his Ah Yan forever.


“Other than the present life, memories of the previous lives are not allowed in reincarnations. This is the rule of reincarnation. But here I can open the path to the realm of eternity, so that you can restore your memory. That’s why I must bring you back here again.” Evil took his lover into his arms, “I’m sorry, Ah Yan, I’m sorry. I always scare you. But we should go home now, can you accompany me home?”


He took a step back, bowed his head and looked at the human in front of him earnestly, holding his hand and never letting go.


“You promised me before, next time, accompany me to eternity.”


Chi Yan closed his eyes, as if the vampire’s blood-stained hands and his gentle and deeply emotional face appeared before him — “Next time, will you stay with me for eternity?”


“Yes,” he heard himself murmur, put his arms around the other’s neck and pressed his lips.


He waited for him for ten thousand years, and he chased after him for five reincarnations. During this period filled with all sorts of entanglements, who could be clear?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He only knew that he loved him and that was enough. He only knew that if the other party was him, then he was also willing to accompany him in the endless eternity.


He only knew that for Ye Yingzhi, he would never let go.


“Don’t leave me anymore.” He heard Ye Yingzhi sigh softly, “Don’t leave me alone.”


“You know, I am eternity, I exist in eternity. If I fall in love with anything, that is eternal love.”


“Chi Yan, you broke into my realm, you have to be responsible.” The black channel to eternity was opened behind Ye Yingzhi.


“I’ll be responsible,” Chi Yan raised his head, his eyes slightly bent as he smiled and looked at him.


Once he lost his life on the ancient altar, but was accidentally pulled into eternity. At that time, he was anxious and didn’t know how to return. Later, he fell in love with the owner of that place and stayed with him for thousands of years. He didn’t get what he wanted and left; but he didn’t know that after going around and around, in the end, he still wanted to return to be with his lover.


No matter how long and lonely eternity was, they were no longer alone.


They held hands and walked together, slowly stepping into the channel, into pure eternity, into the realm that belonged to Ye Yingzhi.


“This is not the same.” Chi Yan looked at the scenery in front of him in astonishment. The sun, the blue sky, the distant mountains… and the familiar house in front of him – it looked like the house where he and Ye Yingzhi stayed until they were old and died in their first reincarnation. If he remembered correctly, there was also a room on the second floor of this house that was Ye Yingzhi’s mourning hall.


He believed that all this was not arranged by himself. But Ye Yingzhi’s domain used to be an endless darkness and didn’t look like this at all.


While he was bewildered, he heard Ye Yingzhi standing next to him, saying in a plain and natural tone, “Here is the reflection of my heart – it will naturally be what my heart is like. Emotionless and naturally didn’t have a heart, that was why it was always dark before. Ah Yan, only you, you came in when it was empty. ”


You broke in before I had a heart.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


Translator Nessie: I love reading comments and readers’ reactions. There are so many interesting comments for this chapter. But here’s one notable poetic quote a reader wrote:




Before you came, I lived in darkness and emptiness; 

After you come, my surroundings are bright with miles of clear sky.

I was listening to Bon Jovi’s Thank You for Loving Me for the past few days and still found the lyrics very romantic and similar to Lao Ye (Ye Yingzhi)…


I never knew I had a dream

Until that dream was you

When I look into your eyes

The sky’s a different blue

Cross my heart

I wear no disguise

If I tried, you’d make believe

That you believed my lies…

Thank you for loving me…



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Chapter 138◀︎Table Of Contents▶︎Chapter 140


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