The Haunted Chapter 140 Just Right (THE END)

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Chapter 140 Just right (The End)

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Chi Yan was like a child who had reunited with his hometown after a long time. He had to walk  and see all around.


The most abundant thing in the realm was space, so Ye Yingzhi had all the homes they lived in before in the five reincarnations in his realm. Chi Yan laughed at him, “With you doing all these and a few more reincarnations, you will have to build a museum dedicated to exhibit all the houses we lived in every lifetime.”


Instead, Ye Yingzhi seemed to be thinking about this proposal seriously, “That’s not a bad idea. ”


Chi Yan walked slowly all the way until he finally reached the area that Ye Yingzhi gave him at the beginning.


His house, forest, sea and yacht were as they were when he left, never been moved, everything was as new.


Everything in eternity would not change.


The smart housekeepers in the house greeted their owner warmly, oblivious of how long Chi Yan had left. Since their owner was not around, there was nothing for them to clean and tidy up, so they would stay parked on the side like the timekeeper.


Chi Yan looked at everything in front of him with nostalgia. Ye Yingzhi smiled and followed him silently, watching him intently.


“Nobody touched these things here when I was not around ?”


This question was originally directed at Ye Yingzhi, but he didn’t expect his smart butler to answer first, “No, this gentleman behind you has been here. He slept on your bed, used your pillow, used your quilt, read your books, played your game consoles, used your plates to eat, used your cups to drink water… But his authority is very high, so sorry, Master, we could not stop this gentleman’s behaviour.” They were after all products of mechanical technology civilisation. Although their intelligence judged that this was not good for their Master, they could not stop Ye Yingzhi.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi coughed lightly behind him, “…When I first formed this human figure, I came to live for a few days in order to experience the life of a human.” Of course, there were other reasons that he had difficulty speaking about so he didn’t say it.


However, Chi Yan only glanced at him and did not pursue it.


There was nothing to pursue. Loving him secretly and openly for the past tens of thousands of years, and having lived through five lives together, there was really nothing to hide from each other.


They finally lived in the house that Chi Yan originally lived in since he had lived there for tens of thousands of years, had rich resources there and was the most comfortable.


The two of them rested here for two days. One night just before going to bed, Chi Yan suddenly hugged Ye Yingzhi’s neck, leaned over to kiss his ear and asked, “Yingzhi, shouldn’t we have to go back? We disappeared like this suddenly. What about my parents and friends in this life? Anyway we’ll be staying here like this all the time, why don’t we go back and finish this life first?”


“Sure,” Ye Yingzhi stroked his naked back gently, “but there is an evil pole in that world, and that evil pole has been assimilated by me for decades, so this time I have ways to retain my memory after I go back. But you will forget everything and only remember the things in that world when you return. I can only wait for you and bring you back here after your death in this life.”


“It doesn’t matter,” Chi Yan smiled and kissed him, “even if I only remember the things in that world, I also know that I love you.”


The eternal evil couldn’t refuse and could only pamper and indulge his lover by bringing him back to the world where they had only spent half of their lives.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree



Chi Yan woke up in the only inn in Hongtu Village.


He opened his eyes in a daze, looked at his lover who was lying beside him, got up and shook him, “Yingzhi, wake up, why are we here?” 


The man’s face was more confused than his. “Where should I be if not here?”


“…I remember,” Chi Yan frowned, “we went into that cave, and there were only two of us. No matter how much we walked, I couldn’t find the route that I took in the past. Later when we decided to go back the same way, we couldn’t find the entrance of the cave where we entered. Instead, we walked into a stone hall with no way out.” 


At this point, he laid next to his lover who was lying on the bed leisurely. He trembled a little but did not stay away, instead he leaned on top of his chest and muffled, “Then suddenly you looked very strange and scary. Whatever it is, your reaction was very abnormal.”


“I’m scary and you’re still snuggling with me?” Ye Yingzhi chuckled lightly and hugged him tightly. “Don’t be afraid, nothing will happen already. There was a kind of gas that made people hallucinate in that cave. We inhaled the gas at that time and had hallucinations, so we couldn’t find the opening of the cave to get out. Then you suddenly fainted next to me. After I found out that something was wrong, I used the oxygen cylinder in the bag and managed to rescue both of us in the nick of time.” Chi Yan had indeed packed portable oxygen cylinders in their bags as a precaution.


He originally wanted to make the lie more thorough, telling Chi Yan that they had never been into the cave, but this would definitely cause Chi Yan to be even more confused with his memory. Moreover, his lover had been mentally affected before when he told the people around him about everything that happened in the cave and nobody believed him. After some thought, Ye Yingzhi decided not to do this and tell a little lie instead.


No matter how many lives they had gone through together, looking at Chi Yan’s innocent and dependent face, he just couldn’t confess the fact that he was not a human being — although he knew that if one day Ah Yan were to suddenly discover the truth, he would only be more afraid. So, he was like a serious procrastinator, attempting to procrastinate day after day by telling small lies.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This explanation fitted seamlessly with Chi Yan’s memory. Later, he felt a momentary blackout and couldn’t remember anything. Chi Yan did not doubt him and softly snuggled into his arms, “Then what about that old man? I still want to thank him.” 


“I’ve thanked him on your behalf. He has already gone back with his assistant.” Ye Yingzhi kissed his forehead, “Don’t worry, he told me before he left that he had already sent your cousin and the other good souls for rebirth,  and the evil souls were all turned into ghost energy by the evil pole in the cave. That’s why we didn’t see anything when we were there.”


Chi Yan let out an “Oh” with a sense of relief. Recalling what Ye Yingzhi said just now, he felt like he regained his life after experiencing a calamity. He cherished what he had even more and hugged his lover tightly.


The matter here had finally come to a closure. The two of them rested for a while before getting up to pack their luggage and prepare to embark on their journey home.


They had to take the bus back to the provincial capital first. The long-distance bus station in the provincial capital was crowded with people. Ye Yingzhi walked beside Chi Yan, grabbing his hand inadvertently.


Whether it was just the two of them in the endlessness of eternity, or in the midst of thousands of creatures, he would hold his lover tightly like this and never let go.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Perhaps one day, just like before, Chi Yan might find that the man sleeping next to his pillow was actually not a human being.


But what did it matter?


Anyway, they had already gone through it for a few lifetimes.


Anyway, their days were still long, he had a lot of time, and an endless number of worlds where he could “punish” his lover.


Anyway, he knew that he was not human when he fell in love with him.


Anyway, he never thought that one day, he would be in eternity, and be in love with eternity.


Chi Yan stretched out his fingers and interlocked with Ye Yingzhi’s.



Ye Yan Chi Ying Zhi.


Tens of thousands of years long of company and wait, five lives of holding hands until they aged. Everything was just right.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


Translator Nessie: Yay!!! Finally finished translating the main story!!! I re-read The Haunted two days ago starting from Chapter 1 again and I still like this novel very much. Poor Ye Yingzhi, he just had no choice but to continue to scare his lover in every reincarnation and tell small lies so that his lover won’t get scared. Lol!!! 🤣

Next, there are 3 reincarnations in the remaining 44 extra chapters. These reincarnations are after they returned to eternity. I re-read them again two days ago since the last time I read them was in 2019 and found that they were quite unforgettable, especially the second story when Chi Yan was killed by the angel he saved and turned into a demon.



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Chapter 139◀︎Table Of Contents▶︎Chapter 141


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