The Haunted Chapter 142 Ran Away Secretly

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Chapter 142 Ran Away Secretly

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This “punishment” lasted a full month.


Everything was gentle and controllable at the beginning, but the tone of it changed gradually. Chi Yan was terrified. He had never seen Ye Yingzhi treat himself so fiercely before, as if he was about to gobble him up in one whole. He struggled weakly and feebly, holding the god’s neck and body coquettishly, begging and pleasing him by kissing him, pitifully asking for the mercy and forgiveness that he was given previously. But this time he was wrong. The god that suppressed him was not moved at all. Everything he did was in vain. It only made the other party more vigorous and entangled.


Chi Yan had no way out of this. He was bullied to the point that he couldn’t bear it and had to take the initiative to turn over and expose his belly to Ye Yingzhi to continue the bullying. He could do nothing to Ye Yingzhi.


In the end, he was bound with a white and flexible brocade on his wrists and fastened firmly to the god’s black bed. When he was thirsty and hungry, the god’s servants would serve him jade dew and divine brew which were fed to him by the evil god himself. He had no idea how much time had passed and could only pitifully endure the evil god’s love…until Ye Yingzhi finally had enough and let him go with satisfaction.


This punishment was still very effective for the youth who had always been lawless and unscrupulous. After that, Chi Yan was obedient and honest for a period of time. He was fed with the God Realm’s premium jade dew and divine brew everyday such that even when he was “bullied” by the evil god, his body would not be injured. Despite all these, he still stayed honestly in the temple of the evil god.


However, Ye Yingzhi did not let Chi Yan go because of his good performance. Instead, he continued to indulge after becoming acquainted with the delicious taste. Four days after that, he took the young human back into his bedroom after dinner and never let him out again.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

As the saying went, things would develop in the opposite direction when they became too extreme. Before Chi Yan finally sneaked into the lower (Mortal) realm after not being able to endure any longer, Ye Yingzhi’s behavior could be described as an inexhaustible demand. In that short half a year, the evil god completely suppressed Chi Yan in his bedroom and didn’t allow him to leave for between ten days to half a month. And this happened at least seven or eight times, and as mentioned above, each time was not short.


Honestly, Chi Yan did not dislike or hate Ye Yingzhi’s intimacy. Deep in his heart, after Ye Yingzhi kissed him for the first time as an adult, he regarded him as his only lover. But he couldn’t bear his lover’s insatiable demands. Anyway, half a year was not a long time. In fact, it was nothing and he quite liked it… But just thinking about the endless life and years of the gods and he had to spend the rest of his life in the God Realm with the evil god……


The young and immature youth swallowed his saliva. When he woke up from sleeping beside the evil god one night, he suddenly felt that he couldn’t let things continue like this.


The impulsive and inexperienced young man made a decision that might not seem wise. He took the opportunity when the god was still asleep beside him, quietly lifted his arm that was tightly clasped to him, and ran out of the spacious bedroom, the solemn temple and the God Realm.


He understood that he couldn’t run out of his lover’s control, and he didn’t really want to leave his lover. He was just being pampered to the point of being a little stubborn. Even if he had just run out on impulse, he wouldn’t want to bow his head and return obediently to the God Realm. 


…At least Ye Yingzhi had to realise that he is also responsible for this matter. It isn’t that I was naive, self-willed and immature. He thought listlessly.


…At least if he personally comes and carries me back, then I will go back. This was already his biggest concession.


…No, add one more. After he carries me back, he has to kiss me, hug me and coax me to sleep, and promise me that he will only bully me reasonably in the future, and will not bully me so unscrupulously, or only bully me unscrupulously occasionally for a little while. And make me delicious meals.


Thinking about it this way, Chi Yan didn’t realize that his thoughts about Ye Yingzhi were indeed much more naive than the young people of his age in the lower realm.


Therefore, he would ignore the words that the black bird who had secretly followed him from the garden of the temple said. In fact, his heart was not as tough as what he told the black bird. After all, he loved his man, Ye Yingzhi so deeply. Even if he was bullied and punished, even if it was a bit too much, he still liked him. He liked everything about him and he couldn’t do without him – the powerful god in the eyes of all living things, to him, was just a lover that he kept on the tip of his heart.


However, this time, he had left the God Realm for ten days. The entire God Realm was calm, as if nothing had happened. Not to mention bringing him back personally, the evil god seemed to have never noticed that he had disappeared.


Chi Yan wandered in the lower realm for ten days with grievances and disappointment. He finally gritted his teeth and took the last train to submit the application form to Qin Shang Academy. He passed the test immediately and obtained the admission qualification. Since Ye Yingzhi didn’t come to find him, then he would start his own exciting and colourful life in the Mortal Realm. Actually, he also knew that the God of Plague, the God of War…In short, those guys would always gossip secretly that he was the evil god’s “Child Bride”.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The facts were not as shameless as they thought, Ye Yingzhi was not such a god at all. Chi Yan thought with dissatisfaction in his heart, but at the same time, he had to be totally free from Ye Yingzhi’s protection in order to realise his wishes. This time, it was good that Ye Yingzhi did not come to look for him immediately. This was probably an opportunity for him to do what he wanted to do since becoming a young adult.


Thinking of this, Chi Yan’s mood calmed down finally. He followed the flow of people to the college’s reporting office with the black bird.




This world was divided into an upper realm and a lower realm, that is, the God Realm inhabited by gods and the Mortal Realm in which humans and other races lived together. In the lower realm, all kinds of industries were prosperous and the creatures would engage in various industries to make a living. Agriculture, commerce, manufacturing, etc. were all developed, but there were also some special and unusual creatures who had other enviable powers — they were born with talents to practice advanced magic and martial arts, correspondingly, they would also have higher social statuses in the entire lower realm. There were also some people who were not born to have these talents, but they were good at doing certain theoretical researches, and as scholars, they would also receive preferential treatment and respect.


At the same time, in this world, the boundaries between humans and gods, lower realms and upper realms were not so clear. As a kind of higher beings, gods were actually the same as human beings, with seven emotions and six desires, and different personalities. Some gods were not good at socialising and preferred to live in isolation; some gods liked to socialise with their believers, enjoy their praises, give them blessings, and even invite their favorite believers to visit the God Realm. For example, the Goddess of Spring liked to interact with her believers and told them stories from the God Realm. For these reasons, humans in the Mortal Realm often heard about the situations in the God Realm.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Under such special conditions, special distinguished professions like traditional wizards and warriors were created in the lower realm. According to their respective professions, they were named Divine Warlocks, Divine Warriors, and so on. It was because they could be blessed by the corresponding gods and use their power. But such creatures in the lower realm who were so favoured by the gods were still very few, and every time they appeared, they would be regarded as distinguished guests by all the empires and admired by everyone.


After all, nobody wanted to be an enemy of the strong; nobody wanted to offend the gods.


The students enrolled by the Qin Shang Academy were all talented young people who had the potential to become excellent mages, pharmacists, warriors, scholars, etc., or the children of the nobles of the various empires in the lower realm.


Chi Yan did not have a normal human status, so when filling out the application form, he falsely stated that he was brought up by an old magician who lived in seclusion in the Yin Suo Mountains. Before the old magician died, he had requested him to study at Qin Shang Academy. Such stories were not common but not too rare. After all, there were too many “old magicians” who lived like hermits hidden in the vast continent, so after passing the various inspections, the academy took the initiative to help Chi Yan and some others in similar situations by creating new sets of identities for them.


The student dormitories in the academy were all single rooms, which meant that if Chi Yan didn’t take the initiative to socialize, then he might not make any friends in this short period of time. This was quite helpful for him to temporarily hide his identity as an “orphaned young man raised up by a reclusive old magician”.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

What Chi Yan didn’t expect was that the “History of Theology” class would be the first to have an impact on him.


As the name suggested, this was a class about the various gods of the upper realm. The humans of the lower realm were divided into categories and their respective beliefs had since recorded detailed anecdotes of the gods, their oracles, their communication with believers, their abilities and positions, etc. .. This was an ancient theory course that was compulsory to all students, but because of the lack of actual content, and in order to avoid offending the taboos of the gods, the content recorded in it was also commonplace. Everyone had heard almost all of these stories, so they appeared disinterested. It was a compulsory course and they had to just sit through it reluctantly.


However, Chi Yan showed great interest. Because he had seen most of the gods recorded in it, but the records in the book were very different from what he knew.


He was not very interested in other gods, so he quickly flipped through the textbook, hoping to find records about Ye Yingzhi, like a young man in love trying to find clues about his lover.


But he only found a thin page in the last quarter of the textbook, which looked like a record of Ye Yingzhi, and the words on it were less than half a page. It only vaguely recorded that he was the evil god of the upper realm, and even “Eymer”, a well-known name amongst the gods, had been hidden.


“Why are there so few records about the evil god?” He turned his face disappointingly to look at the boy sitting next to him, and asked in a low voice.


The boy glanced at him quickly, but didn’t answer. One of the obvious reasons was that this question was considered common sense, and it was not easy to answer; the other reason was that the eyes of the theological history teacher which were hidden under the half-curved lens had locked his gaze on them. The classroom was too quiet, and even a single voice was loud enough to be heard by him. 


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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